Massive BOOS for Boris Johnson From British Public #platinumjubilee

53 Comments on “Massive BOOS for Boris Johnson From British Public #platinumjubilee

  1. That turd needs flushing down the cess pit with all the others behind it and who sold themselves out

      • Or the turd joining the bigger turds that tell him what to do…

    • Indeed, it will have to be a massive cesspit to fit that fat barstard in 🤡.

      • It will have to be a cesspit because they couldn’t find a ditch big enough for the fat bastard.

    • No sold us out to Klaus Schwabs WEF.and the who to use as lab rat’s. Democracy wins over communism. Dictatorship.

      • Jabs till 2025-29….
        Be alot dead by then from them…
        Well unless people grow a backbone and a brain that is?

  2. And it will make not an ounce of difference.BTW I believe that the queen is already dead and they are waiting for the summer solstice.

  3. That’s a service to us all by the British Public celebrating the Jubilee 😊

  4. yes hugo cdl in your recommendation! 😅 respect👊

  5. Are they booing the Green Party leader or for the economic hardships brought on deliberately? I feel it’s more likely the ridiculous partygate, which to me is a non entity.
    This clown is under direct orders from Davos if only the booing crowd could see……..

    • Him and levensky have been at davos recently….
      Levensky the so called hero….
      Just another sell out

      • I find it amazing that people are siding with ukraine even in sports…
        I mean what a coinsidence they won the eurovision song contest eh…😀…
        What next? World cup?…
        Flags everywhere and hundreds moving to broken britain…
        In fact there is no war but only in the mind of the media.
        I am sick to death of a nation of cowards and sheep this country has become and the people have shown themselves to be last 3 years…
        I have no time nor respect for them whatsoever…gutless…

      • See the scottish sheep was singing ukraine national anthem as well…i mean there is no fucking war and its run by a corrupt president…society has yes become braindead….nobody in a majority now has any idea of having a clear thought for reading outside the box…next time i see one of those sodding ukraine flags i will rip it down…

    • Exactly….to see even Prince Charles in Davos…Jeez…what are they doing for the people of this ‘nation’….the thing is feathering their own nests for sure…lf HRH is paying to be a ‘members CLUB’ is with out taxpayers money…..ALL these students…canadianPM New Zealand..UK..Australia…are all going in the same direction…Elitism….

      • They’re in Davis to force 194 countries to sign the Covid pandemic treaty which removes our human rights sovereignty and democracy ,,Out of the EU frying pan and into the WHO fire ,Brexit is clearly a lie even though 17 million voted for it ,Covid was the punishment for having the audacity to leave Europe !!

    • I don’t know about the booing. The lynch mob should be out for them all!

  6. Rightly so Boris being booed after the crap he put us through. Hopefully never ever will he do it again. I mean introducing 2 more Lockdowns towards the end of 2020 after the first only worked by 0.2 per cent. Absolute joke.

  7. Funny how the media change..if they did not want you to see that then you wouldn’t..but the wolves are at the door

  8. They’re likely only booing because of partygate, which is meaningless and shows how little they know about what’s really going on. They should be booing everyone including the Queen.

    • Pete E@ thank you for that “on the money” comment. Anyone standing about to cheer the lizard is clueless of the reality of the world they live in. The media have made partygate into an issue probably as an exit reason for Johnson as per Hancock so called affair. How about Johnson part in overseeing mass murder in our care homes & hospitals? If you told the boo people that they will call you a conspiracy theorist.

    • Who’s been dead since 2019…why did President Trump walk in front of her when he visited…he knew she was an imposter…time people did proper research and time the veterans helped England as we don’t have ANY say in what these britsh1t foreign parasites do to us and our country because of the sheople that go along to get along…oh but we must have our foreign holiday FFS WAKE UP NOW!!

      • You’re not still riding the ‘Trump gonna save the world’ train are you? 😪

      • @bill British Monarchy died in 1649 and the Jews fully took over in 1694. She, like all puppet constitutional monarchs before her, and since, are an irrelevance, whether alive or dead.

    • Indeed. Reality just feels like pantomime now. Won’t be surprised if actors were placed in the crowd to boo him.

      • Yes and to encourage others to join in.

    • The only positive thing the jubilee does is bring people together; unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. The queen, the prime minister, most (not all) of the politicians and exorbitantly wealthy families in the background are actively conspiring behind the scenes to kill all of us slowly and carefully. Of course people couldn’t care less because they haven’t gone looking for this information. But based on the last 2 years it’s pretty blatantly obvious what will occur in the future if these people aren’t stopped, the sheeple won’t even know what hit them.

    • The whole package is disgraceful and they do not represent the people in any way. Despite the numbers attending the show it was not for them that were in the box.

  9. Booris Jonestown is not embarrassed , he is from the class as Prince Andrew .
    Get me out the trough then you mugs.
    I’m off to get cover from the Queen and wait for my sheighthood.

    • Both I hope. Serves him and his government right for trying to take away our sovereign freedom and democracy for the wef which he is part of.and if you think that we left the EU we didn’t We’re Very much still in it.

  10. Booing the spineless bastard is s not enough, they should take him to traitors gate at the tower of London and hang him georgian style ie; make him and that bullshit woke white witch wife of his dance the tyburn jig. I will willingly put a noose around their necks and slap the horses rump.

  11. Shows you how out of touch the “elites” are with the other 70 million of us, and how much they don’t care.

    Could come back to bite them on their voluminous bottoms.

  12. All part of the “Royal Pyramid” scheme… We see you. 👓

  13. Shame the Royals didn’t get the same treatment.

  14. Bllod Red for the Witch then 🙂

  15. They don’t care about the boo’s they have the ignorantvpolice and army to protect them.

  16. boris walking like a very old man, doubt carrie antionette will be hanging around for too long, the weight of treason is taking its toll, karma.

  17. Hes accountable like the rest for the deliberate destruction of peoples lives around the world with loss of livelyhoods and freedoms and the obscene mental health being destroyed as well as lack of services for people needing operations etc…
    My dad died july 2nd 2020 and i had some hope he would get some sort of normality back in his life later on…
    But as usual they turned the taps on and off and kept shutting people away and services was limited…
    Far as johnson goes hes a known liar and his puppet masters like the WEF members he has sold himself out too…
    All for what?…cold flu renamed rebranded and other known ailments…
    But actually as its for society reset under a false pandemic flag to start it off…

  18. even this is attention. it’s a pity. it would be better if not a single person was there. make time on your weekends for this?!?!

  19. When you think that johnson and levensky are part of a huge organisation that wants to wreck and recreate society….
    Booing is the last thing they deserve…

  20. Yeah, that’s quite a moment all right, but this piece of shite along with all his fellow pieces of shite behind this worldwide communist agenda knew this time would come. I knew it from the start that my life was effectively over when my Puppet-in-Chief Donald “Operation Warp Speed” Trump declares the contrived COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency just two days after the WHO makes their grand announcement on March 11, 2020, a day that will live in infamy.

  21. I don’t know but, Monday will be 6/6/2022 = 666.

    It seems like too important a number to ignore.

    The last one was the palindrome – 22/02/2022…which just happens to be the day that Vladimir Putin declared that he recognised the independence of those Ukranian states…which sparked off, ‘The War’.

    What a surprise. History in the making.

  22. Let’s be realistic here. The media set on the partygate story for over a year. Could of realesed the story any time, but know waited till the covid scam is done. They wouldnt print the story unless they have some other agenda behind it. More smoke and mirrors again. The sad thing is the public are booing him for not sticking to the rules and not the fact that lockdown should never of happened in the first place.

    • I’ve thought about this and, as Hugo says, if it’s in the MSM, they WANT you to see it. There is talk of Johnson being replaced, and this is probably the build-up. He has legal challenges to face regarding all the deaths he is responsible for. There were probably paid activists in the crowd, ready to boo and whistle. They paid enough in the past to queue for their ‘shots’. He went to Ukraine to put a stop to any peace talks, and thousands more have been killed since, because of this.

    • Yep completely agree, why can’t other’s actually see that they were duped? They still believe there was a pandemic!

  23. Why has GB news have a purple union jack as a background during this jubilee??

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