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  1. Must admit I did fancy Amber Heard back in 2011 when she starred in Drive Angry. Lol but just like the crush I had on Alicia Silverstone when she was in Clueless (to be clear I was 16 when that film came out) my feelings changed. I think Jeremy Clarkson fancied Amber when she appeared on Top Gear.

  2. Boring…..never watch the news personally about bloody war or monkey crap or some silly celebritys court case..
    If people love misery and bullshit?…tune into the news and social media which they do…
    Noticed ukraine beat scotland last night…
    How predictable…😀

  3. At 1:20, notice the upside down crosses. Pure coincidence, right?

  4. Luvly jubbly. 🙂 Funny here the other day we had a suspicious fire just a few yards down from the council offices and took out 3 small business’s and the next day the covi* test centre which is directly round the corner of the council offices which has been here for 18 months plus vanished overnight !! Strange that ain’t it.
    Pure coincidence I am sure 🙂

    • It will be me but not sure what you are saying here, I’m curious x

  5. Was hoping the old bitch would have snuffed it by now…. the royal family are nothing but parasitic cunts who are worth a hundred billion and own between them 30 palaces and cost us the tax payers hundred’s of millions of pounds each year and who DO NOT bring tourism to this country as america, mexico, canada, france, australia, new zealand etc all have individually far higher tourist revenues each year than Britain and they have no monarchy.

    What grates is william and harry preaching publicly about the slaughter of elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns….well the day before that impassioned bullshit they were on a private ranch shooting deer, buffalo….and little princess wincey georgie pants was so upset as he was not able to participate in the boxing day massacre of birds at sandringham as covid restrictions meant they could not all mix and shooting peasants…ohhh sorry pheasants is his favourite hobby. Boo bloody hoo. Revolting little cruel bastard.

    The Russians had the right idea with these useless parasitic scum take them into a cellar stand them up against a brick wall and machine gun them out of existence. I would love to do it just give me a Vickers machine gun…….

    • I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said…except for the last sentence. None of the bolsheviks were Russian – and millions of ordinary Russians died as a consequence of their well-funded revolution.

    • And there all interbred over the years and german in decent…
      They milk this country dry and get away with murder…
      We are nothing to them believe them…
      Its all a show basically…
      Even diana was a product of the rothschilds bloodline i heard

  6. I’m fairly confident that Queen Elizardbeth bit the dust a while ago. There have always been lookalikes, I recall a very convincing one on comedy programmes during the late 60s/early 70s. And tech savvy I’m not but that photo of her with the two white horses recently looked photoshopped to death and produced a distinctly unsettling image. Anyway, no street parties round here, thank goodness. Gang of Freemasonic cutthroats, the firm. And how much was it again they coughed up to get Prince Nonce off the hook?

  7. Spot on Hugo.

    I had to work today but was still sujected to this nonsence. I work in a tourist place that had a huge sreen. It’s back was towards me (fortunately) but I could still hear it (I ended up with aheadache). GOD SAVE THE QUEEN numeros times. LOUD ENDLESS marching.

    What got to me the most was when they had the display of planes. I couldn’t bear the noise (I had to cover my ears a fair few times). Tons of clapping and chearing (not where I work even though lots of people were there). I just thought don’t they realise they are cheering war machines. At this point I was going around colleages asking for headache tablets. I said this to them. “Don’t they relise these planes are machines of war. My Mum was born the day before war was declared. The bombers went over the hospital which woke her up and and made her cry. They give me the heeby jeebies.”. I then left and tears just started poring down my cheeks. I said this to a fair few people.

    Other than that it was a lovely day. Lovely atmosphere and all smiles genuine glad to have a gathering and enjoy a day out.

    Love to everyone (from me) God is love and all you (and I) need to do is be ourselves.

  8. It’s a good lookalike of old Elizardbeth, you must admit!

  9. Hugo, I noticed lately that I year you laugh in your video’s, since a couple of weeks. I like your laugh. I myself have a feeling since a couple of weeks that these insane idiots are going to lose. I always thought they were going to win, but its almost like I feel it in the air now, that they will lose. And around the same time, I hear you laughting in your videos more and more. Keep it up Hugo, we love you!!!

  10. People are welcome to the jubilee stuff as i dont give a toss for the royal family and this broken country as a whole anymore….
    Besides its lost its identity and my grandparents would be ashamed of it as it is now and they fought in both world wars for it…
    Seems society is literally run by a media machine and people programmed to do it…
    Peoples behavioir as almost become robotic and predictable more so now around anything

    • Brilliant comment
      Thank you

      Our grandparents went through so much horrific stuff
      The stories I got told made me cry

      This country
      as you say has no identity.
      -no Feck all
      Problems & our own, now suffering from poverty & unable heat the home etc.

      All the best now Tom

  11. Amber Turd, The Phantom Assberry Blower of Old London Town.

  12. I wish I could meet you Hugo, you seem like a funny guy and to say thankyou for making these videos!!

  13. I completely agree with you, Hugo. Plus, it’s always a huge distraction from stuff they are doing which we really should know about – like the proposal and historic defeat of their sneaky amendments to the WHO treaty (until the next time).

    I guess that the beefeaters will have to be memory-holed and renamed the maggot-eaters or the weedeaters in their new world order. Maybe beetle-eaters would be more appropriate since I seem to remember that the red dye for their tunics is made from crushed beetles (ladybirds?)

    I followed a link on a French blog the other day and came across this very strange and very slick website:

    Apparently, a couple of the fake stream media covered it back in 2017. The tv advert and the archive sections are particularly weird but very apropos regarding the peekaboo club. I’d love to know what you and/or anyone else thinks about it.

  14. Was the jubbly supposed to be this week? I’m actually looking forward to the funeral.

    • Certainly a bigger cause for celebration unfortunately it also means a coronation for king Charles and queen camila lol
      The whole system of monarchy is a total joke at our expense

      • My 12 year old was indignant at the jubilee celebration. He couldn’t understand why the queen was so special, simply because she was born into it. I haven’t put words in his mouth, he came up with it out of the blue. I never talk about the monarchy positively or negatively. I just don’t find them interesting enough to think about.

    • You are not the only one down ladbrokes betting on the day she goes…..!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆

    • The WHOLE sht show going on in the World is THEATRE. Rehearsed, scripted, produced, directed, lighting, props, music, costumes, makeup, publicity, ticket selling, THE LOT. All run by the WEF the UN, and the WHO, over seen by the Satan worshipping so called ELITES. The richest and most powerful scum to ever walk the planet. WE are merely the participating AUDIENCE, than they WILL depopulate, IF we don’t stop them.

  15. it made me cringe watching the actors grovelling on eastenders last night..No doubt they think that we should all be bowing and curtsying too ,get up off of the floor ,i thought,i found it sickening watching them lick their boots.

    • It make me sick that anyone watches EastEnders.

  16. Depp was very close and good friends, with the nefarious and malevolent character known as Hunter S Thompson – enough said, case closed.
    Great work as always Hugo, much love, honour and respect from my kin and I to you and yours.
    God bless you brother.

  17. Jooish queen and her circumcised sons. They will tell you circumcision is an old custom of the aristocrats in the world or maybe is is other way round? They were and still are Joos.
    The aristocrats including this German Jooish family (of nobility) like most billionaires are Joos,
    Windsors ne Saxe-Coburgh of Jooish Lyons is a very expensive reality show for the masses.
    Read Miles W. Mathis

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