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  1. Friends kids have a oculas and i tried it and gave me headache and eye strain after….
    Trouble is now youngsters are stuck to phones and facetime and social media and all that crap and will end up with no social skills or life skills either eventually…
    Robots will take main place over human work forces eventually in production etc…
    What we have now is not even the tip of the iceberg

    • True. It’s painful for the children that can’t adapt to the NWO. There has been a huge increase in childhood mental illness recently. My son hates VR and video games bore him. Unfortunately he is very isolated because of this. He spends a lot of time outdoors and likes being on the allotment. He’s 12 now, I have no idea what life will be like when he’s grown up.

  2. Not much different of what that little demon Yuval Noah Harrari constantly says.

  3. Great points raised throughout, I spend a lot of time thinking about why they are humiliating us so much.
    Reminds me of Voltaire’s observation that those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

  4. Stick my d*** into a USB socket. Those people are sick.

  5. Just another idea to get rid of the population by not having children, just another shill.

    • Because of this monkey pox rubbish they dont want people having sex if there infected but theres no way of telling that even with of pcr test….
      Its all more bollocks anyway to bet more jabs and control out and fear

  6. On Sky page “Monkeypox: People with symptoms should not have sex, new UK guidance says” Then this virual baby…..Seems like programming people minds with their sick agenda.

  7. I hope this becomes a reality….. for the so called elites. We really don’t need more of them in the world.

  8. Thanks Hugo, don’t be too quick to say that this is all crap, I think some people will be up for that, people on the online platform Second Life have been having virtual babies for years. Also a lot of women can’t have babies, this could be a ‘replacement’ for some. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that some people would be up for this. I found some research done by a woman called Amazing Polly today, have a look, it’s very interesting, it doesn’t pertain to Hugos video here, but it is relevant to the situation we find ourselves in these days, and will become more of an issue over time. I hope Hugo doesn’t mind me posting this link https://www.bitchute.com/video/FChnyfYUiwri/

    • Dr Pierre Gilbert was high up in the masons (Grand Orient, I think). He probably knew Jaques Attali who has expressed the same ideas.

  9. Renta Baby , give me a break. And the Narrative rolls on 🙂

  10. Too many digital babies will result in massive lag and crash the servers.

  11. Hey, the epsteins and the likes of Jimmy Savile would have a field day with this… Ugh!!!

  12. Thanks Hugo for raising awareness of another load of utter SHITE to distract and dismay the masses. If TPTB really cared [which we know, they don’t], they would be encouraging more uptake of, and support for fostering children in REAL need.

    Not this load of shite that reduces the greatest privilege and gift that nature offers to a soulless simulation.

  13. If you look at the EY logo and sound it out (these bastards work phonetically) it sounds out to ‘eye’,it even has an eyebrow.

  14. But don’t you understand Hugo? This will be a Godsend for Trans Women.

    Fake babies for fake women.

  15. If all those who have had all their jabs die in the next 5 years then the only ones left will be us the non jabbed, we who don’t believe the lies and won’t comply. So how are they going to make us do their dirty work?

  16. The scary thing is that this could be for real; as they say you should never underestimate peoples capacity for stupidity. A stupidity that seems to follow the dictates of a transhumanist agenda. One of the guest presenters on Info Wars, someone with the last name of Dyer, made some very interesting comments in relation to the books of Tolkien and Lewis, and how books like C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy were in part protests against this transhumanist agenda. They’re great books, I love em, and I really recommend the underrated Cosmic Trilogy by C.S. Lewis.

    In John Lilly’s book “The Scientist” he talks of a message he seemed to get whilst on Ketamine, not in his famous sensory deprivation tank at this point, from a universal intelligence that said that there were two great forces vying for control over our planet, one leading us towards an inhuman cybernetic future and one trying to lead us towards a more organic and human future. .

    Of course the cybernetic one is winning out at this stage but hopefully not for long, if we all wake up.

    Always appreciate your point of view Hugo.

  17. Maybe it would appeal to women who have not met the right potential father or do not want to deal with the demands and worry of a dependant crying baby with nappies to change but would like to try out a sanitised experience of motherhood which is hard work mixed with joy. The Tamagotchi stones were a great success as I recall and lonely people were getting married to immovable objects like stones. – a stress free alternative! When you get fed up with it, ditch it -no worries. Reality is risks, danger and courage , creating order out of chaos IMHO – not transferring everything to the safety of the metaverse.

  18. Anyone with 2 cents worth of intelligence wouldn’t buy this. But I think it’s more about targeting the minds of future generations. I’ve heard that these globalist freaks are long term thinkers, they plan well ahead planting the seeds of ideas thats all…

    With all the sensationalist crap that is being pushed nowadays, this is just another cog in the works, so it’s just a matter of recruiting individuals who would buy into this AND who might be willing to pick up the mantle and make it tangible (WEF Global Leaders and Change makers for instance).

  19. It’s almost as if they are expecting mass infertility in future? Here’s their pre-prepared “solution” for broody people – they make money from people’s misery at the same time of course by charging for the experience. BBC and the like have already put out stories lately saying “Modern life is making men infertile”, which is on a par with “Heart conditions/defects and strokes have actually always been quite common in youngsters” (I’m paraphrasing of course) – we are supposed to just believe it is various lifestyle choices causing these things, or genetics rather than the toxic concoction being pumped into people?

  20. If these psychopaths who wish this on us all are reading this. I will make this simple. I am a woman , not a calculator , not a computer , but a living breathing human being , a physical biological entity born on a small blue green planet roughly 92 million miles from an uninteresting yellow star ( the sun ). I have a life force and a soul. Neither of which is open for sale , rent nor negotiation. When I was born i looked into my mother`s and father`s eyes and i felt love. I looked up at the sky and felt the sun. In the years that have followed i have known what it means to be human and what the universe is and just what a very small insignificant part of it i am in that grand plan. Sadly i cannot bare children of my own. Would i choose to have an electronic version of one ? No. See above. Hugo , you nailed it love. Bless you 🙂

  21. I think the intention of this story is merely to demoralize us by demoralizing life itself. Is there anything more basic to life than birth and to humanity then the birth of a child?

    They are like vampires sucking the life out of us. They poison our earth with toxic chemicals, poison our bodies with genetically altering vaccines, poison our food with GMO, poison our air with chemtrails and electromagnetic radiation, poison our minds with toxic propaganda and an entirely false history, and poison our hearts with scientism as our new religion.

    They are openly mass-murdering the world’s population and the world’s economy along with it thus mass-murdering human society and our future, yet most people still refuse to grasp the significance of it all. God have mercy.

  22. The younger generation is already lost.20-25…. they are not interested in sex (apparently food also affects this), they like this propaganda and they easily absorb all this nonsense. sports and books are not included in their fake world of phones. imagine that these people will rule the country in the future, they will be doctors …. generation over 30 and plus, that’s who the hope is.

  23. Update…

    Ambulances 24hrs average to unload.
    UK Government saying, Ambulance Service will cease to function by August ( already has )
    Data all around the world is saying VAIDS kicking in at you guessed it August, allowing for December Booster main role out.

    This will be a hard awakening for most of the sheep, civil unrest, riots, food shortages caused by as this is world wide, will make the problem many many times worse and we aren’t far off this anyway, preprepared comes to mind.

    Obviously, they’ll claim it’s a new Convid Variant more lockdowns and BS and Jabs to increase the death count using this!!!

    Buckle up people, it’s about to turn nasty, stock up on food and water!!!


  24. They think themselves gods. Of course they think they can sway natural human instincts and desires.

  25. Hugo. I very much admire your work but please educate yourself enough to know the difference between a Guards officer uniform and a Beefeater (Yeoman Warder) If you wish your audience to believe and trust what you say, then research properly and be accurate. God bless you.

  26. Speaking about virtual babies I think the Jooish Bolsheviks who are brewing Communism 2.0 (because their Communism 1.0 in Russia didn’t worked out that well, haven’t prevailed I mean the technology wasn’t ready yet to implement a complete totalitarian system) will sell anything including a fried rat’s ass. I am sure they will find some dummies who will go for it.

    Hugo you have to start looking at it from different perspectives because these changes will impact people differently depending where they live.
    1. if they live in a city or are on welfare they are the 1st to experience Communism 2.0 Jooish smart cities with all its implications
    2. if they live in the countryside the Bolsheviks will come after you a little later but as in Soviet Russia they will launch pillaging operations (lookup so called Red Trains, Holodomor in Ukraine and Russia and Jooish top Bolshevik Lazar Kaganovich responsible for the death of millions in Holodomor – real Holocaust not fake, inflated, Jooish Holocaust to cover up the real genocide that happened 10 years earlier and Jooish commies were behind it) – by the way a typical tactic of a psychopathic and/or narcissistic oppressor to swap places and instantly play the victim! So watch out for these people!

    You should also highlight what has actually been said in UKColumn the other day that the aim is to dismantle the national governments, bankrupt them then let corporation buy their assets for cheap – they already do it AND the emergence of independent smart cities. This is the future according to them – megacities and the desert where the locust ravages and then is being harvested by the food corporations for the first-graders.
    In USSR Moscow and Sankt Petersburg were the Bolshevik epicenters and Moscow is a megacity with a very poor countryside.

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