Scientists Plan To Feed Insects To Primary Schools / Hugo Talks

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  1. WEF wasn’t supposed to mean Worm Eating Fetish.

  2. Wales would be first, As I remember they were the first to Comply with the corrupt Lockdown Narrative.🤣

    • No goverment first tied down with it shoved down there throats till they choke too death….
      Then after throw them in the cess pit where they belong and then WEF and WHO members

    • Wales seems to be a test bed for some reason–Universal credit, 5G on Anglesey, , mandatory sex ed in schools with no parental opt out. Bet there’s much more on the list too.

      • Maybe sheep intercourse with humans?…

      • @Joan Ginsburg

        Recently, just before the convid, the Wales cabinet was putting out rumbles of turning the country into the world’s first dedicated ref.ugee region. …That act of generosity had already been preempted for the entire West by the Marrakech *agreement* of Dec 2018, non-binding but Western leaders wanted-in for some inexplicable reason. Mrs Ma.y did for the UK, while from the other side of her mouth came the umpteenth *no deal is better than a bad deal* re the Brex it two-step.
        … Cognitive dissonance presented as sincere logical confusion :-/ – being the bread & caviar butter of every pole-climbing politician.

        So, Wales is trying out the preliminary dry runs for size. … Yeo.nmi Park, the Nth Kor.ean defector said that dea.ths from sta.rvation were highest in the Spring, when the bugs hadn’t hatched yet ..

        Back in the ’80s, according to files released, Westminster had produced a proposal on turning Wales into a new Hong Kong, having moved the population there with new UK passports.

        The e.vils and their collaborators, eh.
        Ditto Ireland.
        Scotland in the cross hairs. The test-zone for the poll tax, primary school porn lessons, the new *hayte* speech rules that have awarded themselves power of arrest on hearsay, rumour, a whisper maybe. Not even the living room is safe, so says the edict, written by their *justice monister*.

  3. Here in Botswana we eat Mopane Worms which are high in Protein, but we still eat meat as major Food Source. Our Beef is one of the Best on this Planet (grass fed )

  4. we eat Mopane Worms here in Botswana , high content of protein, but still eat meat as main food. Our Beef here is one of the best on this Planet ( grass fed )

  5. Doesn’t it say in the Bible something about not eating anything that crawls.

  6. In honour of the biggest wriggly worm……..Boris Jonestown.

  7. Some years ago a vegan woman and her son were known to our family. Although only in her fourties she looked like an elderly victim of the Holocaust so white skinned and anorexic was she looked literally skeletal. Always ill she was constantly wrapped in a blanket frozen cold even in summer and the dark circles under her eyes made her a more pathetic sight. She had no energy and was constantly being told by her doctors to eat meat as she was so I’ll all the time. As for her son he was exactly the same this skeletal anemic figure whose dry brittle hair falling out and thinning and bones sticking through his skin made him look like a holocaust survivor older than his years…he was only eighteen. His mother’s enforced veganism was literally killing slowly both of them. This was in modern Britain not the past in holocaust germany.

    After she died shortly after the doctor’s got him into hospital and on a proper diet. Within six months this muscular young man with thick lustrous shiny hair and fresh healthy complexion with rosy cheeks was unrecognizable from the dying specimen his mother had made him.

    Humans are naturally meat eaters. Meat is healthy.

    This enforced 785 calories a day vegan diet the WEF want you to eat is three bowls of mixed salad no dressing or croutons a day.

    In effect you will be as the holocaust victims were starved to I’ll health and death. But that is what they want. Dr josef mengle award winner for death by vaccine your friend and mine bill gates and hitler’s love child claus schwab.

    • A guy I used to work with years ago had his daughters friend around, who was an enforced vegetarian by her parents (about 5 or 6 years old).

      He caught her picking the cat biscuits out of the cats food bowl and licking the meat out of the middle of them.

      So they gave her a bacon sandwich – LoLoL.

      She loved it, insane vegetarian parents infuriated.

  8. How utterly disgusting!!! Thanks for all the things you bring into the light Hugo!

  9. Thank you I’ve shared they can get stuffed they eat meat good enough 4 them good enough 4 me

  10. Anyone who has their children in school…in my opinion is insane…they will brainwash that poor child and turn them into a non thinking tax paying mind controlled slave…home school is the way

    • Anybody that had them jabbed i washed my hands of personally….
      Parents i dont care about but to have small kids and infants stuck with that poison is beyond disgusting and irresponsible

  11. Just wondering, are these insects baked alive? Pure torture. Every living creature has a soal, I wonder, is it more crewl to painlesly kill a huge cow to feed dosens of people or baking while alive millions of bugs to feed the same amount of people? These bugs also feel pain and also have a soal. I won’t eat them. I don’t kill bugs. I rather kill 1 living creature to survive than millions of smaller creatures.

    • Do they come with extra fries and curry sauce?

  12. So a packed lunch it is then. Or as we in the prepper community call it , a bug out bag 🙂

  13. They want to cull guinea pigs and hamsters because of this monkey pox bullshit if a “outbreak” happens with them worthless PCR tests again….
    I just about had enough of this fucked up world…i am praying a asteroid blows it up or something…😀

    • Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be an awful lot of dog attacks at the moment? Almost every day there is an article on a vicious dog attack and I’ve been wondering what the angle is going to be. Are they about to declare war on dogs? Something seems very suspicious at the moment.

      • All pets have a carbon footprint and they want to be carbon zero so no pets or humans is the agenda, until 500,000,000 humans are left so that leaves the elites with their robot servants no place for the plebs and useless eaters. So yes all pets will be targeted – they all subscribe to the same playbook from the WEF.

      • All fake msm news. They are fake stories designed to install fear into readers so they think the monkeypox is real and that pets are carriers of dangerous diseases going mad and dangerous with the disease like rabies or anthrax…..and all those young male immigrants from africa and eastern europe will be wearing black uniforms and knocking on your door dragging your pets out into the street and clubbing them to death. You can see what is coming. You can see exactly what the limp prick boris is doing. Exactly what his master’s in the WEF want him to psycho nazi claus schwab and vaccine population killer bill gates.

        If you think that I am joking….you wait and see……just wait and see.

    • This is so reminds me of the agenda of the third Reich which stripped all Jews and Roma of their homes they were not allowed to own property and possession’s, their pets were taken from them as by forming emotional attachments to animals made the Jews sentient therefore human so to dehumanize them their pets were forceably removed from them, in fact once in the ghettos they were subject to no meat only a very basic vegan diet of a vegetable broth and a small piece of bread. They were prone through lack of a proper diet to malnutrition and ill health becoming sick easily and in a weakened condition they were simply worked to death by the nazi’s.

      I do not see any difference with the current situation now only difference I have not seen ursula van de hyena et all in a grey uniform and jackboots.

      • People will not let them do that actually…
        China yeah as there just slaves over there to the system…
        For the record the only thing getting clubbed to death would be the silly bastard who tries to take my pets away from me…
        I have a crossbow and 2 real swords at home and although i dont use them they may come in handy one day🤔

    • Well when they come knocking at my door for my pussy I am sitting tightly …….😂😂😂😆

      • Good luck catching a cat that feels threatened anyway, they are ninjas.

  14. Mealworms have to be fed with wheatbran so they can keep their mealworms, I’ll have the bowl of cereal instead.

    • Mealworms aren’t actually worms at all, they are beetle larvae uuughh.

  15. I don’t know any little kids that would even try a crispy worm or locust, let alone like it. They don’t look appetising at all do they? I hope the experiment is a total flop!

    • They will just crush them up and make them look like a burger or something else then the kids won’t know what they’re eating.

  16. sometimes I think maybe people really deserve it.

    • I think you might mean Snowpiecer. That is a great film.

  17. When the cafeteria/ restaurant in the Houses of Parliament has replaced all meat and fish off their menu with bugs and lab grown meat and we have studied the effects if any for 20 years then maybe I will consider it until then no thankyou!

  18. Parents at these schools who are testing out this insect eating should just take their children out of school or make a big protest. This is outrageous. Definitely should not agree to any of it and complain to the head teacher.
    Surely if you are vegetarian you wouldn’t want to eat bugs anyway. Things are getting worse every day. …

  19. Do they look appetising? delicious? My instincts say ” I don’t think so! “

  20. Dr Christopher Bear’s research is funded by The British Academy/Leverhulme Trust. The British Academy is a government sponsored propaganda arm.

    The Leverhulme Trust was set up by William Hesketh Lever (of Port Sunlight/sunlight soap fame) which is now Unilever. He has an interesting bio over at wicca-pedia. The second paragraph is all about his freemasonry activities. He was another rich industrialist, ‘philanthropist’, who wanted to change the people everywhere he went.

    He bought the island of Harris and Lewis and attempted to industrialise the islanders’ way of life.

    He was an imperialist who exploited and wanted to expand the British empire. He owned a town in Belgian Congo, called Leverville, where he produced palm oil…which was described as

    ‘Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant on the horrific Belgian system of forced labour, a program that reduced the population of Congo by half and accounted for more deaths than the Nazi holocaust”.[50] The archives show a record of Belgian administrators, missionaries and doctors protesting against the practices at the Lever plantations’.

    Of course having made all that money from the exploitation of people and resources in Britain and Africa, his trust now wants us to take the blame for his colonialism – and to eat bugs and stop breathing.

  21. I’m afraid to say that our elected representatives are not working for the people of this country, they need to be culled. Maybe we could make them into a food source for the kids,

    • I know you’re joking but it’s not a joking matter. There’s already talk among those with a fetish for sustainability of using human remains as fertilizer. Maybe we can use those human corpses instead as food for the worms which we can then harvest and feed to our children. That would be just one level of indirection from cannibalism. It’s a slippery slope, Sadler Council. The time for joking about our world’s mad behavior is over. God bless.

  22. Hi, it is not recommended even illegal feed my chickens with meal worms, and now project for kids? Interesting, isnt it? “In 2014 Defra announced a ban on the feeding of mealworms to chickens. The ban is still not widely known by many poultry keepers.””You should not feed shop bought mealworms to your chickens. It is illegal in the UK and the EU since 2014 and possibly in other territories as well.” But who care about children……

  23. My dog is on a PMR diet from puppyhood. Though she had played to death some beetles, she never ate them. Let alone a human.

  24. Is this why the Welsh Government are giving free school meals to ALL school children? 😔

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