School Newsletter Mentions MICROCHIPS In Students Brains / Hugo Talks

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47 Comments on “School Newsletter Mentions MICROCHIPS In Students Brains / Hugo Talks

  1. Those teachers should be removed from society and never be allowed near children and young adults again.

  2. This is grounds for child abuse surely. Is it not ?

      • So were the jabs and plenty of parents abused their kids with those too.

      • Oh I agree totally Gina. Every single bit of it has been abuse from day one. It is bad enough for grown adults to line up and willingly be injected with it. But to then simply hand over your children who i would imagine in many cases won`t want to go anywhere near it is just , well , callous. I remember watching a video from Ireland a while back. They had set up this jab facility for children and invited all the media. The children had to go in alone. They interviewed some of them beforehand and you could clearly tell they were being bullied into it. They had this father on and he openly admitted that he promised to buy his son a new playstation game to twist his son`s arm. I suppose the point i was originally trying to make about grounds for abuse is that so many parents will either refuse to see it as such , or worse still just accept it as normal. It is so frustrating.

      • It’s hard to comprehend the mind of people that have gone along with it. I know a lady who is a nurse, she has bought into the agenda hard. She says she treated a healthy middle aged man who was unjabbed and who died of Covid/ respiratory illness in August last year. She had her 10 year old jabbed recently. Incidentally, her father had a stroke and later a heart attack, just after Christmas and March this year. It could be a coincidence that they happened after his jab and booster (I don’t think so.) She keeps talking about his cigar smoking, although she has never mentioned it before (she thinks it caused the stroke and heart attack.) I wonder if part of her is questioning the narrative and the other part is actively shutting down those thoughts because the alternative is too hard to face now.

  3. Lucky kids. Math will never be a problem again. No need for school, just download history. Don’t know why the hate

    • BruhMilk who’s definition of ‘hate’ are you applying ?

  4. Feeding kids bugs, microchips in children, what next, euthanasia at 30? 🤔

  5. The schools email is on the newsletter. Why not write them about your displeasure no matter where you live telling them enough is enough. Tell them the newsletter traumatized your child. I will!

  6. All these Evil Entities and their Puppets need removing forthwith. What’s that you say, ” Bring in the A Team or ther Dirty Dozen preferably”. 🙂

    • From what I recall of the ‘A’ Team, lots of bullets sprayed around, but nobody got injured. So they aren’t the solution!

  7. World Economic Forum: Smartphones Will Be In Your Body By 2030

    The Facts:

    Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark appeared at the 2022 World Economic Forum annual meeting this week.

    He claimed that by 2030, it’s likely smartphones will not longer be the most common connectivity interface, but instead, smartphones will be implanted directly into the body.

    Meta announces the World Economic Forum will have a leadership role in the metaverse

    New Initiative to Build An Equitable, Interoperable and Safe Metaverse

    New initiative on Defining and Building the Metaverse provides guidance on how to create an ethical and inclusive metaverse, engaging organizations across the private and public sectors, including business, civil society, academia and regulators·
    World Economic Forum initiative will focus on two key areas, metaverse governance and economic and societal value creation, and will explore themes across regulatory frameworks, technology choices and economic opportunities

    Sir Nick Clegg says the metaverse is coming ‘one way or another’

    Martyn Landi, PA Technology Correspondent
    18 May 2022·4-min read
    The metaverse is the “logical evolution of the internet” and will become mainstream “one way or another”, Sir Nick Clegg has said, but admitted tech firms have “a lot of work to do” to build credibility in the idea.

    The former deputy prime minister, now a senior executive at Facebook’s parent firm Meta, said the technology had its risks and challenges, but if done well could be a “positive force” for inclusivity and bridge divides between people.

    The metaverse is the idea of the internet becoming a 3D, virtual space into which users can be immersed using a virtual reality headset, smartglasses or their phone, and can be used for work and social experiences often using virtual avatars.

    Alibaba Group president boasts at the WEF about the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel

  8. Wont get many chips in adults brains now as there been washed too much…

  9. Interesting no thank u I like god’s brains he gave me

  10. Mark of the beast tech….we’re getting there!

    • You know that be happy part of owning nothing? That’s how it will work. And owning nothing includes your body, mind and soul. The evil is off the charts.

      • rather than see it as evil i see it as over the top utopian ideals.
        i have never been a fan of the very rich, i assume that they got their money by exploitation, though many do admire them.aspire to the capitalist/american dream.
        nevertheless, this here is most likely a combination of that as well as overcompensation /wanting to play god, but there might be an element of genuine desire to create a better world.
        clearly ego infation plas a part, but it’s not simply ”evil”, and maybe a reason why so many go alonng, par of that desire for a better world going into over drive as well as abdication of responsibility.
        quite similar to other situations in the past re mass collectivist movements like fasxcism/communism, why i kep recommending liz greene’s book : The Outer Planets & Their Cycles: The Astrology of the Collective , with detailed analyses of hitler, marx, stalin , and so forth and how that relates to the enthusiastic support by the many.

        …. This volume comprises lectures given by Liz Greene at a weekend program in England and is the most complete treatment of the “astrology of the collective” ever done. It explains significant historical and generational trends that correspond to vast planetary cycles, and it also discusses the individual’s attunement to the outer planets and the collective psychlogical forces they represent. Among the subjects discussed are: -Generational aspects such as Saturn conjunct Pluto, Saturn conjunct Neptune, Uranus conjunct Pluto, Saturn-Uranus aspects, etc. -The aspects between the outer planets and the personal planets, and the corresponding ability to tap into collective energies. -Transits of the outer plants to individuals’ natal planets. -Example charts of people who were especially attuned to collective energies: Marx, Hitler, Lenin, Jung and Freud. -The birth-charts of America and Russia. At a time when “mass psychology” is virtually no better understood than on hundred years ago, in spite of innumrable historical, sociological, and psychological studis of the subject, this book provides convincing evidence that astrology may indeed be the most accurate and useful framework for studying, predicting, and understanding the hidden forces which motivate human beings.

        liz greene is a jungian analyst as well as a genius astrologer [ the bit about the collapse of the ussr is interesting to, this seminar was in 80.

        i’ve been going on about what she has said about hitler and the collective for decades, i’ve also said that unless/until we actually look inside OURSELVES this will repeat.
        i’d hoped not to be a personal witness to that 🙁
        sadly many do not even recognise that this is a repeat, with upgraded MO/technology.

  11. I’m guessing, the Chips will only work in kids brains as there brains are still developing and can adapt to the chip, WEF have claimed they can remote control us so maybe turn kids into good little unthinking drones/slaves which most aren’t far off.

    But I’m sure, parents will be brain washed into thinking, this is fine and normal and to not do it would make them a conspiracy theorist, after all most won’t die within 10mins and after that time entirely coincidental ofcourse.

    Ofcourse if they went after our pets with this, they’d be WW3 + WW4 at the same time, but kids eerrrrr just kids what ever, nobody seems to care, but us ofcourse.

    People are catching on ChemTrails are Terraforming, I’m as always ahead of the curve, warming the planet up on purpose, while making out there trying to solve the issue but the things they do actually make it worse, they aren’t that stupid, this intentionally worse. Australia will be there home!! Weather modification, is just there cover story, spending that much money to short term change the weather, makes no sense why I thought BS, Terraforming slowly on the other hand fits nicely.

    Huge Comet, wait for a course change, ohhh how could that be, they couldn’t find a 240mile wide comet with only 3% reflectiveness that far out no chance, without knowing it’s there. Still outside our solar system, beyond Pluto!

  12. Hugo, please don’t forget that the main aim of the globalists isn’t on “chips” or “microchips”, but on QUANTUM DOTS… which have been widely implanted in the jabbed without them knowing it.
    The real “jab passports” store already inside people, waiting for the day the globalists decide to activate the Social Credit System… after deliberately engineering a ‘cyber attack’ as an excuse to implement it.

    • Now they even openly talk about it!!! Omg!!! I suggest everyone sends an email to that school! It’s on their website. This isn’t shocking not surprising but people what does a future hold for the future generation!! This is insane. (Understatement!!)

    • I agree, been saying this before the jab rollout started

      • They keep inventing “variants” or conditions to keep people having jabs…
        I read somewhere they want it on going till 2025 or 2029…
        But like this monkey crap thing recently…

  13. A bit ironic, given her position, that the Principal spelt the word students without the apostrophe in her newsletter. It should have been written as students’. I guess her thoughts were elsewhere at the time, maybe more focused on what was to follow, ie the bit about the microchips in the brains of future students.

    • She needs microchipping to improve her punctuation skills. She can be a lab rat if it’s such a great idea can’t she?!

    • Not to mention the bad grammar. My favorite is that “In ten years we imagine education Preston West Primary will microchips in students [sic] brains…” Because that’s how it reads if you change the order of the bullet points, which one should be able to do at will.

      What is ‘education PWP’ supposed to be, anyway? Most ‘educators’ nowadays can’t write above a 3rd-grade level. So glad my kids were homeschooled!

  14. Preston is a suburb of Melbourne. Melbourne now has the reputation of the most locked down city in the world, having had 262 days of lockdowns in 571 days (just over 18 months) or just over 45% of that time.

    It was not just the amount of time, or the eighteen months to “flatten the curve”, but the snap lockdowns (one with a mere two hours’ notice), people getting stuck out of the state and unable to return home, the police road block checks and “papers please” nonsense, and postcode and building lockdowns. Followed by the most draconian of jab mandates, in which many were either bullied into taking it, or lost their jobs.

    Fun fact, the state, Victoria, in early 2020, had a population of 6.66 million people. You really cannot make this stuff up.

  15. Maybe the chip will be able to receive commands to tell your body to generate the next version of the vax pox (if you’ve been daft enough to get jibby jabbed).

    • All the links to the newsletters om the school’s website have been disabled

    • It does not indeed. Go to Newsletter and there are many more links and that particular on the bootom of the list although none of them are active links anymore. Strange.

    • They have blocked the newsletters! None of the links open anymore. Great!!! That is a good sign!! Evil lot!! Leave our children alone!

  16. It’s only a matter of time before they start chipping babies at birth, they’ll never know real freedom, so won’t miss it when it’s gone forever. Evil Barstewards!

    • By 2029 i read on a pfizer document they are doing clinical trials on newborn babies…
      I saw it last year…
      Once that child is out that jab goes in….

  17. So at 6 am 01/06/22 could go to the schools website and download the newsletter. 12 hrs later cannot. Checked source code and hyperlink has been removed. Bit weird I think.

    • First thing I did was to download that newsletter for safekeeping… broken link. Well, I’ll be damned, can you imagine that? I wonder how much flack that principal got from parents of those school children?

    • The UN website is the best – they do this all the time. They put full disclosure documents of like 800 pages long and within 24 hours it is edited down to 100 pages and then within 2 weeks it is edited down to 20 – 30 pages with all you need to know removed and just the sugar candy coating for the sheep left.
      As they saying goes they have to give it to us (but so much of /most of the time you’ve got to be so fookin’ fast to catch before its gone – permanently removed by them)

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