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  1. Its all on the WEF charts in clear site for the brainwashed wankers to get a wake up call for….
    I have told a couple but there brains have literally BBC tattooed on them now

    • I’m that way too….friends are rather muted…talk about anything but ‘you know what’ people have made up their own minds…long standing friends many are slowly fading away with ‘cardiac stuff’ neurological issues…x2 with small brain tumours…1 close friend..months to live Motor Neuron Disease…l friend just retiring from Police…MASSIVE stroke…l neighbour massive stroke Air ambulance to specialist unit…passed…in fact the message is loud and clear….keep away from ‘jabbs’…too late for some….it was always going to be further down the line……wait till 5G starts….lm very worried about that and young people….any comments out there with regards Graphine Oxide?…

      • Re Graphene Oxide Ericka. Teslaphoresis. This is remote auto formation of wires at a distance using electromagnetic or radio frequencies. Nano tubes and or micro particles of graphene are injected into one very small part of the body. At the appropriate time a signal is sent out as you are near , possibly even from your smart phone. This causes the effect. Result , electrical charge and disruption sent throughout the body causing chaos to the vascular and brain rhythms. Result , death within seconds. The Astroworld concert several months ago is a possible example when many deaths occurred all at once resulting in convulsions near to the stage. Personally i haven`t heard anything new on the subject for a while. My guess would be something in the quantum dot tattoos they may be planning.

      • I heard they are bringing out quantum dot tattoos to monitor diabetic people’s blood sugar levels for them. I expect diabetes is on the rise anyway, so we’ll see these tattoos in use for one thing or another fairly soon.

  2. You can probably get a year’s worth of clothes from Primark for £18.

  3. Welcome to ‘THE GREAT RESET’
    where you will own NOTHING ( But they will own you ) but be happy . ☠☠☠☠💉💉💉️😷😷😷😷

  4. Don’t be part of it. It will bring so much more misery. They will own and control you.

  5. And an £18 a month commitment is supposed to be for “cash-strapped” parents? This is way more than I spend a month on buying new kids clothes outright! And what happens if your kids inevitably damage them? Falling over can get a hole in the knees on trousers sometimes for example. If you are that cash-strapped you buy second-hand clothes. Having multiple rental commitments coming out of your bank account will not do you any favours!

  6. Be aware that soon you will be unable to buy books or dvds or cds.You Will have to rent them and pay more that way.Stock up now.

  7. Thanks Hugo though there is a counter thought with this one – fast fashion is one of the most unsustainable, environment-impacting industries around; so the idea of renting children’s clothing – that they quickly outgrow – ain’t a bad shout.

    However…it would make more sense if a retailer with a less well-heeled audience did this. JL’s target audience is predominantly middle-class consumers on decent salaries, for whom kitting out their little darlings in the latest RL, Gap, Next etc clothes ain’t a problem. But as we know, the comfortable middle-classes are some of the sheepiest folk around, this is no doubt training for this set of sheeple.

    “John Lewis,never knowingly underselling our Capitalist Overlords”

    • I agree, fast fashion trends is an issue. However I think recycling the fabric would be much better or just donating the clothes. Why are they trying to squeeze money out of “cash strapped” people?

      And yes, definitely, the parents who need the most financial help have never had the privilege of even stepping foot in John Lewis. £18/month is expensive. Bearing in mind the kids that need the most help have parents who can’t even afford to feed them (hence the free school meals) so why would they be splashing out at JL? They’d be receiving hand me downs and like Hugo said going to charity shops or even clothes bank donations.

      Sounds to me like the virtue signalling middle classes will lap this right up

  8. They are portals..where you can buy from privat people.
    Paypal (family and friend) or transfer for small things …
    And for bigger things for example … … pick it up the the near.
    So the bank has no money eared and you also helped yourself and the people from who you buy it from.
    I always buy like this as possible.
    Also i make from old things new things as possible.
    No more ” dues money” to the banks .

      • Depop sounds like a company we can trust.

      • i am in germany….
        we have also vinted and other apps but i use “ebay kleinanzeige” .
        Thats without app …only with email.

  9. We used to rent our TV and Video from D.E.R. because that was all my dad could afford. The issue being that we paid well over the odds for it in the long run. However, I’m not against the concept ofvrenting things but I know if its a WEF and corporate retailers initiative, it will ultimately be about monetising the consumer will lose out.
    We are heading back to the 70s my friend…

  10. Renting things has nearly always been a rip-off. Apart from some things maybe, like renting a skip, a car, or a pretend girlfriend. (perhaps not the latter one)

  11. Then what happens if you cannot afford the rental payments? They take it all away. You have nothing left and a bad credit rating a well!

  12. Was thinking what about Xmas & bday presents ??? How the fuck is that gonna work ffs so when you buy presents you’ll be paying for em forever fucking no way this is fucking insane ffs they can fucking shove it up they’re arse evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum bastards

  13. So they’re going to SELL the rented furniture as second hand when it’s returned???

  14. oh, how they are in a hurry.they are old and rotten. apparently anger chokes and gnaws that they cannot live forever and money will not help in any way. They have their plan and we have ours!

    • You are right ‘D’…in such a hurry to ‘switch/glitch..all aspects of our lives…..but little by little they are pushing forward with ‘digital’ this and that…tracking ..tracking tracking…EVERYTHING that is bought…how you buy…PQR codes …(which l refuse to use..
      Old fashioned gal!!)…a simpler life is out there…as long as you are healthy….

  15. Firstly we do not manufacture anything in this country other than weak spineless politicians and equally weak pathetic spineless jellyfish lip quivering boohooing generation z wokes. The only thing that this cuntry (yes I did mean to spell it like that) is lip service to the communist’s.

    Surprisingly a communist country – China is the world’s sole producer of everything from condoms to computers.

    All you are doing buying this cheap shit is supporting their wealthy billionaires. Most chinese earn rice bowl wages and it’s the same in India and Pakistan with workers locked into dangerous factories for days on end to produce the cheap crap in m+s, primark, john lewis etc. All you are doing buying this tat is helping your communist masters in china with their for the terminally braindead zombies produce more apps like tikky tokky to keep their tiny minds occupied and the nice laboratories in Wuhan producing more deadly poxes.

  16. Not new.. We had Radio Rentals in the 50s/60s. Couldn’t afford a TV? Radio Rentals. Was a big business. In many towns and cities.

  17. Traid charity shops do 4 sales a year and everything sells for £1 on the last day of sale and the childrens clothes cost .50 pence. Don’t need to commit to £18 per month.

  18. Yet another reference with their numbers 3 x 6 = £18

  19. Renting is ALWAYS more expensive than buying, unless it is a nonprofit organization who has personal with no salary and a building that cost nothing. Impossible. Somebody makes profit from your poverty. You know what the good thing of all of this shit is? Western labour is too expensive right, making something yourself, working on it for days, when you can buy the same item form 10 euros in a cheap shop. So, if “they” won’t let us own anything anymore later on and nothing is for sale anymore, people will pick up on their own labour again. There will be a market for home made clothes again. People will make furniture again, themelves. And if they block us from source materials, people will make planks from trees, people will even start to make their own wire and texture. This will be GREAT.

  20. So, you have five kids? How many families could afford £90/month? The sprog in my life claims he ‘needs’ a new pair of trainers every three months… and they have to have to be the ‘right brand’! Kids can be very picky about clothes… don’t underestimate their shame and embarrassment of going to school in rented togs? I wouldn’t put my little one through this. I remember the misery in the 1950s/60s being forced to wear shapeless clothes from a local co-operative department store, bought with ‘co-op cheques’, for which my mother paid a tally man every week. The experience forced me to be creative. Buy from charity shops, my friends… plenty of dumped ‘designer gear’ in those.

  21. Tanya Louise…..bloody he’ll….listened to some bod in WEF…swallow a pod….it will register God knows what…for their ‘Masters’…then you go to the loo…the world is becoming more crazy by the minute…l think these microscopic ‘particles’ of Graphine Oxide will cause havoc with bloods and ‘organs’….(l was reading …by some science bod some time ago)….

  22. “But Seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you” Matthew 6:33

  23. Where the hell are my comments?
    Worse than Youtube.

    • If you comment it often goes up to the top…not in ‘alignment’ with the person you want to respond to….include the name….

  24. John Lewis is owned by Jewry of the Synagogue of Satan. The CEO is a paedophile, a Satanist, and a hannibal – a literal walking serpent is the CEO. I’m Intercessor2028.

  25. You are quite right Hugo. No one should be part of this. Good clothes can be bought at charity shops and given back when outgrown or as mentioned by another person you can get cheap clothes at Primark.
    Absolutely no need to rent, especially at those prices, £18 a month is a lot to pay. This is just the start of ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ .☹️ We worked to buy our home all that we have and do not intend to give any of it up.

    • This is only for their customers – the upper middles – who are broke as school fees for Edwin and Charlotte are skyrocketing and they need need as much money to pay of their £950000 mortgage on their overpriced shoebox house in ‘trendy’ Islington.

  26. The most important bit of information missing from the Mirror article was that the photo shows the new range of boys clothes for summer.

  27. When I finish renting my boxers will they then become available for the next person to rent?





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  29. Well, I won’t be renting clothes and I certainly won’t be purchasing charity shop clothing either these days. So I guess I’ll be wearing the (many years old) clothes I now have until the day I die. I used to buy charity shop clothes (most of what I have is from them) but can’t now as everywhere has some horrendous scent on it that I literally cannot get rid of. I bought a lovely wool jumper from a charity shop back in February. It was washed, doused in bicarbonate of soda and left, soaked in vinegar twice for nearly a month each time, washed, hung out on the line, seen hot sun, hail, rain and wind and it still stinks of some kind of scent like air freshener. It’s still on the washing line having had another dose of wind and rain! I will never be able to wear it. It used to be easy to remove taints of scent etc but it’s impossible now. What the heck is this monstrous stuff that is on everything?

    • The *scent* is likely the effects of the incessant chemtrailing pilots spraying the skies.
      This year’s marked increase seems to coincide with plants that are visibly yellow (not green) compared to last year, and vegetables that are failing to grow – choking the air & earth.

      You’re right, that the smell is pervasive.
      It seems stronger where the incidence of wifi uptake & 5g cell masts is prevalent – particularly in urban areas.
      Every *smart* phone pulse on the street helps to cook the chemicals & metal particles pouring down
      The air smells burnt- sickly-sweet, burning metals & chemicals.
      … Aluminum, strontium, graphene oxide (as per the jabs), iron, arsenic, etc.
      The irritating dust can be mistaken for hayfever and cough symptoms. (So, more sick people, more meds …)

      Looking up, no region is without the tell-tale grid lines – followed for days by blanketed grey skies, with strange bronze-grey *clouds* am/pm, that break into pieces & move around, unlike any natural cumulus or nimbus.
      …*Sunsets* that are not natural … red glowing scraps of black spiral *cloud* in a clear blue sky that is quickly hidden by dirty bronze-coloured clumps, moving & reforming in EMF frequencies.
      *Rain* clouds formed by the aluminum salts that clump molecules into heavy density *clouds* to flood with *climate change* weathers.
      The people of Queensland are being hit with these *rain bombs*, targeted to burst local river banks, forcing residents under 4ft deluges to leave their country areas into the cities.
      5g pulses pass through regular walls.
      …Those light & airy glass window-wall new-build apartments are ideal for *smart* surveillance.

      .. Bronzed skies and earth of iron. Someone is using the Bible as their playbook.

      Hanging out your washing may be why the smell won’t go. That – and the odour is everywhere under the sky, and you’ve become aware of it.

      • CDee, this is different. I have known about the spraying since the nineties when I woke up to it and know what you mean about certain atmospheric taints.

        But this is different. This jumper stank before I washed it and hung it up. My other clothes do not stink like this, even after being hung out to dry. I could smell the jumper when I brought it home from the charity shop.

        It’s not the first time either- seems to be something that is being sprayed around in charity shops as I don’t jest that even the seal on a jar I brought back has had the same treatment- wash, vinegar soak etc and still stinks. A friend bought a scarf from a different charity shop and has had the same issue.

        It may well be the air fresheners that shops spray around liberally and somehow, they stick. Most people these days seem to be noseblind to such things but for me, it is totally noxious and makes me feel very unwell.

    • I think I know the smell you mean. Very synthetic, strong airfreshener-like smell. I think it’s the detergent they use in old people’s homes. Kind of reminds me of some of the really nasty hand soaps you get in public toilets. They use human waste by-products to make these soaps. They stink. So does tap water.

    • That’s a fascinating account, Ms. M. And what you write in your follow-up, “Most people these days seem to be noseblind to such things but for me, it is totally noxious and makes me feel very unwell.” fascinated me as well. It reminded me of all the pain and anguish endured by electromagnetic frequency sensitive people, so why not the case for people being hypersensitive to smells? It makes me wonder how much “natural” remains in nature. If only we could find the Achilles’s heel of the demons responsible for all our strife… but wait a minute, we have it! We’ve had it all along!

      • CharlieGoy, people who are electromagnetically sensitivity are often also sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivity: they usually have chronic fatigue syndrome, which I do. I am sensitive to both. Remember, we are electrical beings and our chemical physiology is merely a byproduct of electrical phenomena within our human energy field. Artificial scents will vibrate with artificial frequencies, just as man-made EMFs vibrate in ways that are alien to the natural frequencies of our bodies and the earth. Everyone suffers from these frequencies, whether or not they manifest as obvious illness or not because the effects are cumulative. I have had a life messed up by the effects of these things on my system- no joke!

        When I return home, the first thing I have to do is wash my face and nasal cavities. Once I have done that, the nose blindness induced by the saturation of noxious smells (scents, fumes, perfumes etc) shifts and I can once again smell the natural scents of flowers etc.

  30. Well Mr Government rent a whores, the lot of you can go fuck yourselves.
    The auld brigade is needed to teach you bastards a lesson, i didnae take any of your bullshit-19 inoculations and i never will

    And wae regards to renting ma duds….Get tae fuck ya bunch of posh MASH BASTARDS.

    Edward R Murrow

  31. I do the “yeah, right” every time I see the tools in the workshop thing. Anyone that does DIY knows that mid-job, you have to use something you had not planned to – so what then, go to the tool rental place for a spanner in the right size, but only if you have enough ‘carbon credits’ left!

    As for the furniture rentals, selling the idea that the ‘company’ will either re-rent or recycle it – fat chance. It will all end up in the tip by them, after charging rental many times over the price it would have cost to buy outright. Just like those appliance rental places they have now, that exploit the poor – the middle class don’t realise they are being targeted as the next market sector to go down this same path.

    2030: You’ll own nothing. But Klaus and his satanic billionaire set will be very happy indeed.

  32. Not willing to get a vaccine – sorry, you subscription in null and void, I’m afraid we will have take back our goods.

  33. We don’t need privileged Joos like Martin Lewis or John Lewis to tell us what to do or sell us or rent to us second hand items.
    You go to a car boot sale and you find whatever you need for dirty cheap including second hand clothing and 99% of transactions are cash.
    You don’t need corporate Joos for that.

    I reckon the Jooish shysters will want to target these venues and ideally shut them down. The COVID squads were already hitting car boot sales during the Plandemic with their test kits they were giving to people – a perfect opportunity to make some money per test kit but what is more important up the number of “COVID cases” for the Jooish Big Pharma shysters.

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