1. Staff shortages due to people leaving and furloughed during the fake “pandemic”….
    Was reading earlier johnson was at the munich 2021 meeting discussing a simulation of a “monkey virus”….
    Theres more of this shit to come…

    • Media events are for future use. Slowly but surely they’ll ween people off of air travel for the plebs. Next it’ll be planes mysteriously falling out of the sky.

      • I seen the WEF charts and its clear as day what they will do later on….
        Mind you many not even heard of the WEF as there so thick they cant look past the bloody news and social media

  2. No queues for Davos, step right this way Mr Billionaire, your Private Jet awaits…..don´t worry we planted a potato plant to offset the carbon and feed the poor.

  3. Seems manufactured despite the jabs having made many staff sick or sacked. However, all those herded cattle are prime targets to be blamed for Pox spreading, or some other scamdemic, or are sitting ducks to be infected with some kind of real bio-weapon to trigger the next scamdemic, or wave of actual death from something nasty, if any such things really exist. Very suspicious.

  4. I am travelling to Africa on Jeni and I got an email from BA suggesting that I drop bags day before by 1pm and I didn’t even bother to reply and in my head I told them where to go

    • that’s crazy!?!

      I wouldn’t either
      Good for you

  5. Learn how to fly a plane, storm the airports & steal a plane, if Arabs can do it on September 11th 2001 after a few flying lessons I’m sure we can!😜🐒🐵

  6. Totally believe this is manufactured. My son-in-law had his flight home from Las Vegas cancelled. They had to drive four hours to another city to try to catch a plane the next day. That flight was delayed a half day. It took him two days to get home. I told him that it was probably due to all the pilots who have had to step down due to jab injury and the others who are not admitting they are jab injured and are calling in sick. If the airlines don’t have the necessary crews to man the planes and complete the flights then they should stop booking flights like there is no issue. And the reason for the cancellations and delays is always “weather related”. That way they are not required to refund anyone for their flight cancellations.

  7. Firing the staff who refused to take the jabs & then the ones left who took a jab or three can’t fly due to blood clots brought on by the jabs.

  8. No problems at all travelling from Stansted to Prague and back

    • You don’t happen to work for GCHQ do you ?

  9. Yes, I believe you are right about wanting to put people off flying, but I have a couple of additional thoughts. They may want to use this as an excuse to introduce millimetre wave airport scanners. In Ireland these have been introduced at Kerry and Shannon airports. I know at Kerry airport they are saying they reduce queues and wait times, but you would see a bigger queues at the toilets than you would ever see at Kerry airport. I know people that have requested safety information from the manufacturers and it has not been forthcoming, so instead of annoying travellers with queues they will blast them with radiation. The second and probably more accurate reason, comes from today’s Irish Independent. As well as an article on this, they have a piece by Brendan O’Connell trying to sell the idea of airports introducing facial recognition. One of his arguments is ‘Big Brother isn’t competent enough to be that evil.’ Sure thing Brendan, we believe you!

    • Just to add, I also believe the recent rise in soccer pitch invasions and assaults is related to this. As well as the trouble at the European Cup final. These were very rare, but suddenly they are suspiciously common place, out of nowhere. It would not be too hard to stage these with some agent provocateurs and lax security. Before you know it, ordinary fans would join in. I think it will be used to push digital IDs or even facial recognition to go to soccer matches, then music concerts, then…

  10. Towards the end of April I flew to Turkey from Manchester. I was expecting chaos as had been reported in the media. In fact it was the quickest I’d ever been through baggage drop off and security, it took 20 minutes.
    Incidentally the Turkish government require a negative PCR test for unvaccinated people to enter the country. At no point, in either Manchester or Turkey, was I asked to provide proof of a negative test. Very strange!!

  11. I think we going to se a lot of sick people in the near future.

    • How?…nobody has had covid 19 and monkeypox is adverse reactions crom the jabs i heard

      • Convid-19 Is clearly the re-branded flu, but what they’re injecting in to the sheeple is weakening their immune-systems, so you probably will start to see very sick people

  12. I was at Dublin airport a couple of weeks ago and it was very quiet. Budapest was nice and quiet too.

  13. These are all compliant stupid people with no common sense or any Idea what the real Agenda is for sure.🤣

  14. Football will soon be TV viewing only after the fans have been driven away as at last nights game with pepper spray and tear gas. There’s plenty left for the airport ques, who will get sprayed because ‘many passengers had ‘fake’ tickets’.

    • There was chaos outside the stadium with the gates being rushed and many people gaining access without tickets. The French gov tried to blame Liverpool supporters but everyone, here in France, saw the young North Africans climbing the fences whilst the Liverpool supporters were being tear-gassed on the outside. To be clear, these young men were not French and the Stade de France is in St. Denis, which is pretty much a no-go area these days. Paris is not what it used to be. Nothing in France is.

  15. Travelling with BS tests, and the risk of this shit, defo sounds to much hassle for me these days 🙁 sadly, love Spain on the cheap!!

    Seeing a massive increase in deaths recently, ambulances aren’t taking 24hours to unload patients for nothing I guess, getting worse aswell, the dying will start big time soon I guess.

    Fuel shortages in the USA I’m seeing aswell, wheat running out in 10weeks, bla bla bla, they really are screwing us over.

    Always more shit to come, anyone that thought the last 2 years was for nothing and it’d just go away, was crazy!

    • Right there with you love. The ambulance issue is horrific depending on where you are when you need one. I am a prepper. I watch a lot of preppers videos etc on YouTube. Yeah it isn`t the best platform , but it is what it is. I have an old house and my walk in pantry is stocked with over 12 months supply of food and i`ll keep adding to it until i can`t close the door.

      Ps: Anyone got a tin opener ?

      • Go to a mainly Muslim Area, they’ve not had the jabs and guess what, no ambulances waiting to unload, all peaceful there.

        Top tip if you need hospital!

        Got about 3 months worth, getting camping stove and a few gas bottles this pay day, put it upto 4months worth aswell, got water for 6months that’s what is filling up my basement, plastic sheeting, some thin rope, catch water into a bucket when it rains.

        Tin Can Openers, I try to buy cans that don’t need 1, but your right need to get a few in just incase, all that food and can’t eat it doh!!

      • It sounds like you`re doing great there Turveyd. Water storage seems to be one of those problem areas i have seen come up a lot in the comments sections of prepper`s videos. In the the UK of course we don`t tend to have the same water issues as in other parts of the world. As a home wine maker though i naturally have loads of equipment for the preservation of liquids , such as glass 1 gallon demijohns , sterilisation fluid and campden tablets etc. I keep a lot of water filters in the house as well. So i always say to people it is a great option which covers that quite nicely. You can also barter the end result. There are two schools of thought when it comes to cans. Some say that ring pulls don`t last as long as they can easily be punctured or bleed through the seal. The trick to it is storage. Make sure you place trays above each layer to spread the weight no more than 5 layers deep and you`ll be fine with either. Another thing is rice. Avoid the brown rice as it contains oil so it may not last as long. Again , some people swear by mylar bags or food buckets to store grains. I use old glass jars. Cheaper and easier.

  16. I’m ex air traffic, used to be based at Manchester Airport, I can tell you for sure this is manufactured. There is no staff shortage that would cause this, absolutely not.

  17. It is all propaganda to actually encourage flying , not to deter it. And also part of the huge bear trap they are about to spring. Here is my theory. Over the last two and a half years a lot of people have suffered with a string of flight and holiday cancellations due to all the Covid malarky. This has made people cautious about travelling again. Spending time in their own country has seemed like a safer option to many. Then they see images of zillions of people off on their jollies. Then we have a load of discounted package holidays all of a sudden. Therefore people feel safe and confident and encouraged to travel oversees again.

    A lot of countries have just signed that pandemic treaty with the WHO. I estimate that some time mid July when most people are sunning themselves the WHO will announce a pandemic , lock downs and travel restrictions. This time it will all happen immediately with no notice. And many people will be stuck. This will last for weeks if not months and people will spend an absolute fortune in extra expenses unable to recoup it. This is what it all about. To drain the finances of those middle to lower income families.

    How is that for a theory. Call me crackers if you like. But if it happens you heard it here first.

    • I just want to clarify something about the actual queues themselves at the airports. I think they are staged , fictitious , actors. Remember the pictures they showed of queues supposedly outside of jab centers snaking round corners etc. When ordinary people took pictures of the same streets the next day they were deserted.

      • I think you’re onto something Tanya! Mind games like the rest of their stunts.

      • Well my mind was in several areas at once Gina and it kind of just clicked. Like i said i was thinking that those queues reminded me of the jab queues. That leaked report from that whistleblower in Canada about 18 months ago is never far from my mind where at the end of it it mentions the World Debt Rest Program as one of the goals. And then i was reading all the comments on here about how quiet people had seen it at airports.

    • Nah , but it’s good that you have theories. The 15 minute city is the plan , travel is a big target . Saying that , my twin bro was stuck in the canaries for 6 months last year.

  18. There are easier ways to put people off travelling, like putting up the price.
    “Staff shortages” and queues are a great excuse for implementing new and invasive technological solutions..
    If, say, they role out a system that can biometrically or otherwise scan you as soon as you enter the airport and track you via cameras and AI as you move through to your plane, why would they need queues at all?

  19. Funny isn’t it. Nobody can get out, but anybody on earth can get in – everyday – with no problem.

  20. The great resets don’t these companies réaliaze governments going 2 close them down any way so y do as they say HAVE they all been paid 2 do this

  21. Didn’t get my email had to go on telegram

  22. I flew out of Dublin last Thursday and all was normal; no queues outside the airport. A lot of people inside, but nothing unusual. It seems that these photos were over the weekend? I am returning to Dublin tomorrow and I’ll note if there are queues.

  23. Only the Davis set can fly .
    The plebiscite need to learn, two legs bad, four legs good. (The Davis crowd are pigs)

  24. No disrespect to those who do go abroad

    But I can’t even afford my gas & electricity bill let alone go on a holiday

    I will never bother now
    I didn’t enjoy it before this Crap hit!
    I went 4,half years ago for 1st time in 15 years, I hated it!!!
    It was like a cattle market just going through security!
    People all over the place fighting one another nearly to get their stuff
    off a ‘grey animal feeding tray’ they use put ya shit in!

    I wouldn’t bother anyone
    It was a horrible experience

    Have great day All
    Thank you Hugo as always

    • Lol I agree Janie, can’t think of anything worse. I’m not a sunbather anyway I’m much happier staying in England.

      • Lol Gina

        It was awful

        I have not renewed my P.P cause when I came back it run out
        it only had month left but
        because the ‘experience!’ Was so horrible I didn’t bother with another

        It’s no holiday spending two days least…
        having endure the insanity of just getting to and from & then luggage going missing !

        Can’t be Ass..ed with all that

        All best Gina

  25. All fake MSM news. All the MSM have done is bus in a load of people who are paid for their ‘acting expenses’ to stand and play at poor stuck passengers waiting to go on holiday when in reality there is no delays or problems of any kind. All fake all bullshit. These are the same actors and actresses who came out pretending to demonstrate for women’s rights when Sarah Everard was brutally murdered. You could see them all looking at the cameras holding up their fake women’s rights banners and placards.

    They come crawling out of the left wing socialist puppet show hole every time the government wants to scare you or convince you. They will all be out for this summers highlight of the great monkeypox pandemic. They will obediently cry on cue for the loss of a loved one and then all eagerly cue with their sleeves up for the next great cull on the human population with yet another dr death jab courtesy of the wondrous marvel that is professor cure all Nill Gates from dr deaths laboratory run by the Nazi winner of the Dr Josef Mengle award for killing….your friend and mine Klaus Schwab.

  26. I travelled to Ireland from Denmark a week ago . The worst holiday I have had ever. The fight to Dublin was delayed for 2 hours . We finally arrived at midnight. When we got to bagage reclaim it was unbelievable, suitcases everywhere. Stacked up all over the airport. Then we went out to hire a car and no cars left. Plus they would charge 1000 euro for 4 days !! Then when we left to go home 4 days later the airport was jammer backed, queues miles long. The lounge area for cardholders closed. Our flight delayed and the gate kept changing, so we ended up running around from gate to gate. As well as many other flights. Lots were cancelled as well. As I said to my husband “this a part of their plan to create chaos.”

    • I feel sorry that this was your experience of ireland 😔 The fiends in the government have destroyed this country. Ireland as a whole country has become so docile and naive, we need to take back our sovereignty. Please come back and visit derry in the north we are always happy to see tourists

  27. I wrote this in an earlier Hugo Talks video today, but I think it applies here and virtually everywhere, so I will kindly repeat myself.

    The demonic and mass-murdering creatures behind this Great Reset have a different strategy for different locales around the world but they all have death and destruction, destitution and servitude in common. Our only chance is mass noncompliance, and I don’t see it happening until it’s too late.

    So, we are in effect responsible for our own demise, for ushering in our world’s end. I hear it all the time and it bothers me every time when people say we live in exciting times. If truth be told it’d be far more realistic to say we live in dreadful times! How we supposed to wake people up by marveling over how exciting these times we live?

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