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  1. If the Chinese mass surveillance AI system called Skynet and the medical prosthetic/cyborg specialists Cyberdyne (both real world things apparently)
    team up later in the year to make terminators, let’s hope they’re as shite as that robot. Though someone should probably smash it and any others to be sure.

    • Best thing for the planet is to nuke china…
      Vile horrible country…

      • What’s worse, doing the things China is doing out in the open or doing them behind closed doors like the rest of the world does? using your logic of nuking China you might as well destroy the entire planet as every country is vile.

  2. maybe hugo their robots will ‘wake up’ too lol! and then ask those questions. and destroy the bastards!!! theyll never crush the spirit of man altogether with their robots and copy-humans.

  3. Surprised you use electronic music at the end and not bongo drums, but seriously AI will 100% be a threat to mankind, electronic sensors can already see better, hear better than us, and Neural network machine learning is progressing exponentially, however we are a long way off any kind of human thinking, you can tell a robot to get from A to B and its software will use AI to get you there, but you cannot program it to question why.

  4. As a tax-payer I want to know how much that trash cost me & I’m not just talking about the painting.

  5. She’ll always be the Sovereign who gave Royal Assent to the immoral same-sex marriage Bill, further eroding moral values in society.

    • Sorry Guy but NO monarch has assented to ANYTHING since 1860 and as for the present useless immitation she’s been dead since 2019 along with Phil the greek…she has 4 clones and not one is even a close representation…look at the “queen’s Christmas message 2021” it’s all fake. Queeny and Phil were tried for crimes against humanity and treason against England in 2019…the info is on the internet mate. Oh and the fake government’s nationalities act of I think 1981 doesn’t allow the English to be called such…the Welsh can be Welsh, Scots-Scots and Irish-Irish but the English British FFS…go figure this nation of ours needs rid of these so-called British elites that have created everything that’s wrong in this world and the quickest and easiest way is to VOID the acts of union 1706/7 which gives them their power…the conservative and UNIONIST party… it’s in the name!!! http://www.englishconstitutionparty.com the ONLY party for the English and the Welsh look em up mate!!

  6. AI logic…….
    Task: paint picture
    Words database for task “throne , queen , sitting , product , job”
    Not enough data so search internet for definition of words to refine end product
    Result………..toilet , monarch , inactive , outcome , billet ( auto correct bidet )
    Final product , end task = painting of monarch sitting on toilet covered in sh**

    • Here’s some data to paint the real picture — greedy , false , , heartless , Satanist , paedophile , Nazi , no morals , princess killer , racist , child killer , slave trader , drug pusher , adrenochrome guzzler , liar , paedophile protector , snob , bully , covert ,. Can’t wait to see this picture .

  7. Haha. Excellent Hugo. Her maj looks like a bag lady. And the robot looks like the sort of dummy you practice first aid on. What a laugh.🤣

  8. A lizard with a latex human mask paints someone to look like a lizard.

  9. Why is there a rifle poking out from her hat?

  10. Bet the Queen herself thinks the painting is an absolute crock of shit!

    • That’s if she’s actually still alive. We now live in a world where people who are supposed to be dead are still alive, and people who we’re told are alive are in fact deceased. And then you’ve got weirdos going around in disguise with their specially-made masks, wigs & so on..

      The Sci-fi thriller film Ex Machina offers a quite frightening scenario in regards to the evolution of AI.

      • Yep she’s a dead one so it begs the question why is anyone celebrating the royal platinum jubilee at great expense to the English and also we’re being taxed to pay for it all and she’ll not even be alive never mind present at the stupid event FFS…these britsh1t elites must be got rid of as they’re killing England!!! VOID the acts of union 1706/7 NOW!! Then the britsh1t elites can do no more damage to our world!!!

    • Teresa she’s no longer alive so can’t think anymore luv…see my comments further down and no royal has ever assented to anything since 1860 just for information. Have a lovely weekend and don’t waste next week on the fake royal show either…

      • If they all knew that she was deceased then there wouldn’t be no celebrating I guess. Charles isn’t exactly going to put the mask-wearing, Ukrainian flag-waving Nutters in a celebratory mood is he.. The Queen still holds that appeal for them and I guess there are other reasons to suit some agenda

  11. They couldn’t find a human to paint her and call her amazing?😅

    • Real painters have long been invited to Buckingham Palace to paint the Queen, though I can’t think why they’d want to unless it’s for the cheques they receive, and so the fact that a robot has now done this makes it feasible that she is no longer with us.

      One painter turned up at The Palace to paint the Queen by invitation one time and they didn’t let him in because he arrived wearing clothes covered in paint (as you might expect) and told him to do one

  12. Looks to me like a pic of the queen and then the AI thing has splashed a bit of paint on top. I don’t think that almost immobile toy is able to paint. It can bearly move it’s mouth. I wonder if there are any pics of the “artist” at work?

  13. The concerning part is what appears to be 2 Horns protuding from her Head,looks like a take on ‘HellBoy’ 🤣

  14. I remember when Rolf Harris went to paint Her Maj ! say no more Squire 🙂

  15. Wow AI can read a script but can’t colour in as well as a 4 year old…… It seemed to me to be a recording of a human speech, with gaps inserted to conform to the robot trope.

  16. This robot represents what they would like to turn all of us into if they can it seems to me. The jabs likely have things headed that way already for those who took them. What appears to be nano tech is now being found in many injectable meds like insulin, local anesthetics and all kinds of vaccines including childhood mandated vaccines. All of this stuff is now unsafe to use.

    • I turned down a pain shot in the er last month because I suspected this. No more shots in my knees and shoulders again, ever.

    • the robots boyfriends name is Yuval Noah Harari !! look him up !! one sick twisted b _ _ _ _ _ d !!

  17. I was interested to find if there was a video of it ‘painting’ because I had my doubts. I found it drawing, if you can call it that.

  18. LOL… great posting, Hugo. I wonder what our finest living (and artist in the real world) portrait painter, Maggi Hambling, would make of all this?

    • Just the kind of woman I want !! One with Brains AND looks !!

  19. This soulless robot may draw something unique all the time, still, she’s programmed by her programmer, so we’re actually watching his brain. I am a programmer myself, even with AI, it is the programmer giving AI the possibilities, the “roads” she can and can not go. This robot will never ever replace a real living soal. Never.

  20. Nuke China ? I think China will nuke north America if it comes to that . After that , nothing , no one else will dare fight back , then , the real antichrist will show his/ her hand before the light of Christ will shine in all and destroy the evil that has ruled this world for such a long time . Just a thought.

  21. Well, this is a bit off topic, but here goes (truthnotdoctrine will love this).

    Someone has done a video in the lobby of the WEF showing the “satanic art” (it is very odd). To prove where they are, they have videod the elevator, which has the WEF logo on it.

    It also has the logo of Leumi – which is an Israeli bank. In Hebrew Leumi means “national”, so basically the Israeli national bank.

    Also included is the logo for AlphaSights – a global “data on demand” company (so big data) that delivers insights for investments, expertise to corporations ,etc.

    Baroness McGregor Smith (Conservative) is a consultant for alphasights, as is John Whittingdale, Baroness Altmann, and no doubt numerous others, since this took me 5 minutes to find with a Google search.

    • There’s a lovely photo of Klaus – alongside an old photo of his father dreSSed in his Hugo Boss wartime uniform – published a French website yesterday.

  22. Media seem to more obsessed with royalty at the moment, almost like their trying to create that national sprit we once had that led us in to fighting two world wars, just in time for possiblely a third.

  23. Hi Hugo you mentioned in one of you videos that if you didn’t get regular updates to let you know .Will I believe there is a problem S for about two maybe three months now you emails with your videos in have been hit and miss . The only reason I really noticed it .was when I went to you tube and saw them on they and I hadn’t got them in my in box as usual .hope this helps.

  24. Are we sure that she’s still alive? I have my doubts. Parliament wouldn’t be able to declare itself sovereign if there was a reigning monarch. She sent agents to Australia – double quick – to oust their prime minister when he dared to try the same. Charles is one of the guiding lights of the WEF and has never wanted the, so-called, responsibility of being king. He would rather have all the money and power without swearing an oath to protect the little people.

    If she is actually dead, that makes the government and all its decrees illegal.

    Plus, the latest replacement smiles far too much to be her. The real one was always sour faced.

    Go to the peerage.com and check out her ancestors on her mother’s side (remember that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was never in line to be queen) – bankers, mine owners (coal in Nottingham and minerals everywhere), British East India Co. directors, Turkey merchants (they were silk merchants from the Levant – like the Sassoons who were also involved in the opium trade). That family is so rich that it is obscene…and all of it made from the misery of ordinary people.

    And now, ‘The Firm’, are pushing AI – on top of depopulation, globalisation and climate hoax? I can’t say that I’m surprised. The hidden hands think that they no longer need us. So, like grouse on their stolen lands, we are being ‘managed’.

    • She is as much use as Lenin and yet a small minority plus those bribed with a party will think she is more useful than us cattle.
      The strength of a nation embodied in a 96 year old woman and her 70 very odd years old twin of klaus son, actually states there is no future while they are our past present and future.
      Yet the reset does not include this farce of a family , how stwange

    • Well said, although you finish with a more gentle analogy than I would have written. I would have modified one word in your last sentence. “So, like grouse on their stolen lands, we are being ‘murdered’.”

  25. Why is the queen of england sitting on trillions of pounds of wealth when the majority of the world is below the poverty line. If she was a real queen she would sell all she had to create more financial equality. Great video again Hugo thank you. PLease advise the music you are playing at the end of this video the most beautiful thing about this videos content.

  26. Interesting the WEF have stated smart phones will be of no use in 2030 as everything will be through “within”…
    Thats straight from the mouth of WEF…

  27. Hugo! I don’t think I have laughed that hard in my life! Thank you for delivering the bad news in such a comical manner! Might as well get a laugh out of the stupidity since it’s 2022 and people are still buying this BS

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