IRELAND 🇮🇪 TO BUILD VILLAGE For Refugees (569 Homes) / Hugo Talks

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    • Full of refugees now and has been for a good few years now.

    • Temporary? So they must know HOW temporary. And where do they go after that?? 🤔

  1. Hi Hugo, Mosney are an Irish version of Butlins.

  2. there’s a lot sitting empty where i am. give me one of those nice houses in the country.

  3. The EU will be part funding this I expect. It’s to their advantage – displacing as many Ukrainians as they can to support NATO agenda of getting their claws on the riches Ukraine has by way of essential riches. suzieenthusiastic

    • And further disrupt ‘legacy ethic groups’ as was common policy during the soviet era.

    • This is the (Great replacement) in western Europe all by design under the umbrella of (humanitarian) which is cover to displace us in our own lands…
      Brexit has not made one iota of difference they still plough on to destroy us…
      With their fake compassion!!
      We help everyone, but not our own! . Charity begins at home with your own kith and kin!!
      So obvious what their game is!! They don’t even hide their disdain for our history, culture and people.

      For over thousand yrs we were one people.. They trick us into believing we’re a nation of immigrants that’s a lie…
      Over the centuries we were invaded by tribes of western Europe. Scandinavians, viking, germanic tribes .. Who assimilated into our customs and way of life they looked like us and shared many common attributes, faith being one.. Most of us have Anglo saxon dna this is our tribe..
      Which they wish to extinguish along with (Anglo saxon) to be forgotten by the children of today..

      (King Alfred the great) in the 7th century our first English king, who brought the warring tribes together. Who was a devout man of God! Christianity became rooted in England,
      Memory serves me right, this was just after St cuthbert, lindesfarne chronicles, (holy island) etc.
      So much history at holy island
      I went about a month ago and walked over the sands, same as the monks did all those centuries ago.
      So many don’t know or forget about our rich history.. Most of it is not taught in schools anymore, so our children become ignorant of their heritage.
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

  4. councils here do crazy things. house next to mine had been done up very nicely. new kitchen , floors. when they moved all was ripped out and put back to ”original” , a lot less quality, several weeks of work for no reason, the workmen thought it was insane . meanwhile people who need help with repairs don’t get it. in another estate all the bad cracks in the houses were simply painted over, what’s more, during days of rain in the winter, paint run of as they were working. insane.

  5. Years ago, I read about the project called “new Jerusalem”. The project was to create a new state for the Jewish people located in the eastern Ukrainian. Do some research Hugo, it’s really interesting. Poland so far has taken nearly 3 millions refugees and have given them more benefits then the Poles have. I don’t want play anti Semitic card but polish PM has a Jewish roots, as same as Boris Johnson and Zelensky.
    Wouldn’t surprised me if all of this is related to this project.

    • I don’t see how noticing patterns would be bad… and since all current events seem to align with the jewish end times predictions I would pursue this further. Educating oneself has never led anyone to hate on any specific group… but how very convenient that the public was somehow lead to believe otherwise.

  6. Who exactly within the Irish cabal puppet mafia [aka ‘government’] is currently using their allotted brain cell?

    • Oh they all are, they’re chancers, gombeens, liars and traitors but they’re far from stupid! No, they do not have the excuse of being stupid at all, they are career politicians, in it for themsleves not the Irish people, doing the bidding of their overlords, the globalist super-rich in the likes of the WEF and UN, and getting hefty wedges and other perks for doing so!
      They’re snakes, crooks and criminals! Traitors!

  7. Watch for the coming food shortage migrants.
    Are all these Ukrainians really fleeing for their lives ? And why not go to the west of Ukraine ? And whose gonna help us when we are in trouble, which country will give us free living ?

  8. I know this is not exactly the same thing. But here in Yorkshire the UK government have plans to house thousands of asylum seekers in an old RAF base in what is being dubbed as `Guantanamo on Ouse`. Here is a news article about it from the Guardian:

    As for the Ukranians in Ireland. Forget the houses and the village. Just give them all bouncy castles. A lot cheaper and they can have a lot of fun at the same time.

  9. One of my mates at school had Ukrainian parents and they were very nice people, very quiet and welcoming to me and all her friends when we went round. Her mother and mine regularly had a chat after Mass. My friend was very intelligent and much more studious and well-behaved than me, lol! She went on to become a solicitor which, considering her parents were working-class like mine, and not only had grown up very poor like my parents, but had also had been prisoners of war of the Nazis, who were rescued by the Allies and brought to England, I think is even more of an achievement!
    However, before anyone thinks I’m all for the mass importation of Ukrainians to Ireland, or anywhere else, I certainly am not! Quite the opposite! Not only do we have 1000s of homeless Irish people, many of whom are children, that successive Irish governments have done absolutely nothing for, I have heard something that deeply concerns me about modern-day Ukrainians! This comes from other Slavic immigrants to Ireland who not only do not want Ukrainians in their own nations, but do not want them here in Ireland either! This is because they say they are not like other Slavs, but, using Irish vernacular are “tapped” i.e. mad! The other word they used the most to describe them is “savages”!!! So, not only do we face our infrastructure being overwhelmed, to the detriment of Irish people, but we face our relatively safe nation being turned into the Wild West if what these other Slavs are saying is the truth!
    Furthermore, there is a lot of video evidence that many of these “Ukrainian” “refugees” do not look remotely European! A fair few are obviously of Asian, Middle Eastern and sub-Sharan African origin. They are unvetted and not screened for communicable diseases- I don’t mean Covid but genuinely dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis! We do not know if they have criminal records or not because they are not vetted, so we can be sure that some of them at least, WILL have criminal convictions, including for violent and sexual offences, especially as many of the non-European looking ones are men, and not old men either but of a fighting age! I have seen a lot of new foreign faces around my local area in the past few weeks but NONE of them looked like my friend or her parents in terms of race nor ethnicity and they have nearly all been younger men!
    I am sick to death of this now and have nothing but contempt and disgust for the career politicians who have gone out of their way to destroy Ireland and to betray not only her people, their fellow Irish, but to betray the founders of the Irish Republic! The men and women who sacrificed, fought and died for the freedom of the Irish people and our right to have a homeland of our own, run by us, for us and for all our descendants! They are guilty of High Treason IMO and I only hope and pray that soon they will face justice! May God rebuke and chastise them! God save Ireland!

    • Totally agree. And the founders of our Republic did fight and made great sacrifices for us all. But what are we doing now? Actually we are doing nothing. We are letting this false government do what it pleases without even a protest. What they do has to be for the common good and what they are proposing is not for the common good. It’s for the good of people who are not Irish. We really don’t know our rights under our Constitution but we sure as blazes should learn them. The government will stay going until we stop them

  10. Crazy how people from some of the biggest countries in the world with more living space is flooding in to the smallest countries in the world with the smallest spaces.

  11. Hugo , how many have come from Ukraine? here on the Thames we get a roll on roll off ferry coming to and thro from Dover quiet often. I’ll let you decide .🤣

  12. Detached houses!! Temporary!!!
    Sounds like they are exploiting the planning system to develop housing in the countryside as an investment. I would be interested to know who owns the land and who is the developer/investor!!!

    • Even the BBC says an average of 30,000 Ukranians A DAY are now coming back to Ukraine. So why european countries insist to host these people when many of them feel that Ukraine is now safe enough to come back?

  13. Let all the crap in and give them houses and benefits…
    Anyway the WEF wanted immigration spread about a few years back…
    They got there wish under a false flag war…
    They have much more nasty surprises for the brainwashed later on

  14. I am Slav, living in Ireland 22 years, love this country and their people. Irish government destroying this country slowly but surely. Wait and see when western Ukrainians, Nazi lowers come over here it will be some fun for Irish people. I am not saying that all Ukrainians are bad, but those bastards are savages and ruthless. Ireland is for a shock. Well when that happened and they come over here I am not going to fight in another war, Irish government bring this up on them self’s and to a Irish people. So my advise for Irish is, do your research about those particular Slavs and then when you find out the truth. STOP this before they ruin your and now mine country. God bless Ireland and all freedom loving people.

  15. Time for locals to pick up their pitchforks. Government is unable to house native irish, but they can magic up BUILDING new housing for immigrants who could move to the west of their country where nothing’s happening?. Ukraine could maybe even consider spending some of the BILLIONS being sent to it to build something on their own territory? Mad idea, I know.

  16. They have just lost the plot when it’s ready all the Irish homeless should run in and take there pick

  17. Hip Hip Hussar! The Irish cheered, from behind the razor wire fence, dishevelled, starving, unwashed and diseased, they waved their blue and yellow flags with vigour at the passing Ukranians eating burgers and steaks in their free new clothes, driving their free new cars, to their free new homes. “Slava Ukraini” the Irish cried, with tears of pride and joy in their eyes, while the Ukranians stopped, and pointed, and laughed at them.

  18. Don’t let them do it. The downfall of sovereignty… its part of the global population control agenda.

  19. Amazing wonderful Fantastic…. WHERE ARE THE NEW HOMES FOR ALL THE HOMELESS IN IRELAND????? Ahh they don’t get Government funding for these poor guys!

  20. Butlins Money was closed as a holiday camp in 2000 and used as a camp for asylum seekers

  21. Mosney is a direct provision center in Meath , set up for temporary use, still here some 15 years later, i am a local in laytown , think this a crazy idea, enough is enough, no facilities here as it it. Schools at capacity as is doctors , no real facilities here. Poorly thought out, the Irish government have lost the run of themselves, to be the best boys in Europe

  22. 33 sq metre detached house is tiny! Sound like those cabins they were using for quarantine camps in Australia, all lined up, feeling just like a prison camp. Nobody is going to want to live there, refugee or not.

    • They will own nothing but they will be happy!!! I saw an advert last year where the kitchen slides away to form space for a bedroom with a pull out bed.
      Why detached houses? Doesn’t make sense either.

  23. Since the Catholic Church in Ireland has been immobilized this is another island owned and controlled by Rothschild. The popato famine in 19th century was on purpose because there was huge need of cheap labour in United States at the time so Mr Moneybags made Irish flee their country in large numbers.

  24. Haven’t had anything from you on my emails Hugo for ages even though I’ve subscribed! Mosney was a holiday camp in Co Dublin back in the day,I was there with my family when I was a kid. The Syrian refugees where moved in there and were there for some time. Ofcourse ,like the Ukrainian refugees they came from many different countries! I come from the north of Ireland just on the border but pat close attention to what’s going on in Ireland and it’s getting very bad there. The Irish Government are all Globalists and hate the Irish people. Many of the ‘Joe Normies’ listen to nothing but R.T.E. news who are similar to the B.B.C., just another propaganda machine. But you only have to look up R.I.P. .ie to see how many young or middle aged people who are dying unexpectedly or suddenly in their homes or on holiday. If you want a good news source about Ireland,check out Free Press .ie,Philip Dwyer citizen journalist, Dave Cullen or Grand Torino.

  25. Ukraine is not getting any money at all. Those “billions” are all funneled to NGOs and the MIC in the US and UK.
    Saw a report where it said that Ukraine has now a huge war debt and is basically bankrupt, especially since the export of agricultural has stopped.
    It’s their usual playbook: Start a war and steal money from all parties involved.

  26. And their own nationals are on the streets homeless!!!! Makes no sense. Seems the way to get accommodation is to do a round trip to Ukraine and come back as a refugee!! I’m not saying we shouldn’t help but please, look after our own first.

  27. And of course 569 is 911 i.e. 5+6 = 11 then put the 9 beside it. 33 and 911 – it doesn’t get much more masonic than that!! Look up Jordan Maxwell for a good education on Freemasonry it’s symbols Anh how long it’s being going on for – it’s everywhere

  28. This is like the U.S. they take care of everyone but their own. We have a homeless crisis, Veteran crisis but the ones who were born and raised in the U.S., defended the U.S. on senseless wars get nothing.

  29. The demonic and mass-murdering creatures behind this Great Reset have a different strategy for different locales around the world but they all have death and destruction, destitution and servitude in common. Our only chance is mass noncompliance, and I don’t see it happening until it’s too late.

    So, we are in effect responsible for our own demise, for ushering in our world’s end. I hear it all the time and it bothers me every time when people say we live in existing times. If truth be told it’d be more far more realistic to say we live in dreadful times! How we supposed to wake people up by marveling over how exciting these times we live?

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