2200 Celebrities And Politicians Got FAKE JAB #Saline #Spain / Hugo Talks


Link To Story – https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/05/24/2200-prominent-spanish-personalties-investigated-for-false-covid-19-vaccination/

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  1. The root cause of the inflation we’re suffering from is the government’s reaction to COVID. The lockdown crushed aggregate supply; thousands of firms were forced to shut their doors, and many of these firms went out of business, which permanently reduced the productive capacity of the economy. That on its own would have caused inflation. However, to add fuel to the fire, the government also asked the Bank of England to print hundreds of billions of pounds to finance insane ‘help’ schemes, such as furlough. All this money was spent, which added to aggregate demand. Result? You’ve guessed it: inflation, and lots of it! This latest round of help will also be financed by money printing, which will cause an even more dramatic rise in inflation. You don’t solve a supply-side crisis by printing money. The cost of lockdown crisis will eventually lead to a currency crisis, quickly followed by an economic & then a societal collapse. Martin Lewis is part of the problem. He works for people who want Central Bank Digital Currencies to come in after sterling has been hyperinflated into oblivion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ2l-sJU6Bk&t=68s

    • Once again – we were called conspiracy nutters for suggesting famous people and politicians were getting harmless saline shots on camera (or just quietly skipping their own “vaccination”). Yet here we are…the truth will out in the end.

      Luke 8:17

    • Succinctly stated and not to mention the central banks of the world are just driving their nation state clients into hopeless bankruptcy if there was any chance of recovery before this contrived and mass-murdering medical disaster. It’s absolutely sinister and the people who are still in denial and/or compliance to this agenda are absolutely stupid or cowardly for continuing to go along.

      • I’m with you, Charlie. I used to prey for comets to excoriate the surface of the Ea-rth and lock those in deep underground bases to drown. But now I’m fully down with Dante’s notion that Ea-rth IS Hell (as above so below) therefore I’m quite content to let the scurrying little animals stay here for eternity. As to the comment that you replied to: Ben Benake said that inflation was totally artificial and that it could be eliminated within a half an hour with the stroke of a pen. Aristotle said that Money was Time and Value invariant, which means that gold and silver have NEVER been money. FRNs are merely spell-casting sigils. Massachusetts Bay Script was probably the only thing that qualified as money but now that’s gone so it is no longer money. Other highlights of the previous comment are that the governments didn’t REACT to the Wuhan We Upon – THEY CREATED IT AND THE A.I. SCRIPTED THE DIALECTICAL RESPONSE TO IT. Thousands of firms would have never had to shut their doors if they realized ONE THING: they could have simply taken over and continued business as usual, pushing out anyone who opposed them, but then they would have to face Millie Tarry reprisal for going off script from the Swarm. Many people committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the financial planned collapse (which in itself is murder) so this has been an act of war from the beginning so I can’t see why the cowards won’t fight. Oh, yeah… they’ve been bred to be cowards for at least 5000 years. Cheers.

  2. Hardly news, Hugo. Anyone with even half a brain knows that NO so called celebrity or politician or any of the other scum have been anywhere near the actual poison shots

    • But if your brainwashed and that gullible and been sucked in by media lies then your believe any rubbish thrown out you

    • Yes. But Hugo needs proof before he can say anything … otherwise he’d just be labelled a nutter. It was the unspoken golden rule at the beginning of all this to research everything before sharing. He’s protecting his credibility

  3. …although, personally, I feel the first sentence is out of place. It wasn’t a “reaction” to ‘covid-19’; it was the plan all along, before we’d even heard the term.

  4. The biggest question shouldn’t be who took the bribe …. but rather WHO PAID IT !

  5. They did all this with that first jab….
    Pretending on live tv to have them…
    They just taken the piss out of people and people have fallen for it…
    Scum all of them but idiots people for believing and trusting them

  6. It’s well known there are three batches of the jab, batch ‘1’ being the saline which I would imagine all high profile people have taken.

  7. Hugo , All my notifications from you are now going to my junk mail box , just letting you know , keep up the great work

  8. I’m just surprised they had to pay. I would have thought, if they had been been in on it all (which I’m sure they are) they’d be the ones being paid?????

  9. If you believe that “ The root cause of the inflation we’re suffering from is the government’s reaction to COVID” then respectfully you haven’t done your homework. The root cause is the Central Banks deliberate intention to collapse the economy for a new digital system and members of UK and other governments are mere puppets. There is no incompetence here. This and the rest of the shenanigans, has been in the planning for decades.

    • Correct!
      Cabalist Jewish bankers ( the rothschilds) own the government’s of the west their stronghold is the (city of London) they have various mansions in England.
      The politicians are mere masonic puppets.. Doing the bidding of their satanic master.
      They will destroy every vestige of Christian civilization. With the help of gentile freemason traitors, they are engaged in the (Great replacement) white genocide.
      We are being replaced by young immigrant males to be used against us..
      They are destroying the cultural heritage of the west with “critical race theory”
      People of European stock are not allowed their own homeland…
      But everyone else is!
      We are racists and white supremacists, they engineered two world wars so white christians killed each other. For what? To deplete the white race and weaken christendom..
      Anyone believing in Family, Race, Christianity, Nation and individual freedom is a “right wing extremist”

      Cabalist Jews and masons create a false reality through the mass media, which they own! To suit their agenda and perversions.
      It’s their black magic!
      “God and truth have been thrown to the ground”
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

      • Most of the so called “royals” of the West are also “Jewish”. Just look at the images of young Lizzy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-61585182
        I’m sure they are laughing their asses off when the British people celebrate her “jubilee”!

      • Thanks for the Jew Ba’al Lee. I’m sensitive to esoteric meanings of words but that one slipped by me. Lizzy The Lizard is a Black Guelf (Black Wolf) that people attribute to the Black Nobility without ever knowing what these factions within the Family mean.

      • Many i spoken to never heard of the rothschilds or rockefellers or WEF…
        Its like the blind leading the blind…
        They just follow the media and news and dont look past it…

  10. 2200?
    Why not 1100 or 3300?
    More mind games?
    A public admission the elites don’t get jabbed to mock us, because they know most people won’t get it?

  11. This is also part of their plot to legitimize QUANTUM TATTOO or traceable vaccine adjuvants.
    They knew some people will do just that and it will become a scandal and then they will come into the scene with an obligation to address this issue.
    We’re the cattle to be marked… or as Orwell states: a boot stamping on the human face.

  12. Just to cause a public reaction that there must be a way for authorities to check vax status…like a microchip for instance? Problem reaction solution

  13. Look at the date and time of the article 24 may 2022 15.11- 666 also 15.11 is 3.11 =33

  14. Rubbing salt in the wounds for the Narrative Followers in my opinion to cause outrage and Division in society.

  15. Well said Teresa, at long last people are waking up. This has been talked about by my father who had political run ins with the left wing socialists from the London school of economics and you would not believe what there long term goals are.

    They ultimately intend to reduce the population by billions, hence they want to Trans your child by woke communist indoctrination in schools. The idea is to chemically castrate your son’s by the age of eleven leaving them unable to breed and to sterilize your daughters at eleven to twelve years so they can’t breed.

    The left are evil and they are busy now in schools indoctrinating your children.

  16. They all need to go to prison for this the truth is finally coming out and I hope the all house of cards comes crashing down on them

    • I wanna give ‘em a medal for refusing this shit vaccine the trials of which don’t end till 2023

  17. Strange, our politicians of all Party’s who banged on about how dangerous Charlie Wuh was didn’t believe a word of it and from this it would appear that none of these believed the fear porn either.
    Great that the head of Parma Mar was caught out. There’s more to that than meets the eye!

  18. Haha, well the only thing that surprised me is how quickly this was exposed. 🤡🌏

  19. I’m not at all surprised that this is the case with ‘celebrities,’ who knowingly were given a saline solution.I also think huge swathes of the population received a placebo jab, didn’t realise this and of course that created a false sense of security to encourage others to take it. We may never know the extent of this.
    I too rarely receive emails from Hugo Talks not even in my junk file. This was the first email I’d seen in quite a while.

    • The first lot of jabs was placebo’s up to a point to encourage uptake…
      Them “boosters” and second jabs was the proper shit jobs and many have suffered from them…
      The more people say no which they are now the more there stupid little experimental is going wrong…
      Nobody has died of covid 19 anyway only through a swab that dont do the job is was they say supposed to do and a swab that is stuck on top of every known natural cause of death…

  20. When a billabong gets low in water then the big crocodiles will eat the little crocodiles. I think that everyone is missing the possibility that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS IN THE ‘REAL’ SHOTS, THEREFORE NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WAS IN THE ‘FAKE’ SHOTS. If you didn’t make it yourself you have no idea what is in ANYTHING. So the claim that it was ‘just saline’ means nothing. Tigers eat their young. Reptiles eat their own. The Controllers are ruthless killers.

  21. I understand them, I would do the same. And I guess they don’t necessary advertised for vaxx.

  22. Counting down till the “Boris had the fake jab” stories start to appear

    • He had a sore throat and runny nose like hancock and tested positive back in 2020…:
      They made a huge deal out of it yet there was no footage of him in hospital and he never had no covid 19 rubbish as the test dont diagnose that…
      It was a publicity stunt…

      • One doctor was quoted saying if he has covid then I’m not a doctor

  23. Deception….i mean why would they want a experimental jab thats not had any longtime safety data behind it or was never tested on any virus…
    Also them jabs never got passed phase 2 in clinical trials…
    And why would anybody need to blackmail and coerce others to have something in the first place?…surely people should of thought why would they so that?..🤔
    There uptake with this crap is pretty low and many now dont want them jabs but the damage may have been done already…

  24. I have a question. The Great Reset is digital curruncy. Should we protect ourselves with cash dollars?

  25. An article about this was shared in a parents’ group I’m in here in Spain but with not that much more detail than you’ve provided in your video Hugo. Apparently one article in a mainstream rag did quickly disappear though after it was published, so while there may be a load of B-list individuals involved in this, the fact that a Big Pharma fish was top of that list I’m guessing is a thorny issue to the powers that be.

  26. i’ve been getting youtube notifications but not so much for the site

  27. My notifications started going into my Spam about two months ago. I had to change the settings so I could recieve them back into my inbox.

  28. We know that!!! They’ve been playing us all this time. Con Artists the lot of them!!!

  29. This is just so there won’t be 33 comments. #34

  30. I seem to have suddenly stopped getting notification emails.

  31. Notification still some through for me. Drs charging for fake passes was a thing where I am in Asia.

  32. Advert / Item /article – Posted at 15:11 = 3:11pm = 3X11 = 33…..hmmm.

  33. Mornin, does anybody have any more ” conspiracies or other”, bc I keep running out. The so called “conspiracies” are being proven out. Just sayin.

  34. Hey Hugo, quick one to say that fortunately, I’m still getting notifications for all of your posts. And long may it bloody last!

    • I often wonder if Eric Clapton was pissed off with the government because of what they’re doing. Or , pissed off with the government because he ‘didn’t get the email’?

  35. Hugo. I know loads of people here in the uk that done the same thing.

  36. Have a suspicious feeling that this is going on in every nation, this lot just got caught!

    • Never forget footage of hancock ripping off his face diaper when going into number 10 downing street in distain….
      They have just screwed people over and dont give a toss basically…
      They are worried i believe about annarchy and that will happen when hopefully the truth gets out one day

  37. More folk need to see this in order to feel that bad and stop having that shit putting in them that will make them ill longterm…
    Still today people are wearing face nappys in cars etc…
    Read yesterday a young guy who was due to get married died after having the astrazenica jab…
    It only takes 25-30 severe reactions to suspend a jab anyway…
    Plus the adverse reactions are coinsidentaly exactly the same physically wise as this “monkey pox” reactions…
    Probably another cover up with some mythical new illness they put out to get more people stuck with shit…
    There was never any scientific proof of that covid 19 virus being tested in the first place…
    Everybody is just a test target to get back on the digital ID apps

  38. Who should be arrested is the criminals who orchestrated the fake pandemic, not the ones who tried to avoid taking an insufficiently tested injection that has maimed and killed untold numbers of people.

    • I agree only partially with Ioan. The “big guys” should be sent to prison for fraud, especially if they pushed for the killer “vaccine” in public appearances, calling for people to get the jab. It’s very likely that many of the 2200 did so. Only common people, who did that in order to avoid being fired (got it “at the sink”, as we say in Romania), should be spared. Or maybe prosecutors and judges should settle with those VIPs to reduce their sentences or even set them free, but only if they tell us all: why did they do it, why risk going to jail by doing that, what did they know, who told them not to get the shot? They must have had a reason, right? Of course, we know what it was, but let them tell it publicly. That would be interesting. For example, let the big guy from PharmaMar (PhD in Biochemistry) explain it to us…

  39. As punishment they should force them to get a real vaccine 🤣

  40. Iv said from the VERY BEGINNING they weren’t getting them… GLOBAL. The mantra is kill the mugs, the fools, the excess population.

  41. I’m sure there is a lot more politicians who received saline water…just think of J. Trudeau…it was said that there was lots specialy for politicians and it was not the real jab inside it was salut and water…

  42. There is no suggestion that these peope had a placebo or saline injection. They are people who paid for a fake vaccine passport, which is something of a different issue

    • I live in Spain and there was never any vaccine mandate here. There was a time when for about 3 months we would not enter bars or restuarants etc if unjabbed unless we had a negative test result. nobody had to get vaxxed and nobody had to get tested. I saved a fortune nt eating and drinking out for 3 months

      • i fly to Madrid from Dublin in July. i have no intentions of getting pcr
        what do you think will happen to me? gracias

  43. None of us here are surprised!are we?Hugo I haven’t had any notifications,for weeks ! 🥺👍

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