Ukraine = Gene Edited Crops / Hugo Talks

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  1. Yes going to c if my gardener can plant me some

  2. Chemtrails everywhere. Seems like they are flying out of RAF Waddington in Lincs. Spyed some strange looking planes with spray tanks attached to there wings when I was driving past on Saturday.

  3. Remember when growing veg, we need the sun and water. Sun is being blocked on a daily and water?? well the rubbish they put into it. Im growing under a veranda and so far have enjoyed salads for weeks. I have a water filtration system as well.

  4. Saw more flags today….
    And dickheads having 4th jabs…
    Well done morons for believing everything you been told last 3 years👏🏻…
    I have no sympathy for you

  5. I agree with you Hugo nevertheless growing our own food is not an option…it is a full time job as I been growing up on a farm and to provide for a year worth food you need lots of land and the sun and no chemtrails really…I am growing what I can on my window seal…which is just a hobby as it cannot provide me with lots of food , obviously..

  6. got my own veg growing but bloody BG Chem trails stopping me from tending to them 🙁

  7. There is NO CLIMATE CHANGE. It is all part of the left wing socialist puppet show. The more you frighten kids the more they actually sadly believe it. They have been spewing sh-t about global warming for years but it is all lies and propaganda to further brainwash your kids. There have been throughout history natural periods of this earth warming up and cooling down. It is natural and called weather.

    Many farmers are being told not to dredge rivers and waterways and have been told this for some years now. The people who told them not to do it were from yes… have guessed it…The Environment Agency. The farmers said if they do not dredge the waterways and rivers then they will flood as silt and sediment will block the flow of the water and we’ll look what has happened…..all these floods and it’s all global warming…..and as for all these fires raging across the globe who actually thinks they are a ‘natural’ event. ???

    Seriously they are all man made started to hype up the global warming bollocks and to scare people.

    Wake up sheeples.

    • Let’s just say who is behind the chaos and death in the world. It is the Ashkenazi Jews. Their agenda is death to all gentiles. This is exactly what their Talmud rabbis teach. They are the money puppet masters.

  8. There is so much natural vitamin d in dandelion flowers that we are encouraged on TV adverts by big corporations to kill them with cancer-causing glyphosohates like Round Up… And have They never tasted the difference between tomatoes grown at home against mass produced shop bought ones.
    Next they’ll poison any natural growing edibles (from nettles to apples), which will also destroy the environment and all the natural life that eats them. Let a giant genetically modified mosquito suck out what passes for Bill Gates’ brain!!!

  9. We’d be able to get Vitamin D from the sun if it wasn’t being blocked out by chemical clouds EVERYDAY!

  10. Grow whatever you can indoors or out. Grow in pots if you have no garden and buy organic heritage seeds not F1 varieties so you can save some seed for next year. If you are plagued with chemtrails grow under cover or under cloches which will provide some protection. Start your own water filtration system, how ever small. Anyone can grow cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and roots like carrots, baby beats, radish, spring onion etc… all helps. Or like Hugo says, start growing as a community and sharing produce. 👍

  11. Thanks as always Hugo and briefly on a side note – you mentioned Monkeypox at the start. I need more intel but early reports wouldn’t surprise me if they turn out to be true…that Monkeypox is merely Shingles re-branded; Shingles being one of countless reactions to the Frankenjab!

  12. And this is why we have started growing our own food, Don’t mess with nature as nature always wins

  13. Hi

    I don’t live far from a busy airport it’s becoming a nightmare !!
    military also use it.
    Private jets all over place?
    Flipping Nora I thought we were in serious trouble with fuel cost s… O no
    Not up there! It’s ridiculous!
    I can’t afford to run a car let alone fly little plans around all day!
    It’s annoying as well as they go back and forth?!

    So same here
    Anything I am trying to grow outside is just not having it!
    It’s sad.

    So some good helpful tips in comments above
    Nice one

    Thank you Hugo as always
    Have great day All

  14. Fluoride to poison everyone, for a minority with poor oral hygiene.
    GM Tomatoes to poison everyone, for a minority of people who are not meant to exist at northern latitudes….

  15. They want to have total and complete control over all the basic necessities of life including food – what we eat, when we eat it, how we eat it, when we can obtain it, how much of it we can obtain, and if we get to obtain any of it at all, with their toxic genetically modified plants and seeds that do not germinate, and lab grown fake frankenmeat that only they can “grow”, both of which will have little to no value in terms of providing natural essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, amino-acids, and fatty-acids, just as they want to control how we obtain electricity, when we can obtian it, how much of it we can obtain, and if we get to obtain any of it at all, with their “smart” meters, and just as they want to control our ability to buy – how we can buy, what we can buy, when we can buy, how much we can buy, and if we get to buy anything at all, with their “smart” digital currencies; all of course, being dependent on our level of complience and obience otherwise known in China as the “smart” digital social credit scoring system.
    This is why they are artficially manufacturing all of the food shortages around the world at this particular moment in time with the stockpiling of food on containier ships or in warhouses rather than distributing them at supermarkets and shops, dumping them, burning down food manufacturing factories, banning people from growing their own food in their own backyards as Dictator Dan Andrews has done in the state of Victoria, Australia, and disrupting the world supply of wheat by manufacturing the war in Ukraine.

    • Hi cosmic

      Really enjoyed the comment
      You make some valuable points indeed.

      Have great day now

  16. they been spraying the skies for years to kill us off , and manipulating the weather as always , and blame it on climate change?? yeah right !!! and that monkeypox nonsense should be named bill gates money pox

    • 100% the first part your comment
      I have believed that myself for many years to.
      Monkey part correct again
      What a ‘F,in’ farce!

      We all come on here and comment
      but when we off here the reality of seeing and knowing many around us people are still prepared to believe & go with it all again is hard flipping work!

      This week I have had spend a silly amount of time on and off the phone and
      9out the 10 I spoke with have already started the 4 day a week they told me.
      They are working from home.
      Most only go to their main office that was the workplace Monday to Friday is now
      do so
      for an important staff meeting or maybe see a client, but that apparently is rare as most interlinked business work with zoom to each other
      Meter verse Big time isn’t really
      and it has started with many people.

      The government’s have no intention of slowing down
      The agenda is set to them.

      For me
      It’s how ‘we’ now cope that counts
      The weather has got a lot worse the last- coming on 2 half years
      We on here know it’s not climate change
      The earth does its own thing but people manipulating it is making people believe it’s climate

      The agenda does not include us
      whom fully understand the BS we have been fed for years and years
      Some have only experienced this since this started but thank goodness they are thinking more now and realising this is feckin serious

      We need to help each other
      As lol on one Hugo s other day about growing stuff
      People put some useful tips
      That’s good
      We need more of that on here
      Helping one another out with advice etc

      Our agenda is survival now
      Let’s work together and always be ready for anything

      Have great evening All

  17. 6 millions Ukrainians out and 6 million Joos in. I think the AshkeNazi fake Joos but still Pharisee want to kick start another Promised Land most likely with a capital in Dnipro or Odessa.

  18. Agree.
    It could be they want to repeat what is in US with Monsanto where you cannot have your own seeds and pay Monsanto each time.
    I reckon they want to achieve something similar in US – complete food production enslavement OR the bastards will want to tax our gardens.

    • Lol
      They tax Everything Else as it is!

      We mean nothing to the rich… Only lining the pockets of them.

      It’s very sad
      The people who did fight for our freedom & making the elite even richer years ago
      Are now dead…
      bless their souls.

  19. No wonder God will pour out his wrath on the earth

  20. How many ways can they destroy our world?
    Let me count the ways.

    • Morning Charlie

      Still counting..It be long count !

      It’s a shame isn’t it ,
      What a beautiful planet to want to destroy

      Have great Charlie

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