They Have STOLEN Your FACE #Witchcraft / Hugo Talks

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  1. Look, after this last primary pre-election. It has become crystal clear.
    Trump is a loyal opposition pokitician. They needed such as people were clamoring for rights. “Give me my right, you government “. – Aaahahaha…aaahahahahahahaaaaa !

    • All these ‘different’ AI machine learning, data collecting companies are located in silicon valley, mostly underground, according to the guy from San Francisco truth on bitchute.

  2. MAGA from Magus = Simon Magus, a founder of the Roman Catholic Church, who wanted to BUY The Holy Spirit from Messenger Peter, and then sell it to all his religious punters = Roman Catholic indulgences.

    • Stretch . It says Simon the sorcerer. Not magus not Simon magus. Even so magus is not maga.
      We must mind our p’s and q’s. People are looking for a reason to reject any message that contradicts the standard narrative .

      • Rick…Trump has spoken about his Kabbala teacher. His daughter and son-in-law are openly not Christian…and have been seen wearing red Kabbala braids on their wrists.

        It was Trump who moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  3. I’ve looked through my Latin books, no maga. Only magic. Beware of false information.
    Maga is not latin. MAGIC is latin.

  4. It all fits but to explain this to the Zombified would be impossible for sure 🙂

  5. Thanks for revealing all of this Hugo. Julian Assange was the first to warn everybody about this spying way back before he even entered the embassy. He warned you all to “Delete your Facebook accounts, delete your Google & Yahoo accounts.. You’re just doing all of the work for them.” And I wonder how many people with smartphones stick tape over their little spy cameras & microphones & sensors? Probably not many. These people can check on you whenever they want, watch & analyse & record your face, eye movement, etc every time you’re gazing in to that black mirror, and at the same time see exactly what you’re looking at or reading or typing

    • I’ve had bluetack on mine since they invented laptops with cameras. I also move them well away when I’m having a serious conversation.

      • Good for you Henry, people should be following this example.. remembering that these 24/7 cyber-freaks can access your phone or computer while it’s apparently turned off

  6. I suppose that if you were drunk when the photo was taken you would be safely off your face.

  7. Whilst I agree that this is more big brother stuff and all leads back to the same people please stop referring to witchcraft and devil worship as being one in the same – witches were (and are) healers, teachers, midwives, wise women etc and only became known or seen as evil or bad in any sense ro enforce the patriarchal Christian system and also the devil is a Christian concept and has no connection with true Paganism or witchcraft

  8. A portrait of Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron Despencer (Hellfire Club and distant relative of the queen mother) painted by William Hogarth in the late 1750s – parodying St Francis of Assisi. The bible has been replaced by a copy of the erotic novel, ‘Elegantiae Latini Sermonis’, and the halo contains the image of his friend, Lord Sandwich.

    You can see that here is also a black mirror depicted…and he was accused of scrying – among other things.

    It’s interesting to note that the current incumbent of the throne in the Vatican decided to call himself Francis – allegedly after St Francis of Assisi…but, in which depiction?

    • @kerenibus

      Jorge Mario Bergoglio knows exactly who he is. He is the False Prophet spoken of in the Bible.

      Revelation 19:20

      20 But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur

      He chose the name Francis and made specific reference to St Francis of Assisi knowing that people would look to him. And what do we find ? St Francis gave a prophecy about end times;

      “A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer”

  9. Palantir is a big pile of dog shite. It’s stocks have been hammered because they can’t make any money. It’s a big red herring. It doesn’t work.

  10. John Dee, the alchemist and occultist, used scrying (among other things like sex magick) to conjure. He was the original 007 – ‘for your eyes only’ – to Elizabeth I. That’s where Fleming got it from.

    He was a spy and a prototype for British Intelligence. I believe that he was also an early advocate of British Empire building.

    Aleister Crowley, another alchemist and occultist (in the same tradition) was also a British Intelligence spy…and did the same things…

    Hand washing, mask-wearing and hypnotic states are all ritualistic.

    We went on holiday once, to an island off the coast of Africa. The owner of the resort had been a costume designer on the movie, ‘The Dark Crystal’, directed by Jim Henson, whom she had gone on to marry…and divorce.

    Anyway, the interesting thing is that the islanders did not allow anyone to take their photos…as they believed that it would be stealing their souls.

    • That’s exactly what the old Indian tribes believed. Some people have never felt comfortable having their photograph taken, and yet the young of today have learnt to take multiple photos of their faces & bodies every day, much to the joy of the data collectors.

      • I know, Jordan. My daughter has been the bane of many family jokes (pre-covid) regarding her posing in front of her phone.

        Now…the jokes are prisonable offences (in Scotland) – and my grandchildren are, maybe, lost.

  11. Benjamin Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club. In the 1990s the bones of more than a dozen bodies (dated to his day) were found buried under the house he rented in London.

    Washington DC is a giant masonic tracing-board.

    The American, ‘Declaration of Independence’, bears uncanny similarities to, ‘The Declaration of Arbroath’, or the Scottish declaration of independence…which was facilitated by Knights Templars – on St John’s Day! Just another coincidence, no doubt.

    This is what the, ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man’ (after the French Revolution) looks like…

    Notice the same, ‘Eye in the Sky’, that can be found on the US dollar?

    • @kerenibus 1) The Americans NEVER won their independence. 2) Both sides in the War of Independence fought for King George III – one side in ignorance. 3) Benjamin Franklin, like George Washington the Tax Farmer, was a Freemason, as were most of the so-called ‘Founding Fathers’. 3) Franklin remained loyal to King George III for all of his life. 4) ALL AMERICAN Attorneys today are BAR members of the Middle Temple in the City of London = Rothschild serfs and errand boys!

  12. Putting the Y in UK for the person who stole Chris whitty’s face YUK

  13. They have all our “fingerprints” as well.
    Thanks god, that i change mine 3 years ago to a Dumbphone.

    • fantastic research with joining some more dots Hugo….Thank you for all your good work

  14. Amazing Timing Hugo – MrE just reposted his video on Peter Thiel
    Looks like Satan’s here.

    • MrE as in MrE3000? Is he back? Where can I find him?

  15. HUGO, you got a very strong platform of followers. Please, let spread a Protest against this “international pandemic Treaty” like the ONES millions and I participated against covid19 lockdown? We have to make SURE those Scumbags in the parliament and The clown Boris think twice before putting our freedom of choice before the interest of WHO and WEF leaders. Let’s spread the word ASAP. Our kids future and ours depending on us.

    The truth has been always There. The sheep was and still being coerced. More vaccinated end up in hospital than UNVAXXED. The agenda is to be controlled by an entity not chosen by US including digital IDs, lockdown and compulsory Vaxx.


  16. Iphone now with face mask ID..😀…
    In the main people are getting pissed off with this digital crap…
    Nothing is simple and yet many like the older generation cant do the app stuff or digital payments…
    Cookies all over the page wherever you go and passwords for everything….
    People just want simple things and a simple life…
    Obviously thats clear that thats not going to happen again

  17. Iv never put mine or family faces on fb or other spy platforms. Never seen ‘dark mirror’. No desire to be drawn into watching demonic rooted 💩on TV.

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