How To Spot A Fakestream Media PSYOP / Hugo Talks

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  1. IMHO @hugotalks seems to have taken his eyes off the target and the sideline issues are keeping his/our focus ! if the discussion does not fit the narrative in all countries it is not relevant this is a global thing the discussion cannot be localised look at the big picture!

    • In my experience, things are being rolled out in slightly different order and at slightly different speeds…but the end results are the same.

  2. Always make me piss when that nob head tells us to shop at sainsbury m&s and tesco he’s just a walking talking advert he lives in a corporate world and is a corporate bitch! Never sat and listened to more than 5mins of the garbage mouth

  3. And by the way… very clever, you get people to send you ALL their gathered information via Email, which is passed directly to government and police. Then you are given a script to read to all your followers, and coralled like horses and sheep into whichever narrative you wish them to focus on.

  4. I have spent the whole month in my Veg plot and fenced it all off for when shit hits fan, kept the neighbours occupied 🙂

  5. The jabbed will not claim their pension. They would have passed on and all the while the government don’t pay out any state pension and take these extra payments. Genius

  6. No one will have a pension or a home before long, have you seen the DOW yesterday? Down over 1100 points, down again today. The Philly Fed published industrial output numbers today, went from something like 16.9 last month to 2.9 this month – they were predicting 16. Massive drop off in economic activity.

  7. How is he creating an upsurge when he is pointing out that is what they want you to do..therefore don’t be fooled by it! Either you are not very smart or you are a troll. You don’t have to watch you know.

  8. glad to see there is other awake people who understand what the hexagon (black cube worship) represents,where is that moron disso shill ‘the truth not doctrine’🤥🤥🤥?,probably still looking in the bottom of cornflake packets for a black cube,LMAO!

  9. Mbmb@ surprised your comment made it on here. I have a suspicion also but will come at it from another angle. HT pops out of nowhere 2020 with YT channel that is made visible by YT. Promoted shall we say. No history, no location or no image. Runs 5-6 channels, website, SM and creates videos…this can’t be a one man team. The amount of con-opp is staggering as the cabal has covered every corner of narrative. I say to all con-opp to understand that there is a greater power than the beast you serve.

  10. Seen enough lies and bullshit stories from the media for too many years….
    And now old footage from a so called war let alone crap about some fakedemic…
    People still get sucked in though…

  11. The Express & Star newspaper (“Thank God for Martin Lewis”) has been morally bankrupt for decades. Owned by the sinister Meier-Graham family which has close links to organised crime and the Windsor dynasty. This family of newspaper barons owns a string of propaganda outlets across Britain including the Channel Isles. Over 50 newspapers, glossy mags, advertising and marketing agencies, all in the Meier-Graham stable of “Midland News Association” (MNA). This is “Britain’s largest independent regional news company”, according to Wonkypedia.

    The Meier-Graham family claims to be “ordinarily resident” in Monte Carlo. Though, in practice, they live most of the year on their country estates in Britain, mainly around the West Midlands. Monte Carlo is however their spiritual home. Monaco is a well-known haunt for dodgy oligarchs. Often dubbed “a sunny place for shady people”. With a tax code and financial secrecy laws to attract organised criminals from across the world.

    The Graham newspaper family maintains an apartment on Monte Carlo’s Avenue Princess Grace. officially the most expensive street in the world. In reality, the luxury pad is just an empty dwelling used as a maildrop. Monaco’s personal tax rate, we can note, is a big fat zero. A very “tax efficient” place to correspond with HMRC.

    The Meier-Graham family were for many years in business with Julius Baer AG, the Swiss private bankers. Julius Baer was given the largest ever fine by US authorities for money laundering for the drug trade. Much of that illicit cash doubtless financing the Grahams and their fakestream media propaganda network.

    In 2018, UK tax authorities eventually caught up with the Grahams over their long-running tax scams, in an operation dubbed “Project Sussex”. The media barons were forced into paying back tens of millions GBP in unpaid taxes unlawfully evaded over many years.

    Why do these dodgy media barons love Martin Lewis? Maybe because Martin the-money-saving-expert helps with their tax returns???

  12. Yawn. The usual strawmen and side-issues. Classic disinformationalist tactics. Be off with you, boring distraction troll.

    The breaking point at which we plunge into rioting has long been a topic of research for the security services.

    Some ten years ago there was an article in The Times of London, official mouthpiece for HMG, on an study by MI5. A study to discover how many days we would go hungry before looting the supermarkets.

    Our controllers always need to know our stress factors. It’s a mainstay of the ‘Tavistock Method’; a blueprint of time-worn techniques of psychological warfare for social and political control:

    Create a panic through an engineered crisis; induce stress in the target population; the public scared witless and rational thought suspended, a collective psychosis induced among the masses. In times of crisis, the public turns invariably to government and authority figures. Pleading for protection from the manufactured bogeyman. The Authority duly rolls out its pre-prepared ‘solution’ which the non-thinking public adopts without question.

  13. The MSM is so awful and transparent that we often ignore the so-called alternative media that is now filling the vacuum with its own psyop promoters. Hugo did an excellent take on some of them — especially the anti-job doctors associated with New Age. Discernment is the key.

    • Do please practise what you preach, dear “Mbmb”! No more monikers, a halt to all these nom-de-plumes. Time for you to Walk-the-Talk!

      Furnish us with your (i) full name, (ii) your date of birth, (iii) place of birth, (iv) your mother’s maiden name, (v) your home address. That’s just for starters, so we too can verify that you are not just a “faceless voice”.

      Yawn. It’s perfectly valid in the current climate to remain anonymous. You saw what happened to Dubliner Dave Cullen, the anti-vaxing, pro-freedom alt-commentator of the “computingforever” video blog? Maybe you were involved? Cullen was stalked by communist nutters / government trolls (like you). His secluded cottage in the Irish countryside was vandalized and spray-painted with malicious graffitti (“DAVE CULLEN IS A PAEDO”).

      THAT is what happens when government trolls (like you) get to “dox” people.

  14. Disgusting EVIL scientists and NHS. The main concern is school disruption as way to push vaccination in children when it’s the lockdowns which affected the kids the most

    MSM sponsored by PFIZER still pushing this Agenda to have our kids VAXXED no matter what

    Hugo, please keep exposing this matter because MSM power will carry on brainwashing the sheep

    • Scumbags say (regarding parents’ hesitation to get theur kids jabbed) : “…They should be reassured by the near absence of side-effects after widespread take-up in the US”. I think VAERS and the like beg to differ.

    • Walked past a school the other day and the big sign outside said the students are being taught how to trust people…
      I thought how can you trust anything now with people being coerced and lied to constantly and betrayed…
      Or perhaps its too trust what they are told…

  15. I just prefer not to watch any of it. Best kind of discernment is to not even give them any access into your brain..ots so crazy and makes me sick at what they do.

  16. You believe what you like but I honestly think this bloke Hugo
    Is 100% real and who exactly are you!?

  17. And which cluster of brigade 77 do you belong? lol…..

  18. I avoid brainwashed idiots as well as the media and news and all the crap they spill out daily…
    Easy to spot either of them anyway

  19. People like minded like these in the HUGO tribe. We know, the WHO is looking for their excuses for the “International Pandemic Treaty” to be signed by the Scumbags.

    The found the Monkey pox, a disease which is unlikely to kill anyone in western civilization plus seems to be contracted via sex between LGTB+.

    We must get to the fences of the parliament and N10 to let them know that we’re agreeing with it nor will ever be lockdown nor coerced into VAXX again.

    F@#### MSM on it again. Pigs disgusting human beings

    F@##### Sajid, Boris, Gates, WHO Chinese puppets.

  20. Until when we have to put up with this? Until we run riot? It’s just a constant MSM and health department agenda to get our kids VAXXED. I swear for the love of God it is reaching boiling point.

    Those parents who take THEIR kids willingly should be striped of them.

    This EVIL and people like Fauci, CDC, Sajid still doing the dirty work for the big pharma unused pile stocks.

    We have to name and shame those MPs who are plotting to sign the pandemic Treaty . Those are the same getting money and benefits from the covid19 plandemic.

    Stand for your kids, Stand for our freedom

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