SMILE On Order To Get BREAD #biometric #DigitalID / Hugo Talks

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  1. Just watched the old Petshop boys music video Go West, and saw the blue and yellow used over and over… Seems weird now considering the context…

    • Is it about the fall of communism in the Soviet Union?

      • Yes, was released in 1993 just after the official fall of the USSR

    • That’s because the PSB want us to stay asleep in ‘Dreamland’. Check out their video…

  2. That happened to me in Greg’s yesterday. Camera took my mugshot as I paid with my card. Thats Scotland by the way

    • Self-serve tills in a few supermarkets (or maybe all of them?) video your face as you purchase your shopping. Are they collecting faces to go with the names on bank cards & loyalty cards?

  3. Digital ID in the uk started with nhs app…
    Then the “covid” pass…
    Then a jab to keep the pass running…
    Anybody with a brain can see this is a society and economic reset yet many i come across dont have grey matter left after they suffocated it with masks and polluted it with jabs

    • I only have 3/4 of my brain remaining after necessary surgery due to crush injury at birth & I can see the evil that is being pushed onto my own family, friends & the general public. I try to share the proof of what is going on. Some will listen & be grateful but others are insulting & aggressive. I put that down to something in the jabs that has damaged their brains, my own family are the worst & my father now has been put on drugs to thin his blood due to blood clots in his leg. I fear I will lose him soon. The nurse in the hospital said it was caused because he has prostate cancer. I forcibly pointed out that he should never have been given the jabs because of his cancer as this is an auto-immune disorder and it states on the paperwork thrust into his hand either just before or after he was jabbed. How do our politicians live with themselves as they must by now know that these jabs are bioweapons, designed to kill.

      • Saw a trusted article that them jabs was dangerous against elderly people and people with cancer and other illnesses..
        And they was only less than 1% effective which would figure as they never was tested on any virus in the first place…

      • The politicians and decision makers will live with themselves very easily as they don’t give a damn how many people are killed or seriously injured from the jabs. In fact, the more the merrier.

  4. “Master” card – Remember who owns who…

  5. I always try and look at the positives, such as – according to a recent Daily Expose report – 19m of us in the UK all declined the offer of an experimental, needless DNA-altering jab. And with good reason as it’s now proved to be the most dangerous ‘cure’ ever pushed on an unsuspecting populous.

    Anyway, I digress, point being – most of the adults within that 19m are unlikely to go along with any digital ID bullshit and their beast system of payment. So it’ll be interesting to see how that spanner in the works plays out.

    • Thanks for reporting that there are 19m who refused these bioweapon jabs, I feel very isolated seemingly being the only person locally who declined but our PM & Ministers make me sick, they must know these jabs are lethal yet they still push for boosters. Surely the courts all over the world must realise that if they don’t permit proper trials for all the guilty parties they themselves will not be needed after the WHO & World Economic Forum achieves the control of the entire world.

      • You are definitely not alone. I know several people who haven’t taken the jibby jabby. Well into double figures and I don’t know that many people.

      • I know of 14 in our family who are un-jabbed. The most we had at Stand in the Park was 50, so I’m pretty sure they are all un-jabbed. We are fed lie after lie, and the Ukraine operation just continues it. You are not alone.

    • If that figure of 19 million is correct then clearly the uptake of the vx was not as high as the government was making on. I live in Scotland and see official figures being touted of 90% + compliance

      • Pretty much everyone around me (also Scotland) has had the shots, minimum 3, many possibly 4 and looking forward to the next one (including the next flu shot)!
        Some can’t shake a cough or are loosing their voice again and again. A lot of heart attack deaths among relatively fit people, that shouldn’t have such problems.
        I noticed an increase of ambulances with sirenes this week, similar to the weeks after the first shot and the “boosters”!
        Long story short, I’m sure most people within a certain demographic will have had it. Next door neighbour tested positive, then negative and positive again. Wife is fine. Both are in their 80s…

      • I think there is more compliance with the jabs in Scotland because there are less ethnic minorities. It seems that ethnic minorities are less likely to trust vaccines and the government and can see through the BS.

      • I see the spelling police are about.

    • But we’re not all gullible, ie, not everyone is a ‘christian’… we’re not ALL gullible enough to fall for the ‘born of a virgin’ and the ‘walking on water’ cr*p!!!

      • By your own words, you condemn yourself!

        “O dullest of people when will you ever learn!
        Fools when will you be wise!
        Jesus Christ
        ” I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never hunger and whoever believes in me will never thirst”
        God bless!

      • I wonder why those in power are so threatened by believers of Jesus Christ? So much so that it is the most persecuted “religion” in the world. Why stamp it out if it’s just “gullible” idiots believing in a fairytale?
        I am a believer in Christ, not indoctrinated from a young age in churches or influenced by family or friends, just drawn to Him “out of the blue”. I have not fallen for any of this convid, big pharma, nwo assault on mankind. So I’m gullible but not gullible lol.

      • There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance – That principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

      • For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
        1 Cor 1:18

      • It is all very real, I am a new follower of Christ and have had some experiences of the spiritual from the Lord. A few months ago I had a dream, I heard “You are filthy” – I was an unrepentant sinner. The first time I repented of my sins, all that I could and couldn’t remember, I suddenly felt lighter in my body, which I wasn’t expecting! Then a short time later I heard this lady say something like “How are you going to get on the ark with the weight of all your sins holding you down?”
        We are in the end times (Revelation), repent all of us!

      • Ignorance will not save you only Jesus Christ will save you your eternity is at stake my friend if you don’t get right with God you will be cast into the lake of fire

      • @W NO ONE can ‘get right with God’ unless this occurs FIRST!!

        John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

        Oh and The Father’s name is Yah, not god – god is Satan’s name.

      • Chrisjoyce that’s bitter. We’re here though aren’t we? Bless you!

  6. Just like everything else they wanted to bring in, they bought in.
    Where is the pushback?
    Standing in a park on a Sunday morning is not a pushback.
    Attending demos in London is not a pushback (I have done both BTW).
    When are we finally going to say no to all this BS they intend to bring our way?
    Will we ever have a serious pushback?

    • By the time any pushback happens it will be too late.
      I too have been to demos in London and at the time knew it wouldn’t stop a single thing happening.

      It will just keep getting worse but as long as the people get their bread and circus that’s all they will care about
      Take televisions, internet and mobiles away from people then they might actually sit up and take notice.
      But that’s not going to happen. They have everything on the TV or phone, throw a bucket load of alcohol in and their content with the world

  7. ………… and you will be happy !! 😎

  8. It is human nature unfortunately. Far too many people are self interested , “What`s in it for me ?” , bottom line.

  9. I know someone who will comply with this with no problems but what if mask wearing becomes an issue within establishments and you are not allowed to remove it? 🙂

  10. From wikipedia: The international day of happiness is celebrated throughout the world on 20 march. It was established by the UN on 28 june 2012.
    In 2015, the UN launched 17 sustainable development goals to make people’s lives happier.

    And something else, notice that the ‘rogue nation’ Iran is also part of the club.

  11. How does my daughter use my card? I regularly lend her my card

  12. I watched a video the other day by a controvertial psychiatrist, and I think he hit the nail on the head.

    He said it’s no use being intelligent in a world full of idiots, you’re not going to get anywhere, it’s not like when Einstein was a household name and admired, it’s all about kabuki – influencers, footballers, celebrities – those are the people that are succeeding, especially financially, because people don’t think any more, they are stupid and attracted to stupid shiney things.

    That I think is why when you warn them about jabs, printing money & inflation, food shortages, and the WEF & their NWO – they laugh at you and call you names – or better still call you an idiot.

    They don’t want to know, it’s like they can’t even see the reality of what is happening right before their eyes, as long as they have their entertainment they’re happy. So they’ll all sign up to it because it’s “cool” and then we’ll have no choice but to join or we’ll be unable to buy food even.

  13. My debit card is a Mastercard and my bank are now STOPPING transactions because I refuse to give fingerprint or facial recognition. I rarely buy online I use cash but here are a few places I have to buy online because the goods come from other countries, luckily I’ve been able to contact the sellers (all small companies run by friends) and am paying a different way

  14. Digital currency isn’t a bad thing, and is useful. But a cashless society is dangerous, we should always have physical currency, andbshould always be optional and should be made in to law that all shops and business must always provide for those that choose to pay by cash. Only way to safe guard our freedoms.

    • Hi Dan

      I have couple local co op s
      I have been trying get cash from there but each time the lady’s tell me it’s still not working
      Well that’s been a week & half? I asked the lady for cash back..No to that to.

      Asda now all is card only near me to buy stuff at self service
      There is queues for a till
      but they even only have one or two open?
      So it’s queues are quite big
      So more people use the self service.
      What is obvious though I see
      is that
      it’s ok Asda let the till that sells lotto’s tickets , scratch cards ect still excepting cash or card
      I don’t do any of that crap as that’s all rigged to!!
      That was yet Another way to rob people of loads of money!!
      Lottery more like Robbery!

      It’s getting hard to get cash in places near me (not sure about rest of yourselves?)

      As you said Dan we do need currency I agree.

      Thank you Hugo
      Have great All

      Take care Dan

      • Asda was one of the worst when the scamdemic started. I can only assume they work with the government. Tesco was very similar. If I have to go to Asda, I wait for a human!

      • Indeed about Asda
        Also I pay for petrol at a ‘human’ as you put it
        I don’t use them card pumps

        I have located most my local farm shops now for stuff,
        One sells beautiful eggs

  15. Hey Hugo, you really don’t want to be acting as a “person” at all: far better off staying as a man or woman…

  16. its getting very near the time ppl. they put up food prices to stupid level putting almost everyone on bread line then offer tokens from the government which will allow you to buy your food at a ‘subsidy’ you qualify for only by going along with their digital i.d. and all that goes with it. so either obey or starve. prepare ppl.

  17. In the DM today is a story about how the majority of Brits will be obese before long, and how bad it is for their health and the NHS, etc. Do you think this is predictive programming to extol the benefits of rationing and having less food to eat? Maybe an app to limit how much food people can have might help….

    • Problem reaction solution? Obesity caused by encouraging fast food, doing less PE in schools, switching to sedentary desk jobs etc. The government will tell us that we are incapable of making healthy choices and so we need to have our spending monitored or be given government issued rations. A bit like how we used to fix things, but then came products with planned obsolescence and they stopped teaching practical (fix it) skills in schools. Yet they tell us it’s our fault the world is choked in plastic.

  18. yes, let’s be aware, resist, but also NOT strengthen fear narratives

  19. And Eurovision, what a joke! Not only did Ukraine enter a music competition during a war in their country, they won (obviously). To top-off the farce the UK came 2nd! We’re normally near the bottom.

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