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  1. Women will be trapped first…given that their partner coughs up the cash.

  2. One of the reasons of bringing and paying (with tax money)for the living of millions of migrants from total different cultures in western countries, besides the destroying of christinanity and the white race/culture, is to have a society of communist obedient, satisfied smart city slaves.

  3. Welcome to ‘THE GREAT RESET’
    where you will own NOTHING ( But they will own you ) but be happy . ☠☠☠☠💉💉💉️😷😷😷😷

  4. Whatever they promise you no matter how crazy it may be, remember that they only want one thing from you and that is you.

  5. fucking narcissistic evil control freaks bastards am sick to death of hearing those narcissistic bastards/bitches want this they want that who the fuck do those narcissistic bastards/bitches think they are ffs control freaks on steriods & why hasn’t nobody taken them out yet fuck I’d do it for nothing if I had a aka 47 & a shut load of amo oh I wish sniper on the roof just my style love it – where’s all the hard nuts in the world gone huh bunch o snowflakes

  6. There is an episode of The Outer Limits from 1999 called `The Haven`. This is season 5 , episode 15 for anyone who wants to go looking for it. The story takes place in a futuristic fully AI controlled smart building. All the residents live solitary lives in self contained luxury apartments where all their needs are catered for. Nobody talks to each other face to face anymore even if they meet in the lift. Two of the things that the story shows are people so afraid to help anyone even if they collapse of a heart attack and what happens when the AI goes wrong.

      • You are welcome Gill. I just found an upload of it on Youtube tonight if you want to watch it.

    • That sounds very much like predictive programming, Tanya! It reminds me of the film “I.T” with Pierce Brosnan. His high-tech home is hacked and his family’s life becomes a nightmare.

      • Yep , it does indeed Gina. If you think about it , not just this one , but each episode of The Outer Limits is predictive programming. Because during the opening credits the narration says “for the next hour we will control all that you see and hear etc etc etc.”. I haven`t seen the film I.T. I watched the trailer for it today after you mentioned it. Thank you for that. I will try and get to see it sometime.

      • I watched this episode of The Outer Limits yesterday, Tanya, thanks. I watched a few as a kid. It was kind of funny and cringey but the message and idea was all there as a dire warning. Another good one to watch is “Nosedive” (Black Mirror: Season 3, Episode 1.) A glimpse at the nightmare to come if we end up enslaved by social credit scores.

      • Unfortunately i can`t watch Nosedive Gina. That is only for VIPs with a rating of 4.2 or higher. I am only a 4.183.
        You`re right , that really is a nightmare.

  7. I have come to wonder whether that’s what will happen with Ukraine conflict…the opportunity to have the first ‘smart city’ country.

    • I think that too, my friend has a beauty salon, 2 Ukranian refugees entered to enquire about treaments….yep……anyway long stery short they had their QR codes, with banking info, passports, ID documents all of it was connected up and working very well. I think defo this is will be the first “smart AI” country in Europe. (As other countries such as the UAE are already quite advanced with tracking and digi ID etc)…

  8. “A totally new idea” that for the past couple hundred years was known as a flat or apartment.

  9. I have noted this too, so many commercials promoting car rentals no hustle with a click of an app on the phone…

  10. The sheep are too comfortable in both their ignorance and finances at present.
    Let’s see what another 12 months brings…

    • They will queue up for there jabs yet again and wear face nappies when “advised” too…
      I think coward is a fair example to describe them and how stupid some people really are…

  11. Oh, “only” 600 to 1600 per WEEK hahaha. What a great deal, renting an appartment for 2.400,- to 6.400,- per month…. After 3 to 4 years, you could have used that money to own the appartment and pay nothing. Hahahaha, this is so stupid.

  12. “They want us to be afraid.
    They want us to be afraid of leaving our homes.
    They want us to barricade our doors
    and hide our children.
    Their aim is to make us fear life itself!
    They want us to hate.
    They want us to hate ‘the other’.
    They want us to practice aggression
    and perfect antagonism.
    Their aim is to divide us all!
    They want us to be inhuman.
    They want us to throw out our kindness.
    They want us to bury our love
    and burn our hope.
    Their aim is to take all our light!
    They think their bricked walls
    will separate us.
    They think their damned bombs
    will defeat us.
    They are so ignorant they don’t understand
    that my soul and your soul are old friends.
    They are so ignorant they don’t understand
    that when they cut you I bleed.
    They are so ignorant they don’t understand
    that we will never be afraid,
    we will never hate
    and we will never be silent
    for life is ours!”
    ― Kamand Kojouri

  13. As you say …. how to make people as weak as possible….. take away their independence…. their ability to say no to anything.

    How to make them effectively into slaves – because anyone who wants to weaken you doesn’t want you to be happy at all!!!!

    It’s good, I think, to keep in mind to unplug from the digital where-ever/when-ever possible. If we will not be led/herded, it’s much more difficult.

  14. What a crap world this will end up being…
    No wonder people have increased the suicide rate…
    I dont like being here myself and just hope conformist idiots grow a brain cell eventually unless its been suffocated by there face nappys…or poisoned by them spike protein experimental jabs

  15. Remember, many of these ideas are “proposals” for desirable concepts that “would” be nice to implement, suggested by “influential” members of elite roundtables such as WEF.

    NONE of this is final unless YOU accept it. People ultimately decide if they want to accept these things, if the elites want these things, let them build their own little worlds to run around in.

    • The manufactured shortages are a fact, though. People not being able to afford to heat their homes this winter is another. Big Corp buying out all the affordable homes. Gates buying all the available land. And so much more we don’t even know they’re up to.
      I understand where you’re coming from but, for the majority, I don’t think it will be as easy as just not accepting it all.

  16. yh bang on hugo. its the start of the new model for the world. own nothing rent everything. live hand to mouth with no pride in anything we have. pure 1984. we got to rise up against it.

  17. Very bleak outcome for those that value such things , everything is a test…

  18. That’s they’ll creep the interest rates up to near 10%, then my mortage was £300 per month, currently £400 and climbing fast will be @£1250 per month, so SCREWED, but last year they changed the law lucky that, the bank can buy your house off you, then Rent it back to you, as I say lucky LOL

    Looking pretty bleak isn’t it!!! 🙁

    • They will do what ever it takes , to achieve their goals . They couldn’t care about me or you and your mortgage . What are you going to do to stop them ? They operate from the darkest depths of the mind , you must use yours to bring light .

    • Where do you work that out? If you were paying 300 a month, it’s only likely to go up to around 600 at 10%.
      Check your figures again. I’m aware of all the agendas but don’t panic yourself (or others) with figures like that!

      • They’ll have people choosing between the ever-increasing costs of utilities, food, fuel, mortgage, etc and when it becomes impossible to make ends meet, they’ll take the debt off them. One way or another, they’ll be removing home ownership.

  19. One of the guys interviewed, Ashley Bricey…. strangely, doesn’t have a LinkedIn or Facebook profile … hmmm

  20. I got banned from Youtube, purely from making comments and yet Hugo talks is posting everything on youtube (often, now, with out alternative options) and he hasn’t even had a strike

    • He doesn’t state anything other than fact.

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