Apocalyptical Eton MESS / Hugo Talks

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  1. A stupidity test indeed. Hugo, you nailed it as always. Another millionaire puppet from the club of satan, working against the people. 5 kids? That’ll help world population concerns. Wot a puppet. Cancel him!

  2. Jamie has lost it throw the creamy rubbish at the PM

  3. Well the obesity problem in children will soon be solved when we can’t afford to feed them !! For goodness sake – keep fighting people, make your voice heard whenever you can and buy from your small local businesses.

    • Exactly, if anything, some extra weight could be a blessing when the shortages and lack of money really kick in.

  4. If it’s getting airtime it’s not to be trusted.

  5. I hope this ship sinks with all these muppets on it

  6. £6 million home. Satanic numerology and also the one eye symbology with the egg also.

    • Working on kid #6 too…
      And the fork over the eye too.

    • I will come jamie……..I will bring an apple and a bazooka..
      Now jamie just stand outside no 10 with your bumchum Boris and stay still while I load and oooppps…oh dear where have they both gone….

  7. What a load of rubbish from jammie don’t listen to jamie he’s a twat
    Thank u HUGO

  8. Jamie the peek a boo one eye knob head can go jump off the cliff with the rest of them, only the controlled will turn up and it will be all over the fake stream media

  9. The Bloke is an idiot,opened a lot of Restaurants , went Bankrupt and put people out of work and sits on a massive Million pound plus House and gets a queens MBE award . More from a TV Thicko who has loads of children just like ‘Doris’ so total Hypocrisy with the WEF Depopulation Narrative.Crossbow and small apple please and quick. 🙂

  10. Spot on again hugo but still the sheep can’t see what’s going on.

  11. I will brig one down and stick it it the pedo face what a wet twat he is. A nother nonse part of the pedo club 🤬

  12. Missed the mark with this one hugo.
    He wants to reduce childhood obesity by promoting and encouraging others to go out and buy a high sugar and high fat dessert…….

  13. He’s morphing into Prince Harry with his half ginger face and stupid out of touch rantings.

    • I was going to comment that he’d always been blond before…and now he seems to be a lot darker…

      and more bloated! lol

  14. wtf I fucking hate Jamie bloody Oliver he’s nothing but a fat ugly hypocrite his restaurant had the most greasy burgers & puddings were oozing sugar overload heart attacks on a fucking plate he’s nothing but a two faced lying bastard he’s a first class traitor and a fucking idiot he can fucking do one ignorant bastard on steriods

  15. I have always liked him, but boy, that’s in the past now.
    The stupidity of his action is mind blowing!

  16. And that’s just the way it is. They want us to believe that there are shortages. But if you listen carefully, you hear very different things. They just want to earn from you and preferably as much as possible.

    • You are absolutely correct, Piko.
      There is no sunflower oil to be had in France…coz…the war. But all the sunflower oil (and rapeseed) is made in France!

      And there is no shortage just over the border, in Spain.

      We are all experimental rats in country-sized cages at this point.

      • There was non to be had in Catalonia for several weeks, now the prices have been hiked up from about €1.30 per litre to over €4, it is available. However, yesterday I was in Carrefour, when I heard a couple discussing “why there was non to be had in France, when just across the border, in the same supermarket chain, it was available!” All manipulation

    • I’m sure that there are shortages, but they have been created deliberately. For example in US the FDA claimed 2 babies “might” have died from a bacterial infection from baby forumla, so they shut the plant that made it, which also makes most of the baby formula in the entire US. Months later it’s still shut, and there are very real baby formula shortages.

      They’ve also culled 10’s of millions of chickens and turkeys because 1 bird tests positive for bird flu – using those damned PCR tests. Also spposedly there’s outbreaks of Japanese encephelytis in pigs, and foot and mouth in cows.

      The US govt have been paying farmers to destroy crops and not plant more for “green” reasons, similar in Ireland, and in UK there’s rewilding of farmland.

      There’s fertiliser shortages so yields will be much lower, and the huge greenhouses in Netherlands are empty because they need gas heating and it’s too expensive – they produce most of frsh veg for Europe.

      Etc, etc, etc – so food shortages are coming and whether it’s genuine, deliberate or a lie, it’s clear that’s the plan and it’s what we’re going to get. Then rationing and then UBI – IMHO.

      I also predict, since they believe in this stuff, that something big is going to happen/news going to break on 6th June 2022.

      • I agree totally.
        Once you know, well you see it everywhere, and become amazed that few others do.

  17. Jamie Oliver, Martin Lewis they are all part of the NWO agenda. The fact that he’s outside downing street and wants us to wander down and spend 50 quid on travel, plus buy Eton Mess

    • I’m quite partial to rhubarb crumble and custard but I’ll be troughing it not wasting my time and money going to Downing Street for 15 minutes

  18. That quick image of him with his right eye hidden behind a fork tells you all you need to know.

    There are NO celebrities who are not initiates…and he is a particularly grubby one. Humiliation must have been written into his contract.

  19. Jamie Oliver revolutionised eating marbles is about it.

  20. Manufactured yes and intended to distract from the more serious issues in our lives.

  21. Jamie Oliver – muggy c**t; he’ll always be what he is – a condescending, fat-tongued Mockney wanker. Doris won’t ban BOGOF’s, he loves a 2-for-1 on his Star Bars.

  22. Jamie appeared uncomfortable talking to people through his camera, seemed to be suffering with dry mouth or something? Either a sign of nerves, deception…or he’s on something!?

  23. off topic,but I see the lying criminals at the w.h.o. have said there is 2 variants of concern……BA4 has been detected in 16 countries,and BA5 has been detected in 17 countries,16+17= yup oh so predictable 33!!; meanwhile here in Canada we have been blessed by the arrival of Jimmy saVILEs best mate and his horse camilla🐴

    • There is no “variants” and if there is then they are common ailments renamed stupid names thats all…

  24. Look at the symbolism! At the start of this it was said there would be situations happening so ridiculous, beyond comprehension to wake people up. Some of this stuff beggars belief!

  25. People should go to the protest with a desert just so they can throw them in Jamie Oliver’s Face. Also bring rotten eggs and tomatoes for the same purpose.

  26. BOGOF is a load of shite anyway!
    I prefer to call it, by a product at double the price and pretend to get one free 🤣

  27. Well fancy a chef telling you to go and buy something rather than tell you how to make it … each to their own on this one I believe but he does clearly say bring your Eton mess brought from a shop . He didn’t specifically say the eton had to be a finished sellable product . So source the ingredients , don’t forget the meringue aspect , take them along like he says and make a mess for 15 minutes … the results may help him see better .

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