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  1. I think the food and deisel and gas etc price rises and incoming shortages are so they can move us to rationing first. Then when we’ve had that for 12 months to 2 years it’ll be UBI as well because loads of people will be out of work.

    • Well they already subconsciously planted in their little hollow heads about lining up and wait your turn for food in the last two years, even had traffic light systems at some doors.

      • The Co-op gives me a laugh, as you approach the doors and the light goes green a voice says, “It is now safe to enter the store”. It’s hilarious to hear but on a serious note the constant scaremongering language and reminders of (non-existent) “danger” have got to stop! I still see the odd elderly person shuffling along, alone in the open air outside, nowhere near anybody else with a plastic mask on and feel sorry for them being so brainwashed.

    • An astute observation, GCFS. It’s all part of the plan, surely? And why we’re being subjected to all this mind-bending nonsense in Ukraine, to blame these insane shortages on ‘a war’, started by those with their own agenda. These globalist nutters must think we were born yesterday! We must resist this insanity, my friends. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Hugo… I had heard of this type of financial ‘programming’ for kids, but you made me realise how exactly it’s aligned to the intentions of the Great Reset and those looming Digital Passports. Mine will be going in the bin… I’ll die first.

      • i’ve been seeing these ads for a year at least, has nobody else noticed until now?

  2. Yes true I’ve shared to who I can I also band on social platforms lol

  3. Can’t stand that generic awful gay pingy pong happy music they use in these adverts.

    • Lol
      Well.. we are living in Clown World now!

      Pingy pong lol .. you made my morning 😉

      Have great day All

  4. Kids are already brainwashed by there phones and anti-social media…
    They dont stand a chance really…
    I would to be a kid in this day and age as there future dont look too good

  5. I know someone who had one of these over 18 moths ago now, to be fair Hugo this has been advertised at least 3 years ago so pretty old news but anyone one that has gone down this path cannot be educated and are on the Dark path with no return sadly.
    ‘The Great Reset’ Looms. ’22’ ? 😔😔

  6. These bastards are relentless….and that’s the point,to wear us down.
    You know the Messiah is returning shortly because they are pulling out all the stops.

      • This vile world is for sure satans….
        Like a punishment being here most of the time

  7. If you want to teach kids how money works and budgeting bring back Domestic Science and Cookery into schools instead of woke crap and Cultural Marxism

  8. Oh, I never took any notice of the ‘traffic light system’, Dan the Man. I just walked straight in and stared down the pathetic little minion in his/her tabard guarding the door. Keep your head up, look them in they eye… do not comply.

  9. An article from dutch an alternatieve newssite, September 15 2020 : ‘NOS ( the dutch state propaganda media outlet payed with tax money) youth journal makes children excited about microchip in brain.’

  10. The recent Virgin Atlantic advert is the worst.

    • Agreed. This “over-representing the minorities” thing is tiresome now. It crept in slowly at first but is so “in your face” and over-the-top now. Theres no need for it, most people I know would and do co-exist peacefully with others who have different skin, sexual preferences or a disability providing they are peaceful too. Why do we need it shoving in our face by advertising? They feel the need to include two ladies kissing to advertise a car or insist on having a mixed race couple to advertise sofas. Even the minority groups are getting embarrassed by it now. The Sainbury’s “safe space” for minority group staff was the icing on the cake. The irony of that was that they were discriminating against white staff by banning them from the “safe space”! Creating division where it probably didn’t exist in the first place.

  11. Absolute bollox as it costs the parent £5 per month to keep the card active lol

  12. Hugo , that advert has been around unfortunately for some time now , however your a busy person and can’t possibly keep up with everything . This is why I enjoy your insight because there are many things I can’t keep up with being equally busy . However I did try in the past , to allude in my opinion that if the ‘ smart phone ‘ is the handcuffs then they will will give them out for free and’ whistle’ one into using them . Refresh ones memory , bank America card ( visa ) , originally blue and yellow 1958 , dropped through letter boxes for free , baiting … no I agree mr @ Paul Watson these posts are not meant for me …

  13. This totally confirmed my suspicions about this card. Friends of mine have this for their 8 and 9 year old children. On the application form they ask if you are M, F or identify as something else. That was enough for me!

    • That is conditioning too. They are murdering us as we speak and there will be no white people left when they are done browning the world.

    • There’s No white man and woman YAHSUHA never created any man and woman white?
      And neither did he created any man and woman Black.
      Those words term put on God’s creation is of Satan to cause division and hatred.

      • @Odette Morgan, Adam and Eve were WHITE – period – full stop – end of!!

        From Strong’s Concordance:

        H119 – ADAM – ‘a^dam aw-dam’ To show blood (in the face), that is, flush or turn rosy: – be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

        Only WHITE people are described as ‘ruddy’ and/or show red in the face, or flush red in the face.

        Laban means ‘WHITE’ and Laban was Rebekah’s brother, therefore The Israelites were/are WHITE!!

        Cush means BLACK and Cush was a son of Ham. The Cushites are the sub-continent Indians and Ethiopians. ALL ARE BLACK!

        Now let’s analyse what makes you tick, that is, Cultural Jew Marxism, and that’s what YOU ARE – a satanic Cultural Jew Marxist posing as Christian!

        Here’s a link just for you!! Are You A Cultural Jew Marxist Or A Christian?…:

  14. What people do not realise it that this was all planned for in the 1960’s. A. K. Chesterton wrote all about it in his book the new unhappy lord’s. Unfortunately the great masses never realised that it was truth and was happening behind the scenes. Why when most people have right wing views do you think that every government is a socialist puppet government of Carl Schwab and the WEF ?? Do your readers realise that the EU was the brainchild during the last year’s of the war by four of Hitler’s top men among them Von Ribbentrop and Von Ventha Fink. The idea was to have a united Europe with a central bank in Germany controlling one currency that was controlled by the bank and with this Germany would be able to control the economic and social governence of that country without ever putting a jack boot on the ground. Sound familiar.

    • @Dawn Hicks, Strange then that the EU is really The EUSSR, and NOT the Fourth Reich! – you need to give up on the disso web sites and to educate yourself:

      “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.” – V. I. Lenin

  15. For those of you wondering about the parentage of our genial host Mr Schwab, many high ranking Nazis were producing blonde kids to progenate the ayrian race, among these were those that escaped through the rat run organised by Martin Borman with the FULL ASSISTANCE of the Vatican. Herr Borman escaped under the assumed identity of a Jewish man with the full help of the Vatican. Most escaped to latin America and ended up in Colonia Dignidad. Also the IG Farben with Krupps had many loyal to the fuhrer and they produced kids…..

  16. I thought we were supposed to be reducing plastic crap that gets put out into the world?! Another unnecessary card to solve a problem which doesn’t exist if you teach children the value of money the old way. To be fair plenty of parents don’t have much extra to give as pocket money anyway nowadays, not to mention the monthly fee gohenry charge just for keeping the account going.

  17. You can tell that it’s bullshite from the word go. Help learn kids how to be responsible with money, yet little Aaron there is spending 7.99 on fortnite, pmsl.

  18. The origin of money began with sacred gift economies, long before coins and notes appeared, and now we’re moving from this to total digital imprisonment by the same Zion Jew banksters.

    The Ukraine war with the engineered food shortages and sanctions are going to kill countless millions as fertiliser and foods aren’t going to reach those who need it, primarily in Africa.

    • Those Zion jewish bankers are specifically Sabbatical Frankists from the Hesidic/Ashkernazi origins, they make up about >3% of the Jewish population.

      • @John Siviter Sorry John, but The Jews are ONE TRIBE and ONE NATION of Hamitic Canaanites, any imagined divisions, splits and schisms are pure window dressing, designed to deceive and confuse the goyim!

  19. This is a clever way of introducing and testing social credit system on children and teenagers and the parents are OK with it even support it because they see the benefits of it. Kid can get rewarded for good deeds, wondering if they introduce some penalties and punishments as well.
    Once the kid reaches maturity the government takes over from parents because the young adult is familiar with the system.
    I reckon this system will evolve over time and will let the corporations to identify the problematic human beings early on and recommend some corrections.

    • In any event, you’re looking at social engineering and totalitarian dictatorship – Hitler tackle as they put it

      • @Jordan On A Bike, “Hitler tackle”? Where is the nation today ruled by a dictator that either deports Jews or puts Jews into labour/concentration camps?

  20. Universal Basic Income and these other inventions are targeted primarily at the existing clients of the welfare state. So not much difference in that. They are just going to refine it with technology. The parents who never worked in their life are the property of the government and the government (banksters who create money for this welfare system) want this money to be spend wiser. So there is not much difference between adults on benefits and their children – both are property of the government and treated as such. Who cares about the relations in a family that is on welfare – they already have a crooked perception of reality and believe they deserve this support with little feedback.

    • I agree there are some lazy b***ards who are happy to exist on £65 p/w – almost as lazy as the lazy bast***s in government office, yet the digital prison & social credit system will affect everyone – including individuals like yourself who might believe that you belong in a motorcar and that oil & biofuel Is a necessity of life

  21. ‘Henry’ of german origins meaning ‘ruler of the home’ maybe they plan that ruller of the home will one day be government+corporations.

  22. This programming for digital financial compliance can easily substitute a corporatocracy for a parent as the child enters young adulthood and it will. Most adults today are already in compliance with a digital payments system only needing the throwing of a switch to end physical money and usher in a complete control paradigm that would replicate the “Chinese” system. This as the modeled reality the pyramid cap is so very close to implementing. If you are at all concerned with the preservation of human rights and dignity then we must all start using cash as much as possible and ditch our smart phones as the gateway (drug) tech that will effortlessly be used to install a complete control/slavery system.

  23. been seeing these ads for a year, at least.

  24. It is removing family dynamics. Also conditioning them for the adult version, where THEY are the parents. SO bleeding obvious!

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