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  1. So let me get this straight, an imprompto gig from “Never Trust a Hippy!” ( thrown a WEF BONiO or two, should really be an acoustic busk by some dirty old Irish tramp, rather than an elaborate PINK LIGHTED Arch, like a VAGINA, with an “ELEVATE YEAH!” behind him, to either out of such a PR disaster, or into a bunch of CUNTS assembled below the earth, to listen to that diarrhea tribe, of utter War PR psychofans!

    Then we get a faked old factory of defunct ages, debris, with a UK Coffeve Mug, to spot the grinning owner at prospect of a bung or two, to hope we dont notice no actual BOMB DAMAGE to the ancient warehouse his grandma once owned, that still has a beautifully present entrance porch with solid steel doors that are just fine!

    Next its a trip to whip up some sympathy at the local market, pristine as ever in pop up crisis aktour tents, with a lady whose home is so intact, she hasn’t got a single bit of dust on her immaculate clothing that dire morning, as she chooses the deadly game, of which pound of carrots look nicer, as a BBC presenter does his best “so below, is above” hand signals and neatly sidesteps out of the camera view.

    Now its PITY time, with a few old defunct buildings given a fly by, whilst the Anchor is backdropped by a pristine city and 5 Golden Balls of Bollocks he hopes you’ll drain molochs finest from, as he bleets, that elsewhere, is in devastation.

    Cut to scene of delapidated condemmed old buildings, with no visible sign of any war shelling, that apparently our dear carrot buyer, or ya get the stick, is try’na convince ya, is her house!!

    What a total crock of shite!

    How anyone ever watches anything from MSM is beyond me! Let alone feel fearful to pay their license, when a simple …”FUCK YOU!” or “I only watch non coded DVDs from a golden era that was not subliminally programming me!”, or “I pipe truth to a screen, not BS PR wankfests of schilling cunts spewing anything for a buck they are told to repeat in promise of fame and fortune and a few children thrown in for good measure to do depraved things with!”, is beyond me!

    I mean we are all aware a RESET is coming! Ditch ya fecking smartphones, stop paying any bill (all fraud), cease council tax (purest fraud), and where possible go self employed, off books, off grid and totally ignore all of them! Takes years for them to even lift a real finger, beyond threat letters of purest fraud with every single printed word on a page of threats that are all void, in reality! All wrongly addressed to a FRAUD that was committed against your own Parents, when they chose a name for you and stupidly signed a registry, to hand a fictional version of such name, to the states bankers gains!


    • I would agree, putins in on it. I would if the story will be completed with Putin dying of poisoning, sorry cancer, and Zelensky getting popped off. The End.

  2. UK column seem to be keeping a fair account of the situation. It does sound like there’s a proxy war ongoing in various locations, with the Ukrainians losing a lot of men. The Russians trying to secure certain locations with minimal casualties. Till the last Ukrainian seems to be the strategy as far as the Ukrainian and western governments are concerned. A cull of the male Ukrainian population. Probably their punishment for having the brains to not have the heart attack shots.

    • At least he’s ripping off a Ben King hit instead of thanking ‘God it’s them instead of you.’ Would be a bit tackless given the circumstances.

  3. Johnson said zelensky was one of the most incredible leaders of our times😀…
    Hes a WEF puppet and johnson is just a bullshitter….
    Both deserve each other….

  4. I needed a bucket Hugo after watching that sellout Bono.

  5. Red white and blue tents…. what else is? Our flag! Very obvious now the properganda

  6. In the picture before you press play the army guy with Bono is doing the triple 6 sign

  7. I don’t believe any of these people are even saying what’s being translated into English by the MSM, they could be saying anything.

    • yh alot of it might not even be footage of ukraine for all we know

  8. please go for your booster bono

  9. My wife and myself went to see U2 on two occasions and what interested me on one of those was Bono proselytizing about how, as I think he put it, “technology’s not such a scary thing”, before a segment of the show that was filmed by someone using their cell phone; the image conveyed to one of the large screens. That’s a bit suspicious to me now when the talk amongst aware people is all about digital entrapment and QR codes. Also, of course, suspicion also has to lie with Bono being a member of the World Economic Forum.

    The title and theme of the song “Miracle Drug” is now a little freaky to me. The song seems to extoll the virtues of transhumanism with lyrics like, “I’ve had enough of romantic love, I’ll give it up for a miracle drug,”. That lyric really synched, at least in my mind, with something that David Icke said about Rudolph Steiner; about how he predicted, or foresaw, a dystopia of enforced vaccinations that would gradually separate the soul from the body. Makes you think about Shamanism and the concept of soul loss; the very thing that seems to plague our society now anyway.

    Or, of course, I could be mad with all those speculations. You could also pin-point the lyric, “freedom has the scent of a new born baby’s head” and its resonance with all that talk in the darker conspiracy theory circles about Adrenochrome and, you know, the concept of the truth being hidden in plain sight.

    But of course, I could be nuts with all of that, and those just the nasty minded speculations of a guy who has too much time on his hands.

    • andtherwasalight…l saw Billy GOatEs yesterday….he was extolling the virtues of his new book….scary stuff…..he has some ‘nerve’…..

  10. sorry Hugo couldn’t watch more than a few minutes, had to get vomit bucket!! Bono, the WEF’s own trained ambassador

    .Bono √, Lead vocalist and primary lyricist of rock band U2, co-founder of the ONE Campaign, an NGO funded by Bank of America, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Coca-Cola, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Lawrence H. Summers, Merck, Open Society Foundations (what Soros!), Rockefeller Foundation that advocates for the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. (1993)

    What else do you need to know about this prick.

  11. Brilliant take on the BS that the BBC continue to put out. As with the old Kung Flu, nothing makes sense! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪!

  12. I hope and pray that all the parasites featured here get their comeuppance in this life and I’m still alive to witness it.

  13. “South Park” season 11, 2007, episode ‘More Crap’ summed up Bono quite effectively – he’s a number two!

  14. Oh my days
    What a loads of BS… And the public are swallowing all this cr@p.
    So ridiculous

  15. The “elite” and their banking cartel has to shift attention from Middle East to Ukraine because the destruction of Middle East (Syria, Iraq) they were behind is too obvious now. Their appetite grows while eating so the destruction and rebuilding of Middle East is not enough for these shysters.
    They have to create more destruction some place else to feed the military industrial complex and all the contractors who profit on people’s misery.
    The Ukraine in bad shape for all this time with a lot of buildings in ruin due a demolition since USSR time so why not to stage a war in there? A perfect setting and cheap for Hollywood.
    Same as Syria and Iraq is going to be rebuilt to green slave smart cities same fate is going to meet Ukraine. If World Bank is on it you can expect all these areas to become a property of the banksters and Ukrainians will not be able to repay it. They will be guests in their own countries living in pods and paying per hour to walk on the pavements and in shopping centres.

    • Check out what Col.Richard Black has to say about it.

    • Probably both members of the tribe. Like so many “celebrities”! Might even be cousins…
      “Ghouls” don’t age well. Just look at Celine Dion and all the other sell-outs.

  16. Ukraine; so dangerous Bono and his banjo player flew in.
    Did anyone see the unedifying sight of Boris auctioning Zelenskyys fleece?
    It sold for £90k.
    Another prize was a guided tour of Kiev.

  17. 2020 COVID world lockdown, whole towns and cities on lockdown, for nearly two years for some. 2022 a big war going on and people still out shopping like it’s a Tuesday.

  18. I copied this many years ago from a libertarian website:

    I bumped into Bono, the charismatic lead singer of U2, in Burger King last week and he explained the problem [of people in Africa starving] to me.

    “It’s heartbreaking Kevin,” he said, “the problem is that the Africans have less than their fair share. That’s why they’re starving.”

    “So how do we solve that problem?” I asked.

    “It’s a simple question of mathematics,” Bono explained, “there’s only so much money in the world and if people in Africa have far less than their fair share that means that there must be other people in the world who have got far more than their fair share.”

    “And who are these people?” I was shocked to find out they existed.

    “I don’t know yet,” Bono replied, “I’m having a meeting with Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John on Madonna’s yacht next week and we’re going to pool our intelligence to try and work out who the selfish bastards who have got far more than their fair share of money are.”

    “And what are you going to do to them when you find out who they are?”

    “Ask them to examine their consciences,” Bono became a little animated, “and ask them how they can sleep knowing that children are dying in Africa because of their selfish capitalist greed.”

    Now I know there will be cynics amongst you who are quick to point out that Bono’s personal wealth of £2.5 billion is more than double the £1.24 billion GDP shared between the 4.1 million citizens of the Congo – the world’s poorest country – but you’d be missing the point. It’s only because he has so much money that Bono can dedicate his time to helping the starving children of Africa. Imagine asking your boss for the day off work to record a charity song for Africa. He’d almost certainly say no or, at best, tell you you’d have to take it as unpaid leave. What would you do then? You probably can’t afford to lose a day’s pay. Well Bono can – and that’s why he took a day off to record “Do they know it’s Christmas?” and you didn’t!

    And that’s not the full extent of Bono’s charity work. As well as recording numerous charity songs and playing, free of charge, at several charity concerts he also founded the organisations DATA, encouraging rich countries to write off third world debt and the One Campaign to encourage first world governments to give aid to third world countries.

    So forget the fact that the top ten pop stars in 2012 earned more money collectively than the world’s three billion poorest people (not far off half of the world’s population,) or the fact that U2’s gross earnings of £825 million in 2012 were more than the collective earnings of the world’s poorest one billion people that year, and start recognizing Bono for his selfless charity work that has eradicated third world hunger (except for the two billion people existing on less than £1 a day and the six million children who starve to death every year.)

    “So what are U2 doing for Red Nose Day this year?” I asked Bono as he bit into his flame grilled quarter pounder with cheese.

    “We’re just going to chill at home this year.”

    “What, back in Ireland?”

    “No, we left Ireland some years ago because we were paying too much tax. We’re now tax exiles in Holland.”

    “So you’re going to spend Red Nose Day in Holland?”

    “No,” he scoffed, “we don’t live there. It’s just our residence for tax reasons.”

    “So where will you spend Red Nose Day?”

    “We haven’t decided yet, it won’t be in my £5 million house in Dublin, but it might be my villa in the South of France or my £15 million penthouse in Manhattan.”

    “So aren’t you going to do anything for Comic Relief this year?”

    “The Edge and I are going to change our names for charity,” he replied.

    “That sounds great,” I chuckled, “what to?”

    “He’s going to become David Evans and I’ll become Paul Hewson.”

    “That’s radical,” I was forced to concede, “and do you think you’ll raise enough money to feed the world?”

    “Don’t be ridiculous,” he scoffed, “we might raise a few hundred quid, but to feed one starving child for a year would cost around £137.50p. To feed all six million children who starve to death every year would cost around £825 million.

    “But isn’t that the same amount of money that U2 earned last year?” I asked.

    “Probably,” he replied, “anyway I’ve got to get going, the Edge and I are off to Harrods to buy some wine – they’ve put aside a case of 6 bottles of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits for me – at a bargain cost of only £60,000. I hope you’ll give generously out of your benefit money next Friday.”

    “Don’t worry I will,” I said as I watched him walk away and disappear through the eye of a needle.

    • Yeh, and only 4% of the bandaid cash went to the people in need.

      • Africa is not a poor country really ,
        It’s the people that are poor ,

  19. You know aswell as I do this is nothing more than the plan. All along drive people from their home’s to build the smart city’s. Drive rusian people into so much poverty they will also become easy to take property from. And so on and So on. We know what the crack is. But truly Hugo you really are a Brother and have kept me going at times when the people around me wasn’t so clued up. But they are coming round and seeing it for themselves now. But just to tune in sometimes and see I’m not on my own makes all the difference. Thank you. Ps we know who wins in the End. God Bless

  20. A war waged to cover the WHO’s move to grant them power over the world’s elected governments when a health crisis comes again. Smoke and mirrors

  21. What is insulting is shop self-service checkouts asking if we want to donate a small amount of our remaining cash to Ukraine when Peppa Pig Johnson is continually squandering billions of our tax money on a conflict which is not and should not be any concern of ours.

  22. Hugo does brilliant videos and we would be as lost as a ship with a dodgy compass and a warped rudder without him. This video though is actually even more brilliant. Thanks Hugo. Top Man

    • The rooster gifted to Boris and co was interesting . You will see a rooster unveiĺed by Boris 8 years ago, on an exhibit featuring a Blue Rooster- Named
      Hahn Kock- 4th plinth exhibition.
      You’ll see the usual Blue/ Red symbolism of the exhibit banners, etc.

      It’s like watching a panto.
      The whole thing is so transparent .

  23. Not quite the same in the Donbas where the fighting is actually taking place – to understand what is actually happening check out Scott Ritter reports

    • Exactly Martin Godden..there are the Militia Azov Brigade..the brutal ‘bully boy’s.. CO is clearing out the Nazli sympathisers in Mariipol… did pick up Germany are arming/training up the guys….very ‘messy’ business…we should be standing well clear from the lot of them…

  24. Can’t wait to see St. Zelensky’s downfall. It’s sure to come as the cost of supporting that whining little bitch’s refusal to be reasonable starts to bite. It’ll show up in the EU first with their insane sanctions.

  25. Just look at the guy.. how can you take that serious?

  26. Hope bono bonehead realises his travel insurance will be null and void, travelling to a country against the advice of the foreign office.🤣🤣🤣💩

  27. Thank you again, Hugo!.. 👍😎
    Yes, how is this possible to plan ahead to rebuild the Ukraine, if war still going on there??!!!.. The market, the selebs, visiting the “war torn place”, this all doesn’t make sense!!!.. That “Bono” “seleb”, I hate him already!.. He was posing next to Billy Goats and with that “Swabs” or whoever, doesn’t matter!.. He’s in same bed with them.. 😄 And that words behind “WEF” says it all!.. 😈 And why the Ukrainian people in the metro had to be entertained by him, his songs sound like a moan, I agree with you, Hugo!.. And this Angelina “goddes” has to appear in such places, as iif she’s going to make big difference there.. 😅
    BBC’s another propaganda bull 💩, indeed!..

  28. Do some digging on ukcolumn Hugo. They are promoting the lies and fake war. They may have been.on our side in the pase but not since Ukraine. Classic bait and switch.

  29. Bono? Bonehead more like! What a fucking muppet he is! And couldn’t he have written an original song? It reminded me of Reg Dwight’s shitty candle in the wind for the lovely princess Diana!

    • Absolute garbage, Russia just as bad, I’d just be playing the game too, brays it cohort have annihilated Ukraine in No time. Humdinger the cesspit child trafficking, funders of Clinton Foundation. Soros saying we need to get behind Ukraine, that alone should tell you its bs!

    • My house as just been destroyed – from that big smile and laughter on her face it looks like she won the lottery on the same day.
      The BBC must have hugely increased the fees for their crisis actors for Ukraine Clown Show Globalist Soap Opera.

  30. They must have taken the script from wag the dog!

  31. I am not going to defend Bono or U2, to me they are all the same, however, this guy is a spotlight seeker.
    He did the same thing, during the Sarajevo war, he did the same thing during the Algerian civil war and many other conflicts, they even supported the release of the so called activist Aung San Suu Kyi a decision they lived to regret.
    They spoke against the Iraq war and many other conflicts, as I said this is not in their defense but just to show they were consistent in chasing the spotlights.

  32. For a country supposed to be at war, they sure host a number of vacuous celebrities. Clearly not as dangerous as the media would like you to believe

    • What I don’t get, is when they showed the bombed out areas and ppl attending funerals with fresh flowers. Where did they get the flowers from if, as far as you can see, it’s all rubble?

  33. Also, if the war was that horrible there would be no items to sell at a market!

    • A small local market – selling locally grown food and hand crafted products (in a war zone…..hehehee – only the vacant triple dart finish, masked flag waving virtue signalers would believe a single word of the complete globalist clown show theatre)

  34. It’s sooo obvious but STILL people can’t see past the 💩

  35. Very true all rubbish again 1 world order again

  36. And whilst people are genuinely struggling to eat, or heat their home, our puppet show Govt send Billions of £ and $ to Ukraine.
    Makes me sick.

  37. In the meantime the stock markets are taking a battering thanks to the idiotic sanctions – the DOW today should be interesting after it got smashed last week, looks like it’s heading down even more.

  38. Good to see you linked today on

  39. The propaganda machine truly knows no shame!

  40. When they wheel out Bono then you know for sure it’s an Establishment agenda in play.

    I feel sorry for all of the people who still believe in the “news” over the warnings sounded by the people around them who can clearly see through the bullshit.

  41. As always Hugo you can spot the BS coming out of their ears…
    No A lister would compromise their lives going into a war zone…I used to love Bono…what a disgrace he is…not even worth mentioning plastic b***h Angelina…

  42. I’m incandescent with rage…..Boris J has just awarded Ukranian Army £1.3 BILLION of British taxpayers money….AND an arm list of..armoury and goods from munitions vehicles etc etc…


      • ‘We’….the ordinary people are being made fools of….

    • Yes, I saw that news from a man with a beard, in Cyprus. He is American I think, but he made it clear how we have been shafted. Come November, we will be asked to buy poppies to help support our wounded……. I notice the signs asking for money in Tesco, Argos etc seem to have gone. Perhaps they realise what the real story is.

      • It’s the Duran Channel, but on YT, I’m afraid. They make a good job of explaining what is going on with Ukraine and Russia.

      • His name is Alex Christophorou

    • Plus Bidens $33 Billion of USA taxpayers money – all straight into the hands of the Khazarian Mafia (Ukraine sits in the heart of old Khazaria – it is the head of the globalist snake)

    • Yes.. that is a thousand million UK taxpayers £££££ !!!!!!

  43. It wouldn’t be the same without Gomo Bono would it 🙂

    • Maybe they intens to nuke the place first, to clean it, then rebuild

      • Hey ya, BONO is supporting Neo Nazi. He must be stupid or dumb at the same time. OR just work for the money that I am sure of. Haha

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