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  1. The thing I never understood about U2 way back in the 80s and 90s was why were they such a big band yet a shit band
    Okay, they had one or two half decent songs but that was about it.
    Even then I knew they were a band people pretended to like as they thought it was the “cool thing” to do.
    But my biggest question was why they were billed around the world as being one of the best bands on the planet when it was quite obvious they wasn’t.
    Well now I know, they were being groomed for use as propaganda in years to come.

    • MSM. They get their orders as to who or what to promote. They set it in motion and plant the idea that they’re cool and you’re not if you don’t agree Then they sit back and watch their plans take shape.

  2. Hugo homeland under cover government operative he’s not the massiya He’s just a very nortie little bboy

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  4. Look at Bono’s eyes ! They always tell the story. The soul has departed.

  5. I’ve just seen that it’s Eurovision tonight, and Ukraine are the shortest odds there’s ever been for any entry It says the winning Ukraine act was disqualified for having some Russian connection to the performer. A rap act has taken its place and is said to be a “mouthpiece for Ukraine”, as if they don’t have enough mouthpieces already. I don’t know how they supervise the voting, but it will be hugely supported by the virtue signalling masses, and even if it wasn’t intended to win they will surely rig the voting somehow or bribe the other countries to vote for it.

    • This so reminds me of the covid pandemic” propaganda.. ” we’re al most there but not quite…the infections might ruse….they have actually dropped but still…”

  6. Well done Hugo, another great vid. It doesn’t take much brain power to know that you’re looking at a theatre, does it? I haven’t watched BBC Propaganda news for years, and I unavoidably glanced at my MSN feed the other day – it seems that they’re setting up fake opposition leader Weird Starmer as next PM after A GRIM PERSON Piers Morgan told us “It’s over” for Boris. His crappy uncensored show is getting shockingly low viewing figures.

    I’ve heard people refer to what’s happening as the Nonsense Mark II or the “new nonsense” because Nonsense Mark I (when Convid-19 hit) was so blatantly pure nonsense. But what’s now happening is only nonsense insofar as what people are believing in the propaganda theatre.

    Re-read Orwell 1984 – the “permanent war” is upon us now. Make no mistake about it, they’re setting up the show for WWIII. None of that footage from Kyiv is convincing. Is this the Russia that can totally annihilate London, Paris and any other major city in just 4-minutes using its Sarmat 7,000 km/h nuclear missiles, or create a radioactive tsunami and wipe out all life in the British Isles?

    It is reported that the Russians have been successful in wiping out the hundreds of bio labs spread across Ukraine, funded by the US, to manufacture all of these poison jabs. The engineered food supply shortages and sanctions are already estimated to kill millions.

    • Spot on. I can’t believe that they’ve tried to fool us into thinking that Russia are that incompetent.

  7. Brother said he knows serving army guys and they laughed at all of this as they said its all old footage and theres not much going on in fact….
    I see ukraine flags about and like the fake pandemic its given more brainwashing to people to get hold of….

  8. Bio labs and DUMBS IS WHAT THE Russians are looking for. Ukraine the child trafficking capital of the world!

  9. More bollocks from the BBC, its a shame they didn’t report the bombing of the donbass region and the killing of their own people for the past 8 years, maybe they didn’t know it was going on a, scum.

    • They are just doing what they have already done to Syria.

  10. If there was really a war, why would all the heads of states etc be allowed to enter. They really do think everyone believes them. Oh and I don’t think the interpreter was actually repeating what the women said. Couldn’t quite hear. The women would not be smiling if that was her situation.

  11. LOL.You are so canny & so smart Hugo. You give us hope that there is still intelligent life on this Planet. LOL. Everything you have observed & stated here is, once again, bang on! No pun intended. Unbelievable! How gullible are people? Wait, you don’t need to even answer that. It is, sadly, too obvious what the answer to that is. The footage shown here is fake! Firstly, the news broadcaster, on camera, showing a perfectly intact huge Church in the backdrop behind him,, saying that much would have to be ‘rebuilt.” It seems the Russians must have missed that huge target there. Bad aim I guess! Then, there is the huge potholes on that road, with cars still using the road. It looked as if someone had just dropped huge boulders from above. It seems the Russians have very bad aim there too by the look of things. It looks like, going by this footage here, that they couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Then, there is the happy go lucky, lighthearted, gaily smiling lady with the allegedly “destroyed” house that she still manages to live in. How fortunate! Yet she seems so delighted about it still. No distress there! Then there is the casually clad, country attired, other BBC Commentator strolling through the market place as if he’s going for a walk in the Park. while folks are strolling around doing their marketing. This, while they are again saying they have to “Rebuild” so much there, as there is such devastation. No fear or distress there either?! One wonders why this would be in such a ‘war torn place!? Hmmm! Then there is the fellow in the ‘destroyed’ building of his “second home,’ when the other part of this building looks completely untouched. It all reminds me of the footage of the fires out West, years ago, where you saw a house divided as if a line was drawn exactly right down the middle, with one side completely burned to a crisp, yet the other half completely untouched. Then trees burning all around an area, but a patch of trees in the missile of them completely untouched. Must be “selective’ fires & burning & “selective” blast damage & a “selective” war, it would seem. Just like “Covid,’ the “selective’ “disease’ that only comes out at certain times, between the hours of such & such, or just before major happy holidays like Easter & Christmas. Also it coincidently only strikes in “selective’ locations.,such as Churches & places of worship & small businesses & places that make people happy. Then it miraculously & completely skips over places like Costco, Walmart & other major huge conglomerates. Good Lord! Let’s see, did we miss anything? I think not. Anyway, thank you again Hugo for another brilliant Commentary & for your canniness & discernment. God bless you!

    • You’re spot on. I felt something was wrong right at the beginning of this so called war. I don’t know whether it was the MSM that did it with there interactive whiteboards treating it more like an election than an invasion by probably one of the scariest nations on earth, that could, let’s face it, obliterate any country if they wanted to, but all they ever showed was places, after the bombing, there was no proper journalism at all. No going with the soldiers, dodging bullets, like when they show the wars in places like Afghanistan. Also how did we know who was responsible for the bombing of the buildings it was never clear. Then all those tanks with the big X on them, that didn’t look real. This is Russia we’re talking about, it looked like some game set up by someone who hadn’t got the first idea about invading a country!!! Russia???? Or was it Zelensky, with his army coloured T shirts, who was obviously acting the whole time, trying for an Oscar. Whatever it was, alarm bells were ringing loud and clear. Then when Hugo started to say similar and more, I listened to what he was saying and it made sense of the confusion I was feeling. This whole thing is the playing out of a plan that was orchestrated a long time ago. Organised demolition of the world’s food, economy and laws. Out with the old and in with the new. Tick ✔️ “Sshh… Here’s your payout, here’s yours and yours! Brand new world here we come. Once we’ve got rid of the peasants, those petrol guzzling, meat eating, wasters, there’ll be more for us. More engine fuel, more food, more land, more power, more of everything and we’ll say what the few people who are left can and can’t do. We shall have designed the perfect world” Trouble with that is… who will be the main ruler!!!! I sense trouble ahead in paradise

  12. Good bless you Hugo for speaking the truth! God Bless!!!

    Shame on those journalist who are shamelessly deceiving the public with their reports. So so tragic. How can they sleep with such awful sin ie. lie after lie, on their shoulder unimaginable. Shame on them!

  13. Shouldn’t Russia have attacked by now? Something stinks!

  14. Again Hugo, you are so on the ball. Why would you have a market in the middle of a war and when Boris was there strolling along he was admiring the buildings.
    Why are their no aerial views of Russian tanks actually attacking etc.
    That lady saying her house was destroyed was smiling away, she didn’t seem too worried, nor was the reporter.
    We have stopped watching BBC programmes and other news channels. In fact if you turn the tv propaganda off it is surprising how you get so many other things done.
    Thank you Hugo.

  15. Edge and Bono walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Not U2 again!”.

  16. Actualy no one o the World taking mote refugees and imogrants then Poland.It is great virtue bit naive due the fact that goverment drop that on people not giving money or create camps.It is for taking people houses later.Virtuous but sadly naive…

  17. Why do they often use a soft spoken Irish voice? Is it to engender stupid sympathy? EVERY trick in the book is being used. Big doe eyed kittens will be next.

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