BBC Licence Fee NEW COMPULSORY Funding Model / Hugo Talks

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  1. Well..not sure what to say here anymore. I dontt have tv and no intention to get one so the customer rights will be breached for making me to pay for the services I do not receive?

  2. I will never pay a penny to the lying , paedophile protecting BBC.

  3. We had compulsory fee for the National TV in Romania TVR added to our electricity bill since the communist era. No one was watching but if you had electricity, you had a meter, you payed. It was so absurd that even if you had a garage with one light bulb, no tv no nothing you had to pay. It was scrapped about 5 years ago after a huge outrage by the public with people refusing to pay the electricity bill or payed just the amount for electricity and not for the TV tax. The electricity companies then started to pressure the Government to at least decouple it from the electricity bill and let people choose so under pressure they did gave people the choice and surprise surprise no on chose to pay the tax. So they scraped t, buuut the TV station still gets funding from the Government so in the end we still pay for the propaganda. But we were very close to get the TVR out of business as it almost filed for bancruptcy.

    • Basically.we are doomed from all the angles but I would do.the same not paying for anything I am not using..I will ensure I have no direct debit for anything

  4. I just heard recently that for the last 2 years alone the BBC is funded by the taxpayer anyhow.

  5. I do like to say thank you to Nadine dorries by making the BBC licence fee going compulsory and by the way the BBC can have 2 choices it’s either get rid of @guardian and keep the BBC news channel on TV or no more BBC news channel on TV which means those people who likes the BBC will have to pay by online subscription.

  6. FFS. Next they’ll be making it mandatory for citizens to tune into the 6 o’clock lies every evening. But as we know, ‘mandatory’ ain’t law.

  7. Adding to electricity or Internet just proves they are all government owned too. We all need to stop paying for them too. We get ripped off left right and centre in this country. Everything we do is taxed.

  8. Evil demonic sneaky bastards fuck then evil demonic greedy fat ugly as hell freaks can shove it up they’re covi arse they can fucking swivel for it but I know they’ll take it off of universal credit fucking evil fucking bastards already take council tax off of universal credit but yet nobody mentions that huh all I see is don’t pay it stop paying it but if like me folks on universal credit you don’t get a fucking choice but I’m still against it anyway evil demonic bastards am waiting for that fat Bastard blooby Johnson to drop dead with a fucking heart attack coz he’s so blooby fat and he fucking deserves it and am surprised he hasn’t dropped dead yet if only and the rest of the evil demonic scum follow suit if only

  9. Unalignable Rights under Common Law.
    All Statutes, Acts, Requirements are just “words” and requires my concent.
    Nothing by a corporation is legal only contract by a living being written in wet ink. And my agreement to contract of concent written in wet ink.
    Everything else is a lie and cannot be in forced.

  10. What about running adverts. Presumably this model not considered.

  11. The whole thing is beyond a joke. Compulsory payment equals no choice. Sadly a fair few people I know have gone by way of the stab – can’t get revenue from them then! Although I guess inheritance tax, death duties, etc. Tax on breathing. I remember when they were reconsidering a window tax a while back. I think the general reception was up yours and the same applies to them to this day.

  12. I do have a large TV….. because they are mass produced and cheaper than large PC monitors, but I don’t have an antenna connection, that is cut…
    and I have ZERO interest in BBC online, never visit, they know that because you do have to log in…
    SoI will just have to replace my TV with a PC monitor……
    perhaps a member of my family want a TV? going free

  13. In Canada its called CBC (Communist Broadcasting Company). We are having a Conservative Leader Election and one of the Puppet Tyrants promises to Defund the CBC. Ya right……. It’s our Liberal Tyrant Justin Trudeau’s RAG. If anything….. it will be funded by us, like the BBC is by you. All BullShit if you ask me. LOL

  14. Never had a licence….never would be stupid enough to pay for one…

  15. Cancelled our British Brainwashing Corporation license years ogo

  16. It seems that we can NEVER get the Leadership we ‘vote’ for ! Every political party has some toxic shit buried deep in their manifestos !! We really need an Oliver Cromwell right now !! Any moron who gets into a position of power then uses that power to punish and injure the people they are supposed to be working for. It’s ALL a massive joke, con, act and deception !!

    • Oliver cromwell? The guy who banned everything fun? I agree but Cromwell is a really odd example, unless i been lied to. Why him?

    • @barryrlees Oliver Cromwell was the biggest and most evil traitor England ever had. 100% financed by the Jews, controlled by the Jews and guilty of Regicide!

      On the English Civil War:

      “No English lawyer could be found to draw up the charge (against King Charles I), which was eventually entrusted to an accommodating alien, Isaac Dorislaus (A Dutch Jew).” (All brackets mine) –

      — Hugh Ross Williamson from his book “Charles and Cromwell”

    • The system is working as it was designed to then. You don’t really believe they work for you do you? That voting is somehow sane? (“I want this person to make my decisions even if I don’t like my decisions”). We are being farmed and the sooner people admit what is obvious the sooner we can do something about it, starting with Jews and the Vatican and then wiping out “The Crown”. Anything short of that is futile. We have to erase every genetic trace of the supremacist cunts.

  17. The concept of the licence fee as a means of funding the state broadcaster has been open to question ever since the advent of satellite television in the late 1980’s and further accelerated by the internet. In short, it is had its day but all this proves is that the government seems intent on keeping this particular institution on a life support mechanism propped up by legalised extortion.

  18. State run broadcasting showed its hand back in the 1960s, when they closed down the free and independent pirate radio stations, floating out in the North Sea, Radio London and Radio Caroline. When they did that, the writing was on the wall for freedom of speech and the right to freely broadcast in the UK. Since then all we have seen is a tightening of the Rothschild Commie screws on British Broadcasting!

  19. Evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum fucking greedy gay ugly bastards deserve the fucking death sentence evil fucking cunts better start fucking running fat fucking bastards better not look in any mirrors coz they’ll all smash looking at they’re fat ugly faces sewer rats deserve to choke to fucking death on they’re own greed the most fucked up retarded freaks on the fucking planet sewer rats can fuckoff and rot in hell forever I feel sorry for they’re brats the spawn of hell

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