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  1. Seems to me that whenever you get something right, all the little twatter bots come crawling out of the woodwork to try shitting on your shoulder. PS, Musk is a WEF plant!

    • Levensky is wef as well the ukraine “prime minister”

      • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..in the ukraine.
        In this side more vids…….

  2. They’re probably doing it to create even more social unrest because they know the highly vocal lefties will blow a gasket and probably start rioting – because of twatter FFS.

  3. Is that steam I can see Hugo ? , calm down 🙂

  4. I have a challenge for everyone. Spend several minutes talking to a villager in Minecraft or any AI NPC in any computer game. Then go and watch a few media broadcasts from these so called celebrities on the tv or internet. Go back into your game again and see if you can tell the difference. If you can`t then unplug from the media and go and talk to a real live person face to face and have a good laugh.

  5. God is in Control. The Evil beings are on their last legs. Desperate to sway the masses. They will all PAY for what they are doing. PAY!!

    • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..in the ukraine.
      In this side more vids…….

  6. Martin Lewis sold his Money Saving business for 35 million pounds, so he isn’t short of a quid or two.

  7. My god… where to start with this one… right, Martin Lewis pushing home brands to ‘save’ money…

    Good fruit never grows on a bad tree – or words to that effect

    What are the more pricey items you can buy more cheaply by buying home brands? Chocolate? Pringles? Oven chips? Sausage rolls?? Basically, all the stuff that is shite for your body with no nutritional value and loaded with toxins and chemicals – cheaper means corners cut! Fructose instead of sugar for example, sweeter than sugar, artificial so there’s plenty of it – makes making sugary things incredibly cheap to make to maximise profits – who knows whats in it, but if profit is the game – they dont care what effect it has on you, theyve just bought themselves a yacht… So yeah, you might save a few quid, but be dead with cancers and alzheimer’s by the time youre 60 if youre lucky – that pension pot youve spent your life paying in to, dont worry, the government will look after that for you – they’re good like that…

    You’re playing right into their hands. Simply stop buying all that shite – save even more money! I just top trumped the money saving expert. Fuel yourself with good, home grown stuff if you can… Im not perfect, im still trying to work it all out, but i’m aware… im much more conscious about what goes in my body these days…

    Anyway, better go, im off to the chippy for my tea…

    • Great comment

      I am in process of gathering timber & finding space to grow my own
      Even though all this insanity is going on around us
      I still have always wanted to grow my own
      So this craziness isn’t going to stop me, like yourself… Going for it.

      I cook all my own food
      I to like to know also what I am eating is healthy & not messed around with.

      Keep smiling All
      It’s only more crazy if you allow it.
      We got this Every one if we live our lives as we should, not being Ruled & controlled by basically… nut jobs!

      Thank you Hugo as always

      Have great evening All

    • Yes, I agree. Years ago I heard about aspartame and how it is a neurotoxin which damages brain cells. It is in everything now. Can’t have a lemonade at a pub now because that is all on offer. Can’t buy a gin & tonic for the same reason. Fevertree is the only soft drink you can buy without it now.

  8. I think many people are unaware Musk is the son of an emerald mine owner. Not a genius.

    • Yep but also there are many who are aware because they research .

  9. Cheers Hugo; the truth can be murkier than an Alabama swamp after a hillbilly disco. But if it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit…I was saying to someone else today that I personally think Elon shit-cologne is just another Goat Fucker puppet.

    Among other things, this is the man who openly stated his intentions to mount a coup in Bolivia for unrestricted access to their lithium fields. I trust him as far as I could throw the Goat Fuckers’ GIGANTIC bag of enormous lies.

  10. Ed Balls was a member of “Committee of 300”. That is huge.

  11. On point.
    it’s ALL about gaining “consent” via language. “both” sides, all the way down.
    It doesnt even matter if neuralink gets invented or not. Wizard of oz. It equates to reality in peoples heads which all provides the controllers with the.closest experience to being God like that is possible for them to achieve. even more so if they reveal what is happening along the way. which is also believed or hoped by some to mitigate retribution

  12. Hugo, you can also say that “All the world’s a stage”.
    I think it always was a stage but today’s “play” is of the lowest quality ever because the “directors” are so careless and blatant.

    Watch Brendon O’Connell

    Ignore the criticism because there will be more of them that will only want to put you out of balance.
    You haven’t been yet properly targeted by the Intelligence.

  13. It’s a really bad TV show all these people would have nothing if it wasn’t for TV stop watching them would rather watch paint drying wonder does Martin / robin hood lol go to Tesco and spend 13 pound don’t think so as he ever heard the saying practice what you preach he just needs to piss off they all do

  14. I agree about Musk and Lewis, but you are slipping Hugo, you have not yet exposed Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell as CIA plants. 🙂

  15. Yes, it’s a game and our PM has his office in Chequers!! Black verses white. Ha Ha – Let’s not play. All the world is a stage on this flat plane of ours. These highly paid actors have got another land to go to when they are ‘resting’ from their lucrative roles.

  16. Hugo. Thank you! You’re always going to get criticism about people you don’t feature! There’s only so many hours in the day! Instead of criticising you why don’t they go research it for themselves?
    I for one thank you for everything you do!

  17. Lewis is one of The Nosen Ones. Enough said. Look at connections between Finchley Road and Lewis’s accountant – happy finding new things day.

    • More info please on the Lewis Connections! The man is odious. Astonishing that he has such a large following of non-thinking human-cattle or the ‘goyim’ to use his vernacular. Maybe the narcissist just pays his groupies to love him?

  18. So fake it pathetic and no it’s not as easy as “ growing your own “ when your on universal credit hell n can’t work coz illness and in council house where it woujd get either nicked or wrecked either way it’s a no go for now

  19. Look. I know that they are all fake and by the way I have heard that twitter is being accused of being mysterious because Elon musk has got twitter and if you do not believe me then check out timcast’s YouTube channel.

  20. Joe Rogan is an antichristian bigot, a freemason with connections with Church of satan’s Stanton LaVey.
    The sad people who follow Trump are mentally dysfunctional, they cannot discern evil in front of their noses

  21. Hugo Hugo Hugo you have me laughing so much with some of your comments in your videos. Especially eating cold beans out the tin. Lol. I do that on occasions and just laughed so much when you said it. You are not only a great bloke for doing such brilliant videos but you are also a VERY funny bloke. Thanks for all you do do.

    • Was in stitches at the Martin Lewis has figured out how to save shoppers money by buying the store saver versions of products, sarcasm at it’s best!!. Keep up the great work Hugo!!

      • LOL! And these mindless ‘moneysavingexpert tips’ are sexed-up by the meeja as Martin’s Clever “Hacks” !!
        Alas, it looks like Lewis is gonna be bumming around for a while yet.
        Once the TV licence is abolished, Lewis and his fellow parasites, the bloated cabal of TV celebutards, will move to the new leeching model — sucking straight from the titty-bottle, through direct taxation of the plebs.

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