Nigeria Blocks 73 MILLION Smart Phones For No Digital ID / Hugo Talks

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  1. Why Nigeria out of over west African countries

  2. do what we do here, get a SIM card from the local PAKI, pre-registered

    • Nigeria is a contraption and a zoo. Corruption with impunity.

  3. A pity that didn’t clamp down on email scammers..

  4. Coming to a Country near you soon. Welcome to the J ew World Order.

  5. Every time the upgrade, for security, they just create more ways for fraud. Digital ID will just creat even more fruad.

    Apart from stealing your cash. Nobody can send your cash.

  6. In the Netherlands, Rabobank will monitor a number of people on their spending patterns via their bank card “as a trial”. Of course completely voluntary and then you can score points if you are doing “well”. The Triodos bank also has ears for this, so what do you think will happen.

  7. We knew, they knew we knew but it’s still coming in. How/why is this allowed to be ongoing still?

  8. So l won’t know if I’ve won the Nigerian lottery loll!?

    • AgeUK?? Seriously?? It’s another bullshit ‘charity’. In bed with big business. Not least Big Pharma. The last people for whom that rogue outfit has any concerns are the oldies! The spin it puts on the axing of PSTN in 2025 is done as a public relations favour for Openreach (BT Group).

  9. Good for you Hugo. I’m also prepared to do
    without their technology traps from hell.

    “The simple step of a simple courageous
    man is not to take part in the lie, not to support
    deceit. Let the lie come into the world, let it even
    dominate the world. BUT NOT THROUGH ME.”
    ~ Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

  10. Still use Data and Whatapp video/voice calls I’d bet, especially in Wifi areas.

    Bet if we don’t get our jabs then this will happen to us aswell.

    Can’t use Dating Apps I see, without proof of fully jabbed, madness.

  11. The lower trier fraudsters compete with the frauds and Ponzi Schemes created by the “elite”.
    Surely they don’t want that. It’s nothing about protecting anyone but having a monopoly on fraud.
    They have to keep an eye on any small individual or an organization that can regionally challenge the Octopus.
    Mafias have long been taken over, subjugated by the Intelligence. If you watch any criminal movie/documentary about mafias and crime syndicates replace it with Intelligence.

    Like in the banking corporations every small fish goes through a barrage of trainings about conflict of interest and insider trading so the directors of the very same investment banks have exclusivity on conflict of interest and insider trading.
    I am sure you noticed by now that rules don’t apply to these shysters.

    Clamp down on anonymous activities on the Internet and over the phone is an ultimate step to tranquilize and paralyze the public like some insect predators do before they consume the prey. Sheep need wolves and this is a final game between wolves and wolves hidden in sheep’s hide.

  12. Currently they are laying fibre optic ONLY cable everywhere completely bypassing the old BT copper wires and exchanges. They are encouraging people to get fibre optic wire from these new cables DIRECTLT into your homes. So what you say, well your standard copper cable runs a voltage to your phone and if you pick your standard plug in phone it takes the charge coming down the copper line which ‘opens’ the connection, powers your phone and allows you always to make a call even with no mains electric. Fibre optic wire carries no charge so you have to plug it the controller into the mains to allow your internet and phone to work, no electric, no internet, no phone . This is a terrible problem in the event of a power cut because you have no ability to use your phone. To counter this problem when this system used to be fitted they added a box containing batteries to allow the use of your phone in the event of a power cut but as far as I can see looking at these cable companies they are not fitting any power back-up systems because they put the cost onto the Internet Service Provider and obviously they don’t want to pay.

    ‘Don’t operators’ supply battery backup?
    Some FTTP homes were originally installed with Battery Backup Units (BBU) alongside the ONT, although Openreach stopped doing this by default in 2018 (i.e. in FTTP-only areas). Part of the reason for this is that it was only ever really needed for phone services, and it thus makes less sense now that Openreach will no longer be selling traditional voice/phone services, only data connections.

    In short, the responsibility for such things has been passed on to retail ISPs, which are now able to do their own IP voice products with broadband. Furthermore, since the end of 2018, Ofcom’s “expectation” has been to “recommend only providing battery backup or other protection facilities to vulnerable consumers” (here) – this must be good enough to work for a minimum of 1 hour.’

    CityFibre for your home

    We don’t just promise faster broadband, we build it
    Our brand new, state of the art fibre-optic network delivers more speed than you will ever need. With your very own Full Fibre connection coming right into your home, drop-outs and slow-downs will be a thing of the past. With near limitless capabilities, it can handle it all, it’s broadband that just works, you’ll never look back.

    Imagine you have ’10 minute cities’ (you can’t travel more than 10 minutes from home), ‘smart’ meters with a device built in so they can disconnect your utilities remotely, phones that do not work without mains electric, cars that need to be charged to work, street lighting that can be switched on and off from a central hub, digital money able to be switched off remotely, add to the mix the ability to claim an outbreak of a ‘killer contagion’ in a blacked out region with no chance of contact with that region.

    These people are controlled by satan and satan’s only wish is to take as many of us with him as possible. He knows his time is up, he know he can’t defeat God, he writhes in his knowledge and strikes out in his final days to create fear and misery, hold firm, fear nothing as long as your with God Almighty in truth, love and faith nothing can harm you.

    • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..

  13. Nigeria has one of the largest populations in the world. So they would need to see how control works here on a large population. God is watching and He will liberate us from these evil people who are trying to enslave mankind. God bless everyone here. 🙏🏾🕊️🔥

    • As a fellow Afrikan, for years I have watched and listened to the only solution Afrikans know, watch and pray, no action, no uprising. Just prayer. How is that working out for us up til now?

      You can pray and wait all you want, but even David had to eventually pick up the stone to knock down Goliath or do you guys forget that man is the vessel through which God does his wonders, not in faith with no works. Smh. The Afrikan mind is so colonised, not even the white man who gave you your Bible leans on it as much as you do. Wake up!

  14. Hugo you have been predicting this for some time, how right you were. How long before that happens here. It is worrying as uk are getting rid of landlines. They are making things more and more difficult so we comply and we can be controlled. We will have to go back to having no phones.
    It would be awful if we couldn’t get your videos, dosen’t bare thinking about. 😥

    • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..

  15. Cutting mobiles off is no big deal, we can still use IP phones without SIM’s, but the big danger is when internet access is blocked, then we need a way to bypass their systems to gain access.

  16. My main question for April 2022 is where are the marches because it looks like the movement is dying down at least in London.
    I know some will come out and say that every other month there is so called big Worldwide march and in between there are local monthly marches.

    To me this is a clear indicator that for all this time the “elite” via vast controlled opposition has handled the underground very well.

    I just remind you of the price hikes:
    electricity by 50%
    petrol/diesel by 35%
    LNG/LPG by 36%
    chronic shortages of various goods.
    Feel free to mention other things I haven’t listed.

    I reckon most people haven’t realized yet because it has to better reflect on their bank statements.

  17. Jabs for jab passes…..
    There was never no virus and it was a excuse to get the first stage done…
    Nhs app was the prototype for the covid pass now..
    And covid is short for certificate of vaccination ID ( digital pass)…
    The swabs never tested for a virus and was used to inflate figures and put fear into people

    • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..

  18. Hugo, I think you are wrong about UK gov saying they are getting rid of landlines in the UK. They are getting rid of the PSTN (copper telephone network) and replacing with optical fibre. Openreach are accelerating the rollout of fibre. However, they will try to control your access some how – I’m sure.

    • They are phasing out there usage in other ways. I’ve lost track of how many services require a mobile to work, (bank I.D checks, setting up a new email etc.) And many of them only accept a mobile and not a landline. I went to get my hair done for the first time in years. Popped in and booked in person. They asked me for my mobile number, I assumed it was in case they had to cancel. I don’t have one so gave them my husband’s. Later that day he received a text asking me to pay a deposit to secure my appointment (why didn’t they ask when I was there?) We messed around for ages trying to pay a £10 deposit, which was a nightmare because our bank kept asking for a security code sent by text and every time we went off the message we had to restart the process. I finally managed, then I got a text asking me to complete a form with my details, including my date of birth! To get my hair done! I wouldn’t have bothered but it’s the only place in my village and I don’t have time to drive into the city. It really fees like I’m living in a dystopian nightmare.

  19. Not right for Nigerians to be cut off phones because of digital IDs and by the way Tony Blair made that idea by bringing in digital IDs and I am not going to be fooled over digital IDs.

    • Please make a research of the heavenly new jerusalem plan…..

  20. Evi bastards trapping folk scamming folk fuck the lot of them

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