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  1. I have but on set a mount and I export energy through my solar panels to energy I house bound so shop on line sorry have very few app

  2. No pain meter for me , they can do one on this !

  3. I came to a new build home – had asked if there were smart meters – told no. When I arrived the electricity meter was smart. I started contacting them to take it out- they wouldn’t- went to higher levels and complained with supportive evidence- they closed the case. I changed my electric provider which deactivated the meter. New company eventually contacted me to arrange the fitting of their smart meter. I declined. It was two years ago now so don’t know if it’s still possible…..

    • It seems that it’s not possible now without a lot of hassle and a big fee. My daughter has the same issue with her new home 🙁

  4. It’s all about the Context that you are using ‘Smart’ in Hugo so Partially agree with you but not Wholly .:)

  5. I just had a look on the Toolstation site. They actually have a department called ‘Smart Home’. Some of the prices are amazing, and you would have to save a lot of energy to justify the cost. I do deal with Toolstation and they always get back to you if you query something. They kept a low profile in the Scamdemic, so I don’t mind supporting them, but I won’t be buying any ‘smart’ products! As an extra, we watched a film called ‘They came to a city’. It is on YT, and is by J B Priestley. A very thought-provoking film, and seems to mirror what we have now, with old Swob.

  6. Dear Hugo – can you do a report about data centres? all the smart items, and chips, and the cloud – people don’t always realise that every bit of information travels to a server somewhere. the cloud isn’t really a white fluffy thing that gives rain. it’s actually a data centre owned by a big company e.g. Microsoft. and is located somewhere big e.g. the desert. When we get a letter telling us we owe money – it’s not from another person, it’s from a software program. the person who wrote it is probably retired now living in a nice house somewhere!! 🙂

  7. It isn`t just the gas and electricity. Don`t forget about smart water meters. Members of my family have been trying to persuade me to get one installed for years. No way Hosay. From what i understand all new builds have to have one. If you ask for one to be put in in an older house you can take it out within 12 months. After that you have to keep it.

  8. If you have one can’t have it removed, can’t you just take a hammer to it, and smash it into smithereens?! Replies welcome.

  9. Very interesting Hugo. Indeed, a lot of words don’t mean what we think they do.
    Thanks as always. God bless you all.

    • The acronym ‘SMART’, in the context in which the psychopathic Globalists are using it, stands for ‘Surveillance Military Arsenal in Residential Technology’.

      (obtained online)

  10. I would say it was about three years ago I had a smart meter put in for my electric as the company wrote to say they were putting it in. Probably like a lot of people then I didn’t think much about it and assumed we had to have it.
    When my son came back home to stay for a while he told me how bad they were and said I should get it taken out. I phoned our supplier who we were with and said I wanted it taken out , they asked why and I said I wasn’t told about the health risks by them when it was installed. They assured me it was safe but I insisted I wanted it taken out and they actually agreed. It did not cost me anything. We now have the old style meter which is how it is going to stay.
    When a man came to read the meter last week ( first time for 8 months) he said he was not having a smart meter himself and he said the company are only putting them in for their own benefit, not yours. How right he was plus he would probably lose his job.
    So no Smart meter for me or Smart phone. Manage very well without either.

  11. Until you get them to remove the meter instal a radiation grid cover

  12. I have Telegram app on my Mac, no need for a phone number to use it. I can’t comment on how Hugo uses it but it’s possible without a phone.

    • I would like to know how you do that as I do not have a smart phone. I have tried to set up an account on Telegram but it always asks me to connect with my phone!

  13. Who wants Internet for up to one hundred devices in your own home as advertised ?
    Those selling the devices.

  14. A moron and an anti-Semite. Neither are welcome here.

    • @Steve Green how about pattern recognition and objective criticism?

  15. If you have a smart meter you really need to mask it. You can watch a video on Youtube about protecting yourself from the radiation which is emitted from them. It seems to be a fine mesh bag which allows them access but stops the radiation from harming you. I do wonder though that if you were to completely cover it with tin foil, whether they would be able to have access to it!

  16. Wait unti lthey want install a smart meter in your throat to count how many calories you eat. We are becoming the Borg. The hive collective of unthinking, obeying worker ants.

  17. I trust no one with or without showing their face. Been following from the beginning as he always questions everything just up to us to make our own minds up. I think it’s more about individuals finding the truth than trusting someone.

  18. Certainly painful for electrosensitive people.. which is actually everyone..but only some of us can hear and feel the frequencies.

  19. @Hugo Talks, Hugo the only way to do it is order a new meter online and then get a sparks to remove the smart meter and fit your new one. Serve notice on the Electricity Company that you will leave their meter on the doorstep, for collection, and supply them with readings every quarter or every month from your new meter.

    This is not an unlawful process.

    • Great topic it is interesting what Hugo says about smart and it’s origins . . .The source of “smart” is the prehistoric Germanic root word “smert,” which meant “to be painful; to hurt,” and which eventually produced our modern English “smart.” As a verb, “to smart” has always meant “to hurt,”
      This could definately apply to you and your “Smart Ass” remarks to people. Your comments are designed to continually “to be painful; or to hurt” people.
      I can only surmise by you non reply that it’s content is beyond you. it was about perspective and the vanishing point of an object to which you like to change the subject and avoid .

      your original question was . .
      @Jason Martin, I will say to you what I say to all flat earth dupes: Show me where I will find the sun in the night sky of your flat earth paradigm, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it MUST remain visible 24/7 365 days of the year.
      Anyway in regards to perspective, as an object moves away from you it becomes smaller and smaller the closer they are to the vanishing point and, at this point, seem to completely disappear (or vanish). Your eye level and the horizon line are one and the same. Look straight ahead, and the horizon line is in front of you. All lines parallel with the viewer’s line of sight recede to the horizon towards this vanishing point.

      you couldn’t quite grasp the geometry . . . so your reply was . .

      April 22, 2022
      @battlebeth Oh yes!! just as I expected – pure unadulterated BULLSHIT!! What vanishing point? Show me a visible star that has a vanishing point? The sun (a star) would be visible 24/7 365 days of the year, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it would NOT SET and nor would it RISE = always in the sky shining down on your mickey mouse flat earth. No wonder you morons are called flat-tards!!

      A very smart reply

      • Good for you, battlebeth! Anybody making such statements needs to get called on it. Isn’t it interesting how super sensitive some are when the subject of flat earth arises? Why do they get so nasty and condescending? Hmmm… maybe it’s out of frustration for defending a concept that has no logical defense. Imagine, a spinning wet ball corkscrewing in the infinitely expanding vacuum of space at millions of miles per hour. How embarrassing! Talk about a fish story! lol

      • CharlieGoy And yet another flattard – you morons are like an annoying disease!

        The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the aether. Space vacuum is a myth. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk.

        Flat Earth Stupidity Exposed

      • Ha ha ha . . . you can’t understand basic geometry and understand that as things get farther away from you they disappear! So I think you’re the bird brain or better than that . . . a NITWIT.

      • @battlebeth Not with a telescope they don’t, you stupid ignorant moron! The sun is a star and is very close to the earth so there is NO WAY it would disappear in a flat earth paradigm. You deluded idiots cannot even get your heads around your own dumb theory!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine . . You really are a thick dib dob. I really have not ever spoken to anyone stupid . . .A telescope? . . ha ha ha. So what you are suggesting is that if you look to the horizon to the west at night with a telescope you will see the sun and New York as you stated in an earlier post? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds. You haven’t got the first clue about perspective and as object get further from you they get smaller and eventually will vanish beyond the horizon. Or the vanishing point where they will no longer be visible as they get farther and farther away. Granted it is possible to bring objects back into view that lie beyond the horizon using a powerful enough lens such as the P900 and the P1000 NIKON cameras These have been used in many many experiments to bring ships, boats and distant objects many hundreds of miles away into view, proving without a doubt the earth is a flat plane and not curved. beyond that distance it becomes impossible because of atmospherics and temperature and also because camera’s are just not powerful enough too see any further. According to pythagorean mathematics the earth curvature is supposedly 8 inches per mile squared. which is easily disproved with the Nikon900/1000.

        And yes the sun is very close but not as you and your Jesuit/Masonic Astronomer friends would have us believe . . . ‘A STAR’ . . . .But as the Bible tells us a light

        Genesis 1:14-19
        And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. .

        Go and read your bible

      • @battlebeth WHAT HORIZON? You stupid jerk. In a flat earth paradigm there would be no sun on the horizon – the sun would stay in the sky 24/7 365 days of the year, and would ALWAYS be visible, just like any other star, only in the case of the sun it would be the largest star in the night sky. As I have already said you morons don’t even understand the bullshit theory you’re espousing!!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Lighten up! Why can’t people engage intelligently and respectfully? Open up to the possibilities! There’s no need to take so personally a cosmology programmed into us since infancy. We’ve all been inflicted with this programming. Frankly, our modern cosmological theory of the universe is filled with speculation, imagination, and after more careful consideration, a lot of nonscience and nonsense. Life is so much easier when seeing the world for what our senses confirm to be true, rather than living in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance or deluded acquiescence. I have no doubt after viewing the underbelly of our reality for the last sixteen years that the world we’ve been led to believe is the inverse of what it truly is.

      • CharlieGoy I have no respect for ignorant mouthy idiots with heads full of crap who spew satanic error and that witch battlebeth is one. Justin Martin is another! Do you wish to become number three!?

  20. Guys we have a right to all the energy on this earth, energy is everlasting. let them take the SMART meters out and put your own one in there. you are paying for the meter not the energy, we all pay into the national grid via tax. the energy parasites are taking advantage of the fact we don’t know this, or the right we hold. know the law, read the up on the Acts, Companies Act 2006, they can’t cut you off (especially if you have you own meter) there is a following to replace you there meters with your own one. no one can remove or touch it. look at it like this, animals can access all the resources on earth, live where they like, eat what they want etc, so can we, we inherit the earth.

  21. If only people knew that the energy supplier are just billing companies, your energy is already paid for in taxes, why do you think its always the prime minister going to all these countries trying to secure a energy deal? You can get your energy supplier to remove their meter and then install your own, I did this 7 year ago and haven’t paid 1p in all that time. If you’re good with electrics it’s only 8 wires and quite simple to install, if you’re not able to wire it up yourself a electrician will fit it for you for around £100

  22. The way, to do this smart meter, is to make sure your meter, has enough money on it……
    Then the…. Unplug the mobile, reader unit from that holds the sim card,,, (the portable display…. Then go for a walk, with it in your pocket or bag, slowly the device will stop sending the signal to the meter…. Then when the battery is flat in the portable device, then get in touch with the electricity… Gas company, and say your fed up with this…..
    I had to push and push them, record all your calls, with them for proof…..
    And say in fed up with this smart meter, and I want it replaced & removed…. Also most call centers are in the Philippines, South Africa or India….. Push with them about the British law on smart devices, and under British law, they have to remove, and restore the old system… Card meter…. Or key….

    Just make sure that, when the electricity company installer comes, play them the recording of the phone call, and that the call center said that the smart meter, would be replaced…. Make sure you record and video, removeal of the smart meter, for your personal use….
    Don’t let them convince you otherwise…..
    Because its your living space, they have to adhear to the law…..
    This is quite in depth, but it works… Please share with others.
    Ps… The portable device, should be flat…. Out of power within a few days…. The other thing is, leave it on and wrap it in silver paper….. When they do a test on the network, it will come up as a faulty…. So you won’t be charged….

    My tariff was for 1 person… Charged at 48p per klw..
    & 28p per day standing charge….

    Its a complete Lie… Any thing smart…. Is not smart, they lie to us, in the first place…. Thank you Hugo for all you do..
    From john and Debra

    • Another reason why we shouldn’t have smart meters is that they can be switched off as they are two way . If you was a bad citizen and your social credit score was bad or you said something bad about the government then you can get penalised . Digital money the same . Never ever have a smart meter and also emf isn’t good for you either .

  23. Smart meter in any form is an obvious overkill. These devices consume a lot of electricity 247 (remain hot) and sync with the supplier like few times a day.
    I think this push to smart meters is another attempt to rob people of their savings while they learn these devices are not helping them and need to be removed. For some people it can take years before they realize they are being robbed and this is what banksters want.

  24. I had a smart meter fitted years ago when I was with OVO, thought it might be better, but when I changed supplier it wouldn’t work with the new supplier so I left it. Glad I did, now it don’t work with any supplier. I won’t be going back to one of them

    • OVO are the worst company ever. Inherited a prepayment meter. Asked to change to DD. Yes they said. Never heard a thing from them. 6 month later left without electric. Supposedly because changed from OVO Boost to OVO Energy to DD. Still not right. Anchor’s Energy Wise looking into it for me. Awful Company.

  25. More and more people are waking up to these smart arse meters. My father has one and he said since he got it his electricity costs have gone up, now with the recent price hike, he said he put his heating on for 4 hours and it cost him £39.00, that can’t be right surly? He’s 81 and has health problems, he is worrying about the costs. Has anyone got any idea of an organisation I can contact to get help & advice for my Dad. There must be so many people struggling, financially with energy price increase and food prices.

  26. I believe there was a group on Telegram that are in contact with a guy who is going around the country removing smart meters and installing old ones for £250

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