Ireland Refugees / Govt Talk Of FORCING People To Open Their Homes / Hugo Talks

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Amber May 29, 2022
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I watched Sachs Stone on Nick Vineimen lying saying he is no longer with the UN. The entire show had a bad connection and was all distorted. That all he kept saying is he was and now he is not … lol

Martina Payne April 26, 2022
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karen6566 April 24, 2022
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The only law and rules we should live by is Gods law. Mass non compliance to these government puppets of the elites. We are born free, and shall always remain free. However the world truly needs a shake, a wake up call, and stand up to this tyranny. They fear us, they don’t want a mass awakening. They created the problem, let them deal with it. God bless everyone, stay focused, vibrations up, live life.

Lamaha April 23, 2022
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Hugo, thanks for addressing this. I live in Ireland, and though I have not heard of any public movement against this, I do know the group Lawyers for Justice Ireland has addressed it. They have been dealing with every single Covid atrocity that has come up and do have a large and growing following. They are lawyers who are fighting back against all the scams and power grabs.

D April 23, 2022
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it’s interesting to know. How many refugees will these puppets from the parliament take into their homes? They have big houses, they can take a lot🤥☺️

Paul April 23, 2022
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In Romania we have had a lit of refugees, most of them were transitioning to other countries but there were many that stayed. I am not sure what the number was, but 90% of those that stayed got a job and are paying rent like everybody else. There has been no talk of using people’s houses for the refugees. The goverment had rented hotels for them for a limited period. Also some people offered their extra houses for them but they didn’t stay that much for free, they either payed with the money they had from Ukraine or they got a job. For our country, but it’s only our case, the coming of these people may prove a blessing in disguise, as our country has lost almost 5 million people in the last 10 years due to emigration and also a low birth rate.
Oh yeah, 95% of the refugees are women and children. The men that cane were either old or had some sort of health problem.

shanerosser22 April 23, 2022
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I saw it on rotten politics YouTube channel that Ireland was getting 200’000 Ukrainian refugees and what is Ireland’s population?

FlaviusStilicho April 23, 2022
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Allowing refugees in is a long program carried out by the Phoenicians (most of them Joos but also fronts like Elon Musk to play smart CEO)
They knew that the Ponzi Scheme is going to end eventually so proactively they impair the local population and bring people from remote countries.
But what is more important these people are of different religions quite often inferior to Christianity.
This way in the next round they can set these different groups against each other Whites again Blacks, Blacks against Whites, Christians against Muslims and so on.
So before the revolt manages to assemble and march to destroy City and Canary Wharf they will keep confusing you with new refugees from Ukraine or from Syria – take a pick. Democracy does not work and you don’t take hostages or make agreements with these people.
People from the so called Peasant’s Revolt in 1381 learned it the hard way.

For a long time countries like Spain, Portugal are being prepared to the invasion – property can be seized if it’s left unoccupied.

Read Miles W. Mathis

Christian April 23, 2022
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And all so fast. It’s almost like it was preplanned (touch of irony). The peogramme for 2022 must have been thrashed out over a new year dinner.

“Quick get the war going. Quick get the refugee crisis started. Quick change a few laws to shaft the locals and confiscate their property. Keep going full throttle with the reset.”

“What about covid?”

“Fuck that for now. We’ll bring it back later anyway when we’re good and ready”


@lienChrist April 23, 2022
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Greetings Globalists, WEF, UN, US, UK, EU, NATO.
Just a reminder for you of all the horrors of the twentieth century, that you are now unconsciously revisiting!
Marxist dystopias that have always ended in crimes against humanity, genocide and truly unspeakable war crimes.
Just remember, the collective is a very dangerous word.
In the name of the collective the individual, the real, has always been sacrificed.
Nations have been sacrificing individuals in the name of the nation, and ‘nation’ is just a word, an idea.
Now we are sacrificing billions of people to a redundant Globalist/Marxist ideology.
We have been hypnotized from birth into believing that continuous brutal wars are needed for the survival of our freedom and democracy, and that these imperialistic narratives of violence, killing and genocide are somehow acceptable.
Yet truthful journalists are not?
The international scales of justice have been completely destroyed by successive US presidents and all party politicians globally.
Bush, the Obamas, the Clintons, Biden, Blair, Johnson, Cameron, the list is endless.
None of these war criminals have ever been prosecuted!
On the scales of justice, what is the weight of Julian Assange’s revelations and proof against the US for all of their war crimes, compared to the reality of all these exceptional psychopaths unforgivable war crimes.
Do we now accept the full subversion and destruction of the ‘International Rule of Law’?
Whatever is programmed into our minds, through collective culture, education, and MSM propaganda, subconsciously begins to take shape and control what we imagine and think, teleologically appearing as our own ideas.
These ideas become so authentically real we cannot believe them to be anything but our own thoughts, we could never conceive that we have been programmed by their narratives to limit our intelligence, so that we never really see the true nature of our politicians criminality, or ever really dare question the status quo.
The idea of the collective unconscious means that there is a point in your mind where you are connected with all the minds around you.
This mind is collective, it is not just your own.
And the collective unconscious mind is like a continent.
Everybody else is involved in it, not only the present people, but centuries that have passed and the people who have lived, all have left impressions on the collective unconscious.
This idea of the collective mind has to be destroyed completely, otherwise in some way or other we will continue sacrificing the individual.
This inhibited, suppressed and collective mind is the basis of all insanity, all tensions, all conflicts, all disharmony in the world.
But for centuries this has been going on.
Politicians have used it, religious leaders have used it, perhaps not knowing what they are doing, how it is happening.
They may not have any understanding of the collective mind, but that’s what has been happening, and this understanding has to be made known to everybody worldwide.
We have been brought up and programmed by all the traditions in a schizophrenic way.
It was helpful to divide humanity in every possible dimension, and create a conflict between the divisions.
This way the individual becomes weak, shaky, fearful, ready to submit, surrender; ready to be enslaved by the globalists, by the politicians, the priests, by anybody.
They have made the whole of humanity schizophrenic.
A schizophrenic person, a person with a split, fragmented mind cannot be one.
The whole imposed Marxist globalist vision is unhinged and schizophrenic.
Yet the mentally ill WEF minions labor on obediently… Macron, Trudeau, Biden, Johnson, Ardern, Morrison and all the EU crazies!
Remember, Democratic socialism is a contradiction in terms, it is a combination of two words that contradict each other.
Democracy and socialism, as socialism is currently known cannot go together, because the one cancels the other.
Because democracy gets destroyed in the very process of bringing socialism, this so-called socialism cannot be brought in without murdering democracy.
It is necessary to understand why democracy will have to go for socialism to come.
The first principle, the foundational principle of democracy is that it gives every individual person the freedom to live, to work, to earn, to produce and to own, use property and amass wealth from ones own production.
It is one of the basic rights.
The next fundamental principle of democracy ordains that there should be no injustice to anyone.
Another basic principle of democracy says that the majority cannot subject the minority to any injustices.
Democracy means that even if there is a minority of one, the majority cannot subject it to injustices, and deprive it of any of its basic rights.
If the majority, whom the so-called socialism claims to speak and work for, uses democracy to destroy this minority, then it knocks out the very foundation of democracy.
And minorities change with time, today one group is in the minority, tomorrow another may take its place.
Now socialists say that wealth should be distributed, someone should not have more and others less, because wealth creates jealousy and bitterness.
But it is necessary to ask if it is justice that those who did not do a thing to produce wealth, who took no part whatsoever in its creation, who were just spectators, should now, when wealth is created, come forward and demand its distribution.
A handful of people have created wealth, but after it has been created, all those who have had no hand in its creation are claimants for a share in its ownership.
But this is not what democracy means.
Democracy means that the producers own their produce.
And if anyone distributes it, shares it with others, it is their pleasure.
Wealth is a creation of intelligence and talent.
Today socialists envy that intelligence, and say that wealth should be distributed equally.
In the same way, tomorrow we will say that we cannot tolerate that some people have beautiful partners while others have ugly ones.
We will say that this is inequality, it cannot be tolerated; everyone should have equal rights to beautiful partners.
We will not be wrong if we say that, because by the same logic, there is no difference at all.
And then the day after we will say that it is intolerable that a handful of people are intelligent while others are stupid.
That this too is inequality, we demand equal distribution of intelligence and talent.
It is the same logic that demands equal distribution of wealth.
But this whole approach is anti-democratic.
In fact, every person is different and unique.
Every person is born with distinct and different potentialities, and they will seek and develop their own potentialities, and they will create what they are born to create.
And as such they will own their creation.
And if they share it with others, they do so for their own joy.
We have no right to claim it, it would be grossly unjust.
Socialism, however, approves of many such injustices, because it is easy to win the majority in support of injustices.
But injustice will not become justice and a lie will not become truth just because the majority supports them.
Freedom to own private property is one of the fundamental human rights, and democracy accepts this right of the individual.
So when somebody says that socialism with democracy is possible, it is an outright lie.
Socialism violates the basic principle of democracy.
Democracy and socialism cannot go together.
The second thing is that socialism only talks of the great values, which make for the basis of its philosophy, but it cannot achieve them.
So it will be worthwhile if we go into some of these values at length.
Freedom is perhaps the greatest value in an individuals life.
There is no greater value than this, because freedom is foundational to the whole development of humanity.
That is why bondage or slavery is the worst state of human existence and freedom is its best and most beautiful.
Socialism cannot be established without fighting and finishing freedom.
It is, of course, possible that the majority may consent to destroy the freedom of the minority.
But still it is unfair and unjust.
Destruction of freedom can never be democratic.
Freedom of thought is the very life of democracy, it is its very soul.
But socialism cannot stand freedom of thought, because freedom of thought includes the freedom to support capitalism.
It is difficult for socialism to swallow that.
Socialism wants to destroy capitalism totally, and therefore it has to destroy freedom of thought.
And it is unthinkable how, after destroying the right of the individual to hold property and his freedom of thought, socialism can be considered democratic!
Let it be clearly understood that democracy is a value that goes with capitalism, and not with socialism.
And if democracy has to live, it can only live with capitalism, it cannot live with socialism.
Democracy is an inalienable part of the capitalist way of life, and as such it can only go with capitalism.
Similarly there are other values, we are not even aware of, which can be destroyed easily.
And they are already being destroyed.
The individual has the ultimate value.
But in the eyes of socialism it is not the individual but the collective, the crowd, that has value.
And socialism accepts that the individual can be sacrificed for the collective, the society.
The individual, in fact, has always been sacrificed in the name of great principles, and for the sake of big and high-sounding names.
They have been sacrificed sometimes for the sake of the nation and sometimes for the sake of religion.
But humanity refuses to learn from history.
When old altars disappear, they create new ones, and continues sacrificing the individual.
Democratic socialism is such a new altar.
If humanity has to learn anything from his history, the one lesson that is worth learning is this.
The individual cannot be sacrificed for anything.
Even the greatest of nations does not have the right to ask for the sacrifice of a single individual.
Even the greatest of humanity does not have the right to sacrifice the individual for its sake, because the individual is a living consciousness, and it is dangerous to sacrifice this living consciousness at the altar of a system or an organization, however great it be, because the system is a lifeless arrangement, a dead entity, and it is not proper to sacrifice a living person for the sake of a dead system.
But we have gotten into the habit of killing the individual, and even now we are seeking new avenues, new altars at which the individual can be sacrificed.
The new altar is democratic socialism.
But socialism is not democratic.
The socialism that is sought to be forced on us can never be democratic.
In only one way can socialism come without sacrificing freedom, and that is when it comes effortlessly, naturally and by itself.
In a very wealthy country with a small population.
Otherwise it is not possible for socialism to be democratic.
Sooner or later labor will increasingly become a non-essential factor in the production of goods.
Labor has a hand in the creation of wealth, but it has not been the central factor, the basic factor of production.
It does not play a pivotal role.
The basic factor, the pivotal factor is intelligence and talent.
It is an individuals intelligence that has discovered new dimensions of creating wealth.
As it is today, the capitalist system is far from adequate.
The system as it is needs to be tremendously improved and developed.
But the hysterical socialist war cry is coming very much in the way of its growth, and will not allow any growth if it has its way.
Soon millions of people will be out of work due to A.I. and robotic automation.
What will happen with the huge wealth that the automatic machines will produce?
The pattern of taxation will have to be radically altered.
Corporations using A.I. and robotic automation who produce more should pay higher tax rates than individuals producing on a much smaller scale.
Which could bring in zero taxation on all human labor at some point.
Then alone, wealth, abundant wealth, can be created.
Although it is very interesting to note that a great majority of humanity is wholly un-creative.
This majority is content with just eating, working and being immersed online by controlled and addictive social media platforms.
Only a very small fraction of humanity has engaged itself in creativity and produced great results.
Take any field, be it poetry or great painting, production of wealth, science or spirituality, only a handful of men and women have attained to peaks of creativity.
Capitalism is an instrument for converting labor into wealth and if capitalism is allowed to grow unimpeded it can find ways to convert labor into wealth but the socialists want to hand over everything, the means of production and labor, to the state.
The irony is that the politicians are, and have always been, the most inefficient and worthless class of people in the world.
There is a reason for this.
It is that merit is valued in every walk of human life except in politics.
In politics alone merit has no value at all.
A person who has no qualifications whatsoever, enters politics.
Politics does not ask for any particular qualifications or specialized knowledge on the part of those who want to enter its arena.
It is a strange profession, which calls for nothing except that you can shout propaganda and slogans and get some followers behind you.
Politics, which is the haven of criminals, psychopaths and narcissists, says that trade, commerce, industries, including all means of production, should be put in the hands of the state, which is another name for the politician.
So the politicians will manage and control the economic life of the country.
My vision is different.
It is that the politician and all political parties can be prevented from ruining the human societies of the world if they are all completely and permanently removed and prevented from directly controlling the government and the administration of the state.
What we have at the moment is mobocracy, it is certainly not democracy.
It is all right for the people to choose their representatives(not politicians) who have merit for parliament, and it should be their clearly defined task to find only the best people of merit to administer the various divisions and functions of the government.
They have to see to it that the selected ministers are intelligent and fully qualified for their different jobs.
Then we will have meritocracy in the place of the mobocracy that we have now.
Unless democracy merges into meritocracy, countries will remain in the hands of ignorant, stupid politicians.
And until democracy is allied with meritocracy, democracy will continue to be the instrument of the downfall of humanity and its degradation, it can never be the instrument of its upliftment and glory, the state, which is in the hands of the most incompetent, and unskilled people, will continue to ruin all the countries of the world.
Politicians want to monopolize everything and they want all power for themselves.
Besides political power, they want to monopolize economic power too.
They want trade and industries and everything in their hands.
Even science and religion are not spared, they want everything under the sun.
But if we allow this to happen, danger is guaranteed.
That is why I place this idea of meritocracy before you.
Meritocracy is not opposed to democracy, meritocracy is a concept of working through democracy.
And sooner or later, with the growth of understanding, intelligence, merit is going to be significant in the whole world.
Then everything will be in the hands of the qualified, those rare and intelligent individuals of true merit.

Spooked April 23, 2022
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The Netherlands recently made the same kind of law, they believe they can now force everyone of us to leave our homes. Spain: the same. Communism is on its way with the excuse of war. They believe torture is justified if there is a “good” reason for it and ppl believe it, they are so far gone.

Qwerty April 23, 2022
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For victims of individuals with malignant narcissistic personality disorder, the ONLY escape is zero contact. There is no difference between that and the situation between the cabal & the population . Do not engage. Do not listen or watch their endless televised bullshit. If anything, laugh at them. And then go about your day. What are they going to do then? Problem is they, like the narcissist, have got people hooked via conditioning. Break the cycle. It’s easy. In theory.

F milligan April 22, 2022
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Water in Ireland is fluoridated it saps the will …: coming to England soon as govt have taken back control from local authorities. No coincidence!

Angela Wright April 22, 2022
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He going on everywhere

hades April 22, 2022
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This is the reset. It’s all happened before. Research, mudflood, orphan trains, hidden his story.. War is one of the reset tools. All sides are controlled..By the money masons .

Jordan On A Bike April 22, 2022
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Slowly erasing people’s sense of identity and all nationalism so that nobody can call themselves Irish, English, Scottish, Spanish, etc.. Instead we’ll all be regarded as the same – complete with ID numbers & social credit scores under their noahide laws, tracked & traced like sheep.. Their Wild Lands scheme is currently driving people out of the wilderness & deep country – they don’t want people living out there

Gill C April 22, 2022
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Thanks for sharing your thoughtful and insightful videos.

mjfrith April 22, 2022
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The late Sir Peter Sutherland was an Irish businessman, barrister and Fine Gael politician who served as UN Special Representative for International Migration from 2006 to 2017. He openly admitted that migration would be used to dismantle the Nation State.

Anthony Oakes April 22, 2022
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British government wants our farmers to sell up their land to them ….. it’s on the website……. Hmmmm

blueangel April 22, 2022
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Fuck them evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum care more about fucking refugees than they’re own & uk same goes they don’t give a fucking shit whatso fucking ever & the uk etc is too fucking ignorant stupid lazy selfish & self centred me me me sick evil fucks all of them they can fuckoff and go to hell gov bastards etc can fucking do one coz I hate they’re fucking guts

Brian April 22, 2022
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There should be a sign in Dublin airport all welcome except the Irish

mjfrith April 22, 2022
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Sir Peter Sutherland was an Irish businessman, barrister and Fine Gael politician who served as UN Special Representative for International Migration from 2006 to 2017. He openly admitted that migration would be used to elliminate the Nation State.

S.V. April 22, 2022
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Let the government open up their own homes, private properties and blds first. WTH happened to the Fighting Irish.

Scotty April 22, 2022
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Thought I would let u know the property laws here in tenerife not sure if it cover all Spain have recently changed so that the government always owns the property and in a time of emergency they can take it.

Alan west April 22, 2022
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I am sure there are a lot of displaced refugees but I cant help thinking that there are also loads of nazi crooks fleeing the country before Putin gets hold of them. This might back fire but the ruling classes always have a hidden agenda and its never in the interests of the common man.

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