CAR Speed Limiter Device = AUTOMATED FINES / Hugo Talks

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  1. Evil demonic bastards & am not on telegram anyway hugo I just listen to your vids here on or YouTube & speak to you via emails and this is terrifying the rate this is going crazy fast already in 2 yrs this crazy shit going from bad to worse every day n day it’s time for war

  2. I can’t drive but I wish I could and this is fucking insane control freak bastards

  3. Trucks, buses, coaches, any large goods vehicle have had speed limiters fitted for years, 56 mph, welcome to the club.

    • This is not the point, did you not listen, it’s universal and you’ll get fined, probably without even knowing you’ve drifted a couple of miles over by a few minutes

  4. ‘and don’t forget at the moment, we have a 10% plus 2 miles per hour leeway, to account for the accuracy of your speedometer, (10%), and the accuracy with which you can view your speedometer, (2 mph). I guess this will go, not to mention your right to challenge any fine, (eg, it may be safer to accelerate out of danger and break the limit in some circumstances and a court would likely take this into consideration, but the ARTIFICIAL STUPIDITY cannot cope with this of course.

  5. This just is not going to happen and as the government’s already gone who is going to implement it? people need to stop listening to all this nonsense. This is what’s coming and it’s already started to be implemented.

  6. They are twats control fools not me deleted app on tablet not had jab

  7. Get ones spiritual house in order . We are open to something far more POWERFUL than their Satan they worship. It’s all sinister & immoral… Step into the light

  8. I have faith in human nature. There are always people who find ways around things. It is human nature to find alternative ways to those imposed by authority.

    • Regardless of the control aspect of this measure, speed is unrelated to safety. What accounts for accidents is not speed in itself but instead distracted or impaired driving or vehicles which are poorly maintained; speed is only a force multiplier to these factors. Most of today’s vehicles are FAR safer at high speeds than they ever were in the history of automobiles with safety equipment up the yin yang and increased braking and suspension components as well as tire construction. The notion that speed kills is a myth. Attaching an environmental agenda to the issue is a cheap way to guilt many people into accepting Draconian spy devices on their vehicles. I will remain with my older vehicles if that’s the case (most newer vehicles will gradually become more and more automated so these measures will be built-in and undefeatable by the owner).

  9. Love Hugo ! it’s about the quality of subscribers not quantity is what I think they are getting wise too ! Millions might follow some moronic celebs but don’t actaully value or consider what they think or say 🤔

  10. They’re already talking about microchips in our hands..on the BBC only about a week ago

  11. Watch it these days, they get you 60 to 30 zone, if your doing 35mph or above as you cross the 30mph sign your screwed, driving HGV got to be super careful these days, know a fellow truther, 3 fines 35mph doing this in the last few months.

    Although the limiter will restrict your speed on hitting the 30zone, you could still be doing 60 and still get fined, don’t worry they won’t lose there fine revenue.

    I’m actually for Speed Limiters in cars related to the GPS area your in, so no huge issue, just the heavy handed fining.

    Speeding, kills an infinite amount more people every year than Convid does 🙂

    Russia declared WW3 ( alledegly according to news in India ) has already begun, think there miffed at losing there ship so easily, and the west supplying weapons that have killed possible 20K of there soldiers and turned most of there tanks to scrap, leaving them wide open for the yanks to invade! ( then they’ll bring out there good kit no doubt and better trained troops )

    • Lol! Yes indeed! I don’t think I can comment any further – that’s it in a nutshell.

  12. People need to wake up and realise it’s not just their lives that are under threat, it’s their soul too

    • Don’t need limiters around my area with all the potholes round where I live!!

      • @Mr G Smith As a Council Tax payer do you ever complain? I am not a Council Tax payer but, if I were, I would let ’em have it non stop until they got their fingers out. We British people are too subservient to these Common Purpose bastards.

  13. They could make a boxing glove come out of the dashboard and punch you in the face if you go over the speed limit! Or maybe a gun and blow your brains out!

  14. I have a limiter fitted in my car, had it for 5 yrs now. If the limiter is set to 30 mph that’s all your car will do. Wont get nicked then. If your limiter becomes faulty that is where the problems will arise

    • I’ve got a limiter fitted already…its called my brain

      • Frank, that only works on those of us with brains. The last two years have shown that there aren’t as many of us as you would think.

  15. On other channels I. On on telegram same issue as yr channel re trump and spam

  16. Maybe im the odd one out, i like the idea. Too many arseholes have cars. Considering you could make a daily young heart video on kids in car crashes, im suprised this didnt happen decades ago.

    • @key Here’s hoping you are the odd one out. Here’s some advice, buy a wheel barrow and get your mrs to push you around in it. That will at least get you off the road and make them safer for everyone else.

    • Having driven around Boston in the US before, i can see the appeal of limiting some people’s speeds (the ones who tailgate at 90 mph) – but then think of the times when you need a sudden burst of speed, to avoid a collision or whatever. These devices would be more expensive, and less helpful, than decent driving instruction.

      Besides, the real reason for them is to be able to shut down any motorist whose social credit score drops below Double-Plus Good.

      • Of course, if there were a space to safely do that. On the east coast of the US, there’s always heavy traffic. Besides which, the tailgating happens in the slow lane, too.

      • In case you were jumping to conclusions, TiD, i never, ever drive in the passing lane unless i’m passing….

      • @pteal Yes, I know, these passers in the passing lane often pass at 1 mph more than the one they are passing, and end up with tail-gaters and then wonder why. LOL

    • You do not give a green flag to people to fine you. If you think of idiots driving 60 in a 30 zone ok, but if it’s 2 miles over for a second or so that’s not really a crime but you’ll get fined

  17. The automaton Zelendmeatennersky has no limiter on his mouth, bank balance or belly, only one that limits his height .
    So as he cannot look above war .

  18. would not buy a new car if i won the lotto. toxic fumes and high tech , even without THAT!

  19. More nonsense from the NWO. Is there anyone out there who actually wants all this?

  20. this is a comment section not conversation with everyone else from around the world or ur own suburb.

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