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  1. If it were done for the right reasons ala Douglas Social Credit (was huge before WW2, after WW2 it was deemed to be “anti-semitic” – hence why no one has ever heard of it) then it might make sense, but clearly this is just to control people.

    Also the idea of replacing people with robots doesn’t make sense. You replace the people with robots to cut costs and boost profits, but since no one has a job and people can’t afford to buy the products, the company makes no profits since it doesn’t seel anything anymore, and so the robots are not required.

    It’s a marxist half-baked utopian idea that will destroy itself, and lead to abject poverty and suffering that will take decades to recover from, if it’s even possible – no one will have any skills to do anything to make things better.

    I can see Luddites 2.0 arising, where they destroy robots and factories that use them.

    These people wanting this are crazy.

    • The people who own the AI?Robots will be the megga rich big corporations etc and they will pay h=taxes on them and this will fund the UBI at least in part, Bill Gates spoke about iot and just shrugged his shoulders at the thought of paying the taxes, they will be earning billions! Robots don’t take holidays or sick leave and can work 24/7 ! This has been planned with military precision anyone standing in the way will be
      steamrollered for the good of the others??

  2. I know some ‘divvy Cow’ who will jump straight through the Hoops to get the Bribe 🙂

  3. Universal income looks so appealing to those already on the bottom rung and once you’re in…that’s it. They track your every move through your bank activity

  4. Yes its a trap please do videos Ashtrailia Canada what they done flooding killing people starving people

  5. Universal Income…..Lets think of some questions The that need to be asked.
    Will it Pay for Morgages? Will it Pay for Electricity…Gas… Fuel for Cars. The GB News Presenters did not ask any of these questions.
    The World Economic Forum states in their Book ….You Will Iwn Nothing And You Will Be Happy .

    • I would like to see Schwab give up his millions and see how cock-a-hoop he is.

      • If this comes in. Your life is totally worthless. You are a slave of the state.

    • Not this one I much prefer my cash
      Own independence just remember when Klaus Schwab said he has a small window of opportunity just make sure it is small.

    • I have seen the information from the leaked document that Hugo refers to in his video. It was actually by a whistle blower from the Liberal Party of Canada. Their Strategic Planning Committee were shown it and asked to design a way to ensure the following `transition` for Canadian citizens. Towards the bottom of the road map it mentions that all the world`s governments are going to work with the IMF who will ultimately fund what they refer to as The World Debt Reset Program. They will offer to wipe out every single person`s individual`s debt in it`s entirety , mortgage , loans , credit cards etc. The price is that each person must forfeit all property and assets forever. They must also agree to participate in the Covid-19 vaccine program. However , they will be given unlimited freedom to travel and will be exempt from any lockdowns. Well that`s nice of them isn`t it.

      Obviously the committee asked loads of questions: What happens to the assets ? Answer , don`t ask. The WDRP will take care of all the details. What happens if you refuse the offer ? Answer , it is your duty to ensure no-one does. So they kept pressing for an answer. This is what they finally got. For people who refuse firstly they will live under lockdown indefinitely. Then later they will be relocated to isolation facilities as they will be deemed to be a public safety risk and their properties and assets will be seized anyway. The committee were left with no doubt whatsoever that it was a done deal and it was going to happen. You will own nothing and be happy until you drop dead of the jab.

      I have the link for the article about it here.

      • I read that document that was supposed to have been leaked in Canada of all places this was right at the start of 2020 and now here we are! Thank you for re posting, it doesn’t seem so unfeasible now does it? I wonder what they will do with the oldies who own their own properties and don’t have debts ?

      • @watching68 That is a good question. Maybe it will be targeted lethal doses or some new mandatory medical reviews to ascertain competence. If you fail you get institutionalized and the state takes your property. The big question I have is what happens if you have made a will out ?

  6. Depopulation My friend …..there want to reduce the Population to 500.000. million. They will then have Robots to do all the Work necessary to fulfill their needs. They do not want Useless Eaters in their New World Order.

    • Hopefully get rid of the brainwashed as well by the jabs….there no use to anybody

  7. Who do think is paying for this? You would have to be stupid to take this but then again, after what I have seen for the last two years I am certain that I am on planet stupid.

  8. I think George Carlin said it best “Its a big club and you ain’t in it” plus you have masters that want to control you from morning noon and night.

  9. Hmmm i still hope that Elon is on our side . Ive studied a lot of his interviews of recent years (I do my research) and I do think he is for the people. I mean you can never be too sure these days. When i discovered the whole neuralink and robot stuff i was really disappointed and thought, bah he’s one of them, so i went and did a bit more research . My conclusion is inorder to win you have to beat the opposition at their own game i think thats what he’s doing. As i said i have watched hours of interviews of Elon. I think he really is trying to help the world (yes there are still good guys). The thing i like about Elon is he’s a maverick and my god we need some of those and he thinks beyond the box and if we are ever going to get out of this mess we need people who think beyond the box and have the hutzpah to do something about it. Hugo it’s not enough to be reporting on this stuff we need a whole new solution that is NOT a great reset etc. We have to do something and I am cautiously hopeful/optimistic that Elon is one of the good guys. He doesn’t think like a sheep and that’s what we need. Normies are not going to create change, eccentric, introverts who care deeply might though.

  10. So what Musk really is saying, I don’t want to kill you, but I think it “is going to happen”. Yeah, and who is doing this? Yep you Musk, you scum!

  11. Well if this ibu is anything like universal credit which it sounds very much like it then your rent has elec mortgage and advanced payment if you get one will all have to to paid off of that it’s a fucking scam ffs but that much is obvious a mean why the duck would you give rich bastards more money ffs says it all & yeah am on universal credit so I know how fucking evil it really is this is gonna cause serious issues once the hard shit reality sets in & as for AI big mistake fucking huge stupid beyond belief


  13. I can remember the Green Party proposing this a long time ago. I have always been on a low wage, and I thought this was a good idea. It meant I had guaranteed money coming in (a small amount) which I could then add-to by working. Of course, we did not have smart phones and proposed digital currency then. It all looks a bit different now, and it looks bloody horrible.

  14. Some questions:

    Might be a silly question but where does all this money come from?

    At what point in a child’s education, if there is to be one, do they choose between UBI and a career.

    If you have a ‘job’ can you quit to go on UBI then find another form of work?

    And back to the first question, if the money comes from profits generated by AI, Robots and the ‘few that work’, at what point do UBI recepients that have no ‘value’ become expendable?

  15. its worldwide implemented communism theyre planning. they say ths will EVEN things out among us all after covid crisis has made us all so unstable. we’ve always had richer ppl and poorer ppl thats life, and we should make sure there are safety nets to help the poor etc etc. a miserable life is what they want to bring to us all. ppl killing themselves out of sheer depression. depopulate, have tonnes of robots doing untold tasks. a new world for them to enjoy. they want the entire world to themselves. how can such a few be allowed to spoil it all for the billions? are you ready to just lay down for these entities? im looking at ppl and i dont see fire in their eyes!!!! i see soft men/women especially in the western ‘1st world’ countries. its these countries they’ll get first and hope to scrape up the little places or the ‘3rd world’ after. i think the west is the most easily compliant to their system i dont see any rebellion as such only soft protests which they can handle easy.

  16. They tried to destroy the independent businesses. Sadly to many people are blindly being led to destruction. How can I share this on telegram I haven’t got fakebook or twatter

    • The 3 dots will take you to share and telegram is listed.

  17. Let’s face it, there won’t be many people left to get ubi as so many are now dying due to the jib jabs. Culling the herd!

  18. Even if they give out UBE to the masses, it’s still not going to be faceable to be paying billions around the world just to sit on there arses and enjoy themselves. For one thing, they don’t want people travelling or going on holidays, especially over seas. That will be reserved only for the wealthy and really rich arseholes. Plus they don’t want people spending too much on materialism as that is capitalism and not zero carbon communism. There’s have to be a massive culling of the world population for something like this to potentially work. The devil makes work for idle hands- It’s to risky to have billions of poor people bored.

    • People probably won’t be bored because they will all be logged into their perfect, imaginary, new lives in the Metaverse. They will be so addicted to the Metaverse that anything outside of that won’t matter to them. As long as they receive their UBI they can stay home getting food delivery and be perfectly content.

    • UBI is not going to be real money. Just like loans, banks (or whoever will pay for this) can create those “incomes” out of thin air. Will be just digits, not backed by anything. You’ll receive digits and you’ll spend digits. Or “credits”, as they are mostly called in films or TV shows. Doesn’t cost anything. But you’ll still have to earn them.
      A lot of people already spend more time in the virtual world than in the “real” one. TV, streaming and, most importantly, games. Young people can’t do without their hand-held devices and it won’t get any better.

  19. Anyone else keep experiencing automatic Pausing of clips on PoopTube during Hugo’s videos?

  20. Just a carrot to get you jabbed, ahy ukraine just put it in, only 25% jabbee, the hoax war put everyone out of work, no option other than jab and UBI, they’ll drop it when enough jabbed.

    Looking more and more like it’s an Alien plot seriously, terrafirm the earth so they can !ive here via chem trails, then modify us via jabs so we can survuve here, or viable food source like cattle.

    That 240mile wide comet good timing, lets see if it changes course for no reason,ie ark ship, get here about 2031 if so, that previous 2017 comet from out of the solar system might of passed on instructions.

    Could take generations to do, but explains why they NEED to jab babies and upward what ever the loss of life.

    Bill Gates UV blocker maybe they can’t take UV.

  21. Yeah i heard about this 3 years back….
    Universal income…
    No jab no money i heard…
    I still laugh at these pricks that think they had a pandemic or are still in one and keep testing themselves with them useless swabs and having them jabs…
    They should do a one finger salute for arseholes event where people who had a brain can raise there finger sarcastically for the bastards that have pushed it this far…

  22. I share your videos regularly, but they get little reaction, only from those who probably already watch your videos off their own bat. The normies just ignore them, and when I mention anything on the normie’s timeline, I just get abuse.

    • Me too, Pete. It really is pointless sharing. Divide and Conquer has certainly succeeded, we are definitely divided. Even my wife doesn’t watch the selected videos I share with our friends group. She ‘ doesn’t want to know’, she says and is quite happy taking her 91 yr old mum for her fourth vaxtermination jab. We Independent Thinkers need to be prepared, physically , for what’s coming later this year. They are now ‘ attacking’ on so many fronts. We have the phoney war and the threat of having property taken over by the state for refugees (?)( see Ireland), we have this UBI, and we still have the Con-or-a-virus lurking in the shadows waiting to be brought out again. We need to Stay Sane and Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • I shared them with ‘our gang’ of similar aged local friends. I’ve put them on fake book and I got abuse and called names on fake book and my friends don’t comment. I did put pics of my very first protest march, very first EVER, in London last April, showing 250,000 without Masks etc and asked why the BBC didn’t report it and git a reply from a friend who basically said the BBC didn’t want other idiots doing similar things and also that all the marchers should be given a dose of Covid and not be given any treatment.(..😂😂😂)…and he was ( still is) a friend!!

  23. Truth for Health Foundation is launching a global Citizens Vaccine Injury Reporting System (CVIRS).

    This new system will serve as an alternative to the Centers for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which is known to extremely under-report harms of the experimental COVID shots. To find out more-

  24. Musk is a piece of human garbage, a real piece of shit which funds the torture of animals in his insane experiments. Evil as the rest of the crap running things.

    • Without his family’s money and connections he wouldn’t be in the place he’s in now. He just took over Tesla and Paypal with his money, not smart enough to create of them. I’m sure he’s just a pawn.
      His Tesla brand is just a pyramid scheme, making money for the top shareholders. Tesla (and electric cars in general) is just for smug people, who want to feel better than others. Completely ignoring the damaging impact of the batteries and how electricity is generated.
      He is hyped again for buying shares in Twitter, and many people believe he’ll make it better and get rid of the censorship.
      BS, shares went up, the other owners clawed back the money they’ve lost after the shares went down.
      They will sell their shares at a high price and buy them back when prices fall again. Or invest somewhere else. I hear nuclear power is making a comeback soon.
      Billy boy has already invested in producing small, modular nuclear power plants.

  25. Reading these comments, right now I absolutely despair of this sick, evil and twisted world we are all living in. It’s enough to drive one to suicide! Hold on tight everybody, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride! Whatever happens though, I will never, ever allow myself to be jabbed!! Hell will freeze over before that ever happens!

  26. And still my friends are doing the lunacy of lateral flow garbage every day and wearing face masks! Maybe I should tell them that they could dip these stupid swabs in orange juice and get a false positive result!! Apparently ketchup and cola drink does the same thing too!! How crazy is that!!!! We were at the doctors surgery yesterday, and the receptionist made these two young children put masks on with their Mum. The youngest child could only have been about 5-6 years old! Then the older boy had to go to the nurse by himself without his Mum! The crazy thing was that I never wear a face nappy when I go anywhere, and nobody ever says a word about it at the surgery! Yet a little boy was forced to wear one!! You really can’t make this shit up!!! The insanity carries on. They’re also still doing flu jabs and the other crap too, I saw the notices on the reception desk. I just ignore everything and carry on!!!! I’m being a rebel and I’m proud of myself for being one too!!!!

    • Hi Carolyn, you do right, we have to ignore the lunacy just to stay sane in these situations or we would go mad. But what was the kids’ mum playing at? I’d flat-out refuse to let them slap a mask on the young children and would insist on accompanying my child to see a doc or nurse! What are they going to do, refuse to treat them? They are exempt from masks as children anyway (as is anyone if they wish to be). We need more people standing up saying “no!” to this rubbish! Especially where kids are being indoctrinated and mentally scarred by it all. I refuse to accept the new normal. My son has spent half his life now witnessing masked people and convid rubbish. Its hard not to flip-out at some of the hypnotised numpties. I couldn’t get in the shop today because people were blocking the entrance going through a sanitizing ritual one after the other in a queue. Enough! I felt like saying ” If you’re that paranoid and scared, stay away? ” 3+ jabs and they are still masking and sanitizing like day one – it’s a joke. Time to snap out of it. I trust Jesus, not big pharma, corrupt politicians and the media thank you.

  27. The other patients sitting in the waiting room at the doctors surgery wearing face nappies looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooo utterly pathetic yesterday!! Oh well these suckers have fallen asleep and are under a spell! They need to wake up fast!!! The only thing to do is to completely ignore them and look the other way, just get on with life as best I can. This world has indeed gone completely insane!

  28. I normally agree 100% with your videos — but the idea of keeping jobs from being automated in law sounds like the kind of racketeering you’d get in a communist country. This is why David Graber wrote a book on the rise of ‘bullshit jobs’. Surely, we must face the technological world bravely – and given the automatation that is making life easier for us – work out how to retain the sovereignty of the individual in spite of this.

  29. One thing that I really miss so badly is being able to hug my friends and family! Recently I went back to church with my hubby, and I went to give one of my dear friends a hug, and she backed away from me, refusing, saying she had to protect me!! Made me want to weep!!! We’re human beings, not robots for goodness sake!! I really need a hug!!!! At least I can cuddle my hubby and my cat!

  30. No jab no money is total blackmail! Sick, twisted and evil! Someone make it stop NOW PLEASE

    • My mum believes all this covid crap…
      My dad died july 2nd 2020 and if he had a positive swab it would of said covid 19 on his death certificate even after he died of cancer…
      I met so many people that have had relatives and friends die of natural causes blamed on this so called virus its ridicolous…
      I take a step back now as the jabs will proper do people in longterm if it hasnt killed them already

  31. I agree with you about the trans UBI thing being an experiment to see if people will go along with it and become or pretend to be none binary to get UBI. However I also think its to get the reaction this is not fair why are we not getting UBI and so it bring everyone else into UBI even demanding it not realising they are being manipulated and where it will lead. Ultimately leading to being a slave to the beast.

  32. They will use the Carbon credit system to bring it in, the people in the West would never accept a Chinese style Social Credit system, which is why the whole Carbon Zero is constantly being promoted (propoganda). We would say it is an infringement of our rights, but they are hard-selling Carbon Net Zero with that little gormless rat, Greta Thurmberg, as a Trojan horse.

    We will all be given Carbon points, similar to what they have done with business around the world but on a monthly basis that are linked to CBDC’s, then for example once we hit a max allowance of monthly Carbon, as each item we buy is being alloacted a Carbon point/points, that will be deducted on each purchase, veg low carbon point value an meat high carbon point value, you will then be unable to buy meat if it goes even one point over your monthly carbon point allocation an FORCED to buy “Healthier” product.

    It is a digital carrot an stick and no one sees it, unless you wear a hat; then your either creating the system, or it is tinfoil.

    from what I can tell, Mastercard are mointoring (illegally) your carbon outlay, look up docotomy


    this is the reason for Visa/ Mastercard transfer we have just seen in europe, they have informed the usa (back of the card), but not over here, therefore we have not issued informed consent, another reason why self serve has cameras is they are compiling a carbon credit score illegally, cash or credit they are creating a a profile of your carbon outlay.

  33. UBI would make it so no one could ever save as it will be likely that each month anything left over from the prior month would be removed from the Digital Wallet , making people not only dependent upon UBI but also trapped. I could see Crime spiralling out of control , like never before. Hatred will be a huge barbed wire tail lodged up the asses of the creators of this barbaric idea. Phew and these the planners of this idea , shout on about folk becoming Radicalised.

  34. GinaW, hi my lovely! How are you? Hope you’re ok hun. Thank you for responding to me, and I’m on your side hun. I feel exactly the same as everyone here about this evil garbage, and just want to run up a steep cliff and scream my head off to let off all the stress this evil has caused! I’ve had more than enough to deal with lately as I’m still recovering from major surgery, but anyway we battle on as best we can. Stop the world, I want to get off!! Take care my dear and everyone else here on this forum. God bless you dear Hugo for all you are doing for everyone. You’re absolutely amazing you know, and we would be totally lost without you, so please keep on with your amazing work. Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone. Take care. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  35. Oh my goodness dear Stuart that really is just awful! What a total nightmare for you!! You will be in my prayers hun. Anyway, stay strong hun, and although I know how dreadful this all is, you are doing the right thing in backing away from the sheep. We’ve all got to do that; just walk away from people who are brainwashed. I’m breaking all the rules completely, and I’m really proud of myself!! It’s wonderful to be a rebel!! I absolutely flatly refuse to comply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never done a lateral flow crap thing in my life, and never will. Apparently they are causing people lots of injuries, and of course they’re covered in ethylene oxide which causes cancer, so they’re really dangerous anyway!! It really horrifies me how people are being so brainwashed and doing this garbage! Nothing we can do to stop them unfortunately, and I’ve got lots of friends who do tests every day, some every time they leave home!! Like I said earlier, stop the world! I just want to get off!!!! Take care, dear Stuart. You have lots of friends here. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  36. We really need to open our eyes to the true scale of what is going on here.
    I have always been a spiritual person, believed in a higher power, I luved for the lusts of the flesh ( sex, drugs and rock’n’roll life style from my early teens to my early 20’s) I was living at home with my single mum in Aberdeenshire with my three brothers, two of them were heroin addicts, my home life became hell. I was battling coke and alcohol addiction my brothers heroin. I had to get away from it all ( this was 2008). I join the military, did 7yrs in the parachute regiment, 3 tours of Afghan. I got away from the drugs but not the drink, big drinking culture in UK military. My drinking increased. I left the Army 2015 at 31yrs old. Found it hard to adjust back into civi life, started on the drugs again ontop of my drinking, was blacking out on a regular basis doing ridiculous things, I got involved in the occult, shamanism taking psychedelic drugs to contact the spiritual realm.
    I was slowly but surely slipping into madness…..but one night early 2017 in my back garden I had an experience with the living Christ, Jesus, Yeshua our Lord and Saviour. God had other plans for my life. I gave my life to the Lord that night, He healed me, reversed my path into madness, He gave me a spirit of power, Love and a sound mind. He is the great healer, the King of Kings the Lord of Lords. When you encounter the Living God it will change you, convict you to repent and seek His ways in your life. Are His ways are best.

    We are in this mess because we have turned our back on the Lord, Jesus our messiah.
    He is the way, the truth, and the life.
    We live in a sinful world, we all have free will, God will honour our free will choice, He wont force Himself on you, you have to freely choose Him and His will in your life, or choose evil and the devils will for your life. There is no middle ground.
    Sadly we choose to ignore God and His will, so then the devil is happy to step in and that’s what is happening. The only thing that will stop this is mass repentance and seeking the one true Living God.
    The Holy Bible tells us….” If we love the things of this world, lusts of the flesh ect, the love of the Father is not in us”.
    ” If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves repent, pray and seek my face, I will hear from heaven, forgive them and heal your land.”

    I’m serious and real my name is Martin I’m now 38yrs old live in the west Midlands, Scottish by birth. I’m happy to talk with anyone.
    My email- mm18777@outlook.com

    God bless

  37. More C**p from the NWO. Does anyone actually want this?

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