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  1. All b0ll0x the meters are still running and being charged

  2. I was told about this yesterday, and my wife switched off last night. (I was in bed)! When I looked this morning to see what the result was, I noticed it was mentioned by every newspaper and TV station, which was when your advice came to mind: ‘If it’s in the MSM, they want you to see it’. Well done Hugo.

    • This was real…in the former Soviet Bloc country we had regular power cuts for years. May be every two least a couple of minutes, often for 1/2 or 1h. We always kept parafine candles. Learn the ways you can use fire for cooking, brick stoves etc..
      I will never cut my power voluntarily but I certainly explore how to cut it and gas heating down. Regretfully.

      • The UK had power cuts during the 70s. The electricity went on at 4pm and off at 6pm.

  3. This is a really stupid and DANGEROUS idea. This could do serious damage to the electricity grid. I would not guarantee when they all switch back on that there will be anything to switch back on. Generators have to balance supply and demand within a very tight tolerance, action like this could cause significant damage to infrastructure.

    • Or cause a ‘spike’ in the power grid. This can be filed along with sitting in a freezing cold room wearing a coat, hat and gloves (breathing in cold, damp mouldy air); heating cans of beans with tea-light candles, taking a cold shower, heating (which can be really dangerous)…

    • … taking a cold shower, (which can be really dangerous)…

  4. Hugo Talks – it was started by a lady called Karen Brady. Her account on twitter has only been active since December last year. She used to be a global headhunter and boasted ability to get wide reach via her social media platforms. She seems to be affiliated to labour party.

      • I found there was a Karen Brady (author) and a Karren Brady, football team manager I think – two different people – not so much information on Karen Brady but she used to manage a recruitment company, made loads of money and now posts tweets on different social issues

  5. They can fuckoff I have to have my elec on heat for my chest & what about fridge freezers huh they gonna let all they’re food go off ??? this is fucking insane n 35p ffs fuckoff

    • A fridge-freezer can remain off for a lot longer without the food spoiling. As a rough guide should get at least 24 hours as long as it remains closed. Your model mileage may vary.

      • as i said why turn power off anyway , will not solve nothing

  6. Power off fuckoff not in this bloody house am not no way am not freezeing to death for fucking those bastards & bribed seriously yeah anything for money nowadays greedy beyond belief they can fucking shove it

    • You aren’t going to freeze to death by turning off the heating for 10 minutes.

      • huh come up to Scorland where it’s been snowing in April & sit in a freezeing draughty council house half a mile from the sea with the artic wind chill blowing right up the st towards your house & I had no electric for 4 days & 44 hours in past coz fucking skint & it was fucking Warner outside so don’t tell me I won’t freeze plus I’m not obese like loads of other folk so I feel the cold worse plus av got fucking storage heaters which take all fucking day to heat up as it is & it’s still fucking winter here in Scorland not spring much

      • yeah right , but why turn power off anyway ?? its not going to solve fuck all , its another physop as usual

      • To ‘protest’ it would make more sense to turn everything on at the same time. Blow ‘the grid’.

  7. Didn’t even know these clowns were advertising this bs. They want us to be puppets on strings

  8. We are with Octopus, and they seem to have gone from a tiny firm to a big one. Are they in bed with the government? It seems about 28 firms have shut down over the last year, and they have scooped up the customers. Looking at their site, they seem very hot on the word ‘Smart’……

  9. this could be used to damage the electricity grid and then they’ll be able to use that as an excuse to cut power for a longer time period while they ‘fix’ it. Don’t fall for it. if it’s been started by karen brady politician that should tell you all you need to know and the fact it’s advertised across all media, well it’s obvious. Question everything and realise msm is NOT saying anything to support you but part of the paid media working AGAINST your interests.

    • ‘Baroness’ Karren Brady is ‘Lord’ Sugar’s sidekick on that fake ‘Apprentice’ crap TV programme. She has been mentioned in Hugo’s dispatches before.

    • The electrical sub-stations would be stressed by the simultaneous demand voltage loading if everyone switches back on at the same time.

  10. There are change agents! They are PRETENDING to be on your side, to lead you down paths to a place they want you to be!!! This is exactly what they want you do! To get you trained! And the doozies will fall for it.

  11. I am with octopus energy but I have not got a smart meter and they’ve been told I don’t want one end of & as soon as they’re offices open Tom all be phoneing em up reg this crap & getting them told no chance & I’ve still got my key meter so no smart meter for me & no power off

  12. I spoke to eon today, they phoned me to set up a DD and get a smart meter. I said no thanks to both. He as good as said they will be raising the price again in October. 😑

    • Yes
      Gas bills will increase over 2000£

      They are ROBBING US!

  13. I certainly won’t be doing such a ridiculous thing
    I don’t have much electricity or gas on anyhow

    Problem is Hugo far to many will go along with it who still watch MSM, which is sad.

    If I don’t catch up on your videos I don’t really know what is going on & I like it that way
    Much more healthy for my mental well-being.

    Thank you Hugo as always

  14. It’s just getting people used to turning off or loosing power regulator the great b/s

  15. I don’t watch msm so don’t know if they mentioned it before today if they didn’t maybe it did have some affect and they want people to think it’s a psyop to stop them doing it again

  16. The touble with us few that are aware if this type of psyop and agree to shove two fingers up, is that we are vastly outnumbered by the millions of sheep idiots out there. They’ve been grooming out kids about this climate hoax harder and much more amplified now for at least the last 20 years but more so in recent times. I pull my hair out when i see and hear about “kids”, guilt tripping their own parents. Call me old fashioned, but kids should know their place. And adults should get back to being adults/parents, and not “best friends” of their children. There has been improvements i’m sure, from times when “children should be seen and not heard”, but the power shift and family dynamics over the last 25 years has swung far to much in favour of “small people”.
    Sorry for the slightly off topic ramble about kids, but it is still relevant. As it seems parents will do whatever their kids ask for. And if they want to prove to their mates in the playground the following day, by showing photos of their family sitting in darkness, then once again, the kids are influencing their parents way too much.
    Rant over.
    Peace out❤️

    • Mbmb, my relatives (in West) eat what their children eat. It’s been like that since they were toddlers. Effect – they all eat mashed, processed food and a very limited choice, precisely opposite to what we were accustomed in our childhood.

  17. @senga @kremovka
    Yes, the UK DID have regular power cuts in the 70’s. But this was because of industrial action by the coal miners and railway workers. And it was Edward Heath that introcuded the 3 day week in order to conserve electricity.

    • @Mbmb
      Hmm, we did not have it as bad as you, by the sound of that.

      • @Kremovka This was all part of a systematic Communist takedown and destruction from within of once Great Britain, with the annihilation of our industrial base, and both sides were totally involved in it, that is, Conservatives (Trotskyists) and Labourites (Stalinists). The same applied in the factories with the Stalinist unions and shop stewards and the Trotskyist management.

        Edward Heath was a outright Communist mole subversive and paedophile (easily controlled by the Rothschild Jews) and Harold Wilson a KGB agent. The British people were 100% betrayed by a foul treason that few today even realise.

    • Yep
      And just as a little extra mind Feck for all of us..
      Playing with weather as well! ! !
      I believe they are!

      World is being controlled by Loons!!

      • They definitely are Janie. The Chinese have been doing it for years and the satellite pics from the US where they send up stuff makes a very nice little tartan pattern – not what you get from aeroplanes or natural phenomenon. Needless to say North America has been having very weird weather and that has a knock-on effect for us. They have to get the “climate change” plug in for people to nod like donkeys. This says it all – normal vapour trails dissipate very quickly – these linger and worse where the airports are. Something a little extra in the engines for sure. What exactly I don’t know.

      • Hey Kelly

        Them photos are very interesting.

        It’s not right
        I got shown a video of a boat that’s been made to collect sea salt water that is then filtered Back into the sky over the barrier reef to block out the sun! To protect the reef!

        The boat cost MILLIONS smh!
        And they doing it as they feel the sun is to strong & it’s destroying the reef!

        Honestly Kelly
        theses people are absolutely Insane!!

        Climate change my Bottom!!
        It’s BS & it’s unhealthy for our nature ect
        The colder they keep it the more heating people will use, more & more people being made to work from home.. more consumption,
        Anything to just keep being Greedy HORRAS !

        Lol … do you think I may be bit annoyed
        It’s just grinds my Shite lol

        Hopefully you doing good Kelly xx

        Have great day

      • LOL! Just a tad Janie. I did hear/read somewhere that the trails contain sulphur of some description. That was what caused the pea soupers from all the coal fires – kills black spot on roses though! Too much hmmm, breathing difficulties perhaps? I am with you and the fury. That reef is perfectly fine, the only killer is pollution and hey ho what are they doing apart from adding more pollution, nothing to save the planet that’s for sure. I can’t even understand their mentality – it will have a knock-on effect there too for themselves. Hope I live long enough to see them suffer.
        I have to step away sometimes, it is too depressing otherwise, need to ground myself and give me a stern talking to! You take care and enjoy the hazy sun while we can still see a bit of it! xxx

      • Yes absolutely
        It’s about keeping grounded within ‘yourself’ & trying see the days through with some peace.

        I go do my bits, visit my old parents who i have Only just managed to keep alive xx

        It’s been tough staying calm myself & then having to trying keep my family together in same way.

        The younger ones have been toughest
        to keep sane as well ..bless them.

        So let’s All ‘keep it going’ as best can.

        Have great evening now
        Kelly x

  18. Fuck off the lot of them…
    Let brainwashed do it…
    They love the attention and the self importance they get out of it

  19. why bother with any of these fuckers it so easy just don’t pay and try to arrange other people to do this to job done why do the sheep still listen to this scum

  20. Why should we have to protest to get a reduction in electricity bills? Just give us the bloody discount and be done with it! Now that saves us all a lot of bother now doesn’t it?

  21. “Freezing for (or rather against) climate change” and now for peace has been a thing for a while now over in Germany. Was promoted by the German president. Nuclear power plants have been shut down and some had their cooling towers destroyed to make it final. As a replacement they are building wind farms in rural areas and quite happily destroy centuries old forests to combat climate change (and make a load of money from it).
    There have long been reports about power cuts affecting power intensive factories, production plants and even small businesses like bakeries.
    The war in Ukraine and the self inflicted shortages of gas have made matters worse.
    The German government has subsidised home owners to put in a gas boiler instead of an oil one along with pellet heating systems and, of course, solar energy.
    I think they cut financial aid a year back or so. Saw a YT video title suggesting they are running low on pellets for the heaters.
    I used to live in a building in Solingen that got destroyed in WWII and was rebuilt with rubble, sand and spit, and even though it had high ceilings it stayed warm during winter far better than the rubbish place I’m in now in South-West Scotland.

  22. Well that time went by and I didn’t realise it! LOL! No MSM here and what a good thing that is. But I was sitting in the dark with the laptop – battery crap so it has to be plugged in and the fire embers dying down all nice and relaxing before bed. I didn’t clap like the toy monkey with the cymbals for the No Good Service because I thought it was stupid and I won’t be taking part in anything else that they want us to do. Like really? People are that stupid? Oh yeah, they are aren’t they.

  23. If the idiots was told to stick there heads in the gas oven for 10 minutes they would do it if they thought it was for a good cause😀…
    Bit like the clapping for nhs crap and wearing ukraine badges😀

  24. All this crap could easily have been avoided if our incompetent governments had addresses the problem a couple of decades ago. If we had pursued Molten Salt Reactors 20 years ago we would have UNLIMITED clean, safe, carbon free energy RIGHT NOW !! Instead we are now threatening the very existence of every elderly, poor and vulnerable person on the planet because of the incompetence of successive governments of all colours in every Country !! What a complete and utter shambles !!

  25. I’ve already cancelled my energy direct debit, fuck these people

  26. I don’t plan on doing it.
    but it is the power surge of the masses turning on again that damages the supplier…..

    is MSM spinning it to, get the masses to power off – what Klaus wants..
    and intentionally avoiding telling them to power on at the same moment (power demand/surge is the damage..)

  27. The truckers were the biggest organized psyop during covid
    people who think that was real are part of the problem

    this video was created to support the idea that the truckers were real because the MSM didn’t focus attention on them
    who the msm focus attention on is neither here or there

    next time perhaps it will be plumbers or carpenters or butchers or bakers
    tradespeople are of the people the common man and woman the saviors of the world!
    lets organize world wide events
    and virtue signal about jesus or something or how much i enjoy being a wage slave

  28. I’m a week late seeing this video, but it turned out well, giving me time to see the huge number of sleepers and /or people in cahoots with this scam, pushing it on Twitter. As you said, the minute one sees this kind of thing being plastered all over corporate media, that should scream “Run away and stay away!!” After all the foolishness of the past two years, it’s more than disheartening to see people who think this is just “wonderful”!!
    Thanks very much for the video!

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