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  1. “Intrusive staring OF a sexual nature” – are they assuming my stare now?!

    • This is all part of the isolation plan. The de-humanization of society and eliminating human interaction. The world will be full of souless meat golyms…looking at screens and living in a metaverse.

    • Did just write a massive comment but technology being awesome deleted it somehow… great!

      The long and short of it is staring is an absolute load of rubbish. You can look wherever the FUCK you want

      • We are always being told that there is no right to privacy in a public space e.g. photography, CCTV, etc. There are many reasons you got be staring at someone, they may look/be acting suspicious, giving off a dodgy vibe they may be a terrorist… We are also told to be alert and be situationally aware…

  2. I think I’ll try and see what happens you got to have a laugh now it taking it to the ridiculous

    • perhaps we should ring or text the police when a security camera or facial recognition device stares at us and we feel threatened!

  3. Look at the ground and shuffle on. OK brainwashed bods that’s what you want then carry on being submissive. I’ll look where I want and if I have a zone out moment and stare into space, could be thinking of food (usual for me) and lick my lips. I might scratch my leg at the same time but really this is so funny if it didn’t have serious undertones. Love at first sight! I don’t think that will be allowed – arranged marriages for anyone still standing then.
    People stare at her – that chin and she looks like a bloke. Needs to put on some weight to put flesh on her bones.
    As for more lockdowns well we are unruly and people not taking their extra kill shots. Got a cold – test – ooh positive – feel healthy, no symptoms? You stupid sod.

  4. Won’t this be a problem for witches? Isn’t that women describing a comedy sketch from
    Little Britain or other show?
    Don’t men also suffer from these problems?

    • Yes. Soooo maybe things like the diet pepsi or coke whatever it was, the jeans ads and firemen calenders will be banned just in case we are tempted! LOL!

  5. They all need to have several seats and a tall glass of STFU

  6. They know that if you just bring up the subject, it already has an effect on the human psyche plants a seed. Through their years of studying the masses. Imagine all the damage they’ve done already though the years with this playing with the minds of people.

  7. No scandal about picking up a woman at the airport. These are circumstances of how people meet, that’s real life.

  8. The frightening thing is people are sitting at home soaking this shit up. They don’t want human beings looking at each other but it’s fine for them to follow you on security cameras everywhere you go.

  9. The Police should have spoke out about this and said “don’t text us if someone stairs at you, there is no proof they have done wrong, we have better things to do”.

  10. Not a problem where I live. Everybody wears sunglasses at all times. Occasionally we reverse the look with a balaclava with just the eyes showing, Depends on what we’re doing.
    Or, if in doubt and in a hurry, a motorbike helmet covers all bases.

  11. The witch with her hand gestures 👺☠🤢🤡💩

  12. Hugo, Please do a follow up video, I just had a quick look at ukgov data. That American woman says, women are being murdered, well statistics prove 70% of homicides were male, 30% women in 2021, same average as 2020

  13. wtf what fucking crazy Drugs are they on ffs that’s the biggest load o crap av ever heard seriously don’t stare at nobody look at the pavement and walk into a lamppost lol this crap is fucking insane those narcissistic cunts are off there fucking nuts bunch o fucking freaks with nothing better to do huh get a fucking life

  14. Hugo, once again, you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head, forcefully, with a hammer!

    But I have bad news for you.

    Based on my observations of people and their interactions, this is the direction we’re heading. Mask wearing and social distancing was the kick-off launch party for this massive psyop.

    This is our future: minimal in-person interactions. Everything will be in the so-called metaverse. Any gathering of people will be seen as sinful and dangerous.

    Even sex will be forbidden. Procreation will also be virtual, and in test tubes.

    In the far distant future, human beings will evolve, or de-volve, into gelatinous blobs, living in isolated pods, everything controlled by the one world government.

    Listen to that song from the sixties “In the year 2525” it’s really coming true.

    Glad I won’t be here for it.

  15. I can safely say I have never once watched this low-brow communitarian sh*t show in my life (apart from clips like this, that others have had to suffer to bring these issues to our attention). It’s just more and more continual social engineering; that these days is just non-stop, especially post 2020. It’s properly amped up, though has been around for decades. It’s in the script. Every tomorrow now brings a new level of absurdity, they expect us plebs to adhere to. And Iggy Pop there, needn’t worry about anybody staring at her sufficiently, whilst licking their lips and rubbing their legs.

  16. That ‘comedian ‘ is a bloody bloke!
    Look at that jawline!!

  17. “Officer, a man was staring at me!!”
    “Which way did he go?”
    “No idea. I wasn’t looking!!”

  18. Interesting positioning of SS symbolism in the background.

  19. I thought most people only stare at their phones nowadays 🙂

    • Reminds of the old maid who rang police about couple next door having sex in the garden. Police arrived and asked ‘How could u see~ your fence is 6foot high?’
      She replied ‘oh! You’ll need to stand on the wheely bin!’

  20. If I see an old man staring at a 12 year old school girl whilst licking his lips and rubbing his thigh, I will beat him to a pulp and call him an ambulance! Although it’s been 57 years now and I’ve never seen anything remotely like it happen! And I’ve got a funny feeling it never will! Although I admit I’ve stared at a few nice looking women in my time! So lock me up and throw away the key!

  21. That ugly bitch is just jealous ‘cos no man is staring at her, nor licking his lips whilst doing so – she just dreams/fantasises about it. LMAO!

  22. These women have cocks , that’s why they get stared at.

  23. I was just going to say !she sounds like she’s on something!I don’t think she’s got anything to worry about!it looks like a man anyway!whose money is paying for this crap BS!I wonder!?

  24. Who wants to live in a world like this? I don’t

  25. So now we will change from masks for mouth and nose to masks for the eyes together with a stick, so that no one could feel intmidated by us looking at them. If I feel harassed, it is by all the cameras that have been put in place in the streets, busses and supermarkets.

  26. What’s the betting that comedians stand up routine is totally unfunny. Adil Ray being described as a comedian is the funniest thing about him.
    Btw I usually lick my lips after eating a pork pie. Lock me up!!

  27. Well, there are two types of pedophile in my village: historic and contemporary – and I’m going to continue staring at the leaders of each network cos now I know for sure that I’m freaking each of them out! The leader of the historic network raped me when I was under 5 as a threat that he’d have me and my mother gang raped and beheaded as he’d just done to the whistleblowing loyalist grandmother who objected to the loyalist terrorist so-called paramilitaries who wanted to use her two little granddaughters in ONE of their child pornography units! If you want to know how they’ve managed to get ordinary parents to offer up their beautiful children to these sacrificing gene-editing injectables then look no further than the Troubles in Northern Ireland. So yeah, I’m definitely going to continue staring: what are they going to do about it? Call their child-murdering paedophile mates eg senior officers in the police/paedophile service of Northern Ireland? The whole covid script was lifted from the Troubles – as well as the more recent event of every political party sitting on their behinds for 2-3 years on full pay for doing nothing whilst the two leading parties argued about language. And in all that time Kincora victims, the Dublin-Monaghan bombings and Bloody Sunday victims’ families as well as all the other thousands of victims of the Troubles have been deliberately stonewalled so they die out before the guilty can be brought to justice. And of course the guilty are being further protected through this extreme option of genocide by starvation, famine and gene-editing clot shots. No, I’m going to continue to stare now I know that they’re projecting even more of their own crap on to people like me who can silently and bravely call their attention to their own vicious and violent cruelties in their child-murdering paedophile crimes just by making them squirm with fear internally cos I stand up to them. I feel fully vindicated in what I’m doing by this video: thanks so much for sharing this video, Hugo. Much respect for your courage and bravery, dude ❤💛🖤🤍

    • @Colette, Whilst all the while the so-called “Troubles” were being fomented by MI5, including the running of The IRA. Wherever there’s paedophilia you’ll find the verminous evil scum of MI5/MI6 (Jimmy Sovile’s employers) close by, organising it.

  28. All you need now is a couple of highly publicised fake arrests of tube passengers because somebody texted the police that they were being stared at and everyone will be too scared to look anywhere apart from at their phone.

  29. The world needs to split.
    Let the vaccinated green NCP leftie loons have their side and we shall have ours and never the twain shall meet..

  30. Just been listening to 2 famous songs by Andy Williams….’ Can’t take my eyes off you” and “Music to watch the girls go by”. Will I get into trouble with Mr Khan if I confess to liking these songs as they are about looking at people? !!!!!!!
    This agenda is all about creating isolation and division and fear, making it easier to manipulate the masses.

  31. Instead of staring what about farting? I’ve been offended more often by someone’s vile farts than I have by stares. Time to make farting illegal. Their farts are probably the reason for climate change.

  32. Sunglasses and whistling Dixie, are my go-to defense against this BS.

  33. I called Kate Smurthwaite out a few years ago she ranted at me and called me a racist before blocking me. She’s vile and the only thing funny about her is how easily offended she is at literally everything!

  34. What an idiot is this woman. Should be sectioned

  35. So police won’t have time for actual crimes not that they ever attend anyway I guess, they’ll be busy chasing down people who you think stared at you.

    999…… Help I’m being raped then he plans to kill me……… right did he star at you???….. well not really ………… sorry try 111 as this is a none serious offence.

  36. Scotland to get ‘women only train carriages’.

    Should Scotland have women-only rail carriages?

    If you were a lone female travelling home at night, would you feel safer in a women-only train carriage?

    That’s one of the ideas being suggested by campaigners to improve women’s safety on public transport.

    Scotland’s new transport minister Jenny Gilruth started the debate on safety last week when she gave a statement on the future of Scotland’s railways after they become nationalised in April.

    In her statement at Holyrood, Ms Gilruth said she had personal experience of feeling unsafe on trains.

    The former teacher spoke about avoiding having to get on the last train back to Fife “because it’s full of drunk men” who would “squeeze in beside you despite the fact that you’re surrounded by empty seats”.

    She said: “I want our railways to be safe places for women to travel. We need to identify as a government where it is that women feel unsafe on our public transport systems, and then identify how we’re going to fix it.”

    She will consult women and women’s organisations across the country.

    • Meanwhile ANYONE can simply identify as a woman and gain entry to it.

      • @D A Barker LOL! Proving that the people in power are either as thick as two short planks, or the whole thing is just another media whore wind up.

    • It’s more about the police being more able to justify the intrusion & surveillance-abuse of individuals because someone has reported or falsified a report about the behaviour of someone else. As we know, they can already download the entire contents of your phone without a warrant, and if they’re perverted enough (like Ian Naude) they or gov agents can watch you through your camera or camera’s hidden in your home. There’s no limit really. But the easier it is for them to create suspicion, the better

  37. It’s all about keeping people in a constant state of fear. In reality, how big a problem is “women being assaulted on public transport?” They make it sound like it’s happening on every carriage on every train.

  38. Our kids today won’t have no freedom left whatsoever they way this shit show is going our kids will be growing up too scared to do fucking anything bcoz of a bunch of narcissistic demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum bastards and these fucking muppet bitches huh who in they’re right minds would even look at those ugly bitches never mind attack them huh they should be so lucky I fucking hate those feminists I can’t fucking stand them whatsoever and I am a mummy to ( my son ) and I am on the side of ( my son ) 100% & not all men are bad right plus what about all the woman who are murderers attackers pedos etc same goes

  39. I expect undercover cops will be deployed to catch men, and it will be men, ‘staring’.

  40. Who actually watches this Good Morning Britain crap?

    • The same arseholes that watch the news probably….they plug there brains in by a cable amazon sells to the tv too top up there so called grey matter for a service wash everyday..

  41. Where does this woman go where lots of people are stroking their legs, staring and licking their lips at her? Maybe that’s what Jeremy does?

    • She should be so lucky to catch anyone licking their lips…. I was discussing this with my wife, and it made us laugh! Was that the intention? Daft bat. (Am I allowed to say that?)

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