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  1. I do not mind catcalling. It’s not gonna last forever. I never liked someone to stare at me, but again, I do not mind to stare at someone else 🙂 Hipocrisy at its finest. In some cultures staring is not a big deal.

  2. I can fully see how she’s a comedian…..
    The whole time she was explaining her point of view I was pissing myself.

  3. If us women don’t want to be stared at we should wear a burqa.

  4. “Rent-a-Gob’s” – What a classic! It strikes me as an attempt to reinforce the secretive powers of the thought police, where already people can randomly report the silliest of things and the perpetrator can be placed on some list they don’t even know exists – and it opens up more possibilities in alienating the already blacklisted dissenter, refuesnik, targeted individual (whatever you want to call us) by using any kind of falsified bullshit nonsense to ruin someone’s reputation. They tend to work through neighbourhood watch groups and get people to help them who feel honoured to do this, when in fact they’ve been ruining communities and alienating individuals for a very long time

  5. Another perfect example that shows yet again… that the only logical place for a tell lie vision…is down the friggin tip

    • This is exactly what they want. Only 1 in a lift , screens in shops to stop conversations. Only two in a room where I work 6ft apart. It’s has been the plan from day 1. The masks completely stop Any conversation.

  6. I know a guy with astigmatism, eczema and asthma. He’s screwed!
    Not everyone with googly eyes, breathing heavily and rubbing himself is a predator! 😆

  7. they want the world like the book/film 1984 where sex was banned if i remember right, long tine ago i read it. so no smiling at each other – aided by masks and no eyeing each other. when they get ppl to see touching as off/ wrong/inappropriate even dirty, then theyve TRUELY got us. I always said if there’s a cult/group of some kind where the leader/s can tell u what to do and what not to do with ur own partner in bed its BAD. No one should have that info on you and no one should have that kind if influence on ppls lives. This is another step towards de-humanisiation.

  8. Garraway is a lying bitch anyway…
    She wrote a book or writing one saying “derek draper battle with coronavirus” or something like that…
    He had bacterial pneumonia and had a positive test for (covid19)..
    So he didnt have (covid19) in the first place and just the bacterial pneumonia…
    No doubt the plebs will buy the book anyway🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I wasn’t aware of that. I never trusted that narrative from the start and the way it was getting so much traction in the media only added to the suspicion. That makes a lot of sense so thanks for posting.

  9. Ah yes I’ve seen these posters on the tube, I just think the whole place has gone mad. I am done with it, just minding my business now, there is no talking to these people.

  10. I aways stare, observe and admire.
    I like looking at people when I travel, I watch what their read on tube, how they dress,what they eat. Sometimes I listen to their conversation, haha. I know,creepy but I like it.
    P.s. I am a straight woman by the way ….

  11. I don’t think anything shocks me anymore..

    Bunch of Loonies !

    Thank you Hugo
    Keep smiling All

  12. With the price of electric and gas going up, expect a lot of thousands yard scares when people are sitting there monging it because there cold. Will they get done for that too.

  13. I can’t even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time,let alone all of these together.

  14. The letters ‘a’ and ‘g’ are white, and the eyes are blue. I wonder why that is. Could it be because they’re demonising blue-eyed ‘white devils’, or am I just paranoid?

    • I noticed the same. They always attempt to make whites feel guilt/shame and the long term kalergi plan is to have all races integrate and be more “coffee coloured”, effectively killing off the white race. Think that’s the gist of it.

  15. I often find myself staring at the muzzled on the tube, wondering what is going on in their head, that they still think the piece of cloth, or blue paper manufactured on the floor of a sweat shop is actually doing anything to protect them. Looks like I’ll be arrested soon.

  16. Was the comedian bird really a bloke, looks like it to me.

  17. heads up YouTube vid ice farmer stating the next pandemic will be bird flu the real pandemic will be bird fix & covi crap is just a dummy run & comming after food chain obviously

    • Yes – just saw that too! Why does nothing surprise me – I knew the flu was hinky as there are isolated spots. Why isn’t it everywhere you wonder. The pause on those smirking Gateshites said it all. It is all to do with eating their human manufactured protein. Swine flu and a rise in bovine TB next. Mixy in the rabbits – it’s all planned. The GMO mozzies that get into the food chain by wildlife – heaven knows the complications from that and there we go, back to the Gateshites again.

  18. I am sick to my stomach of the tyrannical state and woke woman. The imbeciles featured here probably don’t get any men looking at them, let alone staring at them.

  19. Johnson was given a wife by the Satan people. She was a real warlock , five-pointed star inverted, lingerie wearing 16 year old blond blue !

  20. Tell me about a relationship that didn’t start with a lingering eye contact and I’ll show you an arranged marriage. Everything is done to seperate us from each other. To break you down to the individual is to control you utterly.
    Stay connected. Stay strong.

  21. I can’t even watch it when asked to analyse it.

    This is satanic influence.

    No other explanation for the collective insanity we are witnessing…

  22. People stare sometimes but are miles away thinking about something else. I have done it myself and ppl think you were looking at them.
    I am going to make an effort to start saying “good morning” to more people and smiling at them.
    This is all about destroying humanity and human interaction.
    Any woman that says they don’t like men looking at them…give it ten or fifteen years and they will be wondering what happened.

    • I’ve been doing that for years – the older people (BC, L, M and CT) used to brighten up instantly while younger people or rather my age group would look down and run from the loony who dared to speak to them. We lived next door to one and he only spoke to us when he wanted something. My daughter used to hang out of her bedroom window and shout hello to him, he dropped what he was doing and ran back indoors. So I guess for some the isolation is welcome.
      But for me, I still say good morning/afternoon to people and round here everyone without the Ms smile and make an effort with a little bit of small talk. Small talk may be annoying to some, but soon small talk will become big talk and away we go!
      Oh, Before Covid, Lockdowns, Masks and Clinical Trials!

  23. Anyone notice, after the effort spent to create the scary sign, that the eyes are blue ?
    Next time I get stared at by a blue eyed person , I am in trouble……….Gibber
    Cheers Sadiq and your oh so comforting non blue eyes for letting me know.

    • Who has blue eyes…….
      Who has brown eyes……..
      What ethnicity are the Bradford pedos the police have given a get out jail free card to.
      To me with the blue eyes emphasized so heavily it seems to be more of the hate the white man propaganda train.

  24. What a bunch of weak souls these people are,thats if they have a soul.I cannot believe the world we live in what a fucking mess, how did it come to this.I wish i could go back to 1970 when i was growing up everything was so joyful back glad that i am the other side of 50 now so I don’t have to endure this shit show for to many more years.. humanity is fucked!!!

  25. Staring is a crime, but being tracked and watched via CCTV, Smart Surveillance and Camera Phones by the (Corporate) establishments 24/7 is perfectly fine…

    👁️ #1984, let’s roll. 👁️

  26. It’s really quite simple…just do what I do on the beach…wear your shades 😎

  27. Is this the ” male gaze” ? we hear so much about. Is there such a thing as the”female gaze” ? Stare at this space.

  28. those posters are a crime! Creeping people out and offending aesthetic sensibilities – toss ’em in the clink!

    Also, being a woman, i am sick to death of women telling everyone that women are utterly dependent on men’s good behaviour in order to go about our daily lives without feeling constant anxiety (more to the point, being in constant danger). Those very women thrive on their anxiety, they thrive on victimhood, and they especially thrive on blaming and hating on others. (As Hugo says, it’s all about Divide and Conquer.) Take a self-defense class and, especially, stop hyper-sexualizing the world! These women are the antithesis of the ‘female-empowerment advocates’ they claim to be.

    Takes a special kind of hypocrisy to say ‘don’t look at me as a sexual being’ when spending hours and income on trying to be sexually attractive, btw.

  29. The poster makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes me even more aware that big brother is watching me… I’m not normally a paranoid person to this degree, but that’s what that poster tells me. “Staring” is just the rouse behind it. We’ve all been in the pub or wherever and watched someone from afar with mates egging us on to talk to them, then the whole group starts glancing over… we’ve all been there. Ffs 🤦‍♀️

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