UK GOVT Spend MILLIONS On Jab Passport Up To 2024 / Hugo Talks

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  1. Seeing as the jabs are useless at preventing or spreading C19 and the jabbed get the disease worse this will be the only reason for this regime to push them. Resist defy do not comply.

    • There is no covid 19 mate….
      Its rebranded on every common illness and diagnosed with a swab that dont test for infection…
      C.O.V.I.D is the short version of the jab pass…

      • 100% with Paul, it’s the common cold / flu / stomach bug / headache that’s going around, to trick you into taking a test that the sheep believe is detecting convid.

        Sadly in hospital a Positive test, means they HAVE to follow Convid Protocols, which 96% of the time is murder as it’s the wrong thing to do.

    • Well said…..all l see around me are the ‘poor elderly’s…becomming more and more unwell…each ‘jab’ is reducing the bodies ability to ‘fight’ off viruses…cancers..everything…..its a nightmare unfolding….

      • Most Jabbed over 30s will have zero immune system, so Aids by the end of this year and it turns off a cancer fighting gene aswell, had to be intentional that, too coincidental to be anything else.

      • So they are going to basically kill everyone who did as they were told so that the elites will be left with millions of people who have opposed them? Yeah makes sense…

      • Paul, they don’t care whether people resisted them or not; it’s the reduction in numbers that’s important to them.

    • Yes and has any journalist put that question to Johnson?

  2. Once again they’ve proved to be the lying bastards they are.

  3. Too many people in love with smartphones and so we will get pulled in along with these unthinking morons.

  4. fuckimg evil lying Bastard traitor hypocrite piece of fucking shit seriously bloody pathetic on every level how can folk not fucking see it & actually believe this fucked up freak of that Bastard had half a brain cell he’d be dangerous

    • Bless you a person who thinks exactly the same way as I do will be no apps on my phone because I’ll ditch it and I still use my dumb phone.

  5. I imagine they know there’s going to be outbreaks of TB and other nasties because of the jabs, as predicted eons ago by Prof Bhakdi, Yeadon, etc.

    Hepatitis in kids is taking off as well.

    Safe & effective. Bollocks.

  6. Those who comply are deluded. Still people don’t see the wood for the trees. Take the jab, die, get on with it, see if I bloody care! Sick and tired of this BS!

  7. I think this may be the perfect time to remind everyone of the Ferengi 125th rule of acquisition from Star Trek DS9:
    `You can`t make a deal if you`re dead`

    I spoke to my indoctrinated next door neighbor today and she reminded me of the 117th rule:
    `You can`t free a fish from water`.

  8. Of course you’re spot on again, Hugo. The fuckers can’t be trusted one iota… Time for a change.

  9. Boris is a cretin of unparalleled proportions who is taking his orders from the other pathological psychotic lunatic & Nazi, Klaus Schwab

    • People like Johnson, Biden, Trudeau, Ardern et al are in power for a purpose. It’s so the population will blame their incompetence when things supposedly go tits up. The great reset will, therefore, come in under the radar.

  10. Just becasue the elite say so, doesnt mean it will work. Imagine how many people will revolt on passports now? Its all bollocks. The people have the power. They can fck right off. It aint happening, not without a nose bleed.

    • still can’t believe there is Ignorant Muppets in these comments saying ‘I’ve had covid’ or ‘I’ve had the disease’😂😂😂,stupid morons!!,until you enlighten yourself to ‘black cube worship’ you will never see the TRUTH,pay no attention to morons like the BS Doctrine and his disso shill website

      • Nobody has had “covid”…in fact people have been ill of course but “covid” has replaced the names of the illnesses or stuck against natural causes of death with the aid of a tool as much use as having a cotton ear bud stuck up your nose…
        Things like covid toes (chilblains) and delta (flu) omicrap (common cold)..loads more…

    • Yeah we’ve got the power but other willing to use it!?

  11. Told people this but they never believed me…
    All be jabbed up to 2030 i think?…
    More poison stuck in people to top up the jab pass (covid)….

  12. the NHS TRAPP. and the Corropt Serco, what a great pairing 🙂

  13. No doubt the money is being given to friends businesses while the government has the chance. surely they have to get found out and dealt with legally in the very near future

  14. Future lockdowns will only be for Jabbed people, because the Jabbed will start to get a new variant of Convid ( A Cold ), which will be super actually deadly to them, because there immune systems are fecked, then they’ll role out there HIV Immune system booster tablet, with a transmitter to prove you’ve taken it ( WEF Video, they have this tech ), so you’ve proved your Convid compliant ofcourse, what other effects it has on you, well it’s an experiment so we’ll have to wait and see I guess, turning you into remote controlled zombies is an option ( also remote has been admitted to, by Claus Twat Wanker )

    3 Sheep walking around masked up, daughter asked why, there answer, if you get it, it’ll give you blood clotts and heart attacks and strokes LOL they believe everything, no that’s the jabbed, but the sheep are more afraid to get it, as they think all the heart attacks are convid LOL smart move governments.

    Ofcourse it’ll all be back, they’ve spent too much and lied too much for it to just go away.

    Lockdowns proven not to work aswell LOL but still more, hmmmmm!!!

  15. I have fought cancer twice, had septicaemia at the end of my second chemo, got Covid twice (once in hospital) and after being advised to eat a good diet, supplants and exercise to keep a healthy immune system have lasted 26 years on so far with no jabs either. So I will trust my own body to do its job thank you and they know what they can do with their jabs and passport 😡

    • Got COVID? . It DOESN,T exist. Ask them to do a plasma test on you to qualify their findings , pay for it if you have to. You will get a definite ‘ no COVID ‘ . The so called COVID is in the jab and as you haven’t had one , it is impossible. Stop worrying about having a phantom disease. God bless.

  16. Them maggots have ruined peoples lives last 2 and years…
    How the hell can people go along with this crap…
    Its not about peoples health or anything remotely like it..
    Soon as they say get a jab or wear your twat mask these idiots go with it.
    Im not angry at people anymore as it has shown me how bloody thick and easily led people are…

    • Maggots – perfect title for them. Then as they want us to eat insects – voila! We have the solution!

  17. Guys go to David Icke site & watch latest dot connector vid coz if you think this is bad this is nothing it’s very informative and av been following Icke for 25 months now & it ain’t over I till the evil bastards are dead & buried & pushing up poison ivy bcoz that’s what they are obviously these evil cunts have to be stopped NOW before the shit truly hits the fan and we’re all fucked beyond belief

  18. Totally agree don’t let it drive you crazy, keep looking around you. And of course they throw millions but don’t let anything fool you nothing is what it seems.

  19. Seen a queue outside a surgery today for that novashite 4th jab..
    Most of the old dears could barely walk….
    Its not even past safety tests under clinical trials…

  20. Covid Lockdowns are only on the cards if one thing:

    If YOU them be.

    #LockdownOrLife / #LockedDownForLife

    I simply don’t want a Passport, nor do I want to be locked down any longer.

    In Two years, I’ve had One flu and Zero jabs.

    • Same, one nasty flu early 2020 assume Covid and nothing since.
      All my jabbed work colleagues have been sick multiple times.
      3 off now with Covid.
      Peru just used a lockdown due to ppl protesting food price rises.
      Lockdowns will be used again but not for Covid.
      Too many sheep adhering to masks lockdown rules etc and virtue signaling online.
      The future that’s planned by these authoritarian tyrants is hidden in plain sight. They openly talk about it and post in on websites but the sheep thinks its all positive.
      Breath taking gullibility and ignorance.
      For me it’s a hill worth dying on.

      • It’s very strange people who had covid at the beginning of 2020 up till about March 2020 do not get reinfected. According to governments around the world the pandemic was over end of March 2020. I know several people who were infected early in 2020 and have never had it since, yet everyone else gets it 3 or 4 times.

  21. Looks like 2024 is the year I’ll be going off grid to live in my tent. Fuck these demons.

    • Well said Samatha 👍🏻I will give up everything I have than bow down 2 these bastards ❗️Put that in your algorithm you Elitist scumbags 🤬

      • There are places in the UK where isn’t not illegal to pitch a tent. I’ve been researching for this reason. I’d rather risk death from the elements than live like this and giving in isn’t an option. Never been a quitter so won’t be starting now! Stay strong.

  22. 80% of the population are cowardly sheep.
    Unless larger numbers start waking up we are all heading for an authoritarian future.

  23. They can’t let go of the control mechanism!,it’s like a drug,for these tyrants!and the brainwashed masses!Will be cockahoop!they love being imprisoned,I mean locked down!

  24. Quite a few people saying cancer is getting even more common. The whole “1 in 2 of us will be touched by cancer in our lives” could have been predictive programming in a way. Was it really that high pre-convid? Same way we are now expected to believe heart attacks and strokes in young fit people is normal. Also, my workmate’s husband was just hospitalised with meningitis in his 30s and then had epileptic fits. I know meningitis isn’t unheard of in adults but makes you wonder what the gene therapy jabs are “allowing to take hold” in the body.

  25. Well you say don’t let it drag you down but I don’t think I could stand more of this shit e. Masks, restrictions etc the smugness of some and the control by the government. Don’t know what I’ll do.

    • Kim, I would start with switching off the bs news. Get rid of your license (if you haven’t already) and focus on positive changes that you can make.
      Know your rights and be aware of the wording being used for coercion.

      Then you’ll start to see a way out no matter what they throw at you!

  26. I agree with all the obscenities being thrown around and name calling etc, but that isnt achieving anything apart from showing you’re angry. Just like me, im angry too. BUT… What none of you have mentioned yet is the WHO, and there plans to take over the worlds health systems. 189 countries are being lobbied as we speak, no doubt the tens and tens of countries with shitty healthcare systems will want this, or their corrupt officials be bribed, given backhanders for their votes. The WHO only require a 2/3rds majority and its game over. The WHO will them have the power to impliment orders for mandated jabs, lockdowns, loss of incomes, as soon their will be a digital currency, and all tied in with your health passport, bank accounts , ID’s, driving licences, passports etc.
    Our so called sovereign government will be forced to take its orders regarding convid and no doubt a very new, more deadly pandemic outbreak coming down the pipe.
    So while its ok to shout and swear and stamp our feet, what we need are solutions, ideas, proposals to combat it all.
    My most recent knowlege tells me that our government, while being elected with an “X” in a box on a piece of paper, THAT by itself DOES NOT put us IN OR UNDER CONTRACT with the said Governmnent. Infact the Government does not legally hold power over us. It isnt lawful. We did not sign our names with ink wen we voted. And therefore we are not in a contract with gvnmnt.
    I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know the next steps we can legally or lawfully take, but to overthrow a government that we are not in a binding contract with sounds like it is us that hold the power and what we need next is a proper organised plan.
    But what we need, and DON’T have, is a way of getting the word to the masses.
    From where im sitting, i only see one outcome: and that is the WHO is soon going to be holding the almighty power over the entire western worlds health. And combined with the CUNT Klaus Schwabband the WEF, they will push forward and anyone dissenting and not getting jabbed, will find themselves restricted from society and ultimately captured and put in these newly built internment camps.
    The future of living with free will is rapidly being removed. And although i remain positive, I don’t like what i see coming down the tracks.
    Love you all❤️

  27. If the government are spending taxpayers money on these contracts then shouldn’t the taxpayers get a say in the matter?

    Otherwise they can just give out contracts for all sorts and allocate as much money as they want for it. Of course they are likely to get cashback from the deal anyway!

    Surely there should be a way of counter petitioning this allocation of taxpayers money??

    • Hes not ruled out “lockdowns” again….
      Probably winter time?…
      He said it saved lives before😀…
      Not cheese dick it ruined lives you bumbling lying piece of shit

  28. Dear UK government sorry to see this money wasted on de- humanistic development projects ! Feeding the families , strengthening buisness , bring back hope and health in real bio ways, not with dangerous chemicals and. C! HELP — what are you doing with the money? CONNECTING with world digital system is wrong.It promotes communists, controlling gov.! You don’t want that UK government! US , NATO and the rest will become the controlling trap for all!

  29. I gather Tony Bliar’s son has something to do with this “app” – or one of them. Wherever that mass murderer iss, there’s money in it for him. Hateful genocidal maniac that he is – I’ve not forgotten his jollies with Putin.

  30. Anyone still believing the ‘invisible enemy’ exists should check out A WARRIOR CALLS website and you will see Christopher James has teamed up with Christine Massey who has sent approx 170 FOIA asking ‘health ?? authorities’ and governments worldwide if they have isolated and proven SARS-COV2 to exist…..and not one has come back with any evidence,Christopher and Christine have both signed a declaration stating they are for the death penalty if what they are saying is untrue

    • Covid 19 was the smokescreen to get this society reset started as planned by the john hopkins foundation…
      So the jabs act as jab passes for digital ID…
      And “covid” gets stuck on everything to get people to keep having them…
      People are having them injections that dont work against anything basically and have caused many deaths and severe adverse reactions globally…
      Its all a crime against humanity basically

  31. Leyen & sky the strangest of hand shakes … the fabricated brush it paints . a zone of Clean , tidy , fresh strokes , pure hell is in the ink . War war war , now one is in ( under ) the ( tanks ) 🫣 ( spells ) … Z

  32. Giving out fluffy money to buy up all the assets before the big crash.
    Blackrock and Vanguard in the States a good example…

  33. Was out last night and a lady i know said “oh my friend and her work place has covid”…
    I asked “how?…swab test?…”
    Of course it was…
    I then thought just get on with it…
    People will never change and far as i am concerned they can keep that mindset..
    They bore me to death and offer me nothing..🤷🏻‍♂️

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