DOA Destroyers Of Art

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  1. Wtf sick freaks on steriods weirdos that’s not art that’s fucked up who in they’re right mind would buy that shit it’s disturbing to say the least sick bastards

  2. Notice the Perth looking up the little girls
    Skirt. Maybe that’s why it’s been made tall.

    • I thought all those artists were found under the bed of the naughty boy in toy story 1.
      You learn something new every day.

  3. A time machine would be nice to go back and stay in a good period and warn others that after 2019 society is fucked…

  4. everything these freaks do is an excuse to be perverted.

  5. Funnily enough, the wife and I watched Tony Hancock in The Rebel, yesterday. Bloody good film, and says it all about these idiots.

  6. Worst piece of art i seen is all them hearts done by the NHS on a wall murial in london..
    They said it was all deaths from “covid 19”…
    Clearly it was the positive test within 28 days so then basically there was no actual deaths from this “virus” which make that murial a sick and twisted stunt yet again..

    • ‘Thank-you NHS I’ve seen on vans around here. Yes, thank-you for injecting our children with an experimental shot. Today and Monday they are continuing their crimes in our local library, the bastards. I’ve just shoved a load of flyers in their letterbox. The local Labour Party office had something similar in their window, a wavy row of hearts. They got flyers with the number of deaths from The Shot. A text from the group of local surgeries said they are short of staff due to ‘illness’. What am I supposed to do about it? Are they ill from The Shot, or too ashamed to go into work? I know two ladies now who have jacked in their jobs with the NHS because they could not stomach what is going on.

      • They have ramped the cycles up again on them swabs to get more false positives to scare more folk into having them new jabs….
        Nobody has died of covid 19…
        There is no scientific based evidence on it…

  7. This sick so called art demonstrates what a sick society we are living through. Why are so many jabbed members of the public not realising what damage is being done to their health let alone their and others lives.

    • The other ‘fact’ that got to me, was his remark about the ‘Named bed’. Inaccurate, it was a tent that had names written all over it. supposedly they were the names of All of the men that Tracy had had between her thighs. How many more ‘careless’ holes were there within this ‘factual post’? Such carelessness hands ammo to the opposition parties!

  8. trying to explain anything like this to the Narratve followers would be a waste of time ,
    they are all well under the spell and i am surprised it is even still on youtube. Thanks Hugo 🙂

  9. The talentless children of the elites could only take over the art world by promoting this rubbish as art. They could shit on a piece of paper and it would be promoted as good. They’ve done the same with science.

  10. The intelligence services are just the dirty deed doers for the elites. They use the satanism rabbit hole as a cover. Crowley went to the same exclusive elite school as one of the founders of the CIA.

  11. This explains why I always thought all this “art” (that’s a joke) was utter shit, oh just get me out of here I have had enough of all this sadistic bullshit!

  12. Ars Gratia Artis ( Art for Arts sake ) . . really? Of course the exploitation of children through art although despicable. is nothing new. In the nineteenth century we had middle class artists such as Gaugin and his paintings of south sea island children whom he was suspected of abusiing. We also have Toulouse Lautrec who spent much of his time in brothels watching prostitutes changing and bathing, read what you want into that. One also has to wonder where Oscar Wilde’s mind was when he wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray. Exploitation and perversion has been ever prevelent in art for many centuries. there is nothing new there. It great to see video’s like this to bringing this to the wider public scrutiny and opening public debate. There are many struggling artists who really are suffering for their art. True good honest and talented folk, who love art in it’s many forms and are a credit to painting, design, printing, etc …….please don’t tar every artist with the same brush as these deplorable wretches.

  13. God’s judgement is coming.
    People get ready. Seek God and His Righteousness

  14. Dear Parents/Carers

    We have received notification from Hampshire County Council that all children aged 5-11 will now be eligible for their first jabs as the COVID-19 programme rolls the vaccine out across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

    The vaccine is a specially developed paediatric version for children. Parents are able to access the vaccine through vaccination centres, local pharmacies and GPs.

    There has been an overwhelming response from parents who would like to vaccinate their children and teams across Hampshire and Isle of Wight are working hard to provide additional capacity.

    Parents are able to find their nearest vaccination site via the NHS website, by calling 119 or by calling the Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 helpline on 0300 561 0018 which can help find and book slots or direct you to your nearest walk-in.

    New sites and vaccination slots are uploaded all the time so please check regularly.

    Kind regards

    Grange Admin Team

    Nothing to do with art, I know, but this is horrible. Do these people not have a brain? A conscience? Absolute arseholes.

    • Brainwashed is a simple answer….no research…lack of respect and care for there kids…

    • “The vaccine is a specially developed paediatric version for children”. I thought they were giving the same concoction, just in a smaller dose? I doubt any of the parents have full information on the ingredients, long term effects, short term effects, risks etc etc. If they did, they definitely wouldn’t let their kids get jabbed! Don’t they even care that the JCVI said it wasn’t worth the risk to jab a healthy child?
      I despair!

  15. More nonsense. I’m getting tired of commenting on it. Maybe I’ll take a break. I do not expose myself to MSM as it has nothing to say to me.

  16. Some fella last year claimed to be a “covid” survivor…
    He was in hospital and had underlying issues such as pnemonia and copd…
    They bunged him into a “coronavirus” ward because he had a positive test and told him this “virus” had caused his problems yet the swabs have never been tested on a virus sample to detect it in the first place…
    Seen many storys like that and its pure propaganda as he then advised people to get the “vaccine” or they will end up like him…the swabs are the elephant in the room and the driving force they achieve and detect nothing…

  17. Sadly Emin can really do lovely work – the crap wins out because it brings the dosh. I do wonder how she exists, unless the eunuch had hanky panky prior to being snipped off. One big bunch of sick people there. As for killing children with a lesser dose (how do we know – parents will undoubtedly take it as gospel) is disgraceful and one asks why should they be in the firing line – they were never at risk of anything, especially convid. Which now is “have you got c?” for any sniffle under the sun. No colds now, hayfever is likely treated the same. Avian flu – man made, not running rife and still running the narrative of the tests. They need horsewhipping and more.

      • Yes, agree. The only possible way is to have impregnated someone hah! I mean some woman prior to the chop. It would be impossible to have done so afterwards. They didn’t want them around the concubines intact! Then again the guy more likely wasn’t a eunuch at all but a story made up as the generations pass by – there’s definitely a lot of rubbish stories in my family tree as I’ve been doing the research and found some of them totally untrue. Perhaps Emin’s researchers should have consulted a dictionary to see the meaning of what a eunuch was before issuing such tripe. I wonder how many gullible people accept that about her, shows how education has gone down the toilet – where all the crappy “art” needs to be flushed too! All the best dear fellow. xx

      • @Kelly I believe it was also a punishment for rapists and sodomites, so the eunuch you mentioned could have been a former rapist or a sodomite.

      • Oooer! Now you mention it, not surprising!

      • @Kelly Yes, it’s not art at all, more like Satan worship in pictorial form. Their works, if you can call them that, are ritualistic in nature, that is, set dates, seasons and commemorations for commencement and completion of their evil displays.

    • I was thinking about pointing out the contradiction of Tracy Emin’s Dad being descended from a eunuch. It looks like I wasn’t the only one to spot that then 😂

      • That’s quite a few of us now with that hang on a mo second! LOL! I think possibly that some people don’t know what it is and in this case it has been made to sound something important – without any explanation. Quite beyond people to pick up a dictionary to find out – if they can even read – clue: it doesn’t begin with a “Y”

  18. Interesting how Damien Hurst is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire – the exact samd place that XR was founded

  19. Excellent video. This week in Ireland, they were talking about giving a basic income of €325 a week to 2,000 artists. I don’t think the reason for this is to silence dangerous artists from taking on the system, because I’m not aware of any powerful artists doing that successfully in Ireland or the UK in any media. Music has been particularly disappointing. We could do with a punk rebellious energy again. I think the money will probably be more used to get the artists promoting agendas like the ones on the video.

  20. Thank you,
    to the guy who put this together
    Interesting stuff.

  21. I believe and have believed for sometime now that modern art is nothing more than a psy-op and this video showed exactly why this is true.
    Andy Warhol in the States was no different to Damien Hirst, a darling of the social set, allowed to hobnob with the glitterati, enjoying unequaled access to so many people and places that a young gay man from a Polish mining community in Pittsburg, yet somehow he manages, even though being gay was illegal at the time, to head off to New York and somehow make a name for himself plagiarising other people’s artwork, he did NOT design the Campbell Soup Can label, that would have been a graphic designer somewhere who nobody knows, yet here is a man making untold fortunes from someone else’s intellectual property and repeating it time and again to the art world acclaim.
    My mother was an art teacher and I took art to Leaving Cert in Ireland, meaning I had to study art history as part of the exam process.
    This taught me a lot about what art is supposed to be, that it is or should be the glorification of all that is good and beautiful, it doesn’t mean you can’t show the horrors of the world or hell, many artists over the years have done so, depicting horrific scenes, which at the time of their painting caused outrage.
    However, we reach the 20th century, art is changing, there are artists who are pushing the acceptable boundaries of this form of human expression, but then we reach the 1950s onwards and all of a sudden art no longer is for art, it is for money, ONLY for money, it breeds a whole fake genre, where people stare at a painted square on a canvas and tell us it is supposed to represent our inner fears as a child whilst we were being molested by a family member or something equally nonsensical.
    These people were and are charlatans, they are selling the Emperor his new clothes and the public stand by bemused, not understanding and are told they are too stupid to understand, only the elite get modern art, only those “in the know”, much the same as those who went along with the Emperor in his birthday suit.
    The man is correct when he says it is an attempt to belittle the human body, the human mind, belittling those who don’t have the wherewithall to purchase one of these “statement” pieces, but are the poorer without? No, they’re not, it is the fools who swarm around this contrived and perverse artworld who are the poorer, for they don’t even realise how much they have been conned, their lives empty and meaningless, hence why so many turn to drugs, alcohol or sex to fill the huge God shaped hole in their lives.
    I would rather be poor with the paintings of my child on my wall than with any of the artwork supplied by these controlled agents of the NWO!

  22. Where there is muck …..there is brass. Here is proof.

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