GERMANY Food Prices Rise 20-50% Overnight / Hugo Talks

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    • When your children are educated(groomed) by militant perverts with tattoos,nose rings and pink dyed hair, then you must expect some really dysfunctional,confused adults!

      • Peter Appleby With respect, but the buck stops with the parents and they should move heaven and earth in order to home educate their children. There’s no excuse, not even financial hardship, for there are now support groups.

      • People have been incrementally dumbed down over the last 40 years so it is no surprise that there is such a lot of diminished parental responsibility. We seem to have social problems that did not exist 40 years ago….All by design,of course

      • @Peter Appleby “All by design,of course.” Of course: THE AGENDA models the 11 Recommendations made by The Jewish Frankfurt School in 1920:

        1. Create Racism Offences
        2. Continual Change to Create Confusion
        3. Teach Sex and Homosexuality to Children
        4. Undermine the Authority of Teachers and Schools
        5. Promote Immigration to Destroy National Identity
        6. Promote Excessive Alcohol and Drug Consumption
        7. Empty the Churches
        8. Create an Unreliable Legal System that Encourages Victimhood
        9. Create Dependency on The State for State Benefits
        10. Control and Dumb Down The Media
        11. Encourage The Breakdown of The Traditional Family

      • Exactly .I have read the online pdf “The Frankfurt School: The Conspiracy to Corrupt” and I am familiar with the noxious, false teachings of Sigmund Freud and Saul Alinsky. I can see how people have been “reframed” since the early sixties…I am very aware of what happened in Weimar Germany and Paris, post WW1. I know who our social engineers are…and where they are taking us as a society…I know that there is an awakening but,I am still filled with dismay at how stupid people still remain in large numbers…and I have a “something wicked this way comets” feeling of dread because society is going “MadMax” very soon….just like Ukraine.

  1. No change in Aldi prices round here but Coop have jacked all the prices up .

    • You need to take out a mortgage to buy a loaf of bread at my local co-op.

      • You have ALWAYS needed a mortgage to shop at the co-ey! lol

  2. Oh we (the prepared) are sitting back with our popcorn, it’s all the sheeple most of us have within family and friends that are walking around in a daze! I’ve told them all (not that they will listen) but I don’t want them all banging on my door wanting all my stock! I will help all I can but they have to help themselves.

    • So gullible most people it’s breath taking.
      I am the only unvaccinated in my office and have not been sick.
      All the others are double and triple jabbed constantly off with Covid and other ailments.
      Now they are huffing and puffing about evil Putin and rasing money for the paragon if Democracy Ukraine!
      I say nothing…just smile to myself.

      • People are so glad they had the jabs as the covid they’ve had could’ve been so much worse. They seem to ignore the fact that myself and the few others at work that aren’t jabbed have either never had covid or just had a mild version. I don’t say anything anymore I just smile to myself.

      • Best to say nothing. I toldmy sons about all this and they look at me like I’m nuts. I didn’t put anything a side food wise. Altho I do have plenty of tinned stuff in. I’m looking to buy a camping stove a 2 man tent and just fuck of with my dog somewhere. During the summer on my own. I can’t remember the last time I got away . I feel pretty alone but can handle. Nothing is the same anymore. Nothing. It’s all in plan sight.

  3. I have noticed this too. The prices in most supermarkets have been pretty stable. There is the odd increase here and there but nothing like Weimar. But the German ‘discounters’ have been steadily increasing their prices for a long time – way before ‘Ukraine’.

  4. The other thing about the German ‘discounters’ is that you usually have to ask for a receipt or they make a palaver out of it, instead of just giving you one like any normal shop. Without a receipt you don’t notice the price increases as easily.

    • The Euro made things a lot more expensive (not just in Germany, though, all over EURope).. Some companies/ shops just changed the currency symbol and kept the old prices. People went on a shopping frenzy to spend their soon out of date Deutschmark.
      Spent almost 70 pounds at Lidl and the stuff did not even cover the bottom of the cart. A lot of stuff was not even available.
      Another trick is to keep the price but reduce the content by a certain percentage. Price per 100 gr or kilo is printed so small that one can hardly read them.

      • I have noticed a lot of items have been reduced from 1 litre to 950 ml.

  5. I was told by someone I was chatting to on the bus-leg of a journey on the way to a country in East Europe that the prices shot up in Germany when they adopted the Euro.

  6. The only ‘inflation’ people like is house price inflation.

  7. Evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum “ fat cats “ yeah fat bien the word blobby Johnson is a heart attack waiting to happen with any luck how the fuck he got on a bike I will never know the only person to come out of hospital fatter than before he went in says it greedy bastard stuffing his face while the rest of us having to skip meals literally living on universal credit and – our kids – in care not bien fed right it’s absolutely disgusting having to struggle and choose between heating or eating this is gonna lead to civil war n hate leads to hate yeah true hugo but cmon how bad does this shit have to get before everybody stands up & says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH feet on the floor it’s time for war wipe those bastards once and for all cmon folks do it for – our kids – bcoz – our kids – deserve to be HAPPY AND FREE and so do we av got quick crazy temper & a backbone of steel am not scared of them whatsoever what you waiting for huh ???? the nicey nicey doesn’t work it’s time to show those bastards whose boss who’s with me ????? I am a born fighter & im proud of it bring it on fight means fight

  8. A Nation of SHEEP will begot a Government of wolves
    Edward r Murrow

    • Frankfurt school of subversion, depicts in their coat of arms a wolf in sheep’s clothing..
      All their in plain sight just another part of the evil pyramid.
      Who rules over us, and have done for at least 200yrs..plotting the west’s downfall…
      (houses of treason) ! Is but a small part of the bigger picture..
      The Anglo saxon Englishman or women is no where near the levers of power in these lands..
      We are in the last chance saloon!.
      Once the cashless society appears it’s the end..
      You’re freedoms will be gone…
      Bolsheviks have the power and finances and we are mere cannon fodder (goyim) cattle to be slaughtered at will, you will have nothing and be a slave.
      Agenda 2021, is here all the world’s institutions are run by them and for them to implement the jew world order..
      Putin is the new Hitler, because he won’t play their game..
      Now false flag atrocities are being arranged in Ukraine and blamed on Russia…
      Remember Syria))? Same thing happened.. All liars and deceivers! For the gullible!
      Their father is the “great pretender”
      England is fragmented and broken, which is exactly the way they want it.. Bread and circuses have been our staple diet for decades while they torn down our nation..
      With equality, diversity etc, etc
      Leftism, socialism, Liberalism, communism are all tools of the jew to destroy western nations..
      They are satanic in nature to destroy the moral good the backbone of a nation. They have relentlessly attacked nation, family,, Christianity, race.. For decades all in the name of inclusion.. All our traditions have been tossed aside, for a multi ethnic hell, they have successfully brainwashed our people to race mix.. You see a lot of coffee coloured kids today..
      White girls who mix, destroy their white genes.. All planned by the satanists..
      “future people’s of Europe will be coffee coloured in appearance”
      will have no alligiance to country and will be easier to manage.
      “Count coudon hove kalergi ”
      Satanists rule England, queenie is a mere puppet of the rothschilds..

      “These things must pass, we are at the beginnings of great birth pains,
      There will be famines, wars, rumours of wars, pestilence, earthquakes. But the time is not yet come..
      As in the days of noah, , where people were given in marriage, building houses, drinking then the floods came and swept them all away. So it shall be again when the son of man comes, be vigilante and keep your candle burning..

      Same as sodom and gomorrah,
      When lots wife looked back and was turned to stone. For whoever shall save his life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake shall save it.
      Jesus christ is the truth, life and the way!! Call upon him and be saved!
      God bless! Christ is king!

      • @riverhope99 “Frankfurt school of subversion, depicts in their coat of arms a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

        That’s The Fabians, not The Frankfurt School: Here is The Frankfurt School:


        “The end goal of Cultural Marxism is none other than the extermination of the white race. Through mass non-white immigration, trans-racial adoption and miscegenation we hope to accomplish the complete annihilation of white people”

        — The Jewish Frankfurt School – Critical Theory Conference (2013)

        “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

        — Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.

        The Frankfurt School – Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism = Social Justice – Feminism – Neo-Progressivism – Post-Colonialism – all born out of Critical Theory and come under the umbrella of Cultural Marxism.

        The Frankfurt School – Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism.

        Felix Weil – Jew,
        Erich Fromm – Jew,
        Herbert Marcuse – Jew,
        Max Horkheimer – Jew,
        Walter Benjamin – Jew,
        Theodor Adorno – half-Jew, Catholic mother,
        Georg Lukacs – Jew,
        Claude Levi-Strauss – Jew,
        Jurgen Habermas – German?

        Be it gender, sexual orientation, family, race, culture or religion every aspect of a person’s identity is to be questioned. Every norm or standard in society challenged and ideally altered to benefit supposedly oppressed groups.

        Thorium explains this socio-political philosophy that was designed to bring down Western Civilisation and the white race that created it…

        Classical Marxism vs Cultural Marxism

        “Classical Marxism saw conflict as occurring between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ Cultural Marxism used such a conflict as existing between the oppressed and the oppressors, between those with privilege and those without it. The ‘Working Class’ has been replaced by ‘Minorities’.

        “Majority Groups are defined as ‘privileged’ and ‘oppressive’, with minority groups accordingly labelled as ‘under-privileged’ and ‘oppressed’. Heterosexuals are deemed ‘oppressive’, cisgender people are ‘oppressive’, whites are ‘oppressive’ especially white men, Christians are ‘oppressive’. Those who do not fit into those groups are considered ‘oppressed’. It stands to reason therefore that if heterosexuals are oppressors the solution is to encourage other forms of sexuality.

        “If whites are oppressors the solution is racial diversity. If cisgender people are oppressors the solution is to encourage transgenderism. If Christians are oppressors the solution is to propagate Islam.

        “The half-Jew Theodor Adorno and an original founder of The Frankfurt School wrote in his book: “The Authoritarian Personality” in which he defines parenthood, pride in one’s family, Christianity, adherence to traditional gender roles and attitudes towards sex and the love of one’s own country as a pathological phenomena.

        “This tendency to pathologise opinions and life patterns which are not in accordance with his own political ends is characteristic of Cultural Marxism (the Jew and his hypocrisy). Differing views are thus described as irrational fears and phobias. E.g. A person who feels uncomfortable living as a minority in an area dominated by Muslim migrants will be decried as an Islamaphobe since living amongst those culturally and ethnically similar to one’s self is considered sick and phobic.

        “When Pakistani Muslims, living in Britain by contrast, show in-group preference converting entire sections of a town or a city into a mini-Pakistan there is no sickness, no phobia, only multiculturalism.

        A popular and propagandist manifestation of Cultural Marxism is Political Correctness in which media channels and social scientists make it a mandatory exercise to do the following: 1) Question common language. Illegal immigrants for example are to be referred to as ‘undocumented migrants’ while ethnic discrimination is referred to as ‘affirmative action’. Their ambition to define and redefine words can be seen as a means of controlling the discourse and altering cultural norms.

        “Racism and Sexism have been redefined as a product of prejudice plus power which leads to such ridiculous statements as: “There is no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice plus power. Men are the predominant gender with power in society” And “I an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men.” 2) Maintain an unwaveringly favourable view of the ‘oppressed’. “Black Lives Matter” is a peaceful legitimate protest movement; Feminism is only about equality and so forth.

        “No deviation from the aforementioned narrative will be entertained – EVER!! Nor will criticism.

        End Goal:

        “While Communism, as Marx envisioned it, offered the resolution of class conflict in a utopian social system all that Cultural Marxism offers is a desolate form of eternal warfare between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities. The only meaningful consequence that this wide application could possibly ever have is the marginalisation of traditional European cultures.”


    • i am just rereading liz greene’s ”the outer planets and their cycles” with analyses of how/why the collective subconscious creates situations like this. it’s from 80, so re ww2/holocaust/revolutions ectr.
      it IS the collective driving this through a few who are the apparent tip .
      here’s an article /essay by jessica davidson on that book.
      can’t find it now.

  9. the greed and corruption by these satanists is truly unbelievable , and they do not give a toss about joe public , time for the people to arm up and fight back against the narcassists

  10. I am in Catalonia and even before the Ukrainian situation there had been gaps in shelves, predominately at the German supermarkets and for several weeks, of the same products. I go every week to a local town which has four supermarket options: Mercadona (Spanish) Carrefour (French) Aldi & Lidl. All have shortages and enormous price hikes when you are lucky enough to find stock. For example sunflower oil (very rare) was 1.20/1.35€ , last week 3.80€! Flour was always 0.50€. When you can find it, general 1€, 0.75€ at Lidl last week (last 2 bags) but remained at 0.50€ for self-raising At Aldi last week. Strong or integral flour for bread making is impossible to find. I am so glad I listened to the ‘ice age farmer” in Canada way before …. Pity I did not heed advice on dry goods, as was worried about 🐜 Pay attention as this is all by design. ‘Bread and circuses’ look back at history and famine has preceded communism. Love, peace and hope to you all and thanks 🙏 to Hugo

    • here in ireland lidl often does not have some things for weeks on end, though that did seem worse than usual a couple of months ago.
      veg oils are very bad for our health.
      i stocked up on cold pressed olive/coconut oils, and goosefat/lard.
      they keep well if stored cool and dark too.nutrient high.

      • You have to use something if you are baking bread. Something I rarely do. They sound ‘healthy’ – but they are anything but.

    • Sri Lanka is suffering from food shortages; they are running out of foreign currency reserves so are unable to import fuel; as well as electricity blackouts. Sri Lanka has went cap-in-hand to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) begging for a loan.

  11. Prices are rising to bring in the great reset. Bringing down the economy for cashless society. Mark of the beast is being implemented

  12. Russia must have invaded Ukraine a lot earlier because prices have been raised every second to third month for about two years now.

  13. Putting the squeeze on the common people. Won’t affect the elite though.

  14. Food is free. Always has been.

    Walk into your nearest park/woodland and I bet there are at least 10+ edible plants in the area. Guaranteed.

    The earth provides for us, always has, always will (unless we poison it all).

    You are a natural being. Your entire body formed from a single drop of blood. The flow of nature has you covered.

    Go against the flow of nature, your going against the flow of life. You will fuck yourself. It’s the age old lesson nobody seems to learn.

    There are only 2 forces in our existence. Contraction and expansion. Paramagnetism and diamagnetism. Prana and Vril.

    Expanding forces rotate clockwise, contracting forces rotate anti clockwise.

    Light is an expanding force, darkness is a contracting force.

    You ever looked at the pyramids of Giza from above? Looks a lot like circuitry to me…

  15. Give it a week or 2 and that’ll be us aswell, no Sunflower oil for cooking, so moving to Rapeseed oil which is more expensive and likely haven’t got enough to fill in the gap, raising the price more,

    2022 is going to make 2020 and 2021 look like absolutely nothing was going on, ohhh hang on, nothing was going on.

    • veg oils except high grade olive/coco are super bad for us. margarine too. stock up on coco/olive/lard. they keep well to. goosefat i bought a few jars of at lidl a while ago.

      • Yes, I always thought we were meant to avoid ‘highly processed’ oils such as sunflower, that is why I won’t be ‘stocking up’ on it.

      • I won’t be stocking up on goosefat or lard either. I also suspect that coconut oil is a bit suspect. And margarine is a no-no.

      • Its strange but food beliefs have been turned on their head. They now say cholesterol is not diet related but lifestyle and hereditary….I think cholesterol build up in the arteries is more from flurodated water, medication💊….. and lifestyle. Just 100 years back cardiovascular diseases were FAR lower….so to get back on topic,
        lard is actually quite a healthy choice now.

      • @sabelmouse If you buy meat from an organic source you can get beef fat from them and make your own dripping. Also get beef bones for making beef broth – excellent source of collagen, which helps to cure leaky gut – a common problem these days.

  16. If you keep on complying and bending over for everything they demand, pretty some your head will be up your own backside. People need to drag these MF’ers out of their cozy offices and string them up.

    • I’d love to go back to that time. Not just because I’d be a teenager again, but because it was infinitely better than the woke-tard shit-fest world we live in now. And people did care about each other, certainly more than they do now.

      • Now they only care if they get retweets or likes

      • But then…Thatcher the Snatcher…..was alive and she was the harbringer of where we are today. She was,like Winston before her,the protege of Victor Rothshild

      • I think the best years for any people were Germany 1933 – 1942. No inflation, no crime, proud people with almost full employment and freedom from Zionist banks. No wonder the Jews lied about everything, just so nobody would ever try to break free from Usury again.

      • Clement Freud is a pedophile. I watched a bizarre documentary on him and he was quite open about sex with children.

      • @Ray Spot on. German workers in the 1930s were the most affluent in the western world. In contrast Jew usury enslaved Brits and Yanks were unemployed and standing in soup queues.

  17. Inflation in the uk will hit double figures by end of 2022 turns out…
    So much for society reset..
    This is a society screw job the whole thing…

    • See 9 more “symptons” have been added by the NHS including headache, blocked nose etc…
      And the free tests are being paid for…
      So lets worry people so more so they pay for a swab thats as effective as a chocolate tea pot and does not do whats written on its tin…
      People must get with the programme surely as the reset programme is in full swing and anybody that thinks its a pandemic?
      Your seriously needing a reality check

      • My workmate is getting her 8 year old boy jabbed next week. She’s gone with the fairies about convid. I pity the boy, I hope he doesn’t get harmed by it. Even JCVI say it’s not worth the risk of jabbing kids – not that I rely on or trust them, but my point being you’d think sheepy people would take heed of official groups saying no to it. I despair!

  18. You can tell by Klaus Schwab’s demeanour and ubiquitous smile that he means well…
    Buckle up folks, its going to get real messy in 2022.

  19. I’ve done my research Hugo and quite often the elephant in the room is not discussed. Our country and many others has been under the control of Jewish banking cartels since the early 1900’s. Go read and educate. They’ve been thrown out of countries over 1000 times, because they rob the public, create famines, inflation and cause war, bit to mention a few. A great book is A History Of Central Banking. Everything is in there.

  20. People still panicking for petrol …big cues by me, havnt had super unleaded (E5) for 2 weeks !! I keep my tank topped up so not a problem but have had2 order a E10 additive…not sure of its affectiveness, but hopefully it will help….Actually bought myself a bicycle in preparation but I expect petrol will still be available but at extortionate prices. I live in an extremely isolated location so need my campervan really.
    Thanks hugo…yes stay calm….Good advice ! Ttfn

  21. No different here in the uk. I do pricing in a supermarket.. many £1 items now £1.25 … our governments are too blame with their green agendas

  22. Well, we certainly won’t have to worry about this in Italy! Our UNELECTED DICTATOR, Mario Draghi, the former Central Banker, Head of the Bank of Italy, and Goldman Sachs employee, has no doubt made a deal, stating that Italy would volunteer to be a test case country for the “Covid” plandemic in return for taking it easy on our citizens during the aftermath /Great Reset.
    Though I say this with tongue in cheek, it’s highly probable.
    Thanks very much for the video!

  23. Hugo is giving wise advice about keeping calm during the storm and avoiding “hatred which breeds hatred”. Jesus promises those who trust Him: “the peace of God which passes all understanding.” Philippians 4:7

    • @Arthur Champion How about this for hatred?

      John the Baptist:

      Matthew 3:7 (MCV) But when he (John) saw many of the Pharisee Jews and Sadducee Jews come to his baptism, he said unto them, *O generation (offspring or race) of vipers* (snakes or reptiles), who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

      Yashua Messiah:

      Matthew 12:34 (MCV) *O generation (offspring or race) of vipers* (snakes or reptiles), how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

      Matthew 23:33 (MCV) *Ye SERPENTS,* ye generation (offspring or race) of vipers (snakes or reptiles), how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

      John 8:44 (MCV) *Ye are of your father The Devil,* and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      From Strong’s Concordance:
      Generation – G1081 – gennema ghen’-nay-mah – from G1080; *OFFSPRING;* by analogy produce (literally or figuratively): – fruit, generation.

      • I don’t think those words are hatred, John the baptist was speaking truth about those people. It may not have been popular opinion at the time, but truth nevertheless. Like many things said today.

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