Elon Musk Becomes TWITTER Biggest Shareholder / Hugo Talks

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  1. Well, the day I said Elon should choke on his $50 penny-whistles (yes, the idiot was selling whistles for fifty bucks!), I had my account suspended. Now, was that just a coincidence? Or was that for Musk?
    Either way, I do not like the guy, particularly since that asshat has moved to Austin and ruined many more things, here. Bastard.

  2. The same people that are falling for Musks bullshit are taken in with Trump! Wolves in sheep’s clothing

  3. Twitter is a make believe computer generated entity like all the other platforms, its existence means nothing to everyday people and has no tangible worth in my world. It can fall as quickly as it rose.

  4. The bloke is as dumb as a turnip, a totally empty vessel. He can hardly string a coherent sentence together.

    A 100% place man for the real money people in the shadows.

    • @Guy Green, Agreed, and as I have said elsewhere, Elon Mush is just an errand boy for The Rothschild’s, along with Bozo Boris, Biden, Trump, Putin, Macron, Zelensky, Kissinger, Schwab, Soros, Gates and Fauci – feel free to add more.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        The house of saxe-coburg and gotha .
        With Charles being on the WEF as well, it is time they went .

      • @norrak True, but they’re kidnapped prisoners rather than errand boys. One step out of line and they would be in a cellar like Czar Nicholas and his family. The Christ killing Jews hate monarchy with a special hatred.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        When everything that steals has HM in front of it, then the HM has to go.
        In my humble opinion, the network that goes with it needs HM more than I .

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine.

        Succinct and to the point, though I thought I sort of agreed anyway.
        How can such a stupid , arrogant, pampered , out of touch family represent anyone with a modicum of intelligence.
        Their propaganda techniques have just been going longer than covid or Ukraine .
        Also as believable as the cackcine and Zelensky for most, as we see every day.

      • @Norrak You’re still not getting it. They are not stupid, pampered and arrogant. They’re playing the game of survival and follow Rothschild’s orders or they’re for the chop – kaput! fini! end of! Just like Charles I; Louis XVI; Czar Nicholas. It really is a matter of life or death and I jest NOT!

        FYI information Elizabeth Windsor was indoctrinated at the age of 12 by the Fabian Marxist scum bag Sir Henry Marten, who was headmaster at Eton College at that time. This, of course, all had the blessings of her father King George VI who, out of interest, was very pally with Bolshevik Marxist president Roosevelt (FDR) and his plug ugly Commie Mrs.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        There is surviving and there is plain in on it, till one’s use is achieved and no longer needed.
        Which still would have nothing to do with me , as I am the football to be popped before the game ends.

      • @norrak There is surviving and that’s all there is to it. Go with the flow, don’t ruffle any feathers and nothing will happen to you. E.g. Refuse to give the Royal Assent to any EU Treaty and you and your family will be in deep doo-doo.

  5. Elon Musk is a complete fraud as an engineer, businessman and human being. Exactly the same as Gates and Schwab – half baked, hairbrained intellectuals who surround themselves, in an echo-chamber, with people who tell them how smart they are.

    What Elon is, is a genius marketer, when it come to marketing himself, as a genius philanthorpist, that is.

    And Twatter will just be another platform for him to promote himself, his crypturd recommendations he can pump and dump in order to enrich himself further still.

    Needs to be deprived of oxygen, permanantly.

    • Musk is not a man of any distinction. A semi-fictitious, manufactured character. Like Robert Maxwell. Just a loud cut-out to conceal the true masterminds pulling the puppet-strings. Musk represents Foundation money. What was called the ‘Fondi’, or family funds in the Venetian Empire. Pooled resources of the oligarchy. Not even a man of his own means.

  6. You know if it wasnt for this fake war and fake pandemic i wouldnt interest me what goes on factually…
    So thanks plebs and brainwashed idiots…
    You helped me by dragging this shit along and let me do more research…
    Enjoy your jabs and being a prisoner in your own fucked up mind set…

  7. Hugo Musk and charities are two separate things. If you want to change people’s IQ with chips, you’re a bit confused.

  8. Ephesians 6:12

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      • I agree That verse has been misused as a sort of excusing evil people

        Jesus never said that/about i.e. the Pharisees!

      • Wonderful article, I am thinking you are way ahead of us all and all we can do is run as fast as we can, to catch up with you. It is comforting to know that there are other kindred spirits here. Many other voices speaking out. Speaking personally the Lord woke me up early in 2013 and it has a steep learning curve for me this past 9 years. The Lord knows who are his and who are not. I have seen some of your comments on other topics. I would say I agree with many of your comments and views, but not with them all. We differ on a few things …..LOL. Still, nice to meet you all the same.

      • @Pippa McAleer, Thank you for your positive comments, and glad you found the article helpful – that’s all that matters.

        However, I am not way ahead, for we are all equal in His sight. The man or woman baptised today and gifted with the Holy Spirit is no different from me and has entered His Kingdom, and his or her name is written in the Book of Life. Let’s just say I have gained more knowledge, and hopefully matured in the Faith due to the fact that I have been at it for many years now, and have experienced some very hard knocks along the way which, in turn, drove me on to learn more and grow in faith, which is what He expects of us. See the Parable of The Talents.

        Let me know what it is that you disagree with and I’ll see if there is any meeting ground over the points you raise. Thanks for your reply and feed back.

  9. Eehaw Musk’s grandad was kicked out of Canada for being a technocrat, now technopratts like Eehaw Musk rule the world of make believe.

    • Truckers were controlled Opposition nonsense David icke fully supported them with a passion
      Don’t forget to buy the t-shirt virtue signal about Jesus and preparedness
      One born every minute 😅

  10. One of the biggest deceivers of humanity with his FAXE X Physically-impossible space fairy tales, claiming to have put rockets & even a car in “space” whizzing around the proven level motionless earth..

    • There are plenty of other looney-bin sites that you can post your ‘flat Earth’ nonsense. Unless you are posting this crap on here to discredit this site? You have to be completely NUTS to believe in ‘flat Earth’. If you genuinely do believe this nonsense you should seek urgent psychiatric treatments because you can be certain you will suffering from mental illness of some sort.

      • Nice to see someone as humble and knowledgeable as yourself here. It seems to me you are far to clever and intellectual to be wasting your breath on the likes of us imbeciles and lunatics. Perhaps your worldly wisdom could be put to better use elsewhere.

      • Sorry my last comment was for Agnes/Senga. Go research Airy’s failure and the Michelson Morley experiment. And before you do perhaps you should take you foot out of your mouth.

      • No Pippa, YOU go and fuck off to a ‘flat earth’ looney-bin forum. There are plenty to choose from. Just what the fuck are you doing on here? Poisoning Hugo’s well with your retarded ‘flat Earth’ nonsense. I suppose the Moon is flat too you fucking retard. Go on – Fuck off! You are not worth the time of day!

      • @ Senga . . . . . Wake up,sleeper!
        Ephesians 5:14

      • No, I am very much awake. If you really believe that the Earth is flat you really are mentally ill. It is not worth arguing about. Oh, and you never answered if the Moon is round? Or are you going to say that it is hollow and full of produce? Where did the Incas get potatoes from? Or do you subscribe to David Icke and his ‘giant alien spaceship’ nonsense. Or maybe the Moon really is made of green cheese? You loons really do crack me up.

      • The “Earth is a Realm” Quote Misattributed to Nikola Tesla

        The “Earth is a realm” quote is often wrongly attributed to Nikola Tesla in flat-Earth communities and incorrectly regarded as “evidence” that Tesla believed Earth is flat.

        Someone wrote pseudoscientific drivel and added an actual quote by Nikola Tesla. Flat-Earthers wrongly assume both statements are by Tesla & it became a hoax claiming Tesla was a flat-Earther.

        The quote by Tesla was taken from “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy,” in which Tesla mentioned the word “globe” 12×, “gravity” 4×, “planet” 10×. It is clear Tesla was not a flat-Earther.


      • It would appear my comments have really irritated your demons Agnes/senga. I think you should see someone about your anger issues. You need to come down off your high horse and calm down. Who do you think you are swearing at people? Because someone else differs from what you believe. You are acting like a lunatic. I suggest you go do some research proper scientific research and try and set aside your preconceived notions that have no basis in fact. You are making yourself look like an idiot. Science has proved that the earth is non rotating, how about your going and finding out for yourself. Or are the scientists who discovered this lunatics as well …grow up and go check out some science fact…The Michelson Morley Experiment 1887, Airy’s failure 1871, and The Bedford Level Experiment.

      • @ psyopticon I don’t know who you are calling the ‘disinformationalist ‘ but ‘flat Earth’ is a classic ‘disinformationalist’ technique. I have seen it on many forums. It done with the intent of poisoning the well. It give the impression that the forum is a looney bin frequented by lunatics. Usually such posts are banished to a ‘members only’ ‘garbage bin’ out of site, out of mind. Even the looney-bin David Icke site doesn’t entertain ‘flat Earth’, it is too kooky even for Icke, and I would wager that Hugo doesn’t believe in ‘flat Earth’ either. If you post such nonsense you are either trolling, a government agent/spook (77th brigade), or mentally ill.

      • Sorry Pippa or is it Appip? I am not going to waste my time on pseudo-science, mumbo jumbo, going down rabbit holes, and misattributed and made-up quotes. I have better and more productive things to do with my time.

      • It is funny you should mention pseudo science and to reply to your question about the moon. The moon is made of wood. Well according to the astronuts who were supposed to have went there it is. Neil Armstrong and ‘Buzz’ Aldrin gave a space rock to Holland and was on display in the Rijksmuseum. It turned out the rock was found to be petrified wood.

      • That is because the sample was proven to be a fake; it doesn’t mean that the Moon is made of ‘petrified wood’. I have seen ‘moon rock’ on display and it looks nothing like ‘petrified wood’. Even to the naked eye the Moon looks nothing like ‘petrified wood. Next, you will be saying that the Moon is made of green cheese. Go on, say it ‘the Moon is made of green cheese’.

      • You never answered whether the Moon was ‘flat Moon’. Notwithstanding, that you can see with the naked eye that the Moon is a round globe there is also ‘libration’ i.e the Moon ‘wobbles’. If the Moon was a flat plane the ‘corners’ would have to wrap around the sides somehow which would make it round. And by the way, if you fly high enough in an aircraft, which I have done, you can see the curvature of the Earth. It is a sight to behold.


      • Of course you can see the curvature of the Earth if you fly high enough. Anyway, what is this ‘flat Earth’ nonsense being posted on here? None of Hugo’s posts mention this nonsense. There are plenty enough ‘flat Earth’ forums on the internet. Topic closed!

      • I’ve never seen a person so triggered over flat/Biblical earth.

      • @the2ndbestpriest Scripture and verse to prove your mickey mouse flat earth:

        “Planets are round, the Moon is round, the Sun is round, The Galaxy is round, the Ionosphere is round, the Earth is round!

        “If it’s flat, then why can’t you take a VERY powerful telescope up onto a Mountain & see Jew York Shitty from the flat plane? BECAUSE IT’S NOT FLAT!

        “Flat tard Earthism was started by the CIA & the Mossad together to divide people who are seeking the truth to the extreme. We want the truth & are willing to give everything a chance. I’ve been researching the Flat Earth crap since I learned people were actually buying into it around 2016. That is when in around 2018 I came into contact with information & people that were agents getting paid to push the agenda.

        “Flat Earth is Kikery! May as well go put on a yamaka, light the 8 candelabra, kiss the wailing wall, tattoo a Jewish star on your head, buy a copy of Ann Frank, cut off the tip of your penis, write DUNCE on your yamaka, & eat some Gefiltefish!”

        — Eric Blood

        The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the aether. Space is a myth. Gravity is a myth. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk.

        Flat Earth Stupidity Exposed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCh-tbTd_Pc

      • I am not triggered about anything. Believe what you want to believe if you even believe what you purport to believe in. I am not interested in discussing ‘flat Earth’. Bye and good day to you Sir/Madam.

      • No curvature and water doesn’t bend.

      • I have already said I am not interested in ‘discussing’ this. Bye.

      • I can’t, and that is very interesting aspect/flaw in certien people’s idea of flat eart. But still doesn’t mean it is round.

      • the2ndbestpriest If you cannot show me the sun in the flat earth night sky paradigm then you cannot prove flat earth – it’s as simple as that. Now all you are left with is sunrises and sunsets which prove a FIXED GLOBE EARTH.

      • And how do you know for sure how the sun and moon work? If I’m not allowed to state the earth as flat, then you can’t stare it as a globe… but fro. What I have came to understand, the is no curvature. Where do you go from there?

      • @the2ndbestpriest Have you not watched the sun and moon move across the sky? I am beyond stunned that I am having this conversation with an adult.

        How do you know that there’s no curvature? Who told you that nonsense?

  11. Uk gov won’t ban conversion therapy for anyone identifying has ‘ trans ‘ . How could they ? That would give the game up … can’t ban the very therapy they have injected into peoples arms slowly turning them ‘ trans human ‘ along with all the other ‘ puppets ‘ like musk helping its cause , it’s all a secret old boy , what what don’t you know … it’s never to late to welcome ‘ Jesus Christ ‘ 🙏

  12. I agree with Hugo, no way is Musk that rich. I think the world’s controllers, you know, those who lick the feet of their Supreme Commander – lie for It, steal for It, murder for It, and humiliate themselves for It – share their wealth amongst each other to a great degree. It’s rather obvious today by the way certain businesses appear to have sacrificed themselves, always for our safety or the “greater good”, of course, in violation of the corporate prime directive which is solely for maximizing profit.

    Not long ago I was stung by a scorpion in my home. I was not angry with it, instead, I caught it and let it go. After all, that’s what scorpions do. Similarly, those behind the world’s current campaign of mass-murder, economic destruction, and creating grave social unrest are just doing what they are enslaved to do for Satan and have little choice in the matter. I pity them!

    No, it’s the people of the world who disappoint me. We have the power to send those that are working so hard to destroy us to send them scurrying for their holes. The people of the world have been conquered and now we are suffering the consequences for our weakness and stupidity.

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