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    • They are just a front for the Satanist Pedos!

  1. I believe it is illegal to block fuel/oil depots/refineries after the fuel blockades of the 90’s for those that can remember that.
    Be interesting to see if they are arrested…. But I’m not going to get my hopes up.

    • You’re spot on . Where r the police ? Why aren’t they being arrested? Surely what they are doing is illegal? Move them on or nick em simple as that. World’s gone crazy. Climate fucking change getting right on my nerves now all this shit.

  2. I find it interesting that they use the term xr and not er. Especially when these psychos like to flip everyrhing on it’s head and with everything that has been going on with covid. Here’s why,

    Commonly seen on doctor’s prescription pads and signs in pharmacies, Rx is the symbol for a medical prescription. According to most sources, Rx is derived from the Latin word “recipe,” meaning “take.” Among several alternative theories, however, is the belief that the Rx symbol evolved from the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol associated with healing powers. What is known for certain is that the practice of pharmacy, the preparation and dispensation of drugs, has been around for thousands of years. The world’s first recorded prescriptions were etched on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia around 2100 B.C., while the first drugstores were established in the ancient city of Baghdad in the eighth century A.D.

    Could be clutching at straws like, but it’s good to analyse absolutely everything

  3. Why isn’t there loads more folk fed up to death of all of this fucking hell wtf are they oh yeah shit scared of everything bloody Johnson freak says that’s right & that sturgeon nazi hitler bitch here in Scotland says arghhhh I’ve had it up to mars & back a billion times over with this covi crap already all of it everyday it’s another day then another wk another month another yr seriously nooooooooooooooo end this shit now & end this shit once & for all cmon what’s everybody waiting for huh if they can go covi crazy we can go riot crazy on them all do justice our way & do it right fuck nicey nicey it’s time for war who’s up for it ?????

  4. Surprising Stanley Jonestown has not been examined more, as being a connection on why the go softly approach ?
    After all his drip off the old plop son Boris Jonestown comes out with the same old fraudulent sheight and he is PM.

  5. There extinction rebellion sign is very Alistair Crowley isn’t it.
    As above so below and its got to be inside a circle hasn’t.

  6. Has anyone else spotted the same “Z” inside a circle as their logo, the same as the one on the Russian Tanks?

    • The X depicted within a circle also signifies Satan and is a symbol of satanists.

  7. check out ‘Black cube worship’,and you will see how the plebs have been deceived with their religions and unknowingly worshipping Satan,LMAO 😂😂😂

  8. How much more of this circus show and slap stick will it take before the sheople wake up?

  9. Bang on Hugo and feel sure if the police and government had the desire to move the fookers on they could rely on the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to do so.

  10. Silly little puppets.
    Should be thrown to the sharks

  11. I’d love one of these puppets to sit in front of my car. They’d be road kill. I swear I’d do time for this crap. I’d give my life fighting this shit. Fuck them.

  12. When I watched the ones glued to the road, I couldn’t help but wonder what if the police re-routed traffic, left them there in the pouring rain for days (or however long the glue took to dissolve itself) while they all shat themselves. Just leave them. The idiot on the goal post?… Just go on with the game.

    • Spot on lol. Just carry on with the game. It’s hardly gonna be a problem. If someknob glues himself to a goal post fuckinh leave him there. 😤

  13. This is really getting sicker as every day goes past I starting to thing these people couldn’t be humans you can see things falling apart hospitals shops schools it’s like nobody cares what’s right any more I just can’t believe people are so stupid keep fighting for the kids they need are help be strong never give up good always out ways evil and these people are evil thanks Hugo for another brillant video

  14. Where are the police? Why aren’t they doing they’re fking jobs and arresting these wankers? This country is a fking madhouse.

    • They’re waiting to be told what to do next.. always and forever waiting to be told what to do next

    • The police are 100m either side of them preventing the public from removing them

    • @Zibbe Zabba There are no police, just Rothschild goon corporate policy officers and/or revenue collectors – fleecing the citizen slaves. They’re no different from Al Capone’s goons, only his didn’t wear robo-cop outfits.

    • Thanks for all you do Hugo, nearly always over target!
      Short and to the point, really appreciate all the work you do. 🙏🏻

  15. They’ll just sit in the road even if an ambulance tries to get through, they don’t care who dies. What I say is drive through them after speeding up, they have been payed to cause as much damage as possible and they deserve to end up as roadkill, all of them.

  16. It’s just what you say don’t let it drive you crazy. Keep thinking clearly and soberly. Nothing is what it seems.

  17. ‘Children going missing amid chaos at Ukrainian border, aid groups report
    Cases of human trafficking and exploitation also reported as more than 2.5 million refugees try to escape fighting

    Children are going missing and cases of human trafficking are being reported by aid groups and volunteers along Ukraine’s borders amid the chaos of the refugee crisis triggered by the Russian invasion.’

    Israeli clowns bring joy and laughter to Ukrainian refugees
    Nimrod Eisenberg is a development manager by trade but he moonlights as a ‘medical clown’ along with many others working with The Dream Doctors Project Israel, in an effort to lift spirits of thousands of refugees fleeing homes

    nimrod hunter and devourer of children blows his hunting horn.

    • @Loccie, thank you for your post. It is reminiscent of the Haiti disaster where oxfam were found to be exploiting those they were ‘helping’. I believe other charities at the time were linked to trafficking such as the Clinton foundation but the stories were buried. Who knows now what is really happening but I find it hard to believe that random men are turning up to steal children. Possible but is it probable given the nature of the organised trafficking and exploitation that goes on globally.

  18. This is organised chaos.They will then take the credit for putting it right,after they have caused it.

  19. Turn off tv and social media….
    It offers nothing whatsoever….
    If more did that then more would wake up…

  20. Didn’t they change the law making this type of protest ilegal and punishable by imprisonment .life without tv and msm is very peacefull

  21. I guess that some of them (on the ground) must be poor, brainwashed dupes. They can’t all be crisis actors…or can they? It’s really hard to tell how many people are actually involved – across the board. The legacy media can make twenty people look like two hundred.

    Regardless, the only group capable of pulling off this level of co-ordination (worldwide) are the Free Masons. Brothers and Sisters at the bottom, writing off the, ‘back-scratching’ (what’s the suppression of a parking ticket here or there?), against their, ‘good deeds’…all the while being unaware of the agenda of their diabolical masters at the top of the pyramid.

    Hollande (ex-President of the Republic of France) revealed, in a televised interview, that there has never been a President of the Republic who was not a ‘Franc maçon’…nor will there ever be. That was the point of the French revolution.

    I believe that there are two Lodges in Westminster. The head of world-wide free masonry is the most senior member of the House of Windsor.

    Free masonry has infiltrated everywhere.

    Free Masonry is the hydra which is strangling us.

  22. They’re probably financed by the fracking industry. They want to steal our natural resources, destroy our countryside and charge us the earth for the privilege.

  23. The Red outfits are from a NETFLIX series called the 12 monkeys. Wouldn’t be shocked if they were donated by Netflix!

    • To me,it looks like the “Eyes Wide Shut “ Club has taken to the streets with their Satanic Sacrifice rituals. Boris,Carrie,and dad Stanley,are well in with these freaks and their agenda! Obvious,innit?

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