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Robert May 20, 2022
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Nice 1 Hugo. Just say no to this..great information again.

medpub123 April 2, 2022
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i see Hugo is still using Youtube

medpub123 April 2, 2022
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Even before talk of Crypto, real cash only makes up 3% off all created money. So it was already a game of monitory chairs Just like a typical ponzi scheme, it keeps going unless everyone suddenly asks for their cash.
very interesting that the dictionary does not offer any correct spelling for Ponzi (even Ponzi is under scored in red and suggests “Potion”???)

Tim April 1, 2022
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Noticed that “infections” have risen through the roof in a lot of countries during this “war” coverage and people are being blamed for not wearing masks or having them jabs due to it which is a load of bullshit…
They have obviously put up the cycles on the swab sensitivity again to gain more false positive results as all are anyway…
This “pandemic” will come around again till they get what they want by 2030…
WEF have stated there will always be new “variants” which means new stupid names put over normal common illnesses…
They have not hit there target of 3 jabbed people worldwide which is good as many countries dont want to be bothered with them useless things

He Is The Alpha & TheOmega April 1, 2022
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satan is the root of all evil anyone who tries to convince you otherwise works for satan.


Hunter Biden: All eyez on me REMIX (WARNING 18yo PLUS ONLY!!)







Senga April 1, 2022
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It appears that Tesla has gone bankrupt after failing to sell a massive stock of Easter eggs that were to be included with the now won’t-be-produced T1 model.

grouchoone1195 April 1, 2022
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At exactly the same time I received an email from Hugo, along came one from Toolstation with their wonderful machine for paying by card, along with some free Google crap: I sent them an email, pointing out what we face if we go cashless, and advising them to watch some Hugo videos. It will not matter how much money you have, you will not be in control of it.

Lek April 1, 2022
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I said this before when they were trialling the two point authentication for groceries a couple of weeks ago… If they decline the way you normally pay, then simply empty your packed bags at the checkout, walk out taking your empty bags, leave them to deal with the mess. If everyone does this it will cause absolute chaos at the checkouts, destroying their plan.

foreignborncriminal March 31, 2022
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I seen a guy pay with his watch today, I too only ever use cash and never ever save those nectar cards or similar. For you can bet they will be used against persons at some point.

Floki March 31, 2022
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< Ditchley

The Ditchley Foundation is an Anglo – Canadian – American network similar to the Bilderberg Group, and has a significant overlap in membership. One will also find overlap with the Integrity Initiative, like Ngaire Woods.
The Foundation

It is based at the mansion Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, aims to promote international understanding and relations, especially Anglo-American relations, through a programme of around twelve annual conferences on matters of international interest.

The foundation was established in 1958 by Sir David Wills, descendant of the tobacco importing family, W. D. & H. O. Wills of Bristol.

At each conference, around forty international invitees are drawn from senior levels of politics, business, the armed forces, media, and academia. The current director is James Arroyo OBE, previously director for data at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, charged with adapting the organisation to the digital age.

The meetings
Ditchley is one of the hidden gems of the Transatlantic relationship… its role as a clearing house for ideas; a forum for debate and discussion; and a magnet for policymakers gives it a unique status. It is the intellectual expression of 'soft power' and a tribute to the pre-eminence of reason and rational debate."”
John Major [1]
Discussion at each two-day conference begins with all members present, before participants divide into three sub-groups, each having its own chairman and rapporteur to summarise proceedings. Proceedings end with one more conference-wide session.

Discussions are private and non-attributable, under the Chatham House Rule, but a full account is produced by the Director, and posted on the Foundations website. (This setup is similar to the Bilderberg meetings)

A permanent secretariat works at Ditchley, organising about 12 conference weekends per year. It is run, usually, by a retired ambassador. Some 40 people come to each weekend: one-third from America, one-third from Britain and one-third from the rest of the world. They are chosen for being bright, informed or influential on the matter in hand. [1]
Ditchley House

The 250 year-old palatial country house is equipped with modem conference rooms, interpretation circuits and CCTV. It is elegantly decorated with valuable antiques and priceless paintings.

Ditchley Park has been a center of intrigue since it was purchased in 1933 by Ronald Tree, who was Minister of Information Duff Cooper's advisor on American affairs. Tree made the estate available to Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the early years of World War II when it was feared that Chequers could be a target for German bombers.

During these years Ditchley became a meeting place and retreat for British and American leaders. Roosevelt emissary Harry Hopkins was Churchill's guest at Ditchley in January 1941 for discussion on troop morale; details of the Lend-Lease program were worked out amid the serene surroundings of Ditchley.[2]
Related Quotation
Page Quote Author
Cyrus Vance “Ditchley conferences seed ideas and deepen understanding. The consequences have often been significant and have engendered contacts, friendships and working relationships which have influenced events and policies in many fields.”
All in the shaddows ….. The Digital cashless society ….. Nice

Floki March 31, 2022
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Stick thier 1 world goverence central blockchain right up thier hairy arses…… & that includes Pippa Malmgren { that specimen looks like it was a Man }
Pippa Malmgren…………………………Ditchley/UK (Deep state milieu) Formation 1958
…Krause, Rachel Lomax, Pierre Lortie, Kevin G Lynch, Bronwen Maddox, Pippa Malmgren, Peter Mandelson, David Manning, Francis Maude, Michael Kevin Moore, Rajay Dr [[Pippa Malmgren]]
The Council of Management (2019)

Honorary Life President: Lady Wills, JP

Chairman: The Rt Hon Lord Hill of Oareford CBE

Vice Chairman: Mr Philip Stephens
Governors (2019)

The Lord Charles Aldington Chairman, Machfast Group Ltd

James Arroyo OBE Director

The Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea, (Karan Bilimoria) CBE, DL Chairman, Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd

Sir Rodric Braithwaite, GCMG Formerly British Ambassador to Russia

The Lord Bridges of Headley, (James Bridges), MBE Senior Adviser to the Group Executive Chairman, Banco Santander

Sir Andrew Cahn KCMG Chair, WWF (UK); Non-Executive Director of Huawei Technologies (UK) plc.

The Lord Chadlington of Dean Chief Executive, Huntsworth plc

Her Excellency Mrs Janice Charette Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Mr Robert Conway Senior Director, Goldman Sachs

Mr Bill Emmott Chair, International Institute for Strategic Studies and of the Japan Society of the U.K.

Mr Steven Erlanger Chief Diplomatic Correspondent in Europe, New York Times.

Dr Jonathan Eyal International Studies Director, Royal United Services Institute

Mr Nicholas Ferguson CBE Chairman, Savills plc

Mr Francis Finlay, CMG, OBE Chairman Emeritus, EastWest Institute.

Ms Stephanie Flanders Senior Executive Editor for Economics and Head of Bloomberg Economics, Bloomberg LP

Mrs Marjorie Neasham Glasgow BEM CEO, Ridge Clean Energy. President, The Glasgow Foundation.

Dr Nik Gowing International Broadcaster; Visiting Professor, Kings College, London. Founder and Director Thinking the Unthinkable

Mr Charles Grant, CMG Director, Centre for European Reform

Sir Bernard Gray Executive Chairman, New Scientist magazine

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, GCMG Chairman, Gatehouse Advisory Partners Ltd. Former diplomat and Director of The Ditchley Foundation.

Sir Christopher Greenwood, GBE, CMG, QC Member, Iran-US Claims Tribunal

The Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield; Formerly Attorney General

The Lord Hannay of Chiswick,(David Hannay) GCMG, CH Formerly Ambassador and UK Permanent Representative to the EU and UN

Dr Rita E. Hauser President, The Hauser Foundation.

Professor The Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield (Peter Hennessy) FBA Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, University of London

The Rt Hon Lord Hill of Oareford (Jonathan Hill)CBE Chairman

Sir John Holmes, GCVO, KBE, CMG Chairman, The Electoral Commission. Formerly Director, The Ditchley Foundation.

Mr Jo Johnson MP Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Orpington

Ms Suzanne Ferlic Johnson Vice President, Corporate and External Affairs, LLoyd’s Register Group Limited

Ms Roula Khalaf Deputy Editor, Financial Times

Mr Andrew Knight Chairman, Times Newspaper Holdings Ltd

Mr Axel Krause Paris-based author and Journalist, and formerly Ditchley Representative in France

Ms Rachel Lomax Deputy Chair, British Council

Mr Pierre Lortie CM, FCAE Senior Business Advisor, Dentons Canada LLP

The Honourable Kevin G Lynch PC, OC Vice-Chairman, BMO Financial Group

Ms Bronwen Maddox Director, The Institute for Government

Dr Pippa Malmgren Founder, DRPM Group

The Lord Mandelson, (Peter Mandelson) PC Chairman, Global Counsel. Formerly Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and European Trade Commissioner

Sir David Manning, GCMG, KCVO Formerly British Ambassador to the United States of America

The Rt Hon. Lord Maude of Horsham (Francis Maude) Formerly Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

The Rt Hon. Michael Moore Senior Adviser, PWC. Formerly Secretary of State for Scotland.

Mr Rajay Naik Chief Commercial Officer, Study Group. Formerly Director, The Open University.

The Rt Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones of Hutton Roof (Lilian Neville-Jones DCMG Formerly Minister of State for Security

Mr Paul Newman Former Chairman, ICAP Energy; Director, JC Rathbone Associates Ltd.

Mrs Elizabeth Padmore Emeritus Trustee, Women for Women International – UK

Mr Trevor Phillips OBE Director, Webber Phillips Limited; Chair, Green Park Interim and Executive Search; Chair, Index on Censorship.

Ms Emma Reynolds MP Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East

General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux (David Richards)GCB, CBE, DSO, DL Chairman, Equilibrium Global Ltd. Formerly Chief of the Defence Staff.

The Rt Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, (George Robertson) KT, GCMG, Hon FRSE, PC Special Adviser to BP plc. Formerly Secretary General, NATO, and Secretary of State for Defence.

Mr Roland Rudd Chairman, Finsbury

Marquess of Salisbury KG KCVO PC DL Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire

Mr Jeremy Shapiro Director of Research, European Council on Foreign Relations

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, GCMG Visiting Professor, King’s College, London; Director, Royal Dutch Shell

Sir Martin Smith Founder of Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University

Dr Constanze Stelzenmüller Robert Bosch Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Mr Philip Stephens Director of the Editorial Board and Chief Political Commentator, Financial Times

The Rt Hon. Rory Stewart, OBE, MP Formerly Secretary of State for International Development

Ms Jo Swinson CBE MP Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Mr Michael Tang Chairman, Tang Industries

Sir Paul Tucker Chair, Systemic Risk Council; Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Dr Diana Walford, CBE, MD, BSc MSc FRCP, FRCPath, FFPH Chair, Board of Trustees, Regent’s University London

Mr John Weston, CBE, MEng, FRAEng, FRAes Chairman: 7 Technologies Group and Brittpac

Dr Catherine Wills Trustee

Professor Sir Robert Worcester, KBE, DL Chairman, Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee. Founder, MORI.
Honorary Governors
The Rt Hon. Baroness Virginia Bottomley, PC, DL Formerly Secretary of State for Health and for National Heritage

The Rt Hon David Cameron Formerly Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016). Honorary Governor, The Ditchley Foundation.

Mr Robert Cooper, KCMG, MVO Formerly Counsellor, EEAS, Council of the European Union.

Sir Simon Fraser, GCMG Managing Partner, Flint Global Ltd. Formerly Permanent Under Secretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service.

The Rt Hon. Sir Lawrence Freedman, KCMG, CBE, FBA, FKC Emeritus Professor of War Studies, King’s College London.

Professor Timothy Garton Ash, CMG Professor of European Studies, University of Oxford and Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford.

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, CBE, MA, LLD Chancellor, University of York. Former Chairman, NHS England.

The Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE Formerly Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Mr Will Hutton Principal, Hertford College.

Lady Judge, CBE Chairman, Astana Financial Services Authority. Chairman, Cifas. Chairman, SNOMED International.

The Honorable Roy MacLaren, PC Formerly Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Minister of Trade.

The Rt Hon Sir John Major, KG, CH Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

The Rt Hon David Miliband President and CEO, International Rescue Committee. Formerly Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Mr Glen Moreno Director, Fidelity International Limited.

Mr Edward Mortimer, CMG Formerly Chief Speechwriter and Director of Communications to the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Sir Richard Mottram, GCB Visiting Professor, LSE; formerly Permanent Secretary, UK Civil Service.

Judge Hisashi Owada Formerly President and Judge at the International Court of Justice.

The Rt Hon Lord Patten (Chris Patten) of Barnes, CH Chancellor of Oxford University. Formerly Member of the European Commission and Governor of Hong Kong.

The Rt Hon. Baroness Prashar of Runnymede, CBE Formerly Chair of the Judicial Appointment Commission First Civil Service Commissioner.

Lord Rees of Ludlow, OM, FRS, Hon. FBA Astronomer Royal. Formerly Master, Trinity College, Cambridge University.

The Lord Ricketts, GCMG GCVO Former Permanent Secretary in the Foreign Office, National Security Adviser and Ambassador to France

The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind, KCMG, QC Formerly Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Sir John Sawers, GCMG Executive Chairman, Newbridge Advisory. Formerly Chief of MI6 (2009-14).

The Rt Hon Jack Straw Formerly Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary and Lord Chancellor

Sir Kevin Tebbit, KCB, CMG Former diplomat and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

Sir Crispin Tickell, GCMG, KCVO Formerly United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Sir John Vereker, KCB, KStJ Independent Director, AXA-XL London Companies.

Mr Simon Webb, FICE Executive Director, The Nichols Group.

The Rt Hon. the Lord Willetts, FRS Executive Chair, Resolution Foundation; Visiting Professor, King’s College, London. Formerly Minister for Universities and Science.

The Rt Hon Baroness Williams of Crosby Formerly UK Secretary of State for Education and Science. Emeritus Board Member, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), Washington DC.

Professor Ngaire Woods Dean, The Blavatnik School of Government.
Link for more,,,, The UK branch of the transatlantic deep state Ditchley Foundation list,,, down side of page

rlm4765 March 31, 2022
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thetruthnotdoctrine March 31, 2022
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Nothing will change until the people realise en masse that THEY ARE THE CREDITORS in the National Bankruptcy.

Andy March 31, 2022
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Shit rolls down the hill 🔺 wallow in the pity or stack it up and raise above . The kingdom of heaven is within . Even the 1% elite 👁 ‘ dangle on strings ‘ 👽

geyorgawking March 31, 2022
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I am a Brit living in the states. That American woman talks utter bullshit. The states have only just in the last 5 years or so introduced debit card and PIN. Credit cards are still signature only. People still get paid by cheque here. i was amazed how backward the US financial systems is. IF its coming in in the states its a very long way off. I agree with Hugo but its not happening here anytime soon. Oh can someone lend me ten bucks lol.

Ken March 31, 2022
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I for one don’t ever remember voting for a world government
When the F did this become a thing ???

Blueangel March 31, 2022
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Meant barely existing not living on UC – hate bloody touchscreen

blueangel March 31, 2022
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has anybody thought of this nightmare council tax rent gas elec etc etc etc ie bills in a cashless society will be forcibly taken from you by force especially if your on universal credit death sentence from death dole cunts and you won’t get a say in it those council & dole bastards are already taking £400 plus off o my UC leaving me living on fresh air the crumbs that’s left and if you refuse to pay those council tax bastards will send you – like they’ve done me – a bill for all yrs you don’t pay they’ve done it to me they want £2594.23 for bills going back to 2001 and that’s on top of council tax benefit etc and council tax is illegal obviously it’s voluntary and the money pays for illegal wars etc etc banks gov those council tax bastards are never done sending me bills and they expect me to pay more money £57 or £59 quid out of the fresh air £121.odds once every 17 days huh they can fuckoff and when this cashless shit starts for real and even more folk put on UC coz since 2020 the amount o folk on UC coz o covi crap has quadroopled it’s all gonna leed to fucking war bring it on n for folk that think folk on dole live like millionaires they deserve a big nasty reality check in the form of life on Universal credit hell bcoz UC is hell going without even the basics plus prices going sky high in April is gonna be unbearable having to fight to survive everyday barely expiating not living & yet refugees come to uk and it’s fucking party time no bills no debt not having to pay the sky high prices nxt month bills food elec gas etc etc for refugees it’s freedom for rest of uk it’s like it or lump it refugee kids comming here to Scotland trauma kids while – ( our kids ) – in care get ignored refugee kids get teddies while – ( our kids ) – in care get nothing absolutely disgusting saw that on newspaper headline reg refugee kids comming to Scorland in local paper in corner shop today they’re here in Scotland already- but – not in this house no fucking way never – plus – just had thought cashless society no money all digital then blackouts and you can’t pay your bills if you can’t get money out of a atm if there are no atm’s or money but don’t go cashless use cash – everybody needs the – death by thousand cuts book by Peter stone – Amazon it’s absolutely brilliant 100%

Dan the man March 31, 2022
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Already when you take cash out of a cash machine you get a question air come up on the screen asking questions like should we stop using cash machines or should shops still be allowed to accept cash? So the pressure is on with these companies now to push this agenda fast. Now a the time to start using cash more when buying. Don’t let the parasites get their way.

jchr12 March 31, 2022
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Thanks again Hugo. People are correct, these are the ends times, and we can have complete certainty that everything will ultimately be OK. However, it’s not an option to sit back & do nothing because there are people to wake up & save !!

Some Guy March 31, 2022
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It’s the people who refuse to consent to this incoming system who must naturally suffer first, as the changes come into effect. But what I think will happen, as the years progress and “the angrier world” begins to manifest itself is; some who bought into the system and thought themselves above those “poorer classes” who didn’t or wouldn’t buy in, will begin to have the noose tighten around their digital necks and their freedoms, and will begin to feel the squeeze, realizing what an uncomfortable grip the world masters have over them, and the truths having been suppressed all this time will then have an outburst…

This will then be the cross-over point, where the presently consenting masses will awaken and THIS will be the point at which the world will see it, and can’t so easily turn back… The world masters know this, and I believe this is why they are working OVERTIME to convince as many nations and people as they can with their mechanisms of control – Namely comfort, convenience, consumerism and the notion of a “Better World”; Especially the Tech, and the desired move to “Transhumanism”.

Keep the minds of people preoccupied and enslaved, so that when and if that moment does come, those control mechanisms will have already worked so well that they’ll be too lethargic to even care.. Like ants on sticky pop…

I think Western society in general is reaching its peak; this particular age of empire and civilization must necessarily undergo the revolutions of ages as history has apparently shown:

Wars and conquests, rise of technological advancements, ease of living, mass migrations, perversion of inherently native/moral values, malleable and mixed populaces, destruction – Just it’s our turn now.

But it ain’t over yet, and it’s how we come out of this that will determine the out come.

anon March 31, 2022
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100% agreed with what you stated.

I believe the solution however is not retreating to use of hard paper money.
It all comes down to “what blockchain people use”
This could be a lengthy discussion but I believe the solution could be along these lines:

1-unblockable internet service supported by ordinary private individuals
2-block chain services backed up by distributed private secure nodes with encrypted transactions
3-encouraging people to migrate and trade in those assets

we already have the blockchain technology working for people toward their transaction anonymity.

Even from the early days, they were/are so afraid of the blockchain that they had to turn it against us.
This is why they’re trying to make people think/believe that all blockchains are the same.
Not all knives are the same, some could be used on our throats, but we can also use then to defend ourselves.

Tanya Louise March 31, 2022
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You will have to have the quantum dot tattoo under your wrist to make a payment or access buildings , public transport etc. This will be under the wrist palm side up. You see , along with the tattoo you get a bonus of nano tubes and graphene particles. Be a bad boy or girl and the next time you swipe you get a small electric charge which causes teslaphoresis. This is formation of electrical wires at a distance. This will kill you within seconds. Think what happened at the Astroworld concert.

Laureen March 31, 2022
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Gold standard gesara & nesara is already being used in countries & starting in the USA. Nothing to do with banks (though the buildings will be used), nor the government. They’ve been working on this for two years or more. This will be the real one world currency & not open to abuse.

watching68 March 31, 2022
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This is another video tlking about the new digital currencies and what to expect. Well worth a listen

The Great Reset’s MAIN & Secret Weapon…

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