Pfizer, Will Smith & Rice Crispies 🤣😂 Alistair Williams

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  1. All Distraction for the asleep and I know a few 🙂

  2. The wealthy make celebrities rich if they do as they’re told and deceive the masses. But the masses have turned their backs on these fake celebrities! We know they’re all kiddie fiddlers and adrenochrome junkies! That’s why nobody watches the shitty oscars anymore!

  3. Tiger Woods as rich and successful as his father made him is described as Nike’s caddy and that is all we need to know and that is it.

    • Never seen that guy b 4 . Very funny. X when he said about the Rice crispy lol. He’s spot on tho bang on point. How anyone can’t see this I truly don’t no by no. Its as plain as the nose on your face. Big pharmaceutical runs the world. All u hear on TV in America on news and stuff is Sponsored by Pyzer. Think that says it all really.

  4. I don’t even watch that Oscar’s crap attention seeking Narcissistic freaks they all think they’re above everybody else n I’m no celeb but I bet I could kick a ball further than David beckham coz av got a bloody hard kick and I’m not a will smith or Chris rock fan plus it’s also about racism to obviously it’s all bullshit they’re all so predictable thinking that money gives them power above everybody else huh they’re fake fraud false they’re – con – artists & they’ll all end up fucked up on drugs & dead anyway sick evil fake fucks

  5. I agree!seen too sheeple,this morning,with the masks of shame!and also a teenage girl,jumped into the road too avoid me!a couple of days ago! the 🤡 circus rolls on!

    • Thank you Luis Jorge…the frustration of having to select/restrict these factual informations….speaks volumes… some time THE TRUTH will out…for some too late to change minds…the damage will be done….

      • Ericka you’re welcome but I’m just “the messenger boy”. Dr. Bailey rocks! It were the guys from La Quinta Columna that gave Dr. Pablo Campra from Almería’s University the first sample, Ricardo Delgado, Dr Jose Luis Sevillano, and a policeman by the name of Rafa Navarro, and others behind the scene. Through duckduckgo you can find their web page and info in English. Cheers!

    • I don’t get why those videos have to be so effing long, in this case a good hour.
      The ones who are aware of the BS won’t spend that time because they know most of it already, and the ones they need to convince won’t spend an hour away from Netflix and alike and most importantly their beloved smartphone. Sad, but true.

    • Them jabs never just stayed in the deltoid…they went all around the body and was not acting against no virus…
      I told people that february 2021 and they said i was a fool and “misinformationist”…
      Now we are back to them swabs again all funny enough testing positive for what i no idea and them novavax crap things are coming out…

  6. Nothing new for these owned souls to be doing the work of the Devil. Everyone of them has made their deal named their price for a blink of an eye in this world for eternity in the lake of fire. To be a King for a day then forever tormented.

  7. What did anyone expect from Professional Adult Pretenders? They are paid to put on an act for the cameras, nothing they do or say can EVER be trusted or believed.

  8. Alastair Williams nailed it tonight! Pity about the Trump love and flag shagging though 🙂

  9. He tells us how it works; it’s the white man who is wealthy but he ‘forget’ to mention the jew. Yeah right.

      • Correct, But,,Juwes was spelled like this……………….. – The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing –

  10. It was funny today, we had a visitor and husband mentioned Will Smith. They start discussing it. I said it’s all been scripted. Visitor said yes, there’s a lot of things wrong there – and I said like the slap that didn’t make a slapping sound – YES! Husband says I thought it was real. So visitor and I swap notes and laugh our heads off. Don’t know if husband can see the wood for the trees yet, but with more people aware it is a good thing. Can’t begin to tell you how good that felt to be on the up side for once.

  11. They take the piss. The slap was obviously fake – they do that way as a “fuck you, so what” to anyone who is soooo clever as to spot the lies.
    Covid couldn’t be more obviously fake but they shove the lies in our faces – “what are you going to do about it? That’s right, nothing!”

  12. If you can fit the wealthy that run the world round one table, what you bet most of those table seats would be occupied by Jews?

  13. Next i think will be the queen dying….
    That will give the plebs more to get depressed about…
    Least though it will be actually real unlike the last lot of rubbish the last 3 years

    • I think your right about it being a distraction, but no one will be sad about it. Let’s not forget 100,000 people complained about Philips funeral and Lizzy has put an axe in it having Andrew escort him to this latest memorial. I think a lot of people will celebrate her death

      • Lot of folk will just cry with there crocodile tears….i get the feeling people love misery and the virutal signalling with it…johnson will spout his usual bollocks probably…

      • Prince Andrew shagged a slag. So what.

    • Strangely enough. a friend of my Son (who is the most straight laced, MSM lover .. anti-conspiracist possible and thinks I talk nonsense about the jabs, NWO, Great Reset – you know the type ?); oh and he is Dutch … started talking a week or so ago, how he thinks Queen Elizabeth is already dead (yes, amazed us all) and it will be announced on the UK Spring bank holiday or pretty soon; maybe after the Russia – Ukraine agreement to do exactly as you state. It will also keep the masses down – sympathy, grief, change and not rise up in a revolution.

    • I heard someone say on Telegram she passed a couple of weeks ago and it’s been hidden from the public. The news will be announced at a time to cause the public the most grief. I have no idea if this is true but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Strange isn’t it ?. If we had this conversation 2 years ago, I would have been heart broken; as I was like Mr. Monarchist, God save the Queen and all that – but we have all learnt a lot over the last 2 years including which side of history they will be on … and they can all rot in hell for all I care.

    • Expect QE2 passing to announced to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee from Thurs 2nd June to Mon 6th June also now a 5 day bank holiday. If they annouce her passing their will be a 10 day public holiday for the wake etc so the banks might not open on Tue 7th June instead banks closed from 2nd June to 11th June!

      She may have already passed but they are waiting to announce close to the official Jubilee date so they can shut the banks for an extended period.

      Just my guess how things could turn out.

  14. I was at rail station today and guess what?…
    A ukraine flag🇺🇦…
    Its pathetic it really is….

    • I’ve seen a few ribbons tied to garden gates etc but far far less Ukraine crap than I was expecting. I don’t believe their “war” has captured as many sheep morons as they expected so the Russians will likely pull out of the devastated 🤣🤣🤣 country of Ukraine (a country stuck in the 1960’s judging by the fsm photos of the trains, cars, clothing etc)

  15. I find it hard even mixing with people now without them banging on about ukraine or “covid”…or there self obsession about themselves being brave during it all or saying “i had it” or “i know people that got it”…
    If thats a brain then they didnt have that more so than some imaginery “virus”

    • Actually its more fashionable now for them to say they have had covid twice.Kay Burley on sky news has had it three times!!!

    • The truth hurts those who have had the jab because it’s to late for them. Fake news makes me sick.

  16. Respect for giving alistair recognition hugo…hes the only decent comedian around.

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