Nobody Is Talking About This / Hugo Talks #oscars #willsmith

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  1. They have to get some public interest in the Hollywood paedophilic parasites.

    • I often disagree with things you say in your videos, but I think that this time you’ve hit the nail on the head. Big Pharma, like Big Tech, are increasingly playing people and governments the world over, like puppets on a string.

  2. Is it a problem that I instantly react to these events on social media; by screaming “Wake up you ducking clowns, it’s all bullshit! Try to think for yourselves again!”

  3. Hugo, you are really good by spotting Pfizer connection to this incident.. spot on. Feel so saddened by people stupidity believing in everything

    • He’s spot on. I have noticed a lot of things in America are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies. Even there news ffs. Its there in people’s face’s they say but it seems its the norm. As for her hair. Who actually gives a fuck.maybe it’s to many weaves over the years hey.

  4. There is no way this was real!! All fake, like the fake people living in a fake world!! So glad I don’t live in their world! Thanks Hugo 🙏

  5. Who gives a F _ _ K about these 2 wronguns/peados.

  6. Majority of the population have such faith and blind trust in MSM …they know they can get away with just about anything they put out there….
    Reminds me of a few years back when “Mr blobby” became no. One in the music charts 😆…bet that was a test of our gullibility as well.

    • 30 years back !!! Omg where has my life gone ! Lol 😆

  7. They’ve just sold the national grid, that’s not getting air time ofcourse.

  8. So the truth comes out that the oscars are sponsored by Big Pharma. Enough said then! It was pretty obvious that something stinky was going on there, so best ignore it like everything else connected with this shit, and today I see their rolling out the toxic muck for 5-11 year olds! So glad I don’t have children. You just watch, these kids will be having heart attacks and strokes next! Sick, twisted and evil times we live in now.

  9. I never watch the oscars anyway, just not interested in these fake Americans!

  10. Spot on Hugo.
    Isn’t it strange that they did not show Jada’s reaction after the slap!!!
    Anyhow, don’t forget who is in control. Our Saviour is coming soon. He will be riding on those clouds. Get your souls ready. Yah bless

  11. Everything connected with the fake celebrity world just turns me right off, they’re all so full of themselves. It’s all about self-promotion and is so wrong on every level! That goes for the royals too, I absolutely can’t stand them, all so utterly pointless and plain embarrassing, especially that clothes horse Middleton!

    • Don’t worry , the royals won’t be here much longer, the globalists have had this in their plans for decades . Read about this in David Ike’s books , among others , a few years ago and as you may know , he is never far away from the truth.

      • rockymarshmallow “Don’t worry, the royals won’t be here much longer, the globalists have had this in their plans for decades.”

        By globalists you mean the Internationalist Jews who hate monarchy with venom, and who assassinated King Charles I; followed by the Regicide of the French monarchy, that is, Louis XVI and all the French nobility; followed by the assassination of Czar Nicholas and his beautiful family.

        I can be fairly sure that you didn’t read that in disso Icke’s books.

  12. Just been perusing a number of images of Mrs (or Mr?) Smith’s hair/head/scalp. Where I’ve reached the conclusion her hair/scalp condition is very much in question!

    The alopecia leaves a scar like patch doesn’t it? If you research many examples you’ll notice it’s akin to skin being unable to grow amongst/like scar tissue and VERY noticeable – yet the catalogue of Mrs Smith’s hair styles before the shaved head dictates that I can’t see a single blotch or patch of this alleged condition.

    I’d love to be able to share some basic images of alopecia, yet unable, so I’ll just place my intuitive thoughts here for others to ponder, if I’ve missed any proof there’s patches of skin on her scalp preventing hair growth then please ignore my comment, just thinking aloud/allowed?

  13. I could’ve sworn that a while ago I saw that hair loss was another jab side effect. 🤔

  14. Bang on the Money again Hugo , what would we do without you.:)

  15. The people I’ve known with alopecia have had tufts and nothing grows under the skin at all – even eyebrows. She shows signs of hair underneath – I think my friend would have loved to have had her hair. And spot on for the coinkydinky. It couldn’t be more obvious and now we know why – perhaps she’s had the tablets. Hahaha! As if! Thanks Hugo.

  16. People idolize these clowns.
    Besides, it seems to be an attempt to reinforce the snowflake idea that you can’t say anything about anyone without causing offence. You can even hit someone who hurts your feelings with a joke! People need to lighten up and not take themselves too seriously. Have a dig back if someone makes a joke of you. Laugh it off. You’re not that important and neither are they or their opinion. Gone are the days where you can take the mick out of each other. You even get sued for complimenting someone or holding the door open for them thesedays! I’m a red head, by today’s standards I was racially abused by playground banter about my hair colour! 😂

  17. It is also possible that the C19 injections are causing hair loss and Alsopecia is the new term that pharmaceutical criminals want widely accepted as the official cause such a condition (just like the formerly obscure terms ‘Miocarditis’ and ‘Thrombosis’ have entered everyday parlance). I have two female colleagues, both jabbed, who are experiencing unexplained hair loss.

    • It may be the jabs messing with hormones (along the same lines of infertility/menstrual cycle problems reported). Menopausal/older women can get thinning hair and bald patches once hormones are at their lowest. Just a thought. Time will tell. If there’s a surge in Alopecia since 2021 we can suspect the jabs and all this Smith nonsense is predictive programming. As far as I know Alopecia is very rare. I’ve only ever seen it (in person) once! Youngsters having heart attacks, blood clots and strokes was once extremely rare before 2021 too, sadly not anymore.

    • I just checked the current updated data report for side effects from Pfizer. This is based on submissions via the Yellow Card. There have been 543 reported cases of Alopecia. The report currently covers 09/12/2020 to 21/03/2022.

      For comparison I also checked the data report from AstraZeneca. There have been 577 reported cases with them. That was from 02/01/2021 to 16/03/2022.

      If we assume that the Yellow Card only represents 1% of actual side effects at best then yes it definitely is a main side effect.

    • I know of people suffering hair loss who have been jabbed. I also think there is a connection with the huge increase in radiation as that is definitely a cause of hair loss. Both things are likely causing this.

      • So what they are doing is the same thing they are doing when all of the newspapers are telling us about things that can cause heart attacks – like shoveling snow, or eating too much breakfast or when they put a sign on the side of a bus saying “children have strokes too”. They are just attempting to normalise the effects of the V.
        These people will stop at nothing and sadly most people are just thinking what they are told to think. The number of times I have heard people quote the media as though the thoughts are their own is shocking.

      • @julieturner300 – spot on, Julie! Predictive programming. As someone rightly posted in the Alistair Williams video on here, alopecia is an autoimmune disorder, which the jabs are very good at bringing about (up to 5 jabs in one year including the flu jab for many recipients). No wonder the system takes a bashing! I was thinking along the lines of hormone disruption causing hair loss in women, but this makes much more sense.

    • Supposedly there is a new study out on hair loss after c vaccine… convenient

    • Caused it for me, 2 weeks after getting it against my desires I began having massive hair shedding which I never had before, lost 1/3rd of the hair off my head. It’s finally slowing down a bit but it 100% was caused by the jab. Working on getting an exemption now from any more so I can just travel to get a necessary surgery. This world has truly gone insane forcing this poison on us.

  18. Alopecia literally just means “hair loss”. But it’s Latin, so it sounds all important and scary. (Latin, is the language of Satin, Bear that in mind next time an “educated science expert” comes at you with fancy words. *cough* BLACK MAGIC *cough*.)

    There are thousands of reasons why your might fall out, such as clinical experiments and other toxic nasties getting into your bloodstream. But they can all be boiled down the either chemical, physical or emotional stress. Simple.

    Oh and her head looks shaved and stubbly, not bald and smooth. Shaving your head technically is a form of hair loss I guess…

    • Doctors speak Latin and Greek, it is just a way of making them appear smart and, of course, better paid. e.g. osteoarthritis is simply Greek for bone joint swelling. Osteo is bone, arth is joint and itis is swelling. If you go to your doctor with painful swollen joints and he told you that you have bone joint swelling you would think, “I frikin know that.” So he tells you that you have osteoarthritis and tells you to take some ibuprofen. For that genius your doctor gets £100,000 plus for a 3 day week.

      Paying doctors more for less work was, of course part of the plan. Very few on £100.000 plus for a 1 day week during COVID are going to speak up.

    • Yeah, her alopecia came from a razor, not stress, etc.

  19. Well done Hugo for bringing the Pfizer Biontech involvement to the Oscars, to our attention!
    Who’s wondering whether this new treatment for alopecia that Pfizer have developed will ‘secretly’ contain the MRNA/graphene oxide technology?

  20. Hugo i love you. You made realise my string character. I love you critical and analytical thinking.

  21. We got another 1 right….

    HIV drugs to stop jabbed people getting Convid, well dying from the common cold.

    This turns what’s going on, from Kill to Control, I’d bet a mix, kill bad social score by denying drugs, control the good people, ie the people that want to be controlled.

  22. The Covid 19 jab causes Alocpecia. It is listed in the 38 Page Pfizer document. It is in the section “List Of Adverse Events Of Special Interest”. However none of those article about Jada Pinkett Smith having Alocpecia would mention this. Here is some information on Alocpecia.

    Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. And the Covid 19 vaccines cause a lot of autoimmune diseases. This means that your immune system mistakenly attacks a part of your body.

    When you have alopecia areata, cells in your immune system surround and attack your hair follicles (the part of your body that makes hair). This attack on a hair follicle causes the attached hair to fall out.

    The more hair follicles that your immune system attacks, the more hair loss you will have.

    • She’s had alopecia for at least a couple of years prior to Covid, et al. She spoke publicly about it in 2018.

    • Prisoners need to have shaved heads to cut down on lice, the jab can do it for them.

  23. Its amazing how many people i seen walk around with camo gear on…
    Must be something to do with the “war”…

  24. does she really have alopecia? all i see is a shaved head, alopecia is patchy bald spots (no hair) i don’t see that

  25. Has anyone given any thought to Will Smith’s connection to big Pharma in his Hollywood career, could this recent Oscars event be his latest acting role in real life?

    Scene plot: The trusted science of the day (big Pharma) causes death and illness then, a military scientist is savior from death and illness. Trying to connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

    Could this possibly be life imitating art or art imitating life?

    What are your thoughts on the following opening news scene from the film ‘I Am Legend’?



  26. If it was real and Will was so fired up it would have been a closed hand (punch).
    You would not be in the frame of mind to focus on how you would ACTING

  27. Honesty why can’t they see the manipulation . If you haven’t seen , check’ naked attraction ‘ on channel 4 ( United Kingdom 🇬🇧 ) , the ‘ darkness with its paint brush ‘ . Stop identifying with the skin and focus on your spirit , time is running out…

    • Look at humiliation rituals and see Will Smith’s pose when he’s accepting the Oscar he has the hand of the second master Vail. I may have messed that up but Freemasonry humiliation ritual is it real thing I agree that the code that plays a part into this look at Bruce Willis coming out with his illness they also have been talking rather casually about children having heart attacks I believe this will be the new normal talk about new diseases or I’m sorry old diseases but we’re going to see more of them we know why we’re going to see more of them but they’ll never say that but the slap was fake I can’t believe people haven’t realized that and Will Smith is a nation and he worships Lucifer so there’s that

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