‘Dumbphone’ REVIVAL IS SMART! / Hugo Talks

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  1. I bet for most of the younger generations, making calls accounts for less than 5% of their “phone” usage.

    Some people describe phones as scrying mirrors, or obsidian mirrors – connecting their souls to the underworld.

    Definitely switches their brains off.

    • See youths literally with iphones etc stuck to there heads😀…
      They nearly walk into people on them as well

      • Nokia 6310 still alive and working well big up the 2G

  2. My Nokia is fine. Don’t need and don’t want anything to do with smart products. Smart is an invented word, by the state, for control.

    • actually no. the whole thing about smartphones – the term was invented by marketing.

    • Smart stands for ‘ secret militarised armoury in residential territory ‘ that is all anyone should need to know to realise the scale of this. By law , every celltower should be fenced in but as we all know , they have thrown the law book into the big pile amongst the books that they choose.

  3. I would take my chances with an old Nokia that’s more likely going to still be togather if you fall a smart phone would be in a thousand pieces

  4. so you have to buy a smart phone to accommodate muggers, thats the dumbest thing I ever heard.

    • Exactly
      And if I was one of those who like to go out in extreme places like mountain s ect…
      It’s put in a protective, waterproof case
      anyone with a brain would do that being in harsh elements.
      Even shatter proof cases.
      Anyways ..
      Smartphone screens break well easily it why I hate them!

      Have good day

  5. Give them to the kids and youngsters and they would cry

    • I’ve still got my 3310 and it isn’t a dumb phone it’s a brilliant phone still operates brilliantly so no it is not a dumbass phone.

  6. my current phone was a surprise gift from my wife ,I told her not to buy me any more phones,when it stops working its not getting replaced.

  7. All phones sold have to be trackable including dumb phones, so if you take your dumb phone with you to destroy 5g towers, with a drill and a bottle of salt water which fits into the hole, they’ll still get you.

    Wonder why there putting fences around 5g towers lol

    See no issues with smart phone for us yet, obviously don’t take out on missions.

  8. I don’t mind being called Dumb to stay alive and Free , bought a stack of these last year all working and good.🤓🤓

  9. I got a dumbphone lol & very proud of it may I say..
    Pink to!!

    Thank you Hugo
    Have great afternoon All
    Keep smiling

  10. Don’t worry these Muppets will make sure your dumb phone’s won’t work in a few years

  11. They’re implementing digital IDs in Ukraine and every citizen is being given a smart phone, whether they want one or not. That’ll just happen everywhere else, too.

    • Anna Moulding, I hope Hugo does find the time to watch it. it looks brilliant. Thank you for sharing! Going to watch the whole thing later, as it’s two hours long.

  12. Might have to dig out the old pink flip phone! I still have an old Philips phone somewhere from when I was 18. It has snake and told me my daily fortune 😂

  13. Thank u have not got phone just tablet no voice I don’t watch news just u Templar report and jayda thank u

  14. There is no such thing as a new `dumbphone`, in terms of data theft and surveillance they do everthing a `smart` phone can do.. Be smart, and use a phone made before 1995..

    • 1G and 2G scarcely supported. Best use a payphone or ditch it completely.

    • Rubbish Steve Kemp. A smartphone tracks you spending web browsing etc. A dumbphone doesn’t even connect to the internet. There is no data on a dumbphone other than phones numbers and texts.

  15. I’d heard nothing about this, but as soon as I saw the headline to this video, I knew it was going to be REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY centred around trying to make people who ditched their smartphones seem inferior, the outcasts, in much the same way as do with those of us who refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated. As I see it, the only DUMB ones amongst us are those who do. I don’t do any of them or own a smartphone, and I certainly don’t feel inferior.

  16. Hi Hugo I decided to take your advice and I purchased a no frills Nokia 105 from sky for £1.50 per month for unlimited calls and texts over 2 year contract. My father and brother also decided to do the same.

    But I’ve noticed last week, for any new customers this has now doubled to £3 per month (not a massive game changer I know, but obviously more people are buying them for the need to increase the price).

    I would recommend them.

  17. Get one of each, keep the smart phone for home and use the old one when out of the house if you want to get your life back.

    • That’s exactly what I decided to do six months ago. I use the smartphone for WhatsApp only, and when I go out it stays at home. Just my little Nokia goes with me. I detest how some people seem unable to function without a smartphone.

  18. I guess some of the dumbest people are the ones who bothered to read the article in the first place. The internet is dead, the articles are created by AI.

  19. Never had a “smart phone” only dumb phones. And by the way, never read a “newspaper”. Out of FB and out of Linkedin.

  20. I showed my grandkids my original brick Nokia , they both thought it was cool until they realised there is no internet , neither has ever used a phonebox , I would hate to be a kid today and that is why ihassle politicians, doctors , MP,s , councillors and deliver the brilliant ‘ The light newspaper , this has to stop , I,ve had a decent life up to now although I’ve had many tragedies , including my son dying and my brother was murdered among them but I will always fight this war , make no mistake this is war without the propaganda , till the end. It is no good just posting opinion’s , we all have to put pressure on the politicians, police , doctors, schools etc , it’s so easy but no-one around my area doing anything . Please do everything that you can because if we don’t the kids will be surviving not living. Write to your MP to stop the on line safety bill too or alternative media is a goner. Keep up the good work Hugo.

  21. As I have mentioned before I still use my 11year old flip open mobile. I only give the number to family and close friends. Only used for calls and texts and not very often at that. Never even changed the battery in it and just put £10 on it now and again. I have it really for emergencies.
    I can’t believe how much people spend on these phones and how much they pay each month. They just can’t stop using them, always texting or talking on them. People are getting into the habit of having conversation only by phone. They are addicted to them.
    Well if they want to be track and traced and controlled etc . it’s up to them but not for me.

  22. Hence my operator “prompting” me with their reminders to “Upgrade their services to 4 & 5G, so I’d better get on board otherwise”….

    2G, here we go (again). Do you believe in time travel? Because I sense a revival of not just the “Dumb phone”, but a return to a simpler way of living. Pre 2000’s stylee lol, when life was just that little bit simpler – not perfect, but far from the s*show we’re soon to be facing if things keep going the way they are.

  23. Dumb is getting jabbed 3 or 4 times and then testing yourself all the time for Covid.
    Great phone that little Nokia

    • You are so right, everyone should ditch them and go on a basic £10 a month contract and put these phone companies where they should be.
      I complained to Vodafone for high levels of Vodafone radiation entering my home after I had it professionally assessed and they didn’t give a toss, they pretty much told me not to worry but I am worried when at least 9 people have died in a close with 15 houses in and guess what …they all had cancers and brain tumers.
      I am ready to fight these bstards.

      • Do what I did , burn the tower down.

    • Yes Paul!!!!

      Exactly &
      This testing shite is ridiculous!

  24. Really smart people don’t have any, they are a lead and we do not need leads. When you have a mobile phone anyone can contact you at anytime, without it they can’t, it’s wonderful to be free of the mobile phone totally liberating.

  25. Yep, I have changed. I have a computer so I could never see the point of the smart phone with it’s fiddly texting. I kept it switched off ever since they tried to foist the tracking ap on me. I had forgotten how quickly a ‘dumb’ started up. Now that is smarter without doubt!

  26. I agree that by having a ‘smart’ phone (the real ‘dumb’ phone) people allow themselves to be distanced from the real world and drawn into the sort of virtual reality that is lived through the constant interaction with a phone and the smoke and mirrors of the ‘media’ world. By distancing from the actual world, people forget their relationship with nature and other living things – the things that keep us grounded in reality. (The real world that actually allows us to be here and alive) So many people today are clearly addicted to their phone – and cannot manage even a short time without the internet. This, in my view, gives people the illusion that their on-line world is more vital to them than anything else.

    We do seem to be being channelled by governments/corporations into being ever-more controlled, in part by agreeing to carry and pay large amounts to do so, this tracking/monitoring device.

    I recently tried to cancel a contract for an old Nokia (paid for/not as part of the contract), which had broken and been thrown away months earlier (I decided that instead of replacing it I’d fight the cause and be phone-free). First I tried at the Vodaphone shop – who told me they couldn’t cancel and that I had to ring up the customer services. After 20 minutes getting through, customer services couldn’t cancel either as I couldn’t remember the exact day 3 years ago that I’d signed up (only the month) – and they needed to send a text to the phone to verify my identity. So, I had, they said, to take my full ID into the shop – who would cancel the contract. This I did – but the shop said that they couldn’t cancel and that I now owed another month’s payment (which they couldn’t take payment for in the shop, only on-line). So..again, another 20 minutes to get through, paid the extra £11 before it would even let me speak to someone – and after my getting quite cross they agreed to cancel the contract – but said that there would be another £11 due the month afterwards: when I asked to pay this – they said they couldn’t take a payment (from my card in the same name) unless they could send a text (which obviously was impossible as the phone was long gone).

    Had I gone into the shop the first time and wanted to buy a new phone/contract, cancelling the old one would have been a five minute job. This showed me clearly how much these phone companies respect their customers and how controlling and bullying they are. Never again!!!!!!

  27. I got a Galaxy S3 in 2013, when the S4 was released. Back then, general-purpose pocket computers (“smart phones”) seemed like a dream come true – a computer that could finally be taken everywhere. I had high hopes for open source mobile software, and these pocket computers becoming very versatile, multi-purpose devices. It’s such a shame that Apple and Google both promoted a controlled, locked-down OS, which led to hundreds of thousands of churned out money-farming applications and languishing software quality, and the only viable alternative is a de-Googled version of Google’s own software. But I suppose back then, the era of the computer as a tool was already waning, and the age of the infinitely scrolling “tell me what I want to see” service was already on the rise.

    It’s now quite a challenge to use a mobile phone in a tool-like manner: a good start is to install a Google-free Android version and use free software from F-Droid as much as possible, since even a simple note-taking programme from Play Store now spams you with adverts, notifications, upgrades etc. The attraction of a dumb-phone is that you don’t have to care about upgrades, adverts, notifications, Google and all that crap. If you’re careful you can get that experience with open-source Android, plus more (e.g. OsmAnd for mapping and navigation). For me, a dumb phone would be just another product to consoom, since I can already just do less stuff with my current Android phone, but for the less technically minded or for those who couldn’t be bothered fiddling around flashing different firmware versions and bootloaders to their phone over USB (I don’t blame them!), a dumb phone makes a lot of sense. Also the software on dumb phones tends to be more stable than Android or iOS, where each release fixes one bug and adds two more.

    I still have my S3. It’s my only phone, and only the second one I’ve ever had. It still works fine, and the software is just as buggy as the latest release. Last year I had a telemarketer from Carphone Warehouse call me. Just for fun I entertained him and explained how little I spent on phone stuff, and how I had an S3. He said he had a much better deal for me: the latest phone for about £20/mo or something. I asked him, how is that a better deal, if I’d pay more than I currently pay. He just couldn’t understand how I could be happy with a phone that just a decade ago was the greatest “tech” ever. Had a good laugh about that.

  28. Nokia 1100 still alive, my IQ >80 so not being a moron allows me to avoid android crap, spot on HUGO but 2G/3G due to be taken down 2023 so these phones mo longer will work I assume (shortly due to enter my ‘box’ for burning so not too techy!) anyone one know anything different about non-smart being alive and well long term??

  29. I hsve a old styke nokia the bannana phone as they called it.that has my sim in but i do use a smart phone with no sim in that i use for whats app and listening to podcasts but i don’t always have the smart phone with me. so i am somewhere inbetween.

    • Good for you Jon
      I only use internet in home.

      I have a small Nokia – old school styles.. lol

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