1. Grim dark and is the truth the arranged war in Ukraine is designed to cover up

  2. As a once stupid persons comment once’s said- “don’t even go there!” Ignorance is bliss until it isn’t.

  3. It’s a real mystery.
    Sheep don’t want to know, they are too busy virtue signaling about Ukraine
    4th shot being readied for the gullible cultists…
    Let them take it..

    • Putin knows about the evil empire of the west and who is behind it.
      Communism, satanism, people in the west don’t want to talk about it..
      Because it’s too monstrous to understand.. Putin did a speech last October in Russia where he outlines what the west is all about..
      Describes who they are bolsheviks!(Jews)
      Which happened to Russia in 1917.
      How they invert moral goodness and turn everyone against each other to survive.. They champion the minority over the majority.
      As we see happening in the west..

      Truth! Is thrown to the ground! No other opinion allowed!
      Global communism is here!! Putin promotes Conservative ideals

      family nation, religion, culture. Everything the satanists in the west hate..
      Now they are calling for him to be disposed of… Ww3 is coming..
      These Tyrants did the same to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Serbia etc.
      Millions of civilians ruin
      But that’s OK, when US, UK, nato do it!!
      They will blame food shortages, gas, electricity etc all on Russia!!
      Which is a lie!!
      They’re gunning for a NWO!! And putin is their bogeyman! The hate directed at Russia is off the scale.
      People here in the west do not realize we live in a communist dystopia, which putin knows all about!
      We have lost sight of God and our moral compass!
      Jesus christ is the truth, life and the way!
      Clean your lives up!! “run to him!
      And be saved! From the Godless west!
      God bless! Christ is king!

      • The giver of the orders/directives are dreadful obviously, but the blame lies fully on the masses for accepting the lies, coercion and colluding with the farcical rules that are acted out under the duress of the military and police. Moral law ensures that we get the leaders we deserve, who reflect back the spiritual state of the society as a whole at the times being lived. The masses are to blame for their gullibility, cowardice, excessive self-interest, hypocrisy, wilful ignorance and zombie like actions.

      • You make a lot of good points and then come out with this Jesus crap at the end. Where is he?

      • Rev 18 vs 23
        And the light of lamp shall never shine in you any longer, and the voice of a bridegroom and a bride shall never be heard in you any longer. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, because by your sorcery (in Greek: pharmakia – pharnacy) all the nations were deceived.”

        Jesus is coming for His Bride. The church. Those who put their trust in Him.
        For those who do not take the mark of the beast so they can buy and sell.
        Jesus is here waiting for all who will call on His name. He’s always been here. But God gave us free will to choose. Now is the time to choose.
        Hugo has done a great job in exposing the evil iin this world. Satan is God’s enemy. He wants to be God and rule.

        Ephesians 6 vs 12
        For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against (A)principalities, against powers, against (B)the rulers of [a]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

        Satan’s time is short and he knows it. Jesus is the Victor. Who’s side will you be on?

  4. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s depopulation programme is going to plan! The jabbed are all dropping like flies!

  5. This is so upsetting, all these young lives lost and yet people still think it is good to get jabbed! This needs to be shown everywhere. This is just one episode, we have seen so many before. I wonder just how many young people have died altogether. Why are hospitals not making more of this. It is just so abnormal for young people to be having heart problems and more after being jabbed. Outrageous.🤦‍♂️

    • Agreed Shirley. And big pharma will be trying to cash in on ‘research’ for heart conditions.. win win for them. Hopefully not for long though..

    • You are right Shirley…..deeply worrying….15 th episode!!!!!!

    • Johnson and biden lied through there teeth when the said 90% of people in hospitals was “unjabbed”….
      Both corrupt and scum them 2….

      • BJ is/was a ‘puppet’ of some higher order…The SAGE lot behind him…Whitty..Vallance..Michie….

  6. As a Mother/Grandmother….lm deeply shocked that young people are COERSED into taking the ‘clot shot’…lt started out 2 weeks..FLATTEN THE CURVE….protect the ‘vulnerable’….protect our NHS…..l had my doubts even in the first wave April 2020….but…. when the jabbing of our children….this is ‘experimentation’..of the worst kind….the trials finish May 2023….

    • They get at youngsters through social media as they know alot of them are glued to that on there phones etc….
      Pier pressure as well…
      Them jabs have NO longterm safety data…
      Anybody in there right mind wouldnt touch them even after that statement let alone that them jabs act against nothing anyway and are just jab pass top ups…
      They are not “vaccines” as they was never tested on a “virus”….
      The novavax shit ones are in stage 2 and yet they want the oldies having them now…

  7. I agree with every comment. Now the rock star’s are falling, the one’s that we’re pushing the jabs, no jab don’t come to the concert.

  8. Heartbreaking!I’m in tears!parents!wake up!please don’t allow your children to take this poison!

  9. And whilst all this is going on 4 jab being readied there still be the gullible clowns that take it im sorry you get what you deserve the evidence is there how dangerous the jab is if you choose to take that then so be it if you die from it then you asked for it by taking a jab that has proven to have so many issues

  10. This is what the elite want, the plan is working, I doubt the figures are high enough for them though. All the world’s PM’s including our own will be pleased with this ‘progress’. Any questioning and it will be blamed on another hoax, climate change.
    The saddest thing is that not one of these young people needed to have the jab for health resons (even if it worked) because they were of no threat of death from a respiratory illness. They largely had the jab in order to live their lives, ironically. We are witnessing democide.

  11. The brainwashed still dont get the variants are re-named over normal ailments…😀…
    If there was to be a 2 tier society i would rather be on the side of the ones who have a spine and a brain.
    I mean what normal thinking person would have any jab against the common cold last time…😀 (omicron)

  12. 10.29 my wife was friends with Kirsty Conner, God bless her husband and children she leaves behind. It was reported she fell whilst having a cigarette outside the wedding venue, hit her head and never recovered, the question not being asked is why did she fall or suddenly collapse?

    • I’m sure on the ‘data base’ Hospital info there will be a reference of her recent medical history…but the Authorities then were ‘forced’ to state the cause of death……..Quite relivent at this time….for sure…there have been cases of serious injuries…ie car accident etc….testing on arrival @A&E…patient has died of injuries….Death Certificate says…’Cv’…

  13. This is heartbreaking. It angers me.
    Yet people are still flocking to get boosted. 😡😡😢😢

    • Once they have the real jab they are under mind control. There’s nothing we can do to help them but we must protect the children.

  14. Horrendous! Notice a few that say death/heart damage was due to “covid disease”!
    Contradicted straight away by the FIFA report that shows cardiac events are up 300% in 2021 (post jab roll-out) – despite 2020 being the “height of the pandemic” and the stronger “strain” – doesn’t add up if you are blaming convid.

    • You are right GinaW…a subtle word change…makes all the difference….

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  16. The Extermination of the Human Race continues.:(

  17. Makes me cry to see so many innocent small children suffer and dying. If you have parents like that you don´t need any enemys. First they let their child get vaccinated for no reason; only to make their own life easier and show everyone what good citizens they are. And now that their child is dead they´re still trying to make the most of it for themselves by showing the world how much they are suffering and to get as much compassion as possible. They feel no remorse, only self-pity. People like that really make me sick!

  18. Heartbreaking stuff! But still the sheeple cannot see what’s happening. In my local rag almost every day there are stories about people collapsing and/or dying from a “medical episode “ but no mention of the experimental jab and these are only the short term effects. What’s going to happen in years to come when a death will never be linked to the Covid jabs? In the UK they’re now talking about 4th and 5th jabs. I despair!

    • Then 6,7,8,9 … Ffs !

      It will never end unless people say no.
      And Stop testing themselves every feckin second!

  19. Putin ain’t saving the west , the same as trump didn,t . Putin is from WEF , it is only WE the people who can do this , faith is the answer , belief in one’s self , the courage to speak out against the system and Satan , educate yourself and the rest just happens. Too many cowards out there , if I thought I was part of any of this and keeping quiet meant I kept my job I,d tell them to stick it up their arse and whistleblow as much as I could , it is called having morals , I,d rather live on the streets than have that on my conscious . I have been thrown out police stations, doctors, jab centres , council office etc but I will keep going back with evidence of vaccine + testing dangers / 5G dangers / chemtrails / planned proxy war / . The police are acting against their oath as are the doctors and I let them know but they don’t give a fuck , I have no respect for them. The legal system is a total whitewash. We are at WAR , make no mistake , our Government want us dead , turn your head away from the Ukrainian farce and concentrate on how to wake up as many people as possible and get your head around the evil coming our way because it is just around the corner.

    • Putin is not a member anymore as they didnt have him back as he said something against them unannounced

  20. Country singer Jeff Carson, who topped the charts with 1995 single “Not on Your Love,” has died. He was 58.

    Carson died of a heart attack at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tennessee, publicist Jeremy Westby told The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday.

  21. I not had none the clot shots.

    But my gp surgery kindly contacted me to tell me I am eligible for a digital convid pass showing my status.
    That is ramping it up wouldn’t anyone agree? not going away!!

    Bunch of Idiots!! (Not you people) doctors surgerys

    I have not visited the doctor for a while as I don’t like the attitude anymore of them & they really have no interest whatsoever in helping me because I have said No! To this Insanity!!

    Thank you Hugo

    On a brighter note
    Have great day Every one

  22. I work with people who are so stupid😀…
    “I was near people that tested positive but i didnt get it”😀…
    Yeah dickheads the tests dont test for infection so your not likely to get anything…😀

  23. its murder full stop and everyone who carried this out should be held accountable as its not if they did not know , its done deliberate and mass murder is such a crime

  24. Only servants of god go to heaven i was told….
    The rest?….rot in hell….
    Not sure if thats right but i imagine hell is earth itself because its rotten enough to be it

  25. When are people going to stop doing this crap? I really can’t understand ANY parent who’d do it to his or her kid.
    Srsly; do we care more about their kids then did they?

    • There’s a report in the MSM today about a young child (aged 11-12) who’s ‘died suddenly’ as the result of a ‘medical emergency’ whilst at school (in Essex).
      The report says that the boy ‘collapsed at school’ in a ‘medical emergency’, and that the death is ‘unexplained’. The article goes on to say that there’s an email been sent to local councillors saying that the boy ‘suffered a heart attack’, but added “this has not yet been confirmed”.

      I’d think it’s very high odds that the boy had the injection… another casualty of this evil genocide by the Powers-that-should-NOT-be.

  26. Dont have the jabs, dont listen to media, act normally…
    People have the opposite to that now…
    I sort of feel sorry for them in a way as there living in a state of mind control

  27. Me too dear Janie. I’ve had no jabs and we’re steadfastly refusing to do any testing in this house! Hubby is triple jabbed though, and I can do absolutely nothing about that cos he went off and did it without me knowing, just awful! Just gotta continue to stand strong and ignore what other people are doing with this. Just have to look the other way. Very awkward when I chat to my friends and they start wittering on about convid. I just have to change the subject very quickly! Plenty of utter insanity going on here where we live, I just ignore it which is the best thing to do, and when I go to church I break all the rules, and nobody says a thing! I’m a rebel and proud of it too!!!!!

    • Hi Carolyn …good morning to you

      Your doing the right things to get through that’s what matters
      I love it your a rebel ..
      Girl of me own heart !

      You have a good day
      Enjoy your life
      Don’t let theses Power Freaks make your life unhappy

      Thinking of you ..
      And keep your spirits high
      From one rebel lol to another
      Take care now x

  28. I’ve got some friends who test themselves every time before they go out! Totally insane, and they don’t realise they’re giving themselves cancer as the testing swabs are sterilised with ethylene oxide which is a carcinogen. They’re doing something incredibly dangerous, and they don’t realise it! What is worse is that some of them get their young kids testing themselves too and then put the results with a photo on Facebook for all to see! I just have to scroll down away from it, sends a chill down my spine to think of the danger they’re in! How can people be so blind!!!!!!!?????????? Very distressing when they are friends of mine who I love dearly and I can’t protect them.

    • We can’t protect everyone Carolyn unfortunately
      Your such a sweet soul it is hard to watch people we love now suffering
      But hopefully & I really means hopefully- they will Finally see & stop abusing themselves
      It’s sad
      but you must take care of You.

  29. We all live in a very sick, twisted and evil world. Judgement Day is coming, can’t come soon enough!

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