Taylor Hawkins Death Studio 666 Jab Coincidence’s / Hugo Talks


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  1. people grafted with this goo are very naive in their significance.arrogance. they are sure everyone needs them and all the worries are only about them. they paid for this. they were caught for this hook. For many years working in a large team, I have never seen so many “coincidence “ as in the last 2 years.

  2. Their plane was diverted in December as a band member had a serious medical emergency. The band members identity was never revealed. It would be interesting if it was poor Taylor. He was a Son, Husband, Father and Friend, RIP Taylor

  3. Your credibility suffers when you cannot spell or punctuate properly. There is a difference between a plural and a possessive in written English.

  4. I don’t think you’re wrong Hugo for questioning the goings-on in this crazy world. You only stand out because most people are going along with everything and anything, to I believe, their detriment. Keep it up please Hugo

  5. Just a bunch of fckin compliant idiots.
    I’d be worried if I were these band members and back up team…
    You’ve taken a real lethal drug…pushed by a sinister cult

  6. It’s possible that the drummer did not die of the vaccine given this “coincidence” with the film being released 2 week before he dies and he dies in the film. It could be that he has been murdered for some satanic or occult ritual it would be interesting if there is any specific gematria numbers relating to his death. Unfortunately I’m not an expert on gematria but I’m reading a book on it. The music industry is very corrupt and has its fair share of strange and questionable deaths. Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon by David McGowan details some of theses (though not from a gematria perspective).

  7. Sell out to the system….reap the rewards…the cult merciless…..it does not care about humanity

  8. Love by the sword… Die by the sword… So tragic that they have to die for their servatude

  9. I wouldn’t “pay” to see the fraud fighters, Dave grohl, the nicest man in rock?
    Faking asshole more like, thanks for making it impossible for me to see these wankers.

  10. Hiding in plain sight, bunch of Evil satanic sold goods.

  11. Let them all reap what they have sown! Judgement is here and the idols are being destroyed! Praise the Lord God and keep your eyes and mind on Him!

  12. Sick of Nirvana@Courtney with Kurt.Taylor is probably living it up with Sebastian Bach of Skid Rows first legal wife Lavina after all they signed something years back same as she did with Kurt.

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