1. It tells a story when these days if a celebrity dies the papers will speculate what caused it, but of course never mention the jab.

    There have been a lot of celebrity deaths in the last 12 months.

  2. I knew straight up when I was told that Taylor had died that it was the jab. He was the energetic drummer of the band, so just like tennis and soccer players, he was the first to have dropped. I guess we just have to get used to hearing this more and more in the near future.

  3. Same thing happened with actor/comedian Bob Saget who was found dead in his hotel room with a massive blow to the back of his head. I seem to be the only person suggesting he collapsed from his jab even when I mention that three of my friends have collapsed and smacked their heads so hard they are all now permanently injured. All after their jabs. The press wants to look for any reason except for the obvious one because that’s not the narrative they want.

    • Bob Saget is a pedo so there may be other reasons for his suspicious death

  4. It is suspicious, but I don’t believe any of these big stars are jabbed themselves- they are merely puppets pushing the elite agenda. Something else is going on here- I feel it’s connected to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell’s suspicious ‘suicides’. Maybe he also knew too much.

    • Thank you
      Good comment
      As you say who knows WTF is going on anymore
      And like we care !

      It’s all about greed & power
      Always has been.

  5. The Foo Fighters USED to be a great band, but for some reason, musically, they’ve changed direction.
    The last album I bought was, ‘Concrete and Gold ‘ I listened to it once!
    And when Dave Ghrol started pushing the narrative regarding covid, and the vaxxes, that was it for me!
    It’s sad regarding Taylor Hawkins, he’s got a young family.
    First it was Kurt, now Taylor.
    Who, or ‘what ‘ are Daves ‘connections ‘?

    • I can’t help but notice the upside down cross necklace Dave wears a lot. And a photo I saw of him giving two middle fingers in the shape of a cross with tongue sticking out mockingly. One-eye club!? You’d think these people would not get jabbed and would be wise to the agendas, unlike the majority of us “useless eaters”, but obviously not. ??

      • all these twats who link in with satan strike a deal with him. some get a ‘better’ deal and they have a long carreer with lots of records released and huge fame n fortune like mick jagger and bob dylan. others get a lesser deal maybe big success and good time but a shorter life. others get a worse deal maybe 1 or 2 albums big fame but a short painfull life like kirt cobain for example. it all depends how informed the person is and how much theyre willing to sacrifice and how desparate they are in making their deal at the time. but ultimately they all sacrifice their soul and suffer the loss of their soul. dave ghoul is down with satan. maybe he knows not to take the jab and will have to see his family friends die as sacrifices to satan. maybe hes taken it and its his time to go too. we dont know but these satanic bastards are all dead as they ‘live’. dont feel sorry for them they choose to join satan and make the world a darker place just to please themselves for a while. one thing they dont know is the torment they will have to endure when it comes to them.

      • Their concert posters also have some bizarre symbols as well, and Taylor’s death coincides with the release of their ‘Dream Widow’…

      • @Jason Martin That could be an accurate summation of what they do, and as you say the cost is very high, no matter what fame and fortune they get in this life. I often wonder about Clapton’s son Connor when this subject comes up.

      • @truthnotdoc… i played in the punk band chelsea 94 to 96. out of the blue we got onto the subject of God or whatever people believe etc while we were on the tour coach in germany. the singer gene october just came out with it, he said he owes it and gives it up to satan. these people get taken in by rec co bosses and management bosses etc same in film tv theatre etc and they get told about and introduced to satan that hes the one who they go with and honour etc and its him who keeps them and makes it happen for them all and inspires and empowers them. they ususlly get these people involved in sexual acts etc take them to parties etc and make them into servants and soldiers for darkness in general whether it be anarchy or some chaos or profanity. they steal their minds in this way. its a deal they strike up alright. they give them a certain time, a certain amount of help and albums put out etc certain amount of publicity in media… even the smaller lesser known guys in this business! yes ur right think of john travolta with his tradgedies. he lost some people along the way loads of them have. they really give up their heart and soul and they serve and die for the enemy. i escaped it the Most High took me away from it and opened my eyes before i got pulled in to that degree, even tho i was totally engrossed in all that world.

      • @Jason Martin I think many, if not most, of those The Father calls are grabbed from the clutches of Satan. Likewise, I was rescued from the so-called Worldwide Church of God led by Herbert W. Armstrong, who was a 20th century Pharisee, and you can’t get more satanic than that.

      • @truthnotdocrine woh i bet that wasnt nice thats a serious cult. so what would u describe what u believe now? many would say it was christian identity. im not labeling it that or anything and im not being sarcastic. u say apartheid is the kingdom of God. are u in a group anymore or what? me i came out of groups completely.

      • @Jason Martin, Oh yes, I have since learned that there were sinister CIA connections to Armstrong with all his globe trotting in his private jet interviewing heads of state (all financed by the members 3 Tithes). A nasty piece of work by all accounts. I was very fortunate and blessed to escape when I did.

        No I am not “Christian Identity” they, too, are controlled. The principal character being William ‘Bill’ Finck of Christogenea infamy, who is an ex-con lying Jew. There are others, namely, Weisman, Comparet and James Wickstrom who all promulgate the partial flood and Edomites as Jews = 100% lies.


    • Their body, their choice…..their problem. We Purebloods should be thankful 👍👍👍😎

  7. studio what! requireing everyone jabbed to see them! they are getting their comeupances.

  8. Certain frequencies in electronic equipment, typically on stadions and in concerthalls+Faucis morning urin injected=heart attack

  9. So many dying.. all of them unreported or `undiagnosed`.. When are the masses going to awaken to the truth?.. As those they love fall.. when it`s too late.

  10. Yep…..let the sheep have them anyway…
    Will save the people with the brains more space in the community and free up more money…
    Im sick of people and there brainwashed heads…
    As for them jabs i never had one and never will as they have never got passed stage 3 trials or have no longterm safety data

  11. I went of them when they started to push the narrative about u can’t go see them with being jabbed up. Even when iv listened to there new tune that’s played on the radio it sounds crap. The singer what ever his name is lol sounds weird. I thought it was just me. No the DJ said it and played the song back a bit when the singer sang the word moon lol. That was the very part of his voice I thought sound weird. So I’m not the only 1 to have noticed. Crap there new stuff. Sorry the guy pasted. Drummers are normal fit as fvck tho. It will probley b covid then. It’s making a come back in the hospitals so I hear ffs. Stop testing and find out what’s really making people ill and dieing. Cause it’s not convid as we no.

  12. Foo Fighters headlined the Covid “Vax Live” concert to raise money to help everyone in the world get access to the poisonous jabs! The band were also pushing for fully jabbed fans only at their concerts of course…
    Dear oh dear.

    • Hope they all snuff it then…grohl is a tosser anyway and was just a nobody with nirvana playing a drum….

  13. Pfizer Data, the 1200 deaths 3.3% in there trial, where mostly heart attacks and strokes 3.3% of the trial died, within 6months, which proves heart attacks are linked to the Jab’s ofcourse as we all know, but they haven’t made that leap yet and I guess never will.

    Sudden Deaths are increasing, the jabbed are all really ill, with a cold they’d had before which was very mild, but there on deaths door, all going along as to my prediction so far.

    Aids cases increasing aswell, 1 from my gym the cleaner, house bound for ever.

    By the end of the year it’ll be, full on BRING OUT YOUR JABBED DEAD!!!

    • It’s really weird. My dad isn’t in the best of health and he’s currently testing positive for covid, but it isn’t much more than a bad cold. He’s triple jabbed.

      My mum is also triple jabbed and despite being under the same roof as him, she has tested negative the whole week he’s had it, and had no symptoms.

      Their next door neighbours – the wife has it and is spending most of her time in bed, it’s whacked her. Her husband – tested negative the whole time.

      I said to my dad – well you won’t need to get the 4th shot now will you, you’ve got natural antibodies and you know it doesn’t make you ill anyway – he’s going to get the 4th shot :O

      The husband from next door, despite his wife having it and him being in the same house – when my dad walked into the garden he shot to the far end of his garden – “sorry, don’t want to be rude, but I don’t want to risk catching it.” – WTF – you’re living in a house with someone who has it you dummy.

      People are thick. Sadly this includes my own father.

      • Tests are bogus, give them orange juice and they’ll all go positive LOL

        Did they have the cold Xmas time ?? if so same cold, no unjabbed catching twice, so proof there immune system is damaged and will likely only get worse.

        Report out, millions will have Aids by the end of the year, which I expect to.

      • I wish your parents all the best
        It’s bloody crazy isn’t the worry this BS is causing for you bless.

        Thought s are with you & your family

        Take care

      • Jane, his parents will be fine this time, but longer for the jabs to degrade the immune system and a bad cold or a moderate flu and there odds of survival will drop considerably.

        The jabbed, will be self isolating for ever soon as the common cold will kill them,

        The variable I can’t predict is the Convid Pills out soon, with a chip that sends a signal upon hitting stomach acid for proof your convid compliant ( 100% WEF announced the tech 2 weeks back ), will that boost the immune system and keep people alive, in exchange for Control ?? Behave or no pills style.

      • It’s not weird, the test is meaningless.

      • Thanks Janie.

        Rob – they definitely both have something (father and next door neighbour) – whether it’s “covid” or not is another matter. If the tests were totally bogus then surely they’d be testing negative and positive, randomly.

        But that isn’t what’s happening, my dad is testing himself every day (facepalm) and is positive every day, my mother is also testing herself every day and is negative every day. And same for their neighbours – wife positive every day, husband negative every day.

        I thought I’d caught it off him, I had the exact same symptoms but have been negative every day and I was totally over it on day 4.

        I did double my dose of zinc, vit D3, and quercetin though, maybe that saw it off? Or it wasn’t covid in the first place.

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite They’re not thick, it goes far deeper than that, they’re brainwashed and cognitively dissonant, which means they’re totally controlled by and through FEAR! Fear overpowers and/or bypasses any and all powers of logical reasoning. This means also that they have fully surrendered their ability to think and act for themselves.

      • Nobody has “had it”…..
        It was never contained or tested for a jab or swabs etc…
        Swabs never was to test for infection or sickness and the jabs are just a compliance for the jab passes and work against nothing but do more than any good at all….
        I get sick to death of tossers telling people “oh i know somebody that “had it” or “i got it”….
        Its like they want the attention yet there was fuck all wrong with them anyway unless it was cold or flu etc

    • I’m ‘unjabbed’…got a vet sore throat and cough….Someone asked me if l had been tested…l said …”No, l have a seasonal cough& cold”…..lm taking my distancing precautions an will wear a mask in a shop…..last Saturday in a roudy Pub watching Super Saturday Rugby..people l were with…quite deaf…moving in closer..(uggg) to talk….l was trying to move away….a stereotypical dance followed….anyway the long and short of it……..”I have a seasonal bad cold!”…..l did say to a friend recently…..Been confirmed the ‘virus’ is was manmade in Wuhan….we are somewhat all in the same boat…. but see my ‘jabbed friend’s weakening….

      • Why wear a mask in a shop when they have no use whatsoever?…and keeping a distance?…personally i never have done either as its no different than before all this crap…🤷🏻‍♂️

      • @Ericka Why are you masking and social distancing? Colds and flu ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS! Have you not yet learned that EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU IS A LIE – THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THEM!!! WAKE UP!

    • Thank you

      It just I have lost some people because of this feckin bollox jab crap
      it upsets me knowing people s parents so in fear ya know

      I don’t know much about this pill shite but it’s obviously another thing as you say for more, control & flipping GREED!!!

      Sorry I calm again now lol
      I just want this madness to Stop for us All

      Take care

      • You and me both Janie. My mum is getting impatient that her 4th stabbing session has been any day now and she still hasn’t got it. This cold I had prevented me from seeing her this week so I’d better get a trip in soon! I’ve given up saying anything to anyone now. Would be interesting to see if my husband will partake – and I guess he will because he’s making travel plans in the future. You haven’t got a future, you plank! So I watch and wait for them to drop. So far one friend has died, another friend’s husband has died and now a friend’s father has died.
        I used to like the Foo Fighters. Wasn’t until the get stabbed or no show made me think otherwise. Interestingly he played the part of the devil in Tenacious D’s Tribute. My daughter bought me his biography – not touched it. Now I think I need to! I promise not to do peekaboos!

      • Hey Kelly
        It’s overwhelming the amount of people who dying
        Celebrities, fit sports people
        Our Own!!
        Its extremely sad x

        I see that video years ago as well
        All are in same club!

        I hope you been enjoying the nice weather,
        It’s been nice see bit colour in me garden when I look out
        Nice & bright & happy…
        Bit like me & you lol Kelly

        Have great evening

      • I think there’s more of us clones out there! LOL! The daffodils are super at the moment. Very cheerful and the sun is welcome too. Most of the garden is a bit overgrown, but the veg patch is under control. Can’t do it all – at least I’ve been whipping husband into doing stuff. Don’t mess with me matey, retired now so get cracking while you are still moving! Oh dear that’s bad! Hahaha, am I bovvered! Well perhaps a little but coming to terms with it.
        You have a fabulous weekend, well Sunday now!

      • Hubby loves it really, he just doesn’t show it lol

        Good hear you ‘getting on with it!’ .. Go for it Kelly x

        You to
        Have great Sunday

    • 3,3 is the Masonic 33 reference i bet the number was way higher they have no overview on their trials after all

  14. Those that promote the vaxx die of the vaxx. It is happening time and time again. Could it be divine retribution?

    • Don’t believe in that crap, but got to admit it happens a lot, so maybe I’m wrong LOL

      • it does make you wonder. That unfunny female comedian was the best one, when she keeled over on stage right after bragging about getting the jabs and mocking Jesus.

  15. Dave was given his own named road somewhere in America because he is seen as some kind of a feckin god now apparently by his fans !?!
    I don’t know much it was a while back I heard about it,
    when kurt died I had no interest in the band Dave put together.

  16. I see lots of people blaming/assuming drug use/ previous drug use for his death.
    Such absolute BS. Thanks for mentioning, he called for help before dying. A lot of “NEWS” reports he died suddenly. No mention of symptoms.
    Thanks Hugo, Keep preaching it to the tribe/choir. I can hear you!

  17. Here we go again yet another young death and probably caused by heart failure. It is getting so regular now and yet people are not questioning whether it is the jab causing it. You would think some MP’s would ask questions about this as some do bring up questions in Parliament about jabs.
    I wish the families of these people would speak out more but maybe they just can’t see or don’t want to see the connection with the jabs.
    These are just the well known people reported here but what about all other people who no one hears about much who are dying and the connection is not pointed out.
    What about people dying after their boosters of other things what are on the yellow card reporting scheme. I know of three people who have suddenly collapsed and fallen for no reason, one ended up in hospital for some time with a bleed on the brain, but oh no it couldn’t be the jab! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ What is wrong with people not seeing what is going on.

    • Exactly….lm meeting up with similar minded people 3rd Wednesday of the month so so refreshing to hear their stories…..all we can do is observe….Quite painful to watch slow decline in my older friends….lm married to a fully vaxed man….he is very quiet the days….he once said to me in anger….”For God’s sake..go and get the f##ing jab!”……this is how devisive this debacle is….2 years on still married….just don’t talk about it….

      • Hi Thetruthdoctrine…lm wearing a mask in public because l have a cold and sore throat/cough…lt would not be quite fair to cough over people…l am a tough old ‘bird’..and would NOT want to be labled as that woman who hasn’t been jabbed and it is SHE who is making us all ill….l think you are right on many aspects wishes..

      • The compulsion to wear a mask because you have a cold is nearly a valid reason, but we have NEVER done that in the past. In fact it could be doing more harm than good by NOT allowing ordinary folk to catch your cold and build up their own resilience to the cold virus. Taking the long-view, they will not have resilience to the cold and also, due to the constant hand-sanitising, they will have little natural immunity to anything else, either!

      • @Ericka Why would it not be fair to cough over people when they cannot catch anything from you? Are you responsible for their ignorance and paranoia?

      • videoman1959 See my comment elsewhere on this thread to Ericka where I explain to her that colds and flu are not contagious.

  18. Dave Grohl the singer of foo fighters was complaining of chest pains just the other week. Saying he felt like he was dying, they tried to blame coffee in the article. Now this?

  19. Wow. They were the band I used to like until they decided they’d only play gigs for the vaccinated. Strange how the ones promoting the vax succumb to it. Bit like the tennis player promoting the vax, now breathless and chest pains.

  20. Like you say, there’s hardly anyone daring to mention the vaccine. Someone dies unexpectedly and it’s only natural to ask WHY and HOW… so long as you don’t point the finger as the precious little vaccine, that thing that’s, you know, saved millions of lives. Point the finger there and it’s suddenly open season for you to be mocked and ridiculed and told to shut up and show some respect for the deceased. Dave Grohl seems to like to come across as some cool, intellectual source of wisdom, like in this interview NOT!!!!

      • wot a tart. hes supposed to be rock n roll rebel and hes going on like some twat commentating on the ideal home exhibition or some middle class crap get together. he needs a good kick up the nuts.

    • Yep
      Never heard of so many people in my age group dying suddenly as I have in the last year. But it’s the elephant in the room that you dare not mention. It’s like people have been injected with something that not only kills people but puts them all on the defensive as soon as you mention it might not actually be safe.
      It also seems to turn people into haty bastards too if the last month is anything to go by.

      • Most people who I am around who been done,
        do same
        I could Cut the air with a knife sometimes
        it’s crazy & sad.

  21. am sick to death of all of this fucking crap sooo boring now same old same old change the fucking record & just wait till shit loads more refugees arrive then they’re gonna go ape shit crazy over it when is everybody gonna wake the fuck up and smell the bs ffs am surprised at the uk’s lack of backbone just folding to this crap it’s absolutely unbelievable a guess all those folk that were acting the hard man were just pretending huh coz where are they all now huh scared shitless bcoz of this fake covi crap they’ve all got Stockholm syndrome it’s pathetic thing that gets me is all these folk dying why have I only heard 1 ambulance siren in 2 yrs and I literally live round corner from hospital drs & 10-15 min walk from where they keep ambulances behind fire station but still no sirens screaming 24/7 hmmmmm nothing like what it is in the movies huh & yeah am not getting jib jab no fucking way n yeah av got chest from hell incl asthma & heart thing etc & history o throat issues loads crap going on in my chest but up until 7th feb I was doing ok even going out in crazy bad shit Scottish weather & got soaked to skin loads times and been ok but on 7/2/2022 I got smacked in the eye after walking into butchers accident my ass and 4 days later I got really Ill with the worst throat infection was fucking hell knocked me for six was bedded for wk no energy no strength couldn’t speak couldn’t sleep for wk & loads of crap came up off my chest to point it was physically chocking me literally and got chest cold to and my throats ok now but here’s thing it’s 6 wks & 1 day today and av still got this fucking chest cold I just can’t shift it but it’s mild now but still sucks feel like av got chest cold everyday but it was shedding that Bastard that smacked me in the eye had the vax and shedding is real and fucking scary but am still not getting fucking vax plus av got antibodies now plus I’m hanging onto my immune system infact I got over that evil throat infection with half pkt amoxicillin pain meds & lots of juice and rest within a wk more or less but it’s just this damm chest cold that’s refusing to bugger off but am back to normal anyway apart from damm chest and it’s fingers crossed but it’s starting to warm up here in Scotland after a never ending winter argghhh so am only wareing one scarf now instead of 2 coz am paranoid about my throat now – plus weathers been fucking freezeing in scotland – infact am traumatised coz I really couldn’t cope with that agony I seriously thought I was going to end up in hospital but coz covi crap no way but they can take they’re vax and fucking shove it where the sun don’t shine

  22. I wonder what killed him. Karma? I didn’t know it was deadly.
    Oh dear. Live by the pointy metal thing, die by the pointy metal thing.

  23. While there is no guarantee it was the jibby jab but what a world we live it to know it almost certainly was. Waiting for the stories to come out blaming it on convid.

  24. From what I’ve read they were an obnoxious group. Heavily into Satanism.

  25. All I will say is here we go again, will these people ever wake up?

  26. Once saw a guy that had major blood clot issues from them jabs and was in hospital….
    He tested positive and they said the “virus” causes the blood clots…
    I said “your talking total bollocks and you know damn well them things do not detect infections etc”….
    The doctor didnt say a word….
    Never been a covid 19 virus….
    Covid 19 being the jab pass but never a “virus”….

  27. There was a difference between Taylor Hawkins and Mark Lanegan, in that Taylor was part of a group that were actively trying to push the jabs on their fans. Mark on the other hand arrived in Ireland as a covid sceptic who was very wary of the jabs. He only succumbed after being stuck in a coma for 4 weeks in Kerry Hospital. This, understandably, scared him into talking the jabs, but it maybe should have been the hospital’s covid protocol rather than covid itself he should have been frightened of.

  28. I don’t know what it is about Dave Grohl but I find him to be a decidedly horrible person.

    • My wife took her 91yr old mum on Saturday for her 4th clot-shot. The wife didnt want to tell me where she was going because she knew my reaction. In fact, I’m not cared now. They KNOW what I think, but they refuse to believe what I say. The BS BBC are far more reliable! lol

  29. I suppose when idiots say “don’t even go there”when mentioning his death being jabbed related is cuz they have been jabbed….If I was stupid enough to have gotten jabbed I wouldn’t be able to except the fact that it was going to kill me ! I would just dismiss it as conspiracy BS just for my own sanity lol
    Stuff the silly people 🤪

  30. I liked the Foos at one time, my daughter being a fanatic fan of them. Then started looking at celeb/musicians deaths, much more around the 27 club. Started listening to Mark Devlin , bought his books Musical Truth 1 ….. then bought musical truth 2 & 3. sure many of you know music “industry” is totally satanic , many artists being sacrificed. Saw Grohls 666 video, and his other video Dream Widow, both demonic and sinister . So obviously he has to go down this path, to satisfy the masters/owners of the music industry …. always “present ” their artists as wholesome at first. Sickening , now can’t bear to listen to any of it

  31. Ritual killings just like the 27 club, a little reading up on Mark Devlins Musical Truth series shows a lot of what goes on. 36 days after his birthday, the old numbers again. 666 video with Grohl killing his band members and eating one. I met Taylor a number of times back in the day, a druggie he was not, same as Prince, it all add up really fast if you just look a little bit. Sell your soul for Rock N Roll sometimes it comes back to bite you

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