Anonymous 🥱 Hacks 🥱 Russian Central Bank 🥱Hugo Talks

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  1. Anonymous put out a statement saying they did not hack Russia

  2. Brilliant Hugo I don’t fell 4 any of there rubbish all same slice just cut off thinner thank u

  3. Spot on Hugo. I have always had them on my Shill Watchlist.

  4. As far as I remember, Anonymous got busted quite a while ago and a bunch of them went to prison. So I call BS on this as usual

    • Do we know for sure that they went to prison could this not be BS from the mainstream media? links to the information you speak of would be useful. Even if some members of Anonymous did go to prison the truth is there are a lot of useful idiots out there as even the control protest groups like BLM have some people who have been deceived and think what they are fighting for is legit and right (not some astroturf group which is the reality) so why would they have any issues throwing them to the wolves. It certainly would make the group appear more credible. Also if they are supporting LQBT BS they are more than suspect at least in my eyes.

      • Start here. He was too young to go to prison, but older members did.

      • @Kevin – Looks like the url didn’t appear, I’ll try again

  5. It’s all BS. More hopium for the masses. That they did nothing for 2 years says it all really. The world is heading towards mass food shortages and even worse tyranny is growing by the day and still they do nothing. Don’t pin your hopes on this lot. 99% sure they’ll all be 77th brigade and mates. Between MI5, MI6, 77th Brigade and all the others, there’s 1000s of them employed to work 24/7 on ‘cyberduties’. Don’t fall for it! Wise up!

  6. Well the shit’s about to hit the fan big time for the West now.

    When Biden et al started sanctioning Russia I said on various forums and newspapers comment sectionsthat politicians are idiots, they are restricting access to oil and etc, which reduces the supply and forces prices up, but worse than that these sanctions will hurt us more than Russia (and I got downvoted to oblivion)…

    …because all Russia need to do next is say “we will no longer accept the Dollar for oil, gas, or anything else, and instead will take the Yuan, Ruble or gold”.

    Then it’s the end of the Dollar as the reserve currency, and our currencies in the West will become worthless.

    Russia had already since then agreed to take the Yuan for oil, wheat, etc, they also demanded the Ruble for gas, and have now said they’ll take gold or even bitcoin for oil.

    So that’s that. It was obvious they’d do it, since they’ve been building (along with China) huge mountains of gold since 2014.

    If Russia say “we’ll sell you 1000 barrels of oil for 1 oz of gold” – with oil at $100 per barrel, it will create massive demand for gold, and gold will increase in price until it reaches equilibrium with oil – i.e. $100,000 per ounce.

    In other words, the oil price will be pegged to gold, and vice versa, not the dollar.

    When you consider the US have at least $30 trillion of debt (some think with off-balance-sheet debt it’s closer to $100 trillion), compared to Russia with $300 Billion, and Russia have a mountain of gold that will increase massively in value – our naive, idiotic politicians have introduced sanctions that will destroy the West completely.

    Putin is playing 3D chess, Biden and Johnson are playing tiddly-winks.

    • And don’t forget this one (copy and pasted)In 2009, Colonel Gaddafi, then President of the African Union, suggested to the States of the African continent to switch to a new currency, independent of the American dollar: the gold dinar. The objective of this new currency was to divert oil revenues towards state-controlled funds rather than American banks…..And look what happened to him…

    • Johnson isn’t even playing tiddly-winks, he’s far too busy playing hide the sausage with “cash n carrie”.

  7. MSM stories are filed under “things that didn’t happen” or “propaganda”

  8. This shit is childish if it wasn’t for thousands and possibly millions dying. Just assassinate the cunts already.

  9. How ironic, why they never hacked PFIZER to expose the corruption Vaxx business? The truth about the deaths because of Vaxx? Well done Hugo

  10. Putin does not want a new world order…
    I read a unannounced speech he did at the wef sometime ago…
    They didnt like it and marketing him as the bad guy i reckon

    • Hi man. A document had recently been released by the kremlin proving that Russia is 100% pushing the WEF’s great reset and agenda 2030.
      James Corbett if “the corbett report” presents a deep look into the document. It’s depressingly telling. All governments are in on it.

    • Not long ago, Putin was offering land to people to come and settle in Russia. I can also remember when people were asked to go and settle in the Falklands, as the numbers were dropping. Not long after that, those ‘poor Falklanders’ had to be rescued. Oh what a shitshow.

  11. Has anyone else seen the delivery robots in Milton Keynes WTAF!!! Videos online also a guy filming one which is marking out football pitches? Anything on this Hugo🤦🏼

    • I’ve seen the robots. Co-Op Newton Road use them, though feel sure they were being used pre convid. Several people have commented to me how novel they are and sadly oblivious about the intention behind them. When I try and explain they quite clearly think I’m bonkers.

    • Yes some one mentioned something about it happening in America

      They advertise to deliver from a drone to your back garden with groceries

      World has gone tech mad!
      It’s to intrusive for me personally
      Drones are feckin strange things anyway!

      even have insects apparently that have been modified to have a tiny camera on it
      I read somewhere ages ago

  12. Who knows what is going on. The choice seems to be Russian World Order with portraits of glum Putin on every wall or the NWO with Klaus Schwab on every wall. Time to get off this planet.

  13. Lot of people never heard of the rothschilds and the WEF…
    They just believe social media and news etc…
    Or believe what is spoon fed to them for there little brains that is

  14. Why the so called anonymous hack BBC, SKY NEWS and ITV news?

    Someone has to STOP this BS.

    It’s getting ridiculous now. They want to know protect the elderly? WHY they didn’t do from day ONE of the plandemic?

    Expose this scumbags. Pfizer pay them millions to carry on pushing the Vaxx stock pile even after all the documents adverse effects documents exposed.

    Criminals, please someone help them

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