IRELAND 🇮🇪 200,000 Refugees ITS DOUBLED IN A WEEK! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • ❤️🙏😧What a nightmare! Wake Up! Just Say No to this Tyranny & Plandemic!! Enough!!!

    • Ireland today, Scotland tomorrow, England and Wales next month, the world by the end of the year and it wont stop at Ukraine. Other countries will go on being displaced to keep the agenda going forward. We’re all fked unless we say no. I’m sure that old codger and his family are actors. Nobody could be that thick. He’s like a turkey voting for Xmas.

      • its only the tip of the iceberg

      • No let me tell you , they are that thick. Oh don’t forget now you are getting paid for this bollocks. Paid no way would I do this. Donr care how much money they offerd. You will never get shot of them. They have more rights then you. Your fvcked. Plan and simple. Let’s not forget living in a house full of people that don’t speak English and take the piss will cause huge problems. It is well known these people can be rude and even aggressive. Hecwouldnt stand a chance. Pregnant women in his gaff. Lol he will be kicked out. Silly dirty old man. They will pull that one he’s raped or been sexually abused. Make no mistake we are push overs. B.ood idots.

      • Yep, he will be leaving his home in handcuffs and being thrown in the back of a Garda van. He should watch Stranger in my Home for a taste of what is to come. It would be better for him to rein in his sexual perversions and stay out of trouble. He thinks he is the only one with an agenda but everyone has an agenda.

  1. Have you seen the photo of the Irish dude with the family of “Ukrainians” he’s taken in – there are maybe 7 of them and they’re all Africans. He looks well miffed off.

    Or the French police/customs with the woman claiming to be Ukranian. She has a passport of a white woman with blond hair, and she is African.

    The cop says “so you’re saying this is you then. When was the photo taken?”

    “Oh a long time ago maybe 10 or 20 years ago”

    “Yes he says, it must have been a long time ago”.

    I bet they still let her in (or send her over here).

    • The classic Bait and Switch. Promise one thing and get another.

      • I knew straight away what would happen. Pretend they are helping Ukrainians (blonde hair, blue eyes) real Ukrainian and switch it to black and brown..
        If you have read up on the

        “coudon hove kalergi plan”

        Then you’ll know the outcome for Europe. They want to destroy the white gene through race mixing…
        “The future people’s of Europe will be coffee coloured in appearance”
        All leaders are in on it.. EU have charlegmane prize (kalergi prize) for the leaders who have done so much to see it realized, past winners Angela merkil, van rumpay, Blair etc..
        It has nothing to do with humanitarian ideologues! But everything to do with the destruction of white nations, culture, religion, history.
        You will be a pariah in your own lands.. For the sake of diversity!!
        They’ll be more easily managed than a homogeneous people for the NWO..
        These people in power are from the bowels of hell!!
        “They hate Jesus Christ and they hate you too”
        They want Christianity dead and buried.
        We will have a one world government, one world religion
        Worshipping baal..
        pharisees and scribes are in power, rothschilds, shwab, gates, Zuckerberg, soros etc all planning our demise. Global. Communism will come for all..
        Dissenters will be sent to Re education camps or gulags.

        Jesus called them out for who they are (synogogue of Satan)

        Nothing will get better their plan has been a long time in the making.. All institutions are in lock step with our demise..
        The writing is on the wall for those with eyes to see!!
        They target our emotions everytime, so we’ll give in to their demands… And we watch as our lands disappear into the sunset!

        God bless! Christ is king!!

  2. WTF they’re fucked fucking idiots and all those fucking refugees have to do is move to another country and they all get fucking everything handed to them on a fucking plate new everything wtf new clothes new everything and who’s paying for that ffs oh let me guess all the while – our kids – in care – are bien abused and going hungry and they’re mums & dads can’t even afford decent solicitors and struggling on universal credit death sentence and going hungry and going without basics & struggling to pay bills and living in shit council houses – yeah I’m one of those mums – but yet those refugees get everything & everything new all the while gov treating they’re own like fucking shit this is fucking disgusting uk citizens treated like shit but refugees treated like they’re something special – not – what about – our kids – in care – & they’re mums n dads who have all gone through & continue to go through trauma what about us huh the uk is absolutely disgusting letting they’re own suffer go hungry go without basics living in shit council houses but treat refugees like the – poor me – were refugees give us everything new & we will continue to play the – poof refugee – card for as long as we possibly can a bet they’re lapping it up & laughing at us all at the same time this is unforgivable – oh yeah and just wait till nxt month April when Cost of everything goes sky high and we’ve all gotta struggle even more paying out for it but those refugees won’t be paying out for fuck all and still continue to get everything handed to them on a fucking plate & that guy playing his new guitar doesn’t have speak good English hmmmmm they’re nothing more than beggars but yet our uk citizens on the streets get ignored plus those refugees come to uk no mortgage no bills no debt clean slate but still get everything handed to them

    • If everyone thought like you (and I) we would be okay.

    • I hear ya. The bloke with his new guitar should have expressed his glee in private. They can’t even show a bit of humility. This kind of shit will cause public unrest when people who are struggling just for day to day existence are made to have their noses rubbed in it.

      • Yeah damm right it’s gonna cause unrest & resentment to just watch they’ll all be walking about with iPhones before long looking like they’ve landed in paradise that guy playing the guitar doesn’t even look remotely traumatised wheres the serious sad face staring into space wheres the tears wheres the stress the missing his relatives & so worried about them huh ??? no he’s chilling & playing the guitar if that’s trauma I’m a fucking millionaire they don’t even look like refugees not what you would expect tbh

      • yeah fucking tell me about it struggling everyday just to get through the day having to fight for everything & im fuckig knackered & fucking sick of it but yet ignorance & patronised 24/7 ignored coz system in uk fucking sucks but those fucking refugees priority over everybody else selfish as hell it’s gonna cause a lot of bitterness to and none of them have thought of the serious implications of taking those refugees in fuck if they think
        It’s bad now just wait till it’s a few months or even a year down the line and they’re fucked even nxt month when prices go sky high how the fuck are they gonna cope with that with all those refugees eating they’re food using they’re water elec gas & those pregnant woman fuck that’s even more that’s fucking insane absolutely unbelievable it’s completely fucked up beyond belief

    • I make you spot on. They are taking the piss out of us. What about our fvcking rights. Our fvcking kids rights. My kids are adults now. I had to as a single mum , get my arsh in gear and are responsibility for my own kids as no 1 else was gonna do it. In London they are just on a building frenzy. Everthings bout housing but there closing everthing else to make way for all of this. Give it 10 years less these places will be concrete jungles. No where for kids to go , nothing for them to do. Just tower blocks and estates , high streets disappeared they have taken away almost everthing. To make way for what exactly? Slums. You can put people in newer homes but if they come from nothing it will end up just the same a shit hole. I feel for the young and young familys today. I can see what’s happening around me. We should be making this country better for its own people. They should be over in there country fighting to make that better. If a civil war broke out in this country do you think we would be shipped out till the worst was over ? Do you actually belive these people would be opening the flood gates to save our kids. I’m all for helping there kids but any fit adult should be fighting for there country not fvcking sitting there playing a guitar ffs. Cowards.

  3. Lawyers For Justice Ireland
    fb ·

  4. I’m afraid the propoganda has been soo intense they refuse to take off their masks. The media campaign has been too successful. You ever watched that episode of friends, Chandler makes up a card game so he can easily give Joey money without it looking like charity, when Ross wants to play chandler he doesn’t believe him originally that he made the game up. This demonstrates a large portion of the human population atm.

  5. I know I have already referenced this with a link in a couple of my posts on Hugo`s recent videos. But I will say it again because it is almost word for word. That man explaining how many people were being housed in each room of the house in Ireland is straight out of the David Tennant Dr Who story `Turn Left`. The man opens the door to the refugees and says “it`s a big house , room for all”. And then goes on to explain which family is already living in which room. And the woman living a few doors down as they arrive exclaims “they missed one mortgage payment just one. They got booted out all for you lot”. Except this isn`t a sci-fi program.

  6. Those pregnant women are gonna get new baby stuff new prams baby clothes baby food nappies etc plus that folk that took in those refugees will be clothing & feeding they’re kids plus all the money that’s been donated in the begging buckets in shops etc will go to them to they’re bien treated like fucking royalty and as for 10 – 15 yrs or indefinitely WTF fuckoff – and reg those idiots that took those refugees in I wouldn’t like they’re food bills elec bills etc fuck that

    • Ireland fell many years ago,and when they are asked to leave their homes for the “refugees” they will probably submit.

  7. Insanity rules! Hold tight folks and stay strong.

  8. If real, that audience needs a 50cal M2 browning turning on them. They’re no good to no one. As for the old idiot in the house, that’s probably all staged. It just seems too exaggerated.

    • This situation gets more bizarre by the hour. I can’t help wondering what happened to the women who were depending on that facility. Presumably their misery continues. Meanwhile, the young man relaxes and plays his guitar, grateful that his own people’s misery has been prioritised. This is just plain wrong.

      • Why isn’t he fighting for his country?? Look at him lol making himself right at home and trust me they will as well in your homes. Its called a take over. U won’t have a leg to stand on. Imagine after a couple of months of having all those people in your home . It’s not gonna end well. Oh but if all the jabbed up start dropping like fly plenty housing Togo round for the ever so desperate men like the guitar man. Ffs no way would I be having this shit. Is it 350 each or 350per family of 10. 😂🤣😂

      • Those women don’t count because they’re probably all Irish and Irish people don’t count in Ireland now. We have to put all other nationalities before ourselves and let them have our houses, our shelters and our feckin land or we’re being selfish!!!

    • Would it even be legal to have that many people living in 1 house ? Lol. Who actually cares lol karma a terrible thing . 🤣

    • Ur right, but if its not this will be a crime paradise. The mind boggles at the sort of shit that’s gonna go down. I just feel sorry for any kids caught up in all this crap. He was like a dirty old man. Well that’s how it came across to me. To good to be true that’s if its true. Ireland may of just bitten of more then they can chew. I remember reading back in 2018/19 can’t b certain of the year but uk bailed Ireland out of trouble in the sum of 3 Billion quid. That’s Southern not Northern Ireland the fucking world is full of weirdo do gooders.

      • Of course there is a sexual element; there always is.

        ‘Everything we do is sexual’

        — Sigmund Freud

  9. Listen to American journalist Lara Logan speaking in the history of the Ukraine from the second world war
    There’s an awful lot of Ukrainian Nazis and the CIA have funded many bio labs which Putin targeted recently.
    It’s a huge centre for money laundering.
    What a massive sell out of all us indigenous populations here

    • I did read something along similar lines myself. Mind u weren’t the Irish letting the nazis in ? My ex dad was irsh and when him and his English wife used to have a barney lol she would say this to him. I was only young had no clue what she was on about. She was spot on tho. So in life u reap what u sew. I have no sympathy for stupid people. Irealand also has a large Muslim population.. x

  10. I don’t think it’s a question of growing a backbone, sadly it’s a brain that’s needed – little chance of that, if after 2 years plus of this bs, they still don’t see it.

    • He looks very relaxed playing his guitar. Idiots why would you even have that amount of people in your house ???? No fucking way. Stupid just isn’t the word. They will be kicked out and there house handed over to that family. Why isn’t that young guitar playing healthy young man fighting for his country???. NO means NO tome one big fat NO go fuck off.

  11. It use to be Fighting Irish! Now is Frightened Irish…

    • It’s so sad ,the state of the modern Irish cattle and that’s being said by a man who’s parent’s have Irish roots,what’s in the water supply,

      • Our water is fluoridated so it may be that. People have become so docile and malleable, it’s disturbing to see. Michael Collins and the boys must be spinning in their graves. They gave their lives so we could have a free nation and the modern Irish are so brainwashed, they’re prepared to let it be taken from under their very feet, and won’t speak out for fear of being called names! God help our descendants!

  12. Well to be fair, there’s more than 300,000 Irish citizens living in England.

    • @Geraint, to be fair? If that figure is correct then that is less than 0.5% of the UK population not 4%. Also, if you are being fair did you forget to offset the large number of UK citizens currently living in Ireland, like myself? I can tell you one thing, the Irish in the UK will be there to work, not for free handouts, as the benefits are higher in Ireland. Have you ever felt that your home in the UK could be sequestered to provide accommodation for the Irish migrants? If not then think again if your comment is fair, because to me it 100% is not.

      • @Bauhaus Really,I was just musing on the irony of the situation and whether or not it is reasonable to complain about it.
        Ireland has been exporting its people around the world for several centuries. Sometimes against their will of course, but certainly not in the case of my two Irish great-grandparents who settled in England during the 1870s and had all 7 of their children here.
        Millions of people of Irish descent in Australia, USA and Canada, and indeed England, should come as no great surprise, however, 500,000 in Argentina may do. There’s even a couple of thousand in Japan.
        Now, in the last few years, Ireland has seen many thousands of people from around the world coming to live there.

  13. Now I know why there is a lot of buildings going up all over the place – towns, even in the middle of nowhere. Can’t believe how many fields have been turned into brick and mortar. Not for the youngsters struggling, all 3 and 4 bedroom houses. So either to house all the freebie trippers or people living remotely that will be herded up and placed where they only travel max. 20 minutes. I’ll either be locked up or experimented on or just plain executed. Pitchfork by my bed time.

  14. Its obvious they were all handed a mask (as they are identical) – or yopu can’t watch the show. That didn’t have to stay. That is how pathetic these people are.
    They have been slowly beaten into submission. Its kind of One Flew over the Cuckoos next syndrome, who will be Randle Murphy?

    • exactly. all the masks are identical. yet i think it was likely shot in advance…or ages ago. the whole thing is obscure and a total LIE

  15. Make sense now why they lifted restrictions in some countries. They were preparing for the next chapter of the script, a manufactured crises in Ukraine to bring refugees in to displace people in their own homes.

  16. Just wait till autumn & winter creep back in and lockdowns kick back in & social distancing huh how the fuck can house with 10 plus people living there possibly do that that’s gonna be interesting and just watch come October November time firework season arrives – god forbid – they ban fireworks/bangers coz those refugees will think it’s bombs going off plus Xmas just watch them get Xmas presents for they’re kids for free when it takes the rest of us months to save up for presents for – our kids – and a know it’s only march but you gotta think long term plus drs surgeries it’s impossible to get an appointment as it is but thousands of refugees on top of that hell no & my drs surgery is 2 surgeries in one and I sware they take the fucking phone off the hook coz gotta phone up at 8 am same time as half town coz there’s only 2 drs surgeries here as it is so there’s double patients at my drs surgery as it is and can phone up 100-200 times just to get through and appointments are gone by 8.10 but does that mean those refugees will get priority at drs surgeries hospitals etc the serious consequences of this are literary gonna be never ending a mean how can any country physically afford to feed cloth provide everything for refugees as well as they’re own citizens this is gonna cause war in the long run if not sooner this is a huge mistake on every level plus what about jobs hmmmm when they’re like gold dust as it is ???? So refugees come over to uk and live life of Riley while rest of us live hand to mouth & I am not racist right but all this foreigners bien put on pedastools and treated like royalty and blm in 2020 etc is enough to turn folk that way that bend the knee and apologise for bien white still makes my crazy quick temper fucking explode even now

  17. I’ve never listened to this guy before, but I like what I hear. It’s a good anthem for us people with a working brain.

    • I have never forgiven Kid Rock for his atrocious cover of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. And I don’t think I ever will.

  18. WTF – BOHEMIAN GROVE NEW WORLD ORDER VIDEO YOUTUBE WTF Alex jones secretly record’ed a satanic ritual av just found out about this if anybody can find the vid the link

  19. ok so there’s a few vids reg bohemian grove vids on they’re seriously fucked up

  20. Am still a rookie to all this truth stuff so still finding out about this shit n a have to say it’s hard fucking shit to swallow and no fucking mistake and every time a think this can’t get no more crazy shit it gets more crazy shit no wonder most folk still living in ignorance coz fuck this shits hard to take for anybody weather it be a rookie like me or folk like hugo etc that no doubt know a lot more than me fuck it’s like living in 2 different worlds in one the world you are born into that you think you know – before covi crap – obviously & the real world that’s hard shit beyond belief to deal with but as hard shit as it is ad rather know than not know

  21. Hmm, all of you who have been thinking of going ‘off-grid’ this is your opportunity!!!

    Think of all the places in the countryside that should be freely available,,,,,,,,,, in Ukraine!

    Great countryside, lots of free roaming food like Wild Boar, goats, chickens, you name it.

    This is the opportunity of a lifetime to get to f out of this asylum.

    I’d do it myself but I couldn’t kill an animal!

  22. And another thing… all these social media influencers and bloggers (Hugo included), all pushing merchandise or merch as it is now called, is a lot of nonsense. Anyone buying this crap are just as dumb as the sheeple. Sorry Hugo but you know I’m not wrong. I get it, it’s a revenue stream for you as is your donations tab, but it just gets on my tits nowadays the amount of people posting or live-streaming who are no more than,,, beggars!

    They know how dumb people have become and are exploiting this all the way to the BAAAH-NK

    • Crazy comment, a T shirt helps you get the message out there and nobody is forcing you to buy anything.
      You clearly expect Hugo and the likes to work for nothing, how foolish of you. Would you work for nothing?
      I think you are in the wrong place here. Bye for now I am off to look at the merchandise.

      • Typical trait of a lefty, creating your own narrative to comment on DUH

        Off you baaaaah go then on your delusional shopping spree!

        I call it greed …

        I expected my view on this to garner some dismissive response, but my point is, there is no point…

        “Bloggers and Influencers” are monetised on other channels and make a very handsome living from it!!! My visit to Hugo’s YT channel helps to support him.

        Do not forget, Hugo only began this site when YT started kicking him. Some of his material has been used on other sites that will generate income.

        So, I think you missed my point, and in typical commie fashion you dismiss anything that speaks out!!!

        I can get a T-Shirt printed for about £3.50 … Funny innit, how people here go on against virtue signalling! Dunno, but does seem somewhat hypocritical.

        Such wearable signals are nothing more than Problem – Reaction – Division …

      • Spot on, I cantafford to buy or I’ve money but I’m as welcome as everone else to give my option. No bodys pushing you to had over cash. That’s a stupid comment I just don’t agree. If you can sfford to donate that’s great not all people can. No one is pushing you tho,

    • DC.. You are so very wrong.. Hugo puts in more than a full time effort researching for his several channels. Why? To bring the truth to you and I you idiot! Mechandise serves this effort in spreading the word, and information to an ever growing audience. He has to make a living for Christs sake and believe me, the expenses behind his work are high.. What did you do today to help the people of the world?

      • Your last line is a big statement lol.

        Maybe the idiot is the one who buys such stuff.

        Typical, failed to see I was not dismissing what Hugo does in his commentaries, I was having a dig at Hugo and the rest for exploitation… plain and simple. Does it sit well in the age of “Green?’

        Anyhoo, since you brought it up – What word exactly does he spread? Who helps the people of the world? Is it possible I helped the people of the world today by refusing to be a virtual signaller? I’m sure you already know since you know best.

        I won’t wear something that will cause anxiety for my friends and family. It instigates fear!

    • @ DC I hear what you say but if you send a few bucks my way it will be most appreciated.

  23. social disrancing will be fun for the followers 🙂

  24. In Ireland they wanted the entire population who had a spare house even a derelict house to fill in a form telling them where the house was with their postcode and they would give them an interest-free loan to refurbish the house to rent or sell tell I filled one in myself.. this was a few weeks ago..

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