RUSSIAN SPIES says Sajid = DIGITAL IDS? / Hugo Talks

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    • A complete CUNT JAVID whatever your name is just FUCK OFF with your Globalists great reset agenda ..FUCK YOU.

      • Hes on the WEF page and a member…

  1. Its all clearly mapped out on the WEF plan…..all this pandemic and war crap are just the excuse to keep on moving along with it….when i looked at the plan everything is all in place but they just need excuses to do them…
    Even the Certificate Of Vaccination ID was there in plain sight at the beginning (covid)..

    • Stuart, and who is the Digital Passporting Tzar?….our former PM…TB…

  2. I recall the event that Javid is referring to and don’t believe a word it. However, am curious whether government took any action against Russia for this. Sanctions, anything? I don’t recall that being the case either, but someone correct me if I’m mistaken.

  3. The Salisbury business did not involve refugees. Those people supposedly came through the normal immigration channels.

  4. Maybe he meant oligarchs and not ‘spies’ or ‘agents’?

    • If you believe everything this cretin tells you you all are already under their spell I fear no Russians whatsoever.

  5. perhaps they should kick out the known infiltrators from the world economic forum first!

  6. Funny that ! they’ve never been concerned about every tom dick and harry coming over on boats every day !!

  7. I wish we had a majority of awake people and not woke.

    • Teresa Steele@ Even the awake cannot fully understand what is going on. This is staged in the sense Putin is owned by the cabal as is China. All Theatre! They will move many NWO pieces with this. Our public will accept war now and soon will be screaming for it…whilst Putin moves his pawns into place there…all leading to NWO. China Russia will soon join hands…all planned.

      • It’s comments like this that if believed, give people the impression all is lost and achieves nothing but adding to apathy. How can us mere mortals possibly defeat all the world leaders and all the apparatus at their disposal.

        The reality isn’t as hopeless as that. China is fully supportive of Russia in this current news cycle despite the US trying everything they can to dissuade and threaten China from that support. China knows that if Russia falls, China will be next. But why? China operates the kind of society the neo-liberal west has wet dreams of achieving, so why would China object? Because it doesn’t want to be dictated to by the western version, socially, financially or economically.

        Russia too doesn’t want anything at all to do with the WEF globalist ideology, Putin publicly said this a while back. The globalist ideology is a dead duck without Russia – take a look at world map, it’s obvious. India, Brazil and South Africa too (BRICS?).

        The “international community” as the neo-liberal tyrants love to call it, is actually no more than the 5 eyes plus to a lesser degree Japan, South Korea and Israel. Latin America – nope, Africa – nope, middle east – nope, south east Asia – nope.

        To say Putin is ‘in on the act’ WRT Ukraine is such a sweeping statement and there’s not one shred of evidence to support it. Max Igan claims “Russia is now building its own internet”. Actually Russia already built her own internet over 5 years ago. Same as she predicted ongoing sanctions yonks ago and built her own bank messaging system and the MIR card. Same as she offloaded shed-loads of US dollar reserves for the past 8 years. Same as she’s conducting more international trade outside of the US dollar. India now buying Russian crude using the Chinese RNB. The huge energy transactions between Russia and China equally conducted outside of the dollar. Indeed we’re witnessing the collapse of the petro-dollar.

        Russia is not onboard with the globalist ideology and that’s why Putin is being targeted for regime change in the vague hope someone more subservient to the agenda would replace him. Neither will happen and ideologically driven western neo-liberal tyrants are beginning to realise it. That’s why they’re becoming increasingly desperate and crazed.

  8. Never trust a politician because they have not got your best interests at heart if anything they do anything to eliminate you they don’t care about you the only care about themselves and I’ll powerful they are but they’re wrong we are the power bought the people of this country around the world just can’t be bothered to open their eyes to see it.

  9. Lying piece of crap – of course there ain’t Russian spies coming in and why should we all have slave chip IDs for this which the Russian’s could hack if they want to anyway. I will NEVER have a digital ID

  10. this star trek entity savid is horrible arse licking toad

  11. More likely to be Uke Nazis incoming. Good way to upset Europe. Poland and Ireland to be flooded.

  12. What more madness can this regime come up with. They have no credibility. It is time to wash our hands of the lot of them.

    • Follow The English Constitution Party. Their manifesto is the English Constitution – not British. If enough people voted for them things might change. They are not sociopaths, just people who love their country England.

      • Hear Hear! I mentioned ECP on this post today to.

  13. Javid just admitted that he failed at his last job and people died as a result. Seems he should be sacked/locked up to me. How come these people are never held accountable for their failure.

  14. The nerve abent is BS, if Russia wanted him dead, 5k, knock door, hi are you mr smith, knife into jugular, push back into house, close door, walk off, KISS! not bring in nerve agent only russia has, then fail to kill target, false flag.

    What are russian agents going to do, watch the bbc and report back, not like there giving them security clearance is it, are they? Lol

    Loads at my new job down with ‘convid’ getting harder and harder to not try to correct them, they don’t like it when i say cold lol

    Notice only the jabbed are getting this cold goimg around, I’d swear there are no new colds reported, so it’s moronic cold hitting the jabbed a 2nd time, not a good sign, it’s very mild so few deaths so far.

  15. My God! If you believe these monsters, you’re beyond help!
    Oh yes!! The Salisbury fiasco!!
    With that crypto jew (may) complete and utter lie!! No proof whatsoever was ever presented!!

    Laurel and Hardy could have done a better job, and what exactly happened to these supposed victims and survivors??
    Probably on a yacht somewhere!
    False flag!! To get the public to hate Russia! Because they knew what was planned in advance.

    We are dealing with godless monsters who hold the power over us.. Rise up and reclaim our God given birthrite! The( jew) wants to destroy the white race and Christianity along with it!! There is no truth in them!! Who is behind mass immigration into all white nations, race mixing encouraged to destroy the white gene! from the jew media..
    Anglo saxon tribes are the lost tribes of Israel. They have been plotting against us for centuries.
    There is no truth in them!
    For they are the” synogogue of satan”
    “they will always tell you what happened to them, but they’ll never tell you why” always playing the victim!
    God bless!! Christ is king!!

  16. As if we can believe what him and Patel says, all corrupt Liars.

  17. immediately what I thought was about who would want to live in this «new wonderful world»?!?!?! these are the puppets that carry out the orders of their masters, and the masters themselves-in such an atmosphere?!?! even having everything you want, but seeing devastation, poverty, suffering around .they are psychos . a simple rule – when there is bad sick energy around – no money will help !!!!!!

  18. Al Qaeda are now in Ukraine according to Vanessa Beeley, an independent reporter plus Zelensky put a call out for everyone to go, so all the mercenaries will be there plus all the criminals he released from prison and armed them plus all the nazi groups who Putin is targeting. Where are they all going to go when cornered as they will be? Blend into the refugees and into Europe.

    • @akelly “Al Qaeda are now in Ukraine according to Vanessa Beeley.”

      What she really means is that the CIA and SAS are in the Ukraine, which is old news.

  19. Your absolutely spot on Hugo. Bring all these Ukrainians into the country and blame Russia, digital passport incoming. What dirty snakes this government are.

  20. They’ve had us fooled for all these years into believing we are living in a democracy! It’s always been a 2 party system without any other possibilities! But it has become obvious over the last 2 years that both parties are just different cheeks of the same arse! We are actually living in a nazi state, where freedom of speech is a criminal offence and it has become clear that the police are actually the nazi gestapo! And it makes no difference whether the tories or labour are in office because they both take their orders from the WEF aka the Illuminati! Who do you think all of the worlds governments owe their national debt to? The Illuminati, that’s who! Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, The Bilderbergs, J. P. Morgan, The Rothschild’s, The British royal family etc! They control the banks and the farmlands! They control the police and the armed forces! They are turning our planet into a dystopian hell hole!

    • David,
      I totally agree with you on everything you put. It’s all been planned for many years.
      I have actually questioned my bloody sanity these past years (all the where’s your tin foil hat bollocks? as no doubt you have)
      Why do only a few see this? Is it down to apathy I wonder? All the pointers have been there for many years now. I,m 63 now and I will fight to the death if I have to. Would I do this for me? No, I actually don’t want my kids and grandkids to have to live this way!

    • @David, “We are actually living in a nazi state,”

      If we are living in a Nazi state how come there are so many wealthy Jews in positions of power and they’re not in labour camps?

  21. Sajid is the worst liar ever.
    The fact he is lying is written all over his face, it was the same with Covid.
    Need locking up and the gallows.

  22. Show me your papers…”FUCK OFF YOU LIER”…. we decide what happens in this country NOT you puppet.

  23. I would sooner deal with a Russian spy than this corrupt govt.

  24. There are Russians coming here already. A young Russian girl has started school in my great granddaughter’s class as she is one of the refugees who have come to our village!!

  25. To solve this problem is not let the refugee in the county in the first place.

  26. Well it has been said already really, if any government wants to produce counterfeit documents they could and have done so many times in the past. The Americans had a database of computer viruses, trojans and worms from all over the world so they could perform a false flag and blame Russia. The only problem was they allowed all sorts of different agencies access to this ‘hacking kit’ and supposedly the ‘wrong’ people got access to them. Do you remember when the NHS computers were hacked? the programs used came from this database.

    Ah the Novichok tale, yes well, oh dear, Novichok 10x more powerful than VX. A drop the size of the point of a pin on your skin, not in your blood, on your skin is enough to kill you in 10 minutes and they supposedly sprayed it from a perfume bottle onto the door. Oddly though their cat was still alive in the house until the government took it away and killed it for being potentially infectious.

    If you really want to know who they work for watch this.

  27. Who really thinks a rich snide, who swears allegiance to a book and not the UK Is not a fth columnist ?
    From well known 5th columnist stock.
    The UK is feeble, lazy and doomed.

  28. I fucking knew it a was just waiting for the Russian spies to rear they’re ugly heads bastards

  29. Rubbing his hands with glee!just stop letting all these foreigners in!simple solution!

  30. What about all the other spies we’ve let in on dinghies over the past few years???

  31. Simple solution make sure you have given all entering digital I’d s then you will be able to keep track of them

  32. The government will need something big to happen first to justify this to the public. Something big has to happen first and then blame it on the Russians.

  33. Recently I saw an article; “Anti-Vaxxers are more likely to fall for Russian Propaganda”… I chuckled when I saw it, along with all the other BS being pumped out of the MSM machine works as always… Anti-Vaxxer this, Ukraine that, and the show must continue…

    What ever will be the next round of certified nonsense to keep the general masses in wraps?

    • Anti vaxxers…they cant even get that right as they are not vaccines

  34. Quote;Stuart: Hes on the WEF page and a member… Yes aint much said though,, like a few others i’ve searched names come up, nothing else …
    We’ve All Got To Realise ~ We Have Got NO Government Any More ………..
    We NOW have the Young Global Leaders at the helm now infiltrated ( To penetrate with hostile intent.) & controlling everything ….
    WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993 ..
    The complete list of participants in the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders for Tomorrow program for the year 1993, their first gathering, is not available on their website anymore, but possible to find in archived form. [1] The following year’s cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1994.

    In 1992/1993, the WEF launched a new community, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow (GLTs), composed of 200 young leaders from business, politics, academia, the arts and the media, all of them under 43 years of age, and, as the WEF claims, “well established through their achievements and positions of influence”[2].

    This claim is simply not true, as the selection is extraordinary prescient, given that many of these people were totally unknown at the time. Angela Merkel, for example, was a nobody from the former East Germany incorporated into united Germany in 1991.
    From the G8 summit in 2007. Next to President GW Bush are Young Global Leaders 1992/93 who now have become leaders of their countries: José Barroso, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin (suspected member, see note) and Tony Blair……
    Selected Examples

    Among those nominated in the first year were many individuals (some indicated below with their titles at that time) who would later assume key responsibilities or distinguish themselves further in their fields[2]. Their important in the Covid deep event almost 30 years later is striking.

    Martine Aubry – Minister of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training of France

    José Maria Aznar – President, Partido Popular, Spain – later Prime Minster of Spain 1996-2004

    José Manuel Durao Barroso – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal. Later a member of Bilderberg Steering committee. After serving as President of the European Commission (2004-2014), he accepted a well paid job as non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.
    In January 2021, he became CEO of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

    Tony Blair – UK Prime Minister 1997-2007. His Tony Blair Institute for Global Change pushes all things jab related.

    Louise Blouin – Canadian editor and magazine publisher.

    Vincent Bolloré – French industrialist, billionaire and media owner.

    Richard Branson – flamboyant English business magnate.

    Gordon Brown – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom – Prime Minister 2007-2010

    Anatoly Chubais – in the 1990s privatised Russian national property into the hands of the oligarchs. Have a hand in the 2020 Sputnik V “vaccine”.

    Bill Gates – Head of Microsoft, important roles in COVID-19

    Jon Huntsman – Spooky US diplomat and businessman

    Leif Johansson Swedish businessman. Non-executive Chairman of AstraZeneca plc since June 2012

    Mustafa Koç – Chairman of Koç Holding, the dominant business group in Turkey. Member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.

    Yuriko Koike – Senator, Japan New Party, Japan – “the most powerful woman in Japan”.

    Anne Lauvergeon – Deputy Secretary-General, Elysée Palace, France

    Lee Hsien Loong – Singaporean Prime Minister and son of the city state founder Lee Kuan Yew. Introduced hard law against “fake news” in 2019, actively participated in planning COVID-19 with preplanning, lockdowns, RNA-vaccines and vaccine passports[citation needed]

    Yo-Yo Ma – Musician and member of the World Economic Forum Board of Trustees since the 1990s.[citation needed]

    Angela Merkel – Federal Minister for Women and Youth of Germany

    Jorma Ollila – Finnish executive and who is/was a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.

    Viktor Orban – Authoritarian Hungarian PM who in 2021 threatened: “In the end, everyone will have to be vaccinated; even the anti-vaxxers will realize that they will either get vaccinated or die.”[3]

    Cyril Ramaphosa – President of South Africa from 2018, including during Covid-19.

    Nicholas Sarkozy – Assistant Secretary, RPR, France, later President of France 2007-2012.

    Lawrence Summers – Vice-President and Chief Economist, World Bank, Washington DC

    J. Martin Taylor – UK businessman and member of the Bilderberg/Steering committee.

    Guy Verhofstadt – Prime Minster of Belgium 1999-2008, then prominent Euro-politician.

    Jacob Wallenberg – Scion of the Wallenberg family business empire, dominating Sweden. Member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.

    Aswell as the Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1994
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1995
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1996
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1997
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1998
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1999
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 2000
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 2001
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 2002
    • WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 2003

    • Flocki…..very interesting indeed….some major Heads of State…it all makes some sense now how this Global ‘jigsaw’ fits together…..l have always suspected our UK former PM…TB…and so their ‘narritive’ is pushing forward….

      • @Ericka,, Spot on a weasel never to be trusted, i remember the weasel getting in back in 97 & could’nt stand the little shit weasel just his boat race made me want to chuck up,,

        Then he left the doors wide open for anyone to walk in by calling the customs officers not to stop or search anybody,, flights or boat… That was going on for 3 years or more ( proberly longer ) ………………Refused to put inheritance tax threshold up from £300.000 saying – How Else are we supposed to get the money to pay the foreign aid bill – the little weasel shit
        Starts Genocide wars in Middle East countrys … Saddam Hussein 2003 Iraq ~ Muammar Gaddafi 2011 Libya & Afganistan 2001–2021

        A few years later gets made peace ambassador for the Middle East………….. What Does That Say
        The Only Way I Want To See the Little Weasel Turmite Shit is …………………

  35. Gollum back at the helm then. Cue mass hysteria like in America during the 60s. Finger pointing at “sympathisers” who will be rounded up. Guess who that label will be aimed towards – us for not believing a word our lot say. I’m sick of the lot of them.

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