Rafael Nadal Loses Final Due To Chest Pains / Hugo Talks

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  1. He is one of the fittest tennis stars ever. This is not a simple strain. No way. So sad since he is one of my favorite players. Praying he will be ok.

    • Even though he is not one of my favourite players, I have great admiration for him as he is a real fighter. I just hope that it’s not due to that accursed jab, and that he makes a full recovery. QUE SE PONGA BIEN! SUERTE!

  2. Yes he’s had jab we know what he’s got thank u Hugo

  3. Hmmmm…..he was quick to criticise Djokovic for not having the jab!

    • Spot on lol. They were all so quick to want to ban him from ever playing again ffs . 🙄 what go’s around lol be careful what u wish 4 u just might get it. . X

  4. So sorry Rafael! Every angle of possibility will be explored expect for the “Elephant in the room” that cant be mentioned. When will they learn?

  5. He was 1/5 to win that final and lost in straight sets.

  6. vaccine conspiracy theorist’s , What will become of us ? 🙂

    • Its amazing how research has gone out the window for brainwashed people….
      All the technology around now they believe what the news/media tell them and act accordingly…
      Being called a anti-vaxxer is funny as its not a vaccine anyways as none have got past stage 2 trials and are still on clinical trials for the next couple of years

      • Stuart….Exactly….trials until May 2023…and as l have said to the people who keep asking…(medical centre too)….”pm waiting until the ‘trials’ ate over…THEN I will look at the data and make my decision…thank you for your call e-mail texts..”……over and out…

  7. Another very fit athlete laid low, but don’t mention the jib-jab.

    • It wouldn’t wood it ..unless you listen of course to the british bullshit corporation …your not gonna get them to say….oh look another sportsman taken down by the poisonous experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon shot……look elsewhere for your news info….

  8. He’s been playing great and was 1/5 to win that Final against Fritz, but was nowhere near his best and lost in straight sets.

  9. Hmm i wonder!could it be jab related!by any chance!?

  10. As the A team used to say “I love it when a plan comes together” lol

  11. Well he could have a clot or anything. Why would he not be tested. Why can’t they look at the jab as a cause. Its dangerous to keep denying this conspiracy theory

    • The worst part is they all must no by now what a stupid fucking mistake they have made yet still there in a trance . No 1 I suppose wants to be the 1st to say look iv had these jabs and I’m worried my illness is related to these experiments lol. I don’t care much now. My daughters had them and she’s in Nepal at the moment mountain tracking and there’s heart probs on my side and her dad’s side. Yet I warned her about the jabs and she said she only has had them to go on holidays. At the time I was lost for words. Now I’m worried about her heart. Not much I can do. My youngest son had them 2 for the sake of his girlfriend’s kids? So I Ave up last year telling people. My poor 4 year old granddaughter will be next . I’m not allowed to see her because I didn’t get jabbed. Iv lost so much down to this crap. My family is ripped in 2. As for so called friends. Gone. I was blanked .so my life has been ruined but iv never had 1 jab. X

      • I feel your pain, like millions of others do too. I’ve been vilified and called names and lost friends over this BS. They have alienated me because I was Vaccine Free and now they will never speak to me again because we were all correct all along and they can’t face being on the wrong side of history. Stay Sane, Stay Strong 💪.

      • Cazcurwen…l feel for you….Im Mother Grandmother….all l can see/hear is ..about the ‘vaccines’.consequences terrifying indeed…l have joined a local group of ‘Awake’ people….its keeping me sane….best wishes to all out there….HOLD THE LINE…..

  12. Oh well at least it stopped him from his usual cheating……..Oh he had yet another time out.
    The most boring player in history.
    Silly man had plenty to say and will be another on the wrongun side of history.

  13. karma bites ya in the bum..novax record still stands

  14. Something is not right here. He has goat horns on his hat, wearing orange and said the pain felt like a needle. A double psyop perhaps? They need some controlled truth re the harms of the jabs to come out to fool the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and to ultimately blame incompetent governments for ‘mistakes’ to further their agenda and public support for a more cohesive one world global response for pan crisis in the future. Who knows? Just doesn’t feel right. Thanks Hugo

    • Well Nadal has his own clothing line at Nike and this “horns” design is all over the stuff.

      • It’s more likely to be a Spanish bull, no?

  15. I somehow struggle to believe that these elite sports people would the experimental jab??

    • Do you know Paul,…life is a ‘beach’….then you die….deeply concerned about the ‘next’ wave….just picking up on a Dr Mark T……Canadian..is saying/studying over the past 6 months….the FDA have NOT done any check/balances on the safety of the ‘harmful’ radio waves..(apologies for the lack of techie stuff) and G5 ‘frequency ‘…damaging for young people etc etc etc…a real concern to the Medical Profession….

  16. Of course,…I don’t know either🤣🤣😅😂 Noooooo idea, hahaha! Indeed, what goes around comes around! Ready for the fourth?

  17. He’s just got, don’t say a word in his earpiece….. the mo ey will be in your bank tomorrow…..

  18. He had a chest muscle injury. That’s why his forehand was so weak during the game. Did any of you experts actually watch it?

    • Costochondritis maybe? Can be very sharp pain and makes it hard to breathe. We’ll find out soon no doubt.

      • Wrong! You can still breathe with costochondritis.

      • I just meant the sharp pain makes it hard to breathe through the pain. He’d be dead if he couldn’t breathe lol. Anyway, we’ll find out

    • Wow wake up haven’t you seen all the sports people keeling over after the jab or having heart attacks especially footballers. My bet is he will be announcing his retirement if he doesn’t collapse first.

  19. I noticed the BBC twisted the statement to divert attention away from the jab!

    • BBC funded by Bill Gates money as well as UK licence fee, obviously Bills money means more.

    • If any and I mean anyone had these symptoms u would have to get a heart check. I suffer with heart disease and I no u can’t mess with these things. That lad is a top tennis player . He would surely be rushed of to have a full check over. There covering there own arches yet again. He will probably have convid next ffs. I didn’t have the jab when it first come on the scene because of this crap. What I could never understand and still don’t is wrf people didn’t check it also it wasn’t heard to find. The list of why you SHOULDN’T be jabbed was as long as your arm. Yet gp surgeries were texting people daily to be injected with the poison. The very vulnerable people that should never have had them . Crazy shit. Part of me now just has to switch of to it all. Iv never had 1 jab or believed a word of the last 2 years. I sound horrible but I lost family and people I thought cared about me all because I used to say what I had learnt about this poison. I got called all sorts . I now have no 1 except my middle son who was the only 1 who understood .Thank god he was around because I felt crazy and untill the air travel ban and Boris u turned over nite I feel so alone. So no I don’t care now what happens. I’m a super spreader lol. I was even told by a nurse who could Hardy speak English if I didn’t take a test I was going to kill my family. I will never forget what they did to people. The jabbed up where quite smug and nasty. So now I’m just keeping myself to myself. Fuck these people who have made my life a fucking misery. I’m not interested if there ill they were warned.

      • You’re not alone. It broke families apart over vax status too, and now the same people are taking unvaxxed refugees into their homes and Russians are the new unvaxxed. The mind boggles! But we are being vindicated with every passing day. Our gut instincts proved us right. Get on telegram. There’s loads of likeminded people on there maybe some in your area

      • You did the right thing, I had two AZ and regret it, I refused the booster!

      • Hey mate keep true to yourself believe me you aren’t alone in this

      • I’m exactly the same, watching the fully jabbed STILL being tested for Convid, I have to stifle a laugh when they tell me, they even go into self imposed house arrest! 😂😂😂 Total madness! Loads of idiots are still wearing face nappies! 😷😂😷! I’ve been called names too….the reason for that is because I was an independent thinker and didn’t act like a sheep. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪.

  20. Did he have the jab? I mean its seem to be a recurring theme, all these world class athletes having health problems during competitions.

    Either that or there is something else at play – foul play…

    • Of course he has 😂 he has been going about taking it for months

  21. So sad to see yet another athlete damaged by the jab. Who don’t these people look at the data to see how dangerous these covid jabs are

  22. C’mon we all know 100% it’s the jab and either myocarditis or pericarditis

  23. You dance with the devil (AKA the Jab) you deal with the Demons. 😡

  24. I have really enjoyed watching Raffer play, but when he, spoke about Novak not taking the injections in my opinion he should have kept quiet. Novak is careful over his food and his health comes first. Bravo Novak he said NO plain and simple.

    • Interesting ….There are ‘dating site’s’ in U S who specify….ALL clients MUST be pure bloods….they want one day…someday to have children….sound reasoning to me…

  25. I posted on odysee just now, watch the video just after the 3.14 mark & keep a close eye on his mouth, what is he doing with his tongue & why?

  26. Maybe rafs chest pains felt were same as the knife he put in novaks back when instead he should of supported his colleagues right of personal choice.

  27. Last year around december in australia it was said a “booster” dose will be needed every 6 months for years to come as a new “normal”….
    Well thats just to top up the jab pass only basically and if you croak it with a positive test then some “variant” has got you…
    Anybody with half a brain left after its been washed enough would think “why would i need a jab against some variant with a very low mortality rate?”…
    Then again thats just common sense on there part to think that which they never had anyway🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Tim….exactly….l have a sense of foreboding…..people around my home town..in UK..most are still wearing masks OUTSIDE!….l feel like saying….”Let you lungs have ‘oxygen'”!….

      • Yep see today in 18 degrees people wearing the stupid things still….
        I would rather just avoid that lot nowadays…
        Mind you i would say 80% are brainwashed….
        Let them have the unsafe novavax jab like the other ones…
        Have to find out the hard way wont they

    • Yes, but they have these sheeple in a catch 22 situation now = in simple terms the gullible need to have the next booster to get their immune system BACK to anything like they had before their first / second jab – take it or not – it is a serious life threatening gamble = it is a no win situation for them now.

  28. Novavax is not even in stage 3 clinical trials….theres no longterm safety data on them things and it has to get past at least stage 4 to jab people…
    Anybody having that shit i will say now “get on with it”…

    • 926,031 vaccine-related cases in 30-years. Since Dec. 20th, 2020, 1,168,894 cases. Pre- vaccine 85 fetal deaths, following covid vaccine 3082. Vaers official data. But the C.D.C. insist that there is no connection between the vaccine and the injuries and deaths.

  29. Rafael Nadal will be out of action for between four and six weeks because of a stress fracture of the rib, with the French Open starting on 22 May

    Rafael Nadal has been ruled out for between four and six weeks with a stress fracture of the rib.

    The injury occurred on Saturday during the Spaniard’s win against Carlos Alcaraz in the Indian Wells semi-final.

    The 21-time Grand Slam champion found breathing painful and said he was dizzy as he lost the final to Taylor Fritz.


  30. Can anyone advise me on the first vaccinations
    You get for a new born are they safe

    • Maybe be wise to do research on this as some have suggested there has been many more toxins added into the childhood ones

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