CAR BAN 🚫🚗 SUNDAYS The POPE Approves / Hugo Talks

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  1. So you work all week but you can’t even go out in your car on a Sunday? Fuck off the Pope!

  2. I can’t work from home and work on Sundays so Popey is shit outta luck.

      • My computer says format not supported on the link you posted. I’m computer illiterate and not that interested in learning either, but wonder if there’s something easy I can do to see it or refer me elsewhere to where I can see it? Thanks for your time.

      • @charlie I have it on Bitchute but those tossers are blocking it. I have reported it to World Truth support and they’re pretty good at fixing glitches so try again later and it should work. Thanks for letting me know.

      • It’s difficult and painful being an “Independent Thinker”. We’re on our own in subjective conversation unless fortunate enough to be part of a group of likewise people. But yeah, most of the time our awakened spirit is completely wasted on zombies.

        We are guided in our pursuit of truth,,, purely because we care. But, we sometimes see the future of everything as a lost cause, and that’s the difficult and painful piece … I’ve always been outside looking in but never have I ever wanted to be inside for an easy ride, because, my observations confirm I’m better off alone.

        I actually used to refer to people as lemmings, years ago, until the term sheeple came around. The friends I have are sheep and these last two years I feel I failed as their shepherd since they all got jabbed. That failing is simply because sheep are sheep for a reason… led to slaughter and good in a bhuna!

      • Yes very true, I was erroneously giving them credit for seeing the dots!

      • @DC Nothing is a lost cause, if your cause is a search for The Truth, for The Truth will ultimately win. In fact it/He has already won and it/He won in 31 AC at Calvary. That was phase one, phase two is on the very near horizon.

    • They really can’t…. it’s painful but keep living your life and loving it. There are many people out there who can SEE

  3. The Pope rules City of London Police, if you realise the police Have different uniforms and cars from the Metropolitan police, they’re all cults, trying To control our lives.

  4. Hugo…This is spot on!!!

    The Shabbat was always set from Sundown Fri to Sundown Saturday.
    You are accurate on your * Sun/ Sunday worship.( Ancient Babyonian).

    The DNA of Shabbat series of which l post just one part explains how the 7th day fits so perfectly with our DNA.
    It gives some surprising and intelligent reasoning for The Most High.

    Part 2 and part 3 really dig into the science behind the 1st instruction*

    More mind blowing things can be uncovered from the original Hebraic/ Paleo symbols.
    It’s all waiting to be discovered and given to those who seek the Spirit of Truth.

    Yah bless.

    • @Loops, Sabbath keeping is Old Covenant! If You Are A Christian, Have You Entered Into Yashua Messiah’s (The Lord Jesus Christ’s) ETERNAL SABBATH REST?….:

      Oh and the term ‘Spirit of Truth’ is an oxymoron created by the English translators when it should be “Spirit of THE TRUTH” – that is, The Spirit of Yashua Messiah, not the spirit of the spirit itself.

      • Perhaps you’ll see more clearly after watching the series.
        The original Hebrew does not match what you are expressing.

        It would also be worth noting that It is in fact scientific understanding that creation hits a reset every 7 days..His order is perfect. I do not question the Instruction but with The spirit of Truth guiding my conscience. I do as Yahshua did and am obedient to His word to the best of my ability, in the flesh.

        It’s rather like Christians think praying over pork dinners and ham sandwiches…It won’t make one exempt to mind controlling parasites.
        Sweeping out the Temple by the way is much needed in this time.
        A Temple ful of worms cannot discern Truth.
        It’s why His instruction exists, always and eternally.
        As according to Yahs word.

        Psalm 119

        Accursed are those children of iniquity.
        Iniquity means lawless.

        Sin means missing the Mark

        Torah is an archery term relating to an arrow hitting the target.

        As l Say, maybe watch first.

        Else others go astray.

      • @Loos “Perhaps you’ll see more clearly after watching the series.”

        I can assure you that there would be nothing of any value there for me.

        “The original Hebrew does not match what you are expressing.”

        By ‘original Hebrew’ would you be referring to the Masoretic Text circa 1000 AC?

        And The New Testament was written in Koine Greek, not Hebrew, so anything you’re attempting to support with the Hebrew text will be Old Covenant based and thereby irrelevant for anyone born of God and living under His Glorious Grace.

        “I do not question the Instruction but with The spirit of Truth guiding my conscience. I do as Yahshua did and am obedient to His word to the best of my ability, in the flesh.”

        Yashua Messiah was under The Law whilst He walked this earth, NOT under Grace, so if you’re endeavouring to do as He did (OBEY), then all your doings are 100% futile, and your claim to have His Spirit looks very shaky indeed. Are you Baptised (full immersion) into His name alone and then Gifted with The Holy Spirit?

        “It’s rather like Christians think praying over pork dinners and ham sandwiches…It won’t make one exempt to mind controlling parasites.”

        On the contrary, it’s rather like 21st century Pharisees delusionally thinking that they can enter The Kingdom of God through pathetic attempts at OBEDIENCE to The Law.

        The ‘Whole’ or The ‘Healthy’ Have No Need of The Physician:

        The LAW is for the Lawless and disobedient – period.

    • Interesting. If as you say Sabbath is actually Fiday sunset to Saturday sunset, then I for one, will do that. What about Friday being Preparation Day? The day when cooking and housework is done so there is nothing to do on the Sabbath? Do you think that is important?

      • Shalom Josephine,

        thank you for your response..
        l would like to recommend three dedicated and knowledgeable people on the subject of the appointed times, days and seasons.

        Herb Solinsky

        Shane Nelson- The Chakkim ( YouTube)
        Hebrew Mazzaroth- Deeper Hebraic understanding.

        Russell Smith- YouTube.
        You can find him on Shane’s channel.

        I keep far from any extra traditions of Christianity or Judaism.
        I do like to have a clean home, food prepared and such.
        I rest better in that environment.
        I ask always for clarification from the Ruach spirit.
        If led, l hope you’ll find the DNA of Shabbat series interesting too.

        Thanks again for responding.

        May Yah bless you and keep you.

      • @Loops Colossians 2:14 (MCV) Blotting out The Handwriting of Ordinances (The Commandments and The LAW) that were against us, which were contrary to us, and took them out of the way, nailing them to His cross,

  5. I hear Kahn is going to “ban” cars in the whole of Greater London next year. £12 “fine” to take one on the road. Any truth in that? The rich won’t give a Sh. My poor old mum will.

    • This is true! The prick says he will expand the current scam to vehicles within the M25. At the moment, it’s just within the North Circler.

  6. Who gives a flying fuck what that kiddy fiddling twat thinks.

  7. Thanks Hugo there other plans not approved u will own nothing HAVE NOTHING eat nothing died in street kick them out

  8. Wtf fucking bullshit I wish I could drive & I had my dream jeep coz ad make those bastards chase me all over the place & ad have music blaring at same time & be laughing my head off I’d well take the piss outta them big time and that fucking pedo pope huh he can fucking do one

    • Now you’ve read my mind that’s my dream jeep Range Rover gas guzzling beast off roader bring it on if only

      • Blueangel If your budget won’t stretch to a Range Rover, an old V8 Land Rover might do the trick, they slurp up the juice very nicely.

      • Well I can’t drive & am living on fresh air universal credit death sentence from death dole but if I Had the money for it I’d definitely but my dream Range Rover & ( my son’s ) dream car to of course and although I can’t drive I’m still against this shit & everything covi crap – and hay learning to drive never say never I wish I could drive

  9. Am loving these comments lol – go Fb page “ the sovereign project “ Peter stone you can research loads about fines tickets etc & there’s a private group to – I’m on both

  10. WEF v rest of the world…

    There plans are clearly outlined in the charts they have on there site…
    Yet people STILL think its about some war or virus…🙈..
    Get your arms out as more jabs coming if people want a jab against the common cold that is…

  11. If ever there was an example of what a Poope should be.

  12. They don’t want us to travel at all, except when and where they approve of, for being a good little obedient slave. They want us to just stay in our now rented out home/accommodations to strangers where we all rent out and sit in the same electric driverless Uber car to a place of government choosing, and will be grateful and happy.

  13. Yes Hugo, they are pushing more towards the Sunday observance… call it Climate Sunday or Green Sunday or whatever but it will be a mandatory day of rest and worship. The original Sabbath day is the Seventh day the Saturday. When God’s people would worship and keep it holy and rest. If you break one on the law you brake them all. Nevertheless Rome changed the church worship day to Sunday a very long time ago.

  14. Been expecting this kinda shit soon, there on about Diesel Restrictions and £3 per litre diesel next month when the shortages kick in.

    Plus I’m working as a HGV driver recently, no diesel will put paid to that nicely, something always goes wrong, life is never ever easy.

    WEF announced the chips in tablets to confirm you’ve taken them aswell, upcoming convid pill and convid complaince, which will be back.

    Everyone is off with the sniffles again, Jabbed people, suffering much worse than unjabbed, but it’s too mild a sniffles to kill them as yet.

    Plus side, riding the road bike on empty roads sundays would be nice, but still prefer the forest and the MTB so fuck off.

  15. Regarding Sunday worship. Christians are no longer under the law in the Torah. The reason Sunday was celebrated, and it way predates Constantine, is because that is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. So we celebrate His resurrection. It says in the book of Acts of the Apostles that they met on the first day of the week. Saturday was the seventh day, so Sunday is the first day of the week. This happened long before Constantine was a glimmer in his parents’ eyes, so….Regardless, people should be free to worship whichever day they choose in a supposed democratic or republican country. If they said Saturday, the Jews would be up in arms!

  16. Ah well, let’s have a no private jet or other engined aeroplane day. No Daimlers, Jags, Humvees, Rolls Royces, Limos, Bentleys days. Let’s have no microlite fly days. Well I’m picking my son up next week on Sunday and THEY can go fly a kite. You can kiss my bum Pope Franky – which means no gadding about in planes for you or your Crapmobile.

  17. You also won’t understand the celestial gospel in the stars of the Hebrew Mazzaroth, and Yahs word in the heavens.
    His appointed times are in correlation with certain alignments, blessings and an outpouring of the Spirit.
    I pray you’ll give Easter a miss this year, etc.

    The CHRISTIAN church has lost its way. I’m not a Christian.
    I am s follower of the way..

    May Yah bless you.

  18. Anyhows,,, Off Subject,,, all I am hearing now is the big C. Everywhere?

  19. Well done Hugo. Spot on. The Catechism of the Catholic Church openly states they changed Gods Sabbath to Sunday in AD321. This is seen by themselves as their authority over God. Christ and the disciples and the early Christian’s kept God’s 4th commandment. The book of revelation talks of a remnant few who in the latter days will not receive the mark of the beast but will keep the commandments of God ( The original ones ) and have the faith and the testimony of Christ. The 3 angels message of Revelation is a cry to come out of Babylon (beast system) and not to receive her mark and the subsequent plagues that will follow.

    • I totally agree. We need to come out of everything that is Babylon, the great false world system, and purify our lives, get back to the true original ten commandments that you can read in the kingJames Bible.

    • Yes the Remnant Church or the Church of the Wilderness. And it is not just the day of worship but the first 3 commandments too. Satan is very clever. There is an even bigger deception in the picture. No wonder persecution was rampant among the early apostolic Christians.

      Revelation 14:12
      Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

      John 17:3
      And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

      1 John 5:11 -13 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
      He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
      These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

    • According to Scripture, the papacy is the beast power of Revelation 13 to whom the dragon, that is Satan, “gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority”, (verse 3). This beast power, the papacy, persecuted and murdered millions for their faith and burned them on the stake simply for owning a Bible. The Bishop of Rome, the pope, is the gratest enemy of God’s people. He is Satan’s representative through whom the dragon carries out his work of destruction; but the Bible tells us that God will destroy those who destroys the earth, (Revelation 11:18).

      • The Papacy is now usurped by the Rothschild Jews. The last Pope was Pope John Paul I who was Pope for 33 Days and was assassinated in 1978 by P2 Freemasons allegedly under Rothschild instructions. The Beast Power is now The Rothschild Worldwide Money Empire which funds The Vatican.

  20. All by design…. of course! Maybe it will wake people up. I’m thinking the only thing to wake people up is a bomb up their ass and all assets frozen. It might come to that, let’s hope not….

  21. Car free Sundays?? The UK government don’t think this is going far enough. Their plan is to stop anyone driving on any day of the week. By 2030 in fact. They have said no one will be able to buy a car unless it is an electric car. But electric cars cant hold much juice and will just stop if they run out. The plan is to stop anyone obtaining electric juice for their car. At least with a petrol engine you can fill up with more if you break down. The same cannot be said for electric cars.

    • Exactly
      There will be mayhem Again!

      Cars not topped up enough loosing power on side of roads! (Oo on a Sunday lol)

      That will please the AA or RAC
      No end!!
      They not happy people as it is
      if they have to come out to a low fuel break down!

  22. My Landrovers optimum driving speed (as per fuel consumption) is 56 mph. Driving at 20mph will burn more fuel per mile.

  23. The days that I don’t Driver my dirty polluting car I’m burning tyres 👍

  24. Years ago shops used to shut on Sundays except for the small corner shops and actually it was quite nice, a bit quieter everywhere and yes, you could manage to get shopping in the other 6 days of the week. ( no all night shopping in those days) but It would be outrageous to try and stop people using their cars on a Sunday especially for people working all week and want to enjoy their weekends or have a day out with their families. Just another route to try and control us 😡

    • Population was half the size then.
      But agree it was nice and peaceful

      • I used to like it years ago when the shops shut on Sundays as it was a day off from the rat race. We used to go out in our car to the seaside or out into the countryside so the pope can do one and white he’s at it he can scrap his popemobile.

    • I agree. Shut down shops on Sunday’s, don’t impose restrictions on the people, do that on business. Fuck off the European work model

  25. They’re right though, aren’t they? We DO need to stop burning so much petrol in cars and on travel.

    Otherwise, what are we going to burn down the house of commons and house of lords with, if we’ve used it all?

    There are better uses for petrol than cars.

  26. What does it matter what the Pope thinks? The man is a moron, a communist – and represents a thoroughly derisory organisation, rife with corruption and moral hypocrisy. Liberals dislike anything that gives people pleasure, freedom, or ease. They would abolish the motor car if they could. To this end, they are trying to make it more expensive and more difficult to drive. There is no market for electric cars, and so Biden, a piece of human refuse waiting to be carted away – or whoever is animating this corpse – attempts to impose on the motor companies a set of regulations, which if implemented, would discourage any sane person from buying a new car. Intelligent people generally prefer classic cars.

    • There will be a market for electric cars if the price of petrol is made unaffordable…

  27. I’m not Catholic so old Popey can take a running jump.

  28. In 2018 he made a statement to the world economic forum about being supportive of change in the future…

  29. Carbon dioxide at 0.04% is a 2,500th part of the atmosphere. that means to warm the climate by just 1″c carbon dioxide molecules must capture 2,500″c of heat energy. That is impossible. It also breaks the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. 

    Methane at 0.00017% is a 600,000th of the atmosphere so it’s even more impossible. To cause 1°c of heating methane would have to capture 600,000°c of heat energy. Problematic as this is over a hundred times hotter than the surface of the sun. (Methane rapidly breaks down and is destroyed by sunlight).

    However, the climate is changing. This is because of deliberate geoengineering programmes, inparticular ozone thinning away from the poles. Though largely unreported ozone thinning effect is directly observable producing an unnaturally bright sun and even s bright moon. Under these conditions the pain felt when looking at the sun is not only from the increase in visible light but the much larger increase in infrared. (Look up at the sky and you will see a range of geoengineering operations in progress, these include chemtrail induced cloud or hazing, ripple patterns caused by HAARP installations, bizarre and unnatural cloud formations).

    Climate change is a programme to force change in accordance with the implementation of agenda 21/2030. Current events demonstrate this transition is well underway and will involve massive population cull through injected nanotech (re transhumanist programme). Agenda 21 also sees the permanent loss of all property rights with the introduction of universal basic income (ref nesara/gesara) and has/is being promoted by the World Economic Forum. 

    ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ WEF

    In a depopulated world the surviving brainwashed and controlled population will be confined to mega cities. Carbon limits will be used to restrict consumption and liberty. Meanwhile the re-greened wilderness will be the exclusive playground of the ultra rich elite posing as conservationists. 
    The co2 hoax amounts to the theft of the world and the enslavement of humanity by a parasitic few. 

    Welcome to the future!

    I have included a debunking of ‘accumulated heat’ as it is so often used to explain how trace elements, so called ‘greenhouse gasses’, can warm the planet.

    Accumulated heat whilst sounding a reasonable explanation of how heat can build up is rather nothing more than gobbledygook. In fact it shows those using such arguments do not even understand what heat is.

    When we measure temperature we are measuring the heat energy a thing is losing. In short heat is a measurement of flow, the transfer of heat energy and this will always be in the direction towards the colder. For this reason a thing can never ‘accumulate heat’ in the way those advocating co2 climate change describe. The temperature of a body is the measure of heat output, it can never be greater than the measure of heat input. Output = input. When a thing is warmed it is heated to an equivalent of the heat input. If this input is not maintained it will cool. Those that propose that heat can build up to be hotter than the total measure of heat input at a given time either do not understand what heat is or are being deliberately misleading. To illustrate, an object being heated by a flame can never become hotter than that flame, it’s temperature cannot rise inexorably to the temperature of the sun for instance. heat cannot be accumulated. When we think about it common sense tells us this must be the case.

    Nasa and even nobel prize winning physicists have expounded ‘accumulated heat’ as the explanation how co2 is able to warm the atmosphere. They claim that over hundreds of years co2 has captured heat energy and this heat has ‘accumulated’ to produce a serious warming effect. As I have just explained, this is totally impossible and fundamentally violates all the laws of thermodynamics. That respected scientists should support such uneducated, unthinking nonsense is disturbing and only reflects that in terms of being able to think clearly about a subject they have no facility or inclination. These are the dark ages of science. Belief has outweighed logic or any critical thought. It tells us that we should not unquestioningly accept anything we are told, that experts can be fools.

    (nb: Be aware of attempts to discard thermodynamics by talking about biology.
    eg. ‘it only takes a drop of arsenic to kill a person.’
    This would be somewhat desperate, muddled thinking. clearly biological processes based on the reaction of a cell are not the same as the laws of physics/thermodynamics).

    • Thank you for the information, I understand we are going into a natural grand solar minimum period as well which means a cooling and significant changes in weather. I would be interested in your take on this. This together with Haarp, geo engineering, GMO/bioweapons/injections, Agenda 21, war, pandemics, EMF/RFR etc and the CO2 lie will cause and has caused massive problems and will be used to justify all. You are right, main stream science is now a dogma.

  30. Hubby and I go to church on Sundays, and we have to drive there as it is too far for us to walk, so stupid Pope can go and stuff himself, the silly old git! Nothing and nobody Is going to stop us from worshipping at our church as it is a crucial part of our lives. I’m recovering from major surgery at present, but I have been to church for the evening service with my hubby, where I just sat at the back for the entire time, with no standing up for hymns or anything, so it was absolutely wonderful to be there, seeing all our dear friends again after a very long time away. So nothing is going to stop me going to church, stupid pope can just get lost!!! It’s absolutely vital to be able to go to church, and Satan is trying to stop me!!! The devil will never win because I will fight tooth and nail to be able to carry on worshipping with our amazing church family. Just who the hell do these idiots think they are? Absolutely unbelievable!! This indeed all about control, and makes me sick.

  31. In order to have any kind of a life, people need a car! Hubby and I certainly do!!! Public transport is absolute crap anyway. These scumbags don’t live in the real world, and have absolutely no right to try and control the way people live! Popey you can get stuffed and go to hell! Take care everyone. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  32. Yes those of us who know about the Pope and the Sabbath know who has been pulling the strings all along.

  33. OK Popey. I’d prefer to go for a ride on my motorbike on Sunday anyway.

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