Matt Hancock Talks PERMANENT Refugee System / Hugo Talks

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  1. They need to sort out the people who live here first in there run down mouldy houses before they help anyone

    • This has got pied piper written all over it history repeating itself yet again & yet more lessons not learned as per wtf are they on crazy drugs do they really think that more & more folks not gonna wake up to this shit the more crazy shit this gets the more folks gonna wake up the truth always comes out in the end every single time without fail and no matter how long it takes the truth will come out 100%

    • The hypocrisy of the Tory Government really sucks, and Hancock is a true ****, but I take it that you now realize that the invasion, bombings and deaths are real (this is not a play-war). It is perfectly understandable that millions of frightened, disorientated Ukrainian people are fleeing the country, just as it is a perfectly natural reaction to want to help them.

      • well i think all wars are very real to the ppl who r being bombed, starved, killed, raped, evacuated etc etc etc…. but all these wars are still manufactured by the ‘elitists’. they dont just happen. theyre well planned and carried out and done to get the end result they want. sad thing is its always the little man/woman who suffers.

      • You have them then if that’s what you believe, there are many countries between them and us, many places for them to go before they add to the congestion on our tiny island.

      • @davidandrewstukins Feel free to provide links to front line battle footage where the mainstream faggots and media whores are risking their lives to bring us action packed war news!! ROTFLMAO!

    • Great comment

      This country is a mess!
      Housing, councils , roads!!!

    • The hypocrisy of the Tory Government really sucks, and Hancock is a true ****, but I take it that you now realize that the invasion, bombings and deaths of innocent civilians are real (this is not a play-war). It is quite understandable that millions of frightened and disorientated Ukrainian people are fleeing the country, just as it is a natural reaction to want to help them.

  2. just like Australia and New Zealand, both commonwealth countries and both Islands, all three Prisons

  3. This has disaster written all over it. I dont know about you but I cant tolerate even my family visiting for more than a few days. A lot of these so called refugees are not even indigenous Ukrainians. They were quite happy to receive their citizenships / visa’s etc but not prepared to fight for ‘their’ new country. Get the popcorn folks this is going to be interesting.

  4. Whatever happened to the Afghan refugees? Did they even exist? Isn’t this jist more propaganda 24/7 drip feeding then nation. Climate change, war and flu. Oh and UBI next

    • @Pip Fox Oh yes very likely. The media whores sit in darkened cubicles and have to come up with dumb fantasies or they won’t be allowed to go out for lunch.

  5. This has Klaus Schwab’s handwriting all over it. One of his 2039 predictions – A billion people will be displaced by “whatever ‘crisis’ we fool you with’. I hope people are wide awake and realise that this Ukrainian crisis is all part of the agenda. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. They need a crisis to enable them to push through their agenda.

    I caught up with one of my friends who’s Polish. He just returned back from a week in Poland to see his mom and also move her into his house as they’ll give to refugees if it’s empty. He said everything feels really weird. Loads of Ukrainians around in the city and they’re not struggling. All very well dressed, spending money and don’t look like they’re stressed either. He said what’s interesting is that the rich and middle class got out and what’s left in the Ukraine is the poor. They’re collecting money, but he’s opted to buy food for the poor as he said that the money won’t end-up where it’s supposed to go.

    He said all this craziness surrounding the Ukraine doesn’t make any sense at all and blames the US for it as they’ve created a mess and so much bloodshed since 2013.

    This whole this is one big scam! The fact that they are willing to create a war and kill innocent people to achieve their goals should scare the hell out of anyone. We are dealing with evil, EVIL bastards.

    • All part of the WEF plan…
      All there “insights” and plans are coming true..
      And such “Leaders” as macron and merkel and levensky are paid up members as well as many as 3,000 others…
      They have a diagram on a page of theres which clearly states where everything is heading

  6. wtf are they nuts this has gone too far ffs uk could end up with even more terrorists pedos etc this is insane a mean a multi culture society is one thing but this is taking the bloody piss there’ll end up more bloody foreigners than uk citizens and just wait for more & more crisis after crisis and move folk from country to country like they’re nothing and where the hell are they all gonna live ffs this is insane on every level stupidity on steriods

  7. Shouldn’t Mr.Hancock be servicing a prison sentence for his part in that covid thing? All that wasted money perhaps that was just another dream reality😂

    • That money wasn’t wasted, it went to his sister’s company that he had some shares in that he forgot to mention on the Member’s register of interests.
      By his own admission, it was an honest mistake apparently …and a Parliamentary Committee confirmed he’d done no wrong.

  8. Wonder how many of these 150,000 are going to regret taking in a refugee, nipping to the shop and come back to find the locks changed and their home turned into a brothel. I did hear they’re unable to properly assess those who’ve singed up to this scheme or those coming in so you’re undoubtedly opening this up for the criminals to take advantage of just like they did with the furlough. For Hcock to say this should be made a permanent policy is along the lines of that phrase we see far to often You’ll own nothing and Be Happy, which is another way of saying we’ll own everything and if you’re good and do what we want we’ll let you eat the scraps from the table.

    • Yet another opportunity for fraud and scams just like ‘furlough’ and the ‘bounce-back loans’.

  9. Why is anyone still speaking to this doughy wanker puppet? It is truly phenomenal how these ruling idiots want to put all the weight of the world on those with the least resources. Over half a billion pounds a year !?

  10. Massively overinflated number. Probably just plucked out of a hat like the daily CONvid cases were

    • Yes & they at it again
      Saying cases are rising due to the opening up of travel!!

      I can’t keep a straight face with some the Bollox they come out with!

  11. As always you are on the money Hugo. Most of our citizens turn ablind eye to the homeless, a well as looking away or even crossing the other side of the road, so when did all the 150000 people become so compassionate. I cry for all the homeless and dispossessed but this whole issue stinks.

    • i think the 150,000 dickheads come from a good mix of 1. wanting to look good and 2. getting that bit extra money per month. thats really it. thats as far as they think. look at the albert pike letter re ww3. they want to pick the west APPART, among other things. This is wot we r seeing, destuction of the westen way of life. westen way of life is we own things and please ourselves and live our own lives. they’re preping for ul own nothing……

  12. Ukraine apparently is the least vaccinated country in europe..well experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon shot. Yet there allowing them to come over and stay with the british mugs in there houses…So as weve said CONvid never existed..

  13. Eradicate the white race is the long term plan.
    Globalists want compliant fools easily to control…

    • @Paul Watson

      “We the Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races but to triumph over them”

      — Goldwin Smith, was a Jewish professor at Oxford university

      “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

      — Jewish Professor Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University

    • I wasn’t sure about hugo talks I’m still not but it’s interesting he keeps the comments using term niggers but quickly censored others, I remember hugo from his many youtube channels he has a very distinctive voice, he specialised then in only calling out a single group so nothing much has changed.

      • @Julia If he’s allowing comments about niggers and Jews, what could he be censoring that is more controversial than those two words? I think you’re just an attention seeker or a troll.

  14. Wtf is this virtue signalling cunt doing making any decisions, he shouldn’t even be an MP the cheating beta cuck.Look at the state of him with his fucking Ukrainian flag on his jacket.How on earth did he manage to bag himself another woman she must have been desperate or deranged.A truly vile individual inside and out.

    • I lost my grandmother
      & we have just spent 3months trying save another who they took to hospital & never allowed visitors which didn’t help the mental health side of the situation!

      • Something similar in our family, Janie. They don’t want to let go their grip on power, do they. Best of luck, and don’t give up.

      • Sorry hear that
        It’s awful
        All for power & Greed!

        You to
        Keep strong
        & keep smiling x

    • Sounds like a massive reshuffle of people. Moving everyone into cities and cramming all the common people into smaller amd smaller areas. I’m assuming all these wide-open spaces will then go to the altra rich.


  16. Refugees? Apparently many people in Ukraine are being stopped from leaving their city by Ukraine soldiers, so are the ‘refugees’ being picked? Are the ones coming out the ones to plant and stir trouble and unrest in the adopting country? All part of the NWO plan?

  17. Looks like he’s taking on the Blair bastard identity/persona and they’ll wheel him out periodically just to spew their lying dog vomit.

  18. Just look at the amount of ‘Student Accommodation’ that’s been built over the last few years in the UKs ‘Smart Cities’. Coincidence?

  19. should take hancock and boris to the ukraine and let putin bomb the fook out of them

    • These ‘Refugees’ are not displaced by Putin …they are escaping from the Khazaria mafia and the Azov Battalion the Nazi paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian National Guard …who President Volodymyr Zelenskyy liberally distributed army grade weapons to under the misguided pretext of a ‘home guard’ initiative.

      In the distracting chaos that followed as rival gangs systemically settled old territorial scores, VZ silently signed his Country up to the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ social credit scheme which includes amongst other constraints, Universal Basic Income, Digital Identity and vaccine passports.

      As dangerous viral pathogens escaped from the dozens of NATO bio labs that were targeted by the liberating Russian Army, ask yourself are these ‘Refugees’ gonna want to go back …hmmm mightily unlikely I would venture.

      What then to do …? Will the refugees be forced to leave after 6 months …? Can you ask if they’ve been jabbed….? (Hopefully they haven’t) A few months ago we weren’t allowed to mix with our own families, now it’s fine to mix with foreigners of uncertain character and questionable health. Are cases of rape gonna increase …? Is crime gonna explode …? I Will the kindly hosts offering temporary sanctuary meet with a gardening accident leaving the poor refugees to take over the place …? Will they claim squatter’s rights …? Who knows …but if all else fails, Handcock can always lay his greasy little mitts on an inexhaustible supply of Midazolam.

      And when the going gets tough, the toffs get going and as for Zelenskyy, he’ll be residing in his $30 million condominium in war torn Florida.

      Please Mr Putin save the UK from the corrupt British government and all the other countries from their freeloading scumbag politicians.

      • @Marty “they are escaping from the Khazaria mafia and the Azov Battalion the Nazi paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian National Guard …who President Volodymyr Zelenskyy liberally distributed army grade weapons to under the misguided pretext of a ‘home guard’ initiative.”

        So much error in your nonsensical statement. 1) The Khazars (circa 600 – 900 AC) were Turks who converted to Judaism, so were not ethnic Jews 2) Zelensky is an ethnic Jew and yet you’re claiming he has Nazi paramilitary units – how does that work? Try engaging your brain before you comment next time.

  20. I believe that the immigration is the next part of the jigsaw. Mothers and children being placed in strategic places across the planet. Very little Ukrainians have been jabbed so on entry In to the UK a contract will be signed that all blood donations will be taken from the unjabbed in accordance to their stay and benefits to be honoured. The then returning men who will be also allowed entry but only if they agree to sign their allegiance to the UN and British army to further their training,if they don’t agree they will be returned to the war torn homelands without their families. Trained mercenaries have no problem taking the target out no matter who it is. The corrupt bloodbanks wiil be of no use to anyone so the need for fresh and clean blood is going to be abundantly clear very quickly. Purebloods will be walking slots mackines that everyone will be wanting to win.

  21. a simple human factor – you will never drive them out of your house later. people will become impudent.!!!! even through the courts. and especially if there are children. we will hear a lot of crying stories from the helpers very soon.and this is the reality. and especially when it will already be less relevant and “fashionable” – and the assistants will get enough of their heroism ….

    • Your spot on. Have u not seethe program scum tenants? People rent out there second homes and once there in ur not getting them out. It cost u the landlord thousands to take people to court. Even Balliffis . U have been warned. U won’t have leg to stand on in court. Because bless there need is greater and they come from a war torn country and can’t speak a word of English.

  22. Are there any Ukranian refugees?

    I’ve seen a video of a family (all women and children) deciding to go back, after they got to Poland…

    and a (French) TV extravaganza with Jean Michel – oops! – Brigitte Macron
    …and the Education Secretary in a blue and yellow school corridor with a couple of blonde children.

    It’s just another psyop.

    Personally, I wouldn’t allow Bri-Bri/Jean Michel near any children. ‘Iel’ est dangereu.x

  23. Who cares what this prat has to say. He kills all those people in the care homes and suddenly he is an expert on everything.

    • Reminds me of lying murderer Tony Blair showing his mug and sticking his oar in on the subject of vaccination and health passports…

  24. Won’t take MP’s holiday homes I bet, that’ll expand to 2nd houses you rent and then to your home in time ofcourse.

    See there is a new very very mild cold going around, triggering positive PH tests all around, government saying 2.6Mil had it last week, so burnt out in a few weeks then as that’s likely a low number, why are they even doing tests still, arrgghhhhhhh.

    Remember, when they where trying to make out lockdowns stopped Convid mk1 2 years ago and only 6% had had it, but it was super fast spreading, but everyone I know of had had it LOL

  25. It was a plan by the WEF a few years back to scatter refuges about….
    Levensky the coke sniffer and member of the same batch of bag eggs which is the WEF is just as bad as the rest

  26. Blair and Brown now calling for Putin to be charged with ‘war crimes’ and put on trial at the International Criminal Court under a Nuremberg 2 protocol.


    Those who imagine that Ukrainian refugees are likely to be, well Ukrainian, are in for something of a shock. The European Union has activated the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) (2001/55/EC), the first time that this has ever been done, to deal with the flow of asylum seekers into Europe from Ukraine. Anybody who thought that this would apply only to Ukrainians though must expect a surprise.

  28. This talk of sequestering property makes me wonder whether governments might be expecting a sudden massive wave of deaths. Maybe they are positioning themselves to grab the empty homes for themselves.

    • The essence of the Kalergi plan
      In his book ‘Praktischer Idealismus’, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and coloured races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

      • @Paul Watson The Kalergi Plan is The Jewish Plan:

        “The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces the 21st century. It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems. We MUST change; therefore we WILL change. We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties. And we will obligate ourselves to results. If this volunteerism does not work for the (French) Rebublic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.”

        — The Jew, Nicholas Sarkozy, former President of France.

        “Do you know what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age? It will not be Hitler and the Second World War; it will not be the release of nuclear energy; it will not be the menace of Communism. It will be the abdication of the White man.”

        — Jewish Professor Frederick Lindemann, The Prof — R.F. Harrod, McMillan, 1959 page 261/2 A Personal Memoir Lord Cherwell

        “I think that there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we (Jews) are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. Every journey begins with a first step we must end the so called white race. What is the white race, define it for me. It’s an 18th century social construct designed by privileged aristocrats.”

        – The Jewess, Barbara Lerner Spectre

    • Yea…that makes sense 🤔
      That would definitely be a way for them to implement the”you will own nothing” agenda ….and all living in “smart cities” in high rise buildings (agenda 21)

  29. A ‘permanent’ plan to house refugees is the exact opposite of what 90% of people in this country want and is going to be a massive votr loser for the Tories.
    I don’t know if they are punishing us for voting Brexit but it is clear that this Government is attempting to fill our tiny island up, and we will pay.

    • It doesn’t matter who you vote for. They are all in it together: LibLabCon et al. They are gofers for the globalists, all of them. When the masses realise this then perhaps change will come but I doubt it very much.

    • We can’t house the homeless, yet we can house refugees from Ukraine. For the past two-years families were barred from visiting elderly relatives, now the people are being talked into taking strangers into their homes.

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