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  1. Rather have a horse! A real one. I like goats, they like being tickled under the chin, but worshipping them? Nuh uh. They are also nice in a curry. Have to say anyone partaking of this stupid type of initiation are no more than bleating weirdos. Seems rather pathetic, get the minions doing silly things and boy are they under control or what! Of course I’m making light of this, there’s more to it than a bunch of raving lunatics prancing around. Maybe the army goat head butted old Camilla. Who could blame him for that!

  2. On the one hand they want to save the environment by reducing the amount of resources we use. On the other they’ve made a robot goat people can ride around on instead of walking. Yeah. Right.

  3. My birth sign I am a Christian as well and a member of knights Templar order

    • Birth signs and Knights Templar. Maybe you aren’t as Christian as you think. Repent of your witchcraft.

  4. Hello police, yes it’s me again, I’d like to report another crime. That wierdo diasporic cult I was telling you about; they’re doing some demented shite with goats now too.
    There’s gotta be some animal welfare laws. What? Don’t call me a crank, they’re the loons doing this. I don’t care if it’s the royal family; they’re mental!
    I’m not mad, people tolerating this nonsense are!

    • Demented is right! Cynic that i am, i strongly suspect that ‘riding the goat’ refers to bestiality.

  5. I wouldnt wish anybody to be born in this shit society that is developing…
    No wonder suicide has gone through the roof as people dont want to live in it

  6. Kelly your funny !
    I like goats to
    Great animals

    just shame they are used as a symbol of such doom & flipping gloom !

    Cheers Hugo
    Have great evening everyone least they given us some sunshine back

      • Yes
        Sad isn’t it

        They are amazing creatures actually I new someone who was a ‘bird man’ he had falcons & owls
        Absolutely amazing to see theses birds at work,
        as that what he did with them.

      • Lucky owls lol
        Wilderness would suit me

      • Morning

        Very true ..
        Days just get stranger.. lol
        .. SMH

        Enjoy your weekend x

    • You’re welcome Janie! Sometimes I think we are not the craziest people around after all! xxx

      • Lol
        Absolutely Kelly

        Out here it may be every man for himself lol
        but at least on here we all honest & Give a shit!

        Have a happy weekend

      • Have a great weekend too Janie. Sun is supposed to be shining and it is supposed to be warm. That’s cheering in itself.

      • Good morning Kelly

        It’s going be lovely apparently
        So you to enjoy your weekend
        Keep smiling

      • Was going quite well and today, well, by this afternoon I developed a cold. Pretty much the same as before, so someone with a 4th boost shoot was not staying in somewhere. All I did was go to town for a couple of things. Paid in cash – hah!
        Hope your weekend went well.

      • Morning Kelly

        Soz hear that
        You be bright as a button soon x

        Keep eating healthy & spirits high

        And you never fail to put a smile on my face
        The ‘booster’ thing made me laugh out loud!

        Have great day Kelly
        Wish you better x

      • Cheers Janie. I certainly don’t feel ill at all, and thankfully the tissue box hasn’t been used up. Had some cinnamon tea which I thought was YUK! at first, but then I added a bit of honey and that brought the flavour out perfectly. Another good spice for germ warfare!
        I think I’ll be pottering around outside again. Lots more veggie things to plant out! Have a good day too xx

      • Good morning!

        That’s good
        Yes , being out in garden is great therapy isn’t it

        I have always wanted to start veg patch I moving in right direction
        This last 2 years & all the new BS thrown at us!! has prompted me even more to achieve that dream
        As growing things is right exciting Kelly I love it.

        Well enjoy your day
        And as always… keep smiling ☺️ x

      • Go for it Janie, never give up on your dreams whatever they dish out at us.
        Big hugs xxx

      • Morning

        I seen this guy before
        He knows his nutrition!

        I have family who do boxing ect
        they eat Really healthy so I been lucky to learn more about healthy eating

        Take care have good day now

      • Not seen this fellow before. Thank you TND, my dear. I’ve been watching quite a few of those videos this morning. I do like the holistic approach and discovering hedgerow food and wandering around picking plantain leaves for herbal tea (great, no side effects) and very good for the health and even healing properties for many things. A wonder plant indeed. Have a super day. xx

      • Good afternoon ladies, glad to hear Sten Ekberg was of some use to you. There’s also a Dr Berg, but I prefer this fella, as Berg tends to contradict himself at times which causes confusion.

      • Afternoon to you to

        Thank you
        I take a look at Dr Berg

  7. And it’s for these sort of reasons that I refer to the world’s so-called ‘elite’ as goat-fuckers. Ridiculing these sub-human scumbags for the laughable arse-wipes they are, is a great aid to mental well-being!

  8. Quite frankly don’t know what to make of this video aside from it being made by fu**ed up minds. Were the first two characters supposed to be Bush and Obama? 🤔

  9. goats as devil :)))))))))))))))))))) , so medieval! lovely animals, goats.

  10. Aww dear Kelly you crack me up! Thank you for making me giggle today. XXX

    • Had a bit of a time-out to recharge the batteries. Glad you had a laugh. We need more of that, don’t we! xxx

  11. Matthew 25:31-33 (KJV) When the Son of man shall come in His Glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon The Throne of His Glory: 32 And before Him shall be gathered all nations: and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth His Sheep from The Goats: 33 And He shall set The Sheep on His Right Hand, but The Goats on the left!!

    APARTHEID is The Kingdom Of God!:

  12. Hugo, why did you kick me off your Telegram channel? For exposing the UN Luciferian new age agenda? For posting the truth? Strange… I thought you were all about the truth?

      • Hugo removed me for posting this… and he’s blocking my comments on here from my profile. That’s not Telegram

      • cameronpoststruth What I suggest you do is take a look at my numerous comments here that expose the Jews as public enemy No 1!! which is a far more censor sensitive issue than the Freemasons. I have no recollection of Hugo removing or censoring any of my comments.

      • your comment s have always shown here that’s true.

        I don’t follow any other social media so I would not know about there.

      • @Janie, I wouldn’t trust ANY platform that asks for a telephone number upon sign up, and Telegram is one of those. Odysee is another one. Too intrusive for my liking.

      • Absolutely!

        My younger generation in my family has clued me up
        They used be on them but have finally!!!.. Got off them.

        They been admitting that they have been brainwashed & will stay off the shite sites!

        It’s a start

  13. ‘Demoted for inappropriate behaviour ‘ 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Hugo,, you’ve kicked me off Telegram for posting Know Your Enemy (Part 40 – Freemasons) and is blocking me here. Definitely not controlled opp lol

    • I told you it was probably an accident, I’m deleting 100’s of those spam robot accounts a day, its a mess, which is exactly why they do it, did you post this link a number of times?

  15. But what are any of you doing about these things? where are you looking for truth? Does ot not make you think that perhaps there’s a religion that has the truth? Of there’s evil controlling the world now … what’s happening in the future!? Look for a faith that stands for what the bible or Christ says? Do all faiths agree with war and killing? Do all faiths stick with the thought that man shouldn’t lie with man? Celebration of pagan holidays like Xmas ? Birthdays ? Your research will help you find the truth if you want it. Satan will not always rule ever heard of Armageddon? The sad fact is most of you like this system and don’t want to look for the truth ☹️

    • @Ashley Wright, Unless The Father CALLS THEM they’re not going to look for The Truth, for Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) IS THE TRUTH and they are strangers to The Truth, and as Paul makes very clear:

      Romans 8:7 (KJV) Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to The Law of God, neither indeed can be.

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

      • 1 John 5v 19We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

        1 John 3v 8The one who practices sin originates with the Devil, because the Devil has been sinning from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was made manifest, to break up the works of the Devil.

      • You do know who James VII/I employed to write that version of the bible (hint – merchant guild)? And you do know that there is not one, extant, original text (of anything) that is older than 9th C? Anywhere.

        All these ancient manuscripts seem to have been found, mouldering in church basements, in Italy, having survived hundreds (if not thousands) of years, in damp crypts…only to have been discovered and transcribed, by amazingly clever medieval monks, from Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek into Latin…and, then…pouff!
        Lost for ever. Leaving no primary sources.

        Still. I’m sure there’s nothing to see there.

        You seem to be a very strange evangelist and you are very aggressive. It’s your way or the highway.

        The Kingdom of Heaven resides within us all. It’s called our conscience.

      • kerenibus You’re forgetting the OLD TESTAMENT which dates from circa 300 BC in it’s Greek Septuagint form, and is replete with prophetic scriptures prophesying the coming of Yashua Messiah. There are also secular historical documents that mention Jesus Christ and His followers who were greatly persecuted in the first and second centuries. There are also records of Greek philosophers of the time arguing about the resurrection of Christ, not arguing about whether He ever existed or not – that is a modern mental disease.

        The King James Bible CONTAINS The Holy Scriptures, but the KJV in and of itself is not The Holy Scriptures, and the same goes for any English Bible.

        “No serious scholar has ventured to postulate the non-historicity of Jesus Christ.” – – Otto Betz

        I am not an evangelist. It is only mainstream fake Christians that have evangelists. Oh, and hard nosed forthrightness, and authority is not aggression. I tell it like it is, so people can take it or leave it – I am not forcing or coercing my beliefs on anyone – that’s what mainstream fake Christians do.

        The Truth has only one highway – HIS WAY!

        The Kingdom of God CANNOT RESIDE IN ANYONE until they are Baptised (Full immersion) and are Gifted with The Holy Spirit – THEN and only THEN do we have The Kingdom of God residing in us, for we are then born of God.

        Understanding The Crucial Importance of Baptism Including What Baptism Is Not!:

      • I can’t find a way to reply to you @Truthnotdoctrine.

        There are NO writings that old. There are no extant primary resources from before the 9thC. That Greek septaguint has no primary resource from the 3rdC BC – only from transcripts from Medieval times.

        Everything, everything relies upon Medieval transcriptions. I(s all a deception.

      • @kerenibus “I can’t find a way to reply to you.”

        Well the reason for that is simple to answer, you’re clearly out of your depth on this subject and some agenda driven secular moron has filled your head with nonsense. https://www.allabouttruth.org/Septuagint.htm

        “only from transcripts from Medieval times.”

        You’re referring to the Masoretic Texts which date from circa 1,000 AC.

        Then there are the Dead Sea Scrolls (discovered in 1947/8) which date from circa 200 BC which support what is written in both the Septuagint and the Masoretic Texts so you cannot win.

        The only deceptions are those of carnal minded secular idiots who think they know and who were roundly summed up by Paul in the first century:

        Romans 1:22 (KJV) Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

    • It’s time to find our own personal faith and direct relationship with god

  16. It’s almost time to go to the local goat farm for unpasteurised milk to make cheese which can keep you going all year, depending upon how you do it! You will need an apron, though not symbolically masonic like the ceremonial ones in the video, lol.

    Many people believe that the Freemasons grew out of the Templars. I am one of them. What convinced me was, ‘The Battle of Bannockburn’ – supposedly fought on St. John’s day (what are the chances of that) in 1314…after the Templars had supposedly fled from France. Oor hero, Bruce, then divvied up the land amongst his cronies and introduced feudalism to Scotland…giving special place to the St. Clairs (Sinclairs) who built the famous (Masonic) Roslyn Chapel.

    They (the Templars) had been accused of all manner of things – sodomy, heresy, worshiping a strange head – similar to the way things are today.

    In 2005, a father and son who were musicians and composers found (vibrational) music coded into the carvings there. They discovered something called, ‘The Devil’s Note’, which had been banned by some Pope (I don’t remember which).
    They both, strangely, succumbed to aggressive cancer shortly after.

    You can still find Stuart Mitchell’s website but the Roslyn Motet has been removed.

    Also, I grew up on the land that was given to the Schaw family in those days. One William Schaw (1550-1602) was master of works to James VI of Scotland and wrote, ‘The Masonic Statutes’, in 1598 and 1599. You only have to look at the (internal) architecture of buildings in Stirling to see the connections.


    There’s more evidence here


    Were the Templars/Freemasons corrupted from the very beginning? I don’t know. This lady, Nessa Webster, dived deep – but blamed it all on the French and gave the Scottish and English Lodges a clean bill of health.


    (sorry that’s just the page on my screen)

    France is a Masonic cess-pit (Hollande admitted, on TV, that no-one uninitiated could ever become President of the Republic)…but masonic central lies in the Crown Corporation.

    Then there are the, ‘Super’ Lodges – into one of which (Golden Eurasia) both Merkel and Putin were initiated.


    I don’t think that they worship the goat (it’s a stupid, stubborn creature). They denigrate it…because it’s the way they see us.

    • kerenibus

      The same thing they worship today as always the unholy trinity

      ” Love calling order from Chaos” – Hesiod

      ‘According to the bible, Nimrod is the son of Cush, Grandson of Ham and great-grandson of Noah. The names Nimrod and Cush have dual meanings. The meanings for Nimrod are “ the leopard who subdues,” “the leopard tamer,” the great hunter, and in Hebrew, spotted. He is often depicted in wearing a garment of a leopard. In the Chaldee, chaos is said to be the pronunciation of Cush and is also written Khus (Chus) and is derived from Khawos (Khaos)
      or “Chaos.”

      The legend of Nimrod is found in the most early versions of the history of Freemasonry where he was said to have been one of the fraternity’s founders. As I stated above, Nimrod was the son of a ‘Cush,” and Cush or Khus (Chus) is derived from Khawos (Khaos) or “Chaos.” The motto of the Thirty-third Degree is ORDO AB CHAO which is Latin for Order Out of Chaos. The origins of ODO AB CHAO can be attributed to the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite on February 1, 1802.

      Nimrod was the grand architect of Babylon, the great builder of the city of Nineveh. Ham’s firstborn son was Belus or Bel, the mythological founder of Babylon; Bel signifies “the Confounder.” Bel (Greek, Latin) Ba`al (Chaldean) [from Semitic ba`al chief, lord] Lord, chief; one of the supreme gods of the Chaldeo- or Assyro-Babylonian pantheon: the second of the triad composed of Anu, Bel, and Ea. The Greek Belus we can easily connect with a Canaanite and Phoenician God Ba‘al. Baʿal is a Semitic word signifying “The Lord, master, owner (male), keeper, husband”. Baal’s meaning in Gaelic as in Phoenician – the lord of heaven.

      The Tower of Babble was said to have been erected by the descendants of Nimrod. The descendants of Noah listed by name in chapter 10 of Genesis (LXX) provides 15 names for Japheth’s descendants, 30 for Ham’s, and 27 for Shem’s. These figures became established as the 72 languages resulting from the confusion at Babel — although the exact listing of these languages tended to vary over time.

      As we see in Genesis 11:7 – Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

      Confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech = Chaos = ORDO AB CHAO’

      The great Masonic author, Albert Gallatin Mackey expands on this allegorical story and how Nimrod is one of the founders of Masonry; “The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions refers to Nimrod as one of the founders of Masonry. Thus in the York Manuscript we read: “At y* making of y* Tour of Babell there was Mason first much esteemed of, and the King of Babilon was called Nimrod was A mason himself and loved well Masons.”

      From Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages; “The rakshasas or men-demons of Lanka, the opponents conquered by Rama in the Ramayana, are some of the latest representatives of the Atlanteans in their last days. These rakshasas correspond to the Greek titans, the Egyptian colossal heroes, the Chaldean izdubars, the Jewish ‘eimim (terrifiers) of the land of Moab, and with the famous giants anakim (`anaqim) mentioned in Numbers 13:33. According to Manly P. Hall, Izudbar was Nimrod, thus he was a giant, or Nephilim (anakim), a descendant of the Fallen Angels.“

      “…In his Chaldean Account of the Genesis, George Smith, copying from the cuneiform cylinders, in describing the wanderings of the hero Izdubar (Nimrod)…”

      An encyclopaedia of freemasonry and its kindred sciences: By Albert Gallatin Mackey – page 530; In the mythical relations of the Old Constitutions, which make up the legend of the Craft, it is spoken of as the ancient birthplace of Masonry, where Nimrod, who was its builder, “was a Mason and loved well the Craft,” employed 60,000 Masons to build it, and gave them a charge “that they should be true,” aud this, says the Harleian Manuscript, was the first time, that any Mason had any charge of Craft.

      And the Cooke MS. thus repeats the story: “And this same Nembroth (Nimrod) began the towre of babilon and he taught to his werkemen the craft of Masonrie, and he had with him many Masons more than forty thousand. And he loved and cherished them well“

      “…The Lenadowne Manuscript, whose date is about 1660, it is said that Nimrod gave a charge to the Masons that “they should ordaine the most wise and cunning man to be ‘Master of the King’“…

  17. What about in the Bible Leviticus 17:7 where God commands the israelites to not sacrifice to the “goat demons.” Coincidence ? Doubtful .

  18. I used to have goats. A couple of milkers and Pygmys. I love goats. They are cute, smart, clean. No, they don’t eat cans. They will chew the paper labels though. 🙂 I’m no satanist and never have been. Saved sinner here.

    • Ah interesting….was looking into getting some pigmy goats

      But yes the symbolism is there in plain sight as per usual

  19. I don’t believe that any animal is evil. It’s more to do with how people portray them

  20. To all Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ “ I call for support in praying in spiritual warfare against the satanic Freemason brotherhood of Australia and in your country “ and the WEF links who uphold them “who are ignoring the people’s pleas to put a Stop too the Nonsense “ Pray for Fire to destroy their rituals and spells and idols “that push their agenda forward through Media/government “and to awaken the masses out of slumber”
    In the Mighty name of Jesus the King “ Amen

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