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    • That’s probley what will happen if they take on these agencie workers They don’t give a fuck. Hope this greedy ferry wankers no what there doing ??

  1. typical n a bet it’s immigrants that have replaced them coz they’ll work for less this is gonna cause war if others follow suit

  2. It’s like a bad B movie, where you’d say this is stupid people would see what’s coming

  3. Read that today and thought P and 00 obviously think it a good idea that every pound they give to agency staff is at least a pound to an agency for doing fuck all but an introduction for the term of the Serfs contract
    Personally I think that is shit and I try not to swear………Wankers.
    Am I first?

      • They won’t need boycotting if there taking on these useless workers they will go bust. Its fucking dangerous as well if u think about it. These agencies don’t care these people are not skilled workers. Things will get nasty and it’s happing all over the uk has been for a few years. Didn’t the uk vote Brexit ??things have got worse since uk voted Btexit . Like we are going to stay no matter what lol. Its crazy. As tho Brexit means nothing g .

  4. This all began when Thatcher defeated the miners, that was the beginning of the end of workers rights and power.

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite To be more accurate, there must have been a time when they were no longer called Police Constables, and became Police Officers = Policy Officers enforcing the rules and regulations (Acts and Statutes) of The UK Corporation, over its Citizen Slaves (Employees of the UK Corporation).

      • Hmm, they’re tax collectors now. Nothing more! Nothing enforced cos they don’t have that power!

      • Think it was Maggie who placed it on companies house. Soon the fire brigade and then the ambulances!

  5. it is odd because a P&O Ferry from Dover kept sailing to and thro Dover to Tilbury Docks since last year and now is stting in dry dock doing nothing.
    I’ll leave you to decide who the passengers were.I live in Northfleet which is directly opposite the Docks

  6. They’re getting rid of the jabbed because they know they’re not going to be around too much longer… Much cleaner than waiting for them to drop one by one…

    • Al….was it mandatory for the employees…the ‘jab’ that is?…

      • @Ericka – as posted by “Ptere like” above : “27/12/21: Cunard and P&O have joined their rivals Virgin Voyages and Tui UK in requiring staff to be fully vaccinated to work on their cruise ships as operators try to prevent new outbreaks onboard and give travellers the confidence to book.”

  7. Your delusional if you believe your employer especially the larger players give x2 shits about you or your job or how you go the extra mile for them, but this is nothing new the workplace has been like this for decades, trouble is you don’t realise you have no worth in the eyes of these corporate parasites until the day they tell you to fuck off. You are just a number to them and are expendable. It took me a good 15years to realise this which is why I’ve been self employed for the last 10 years, it’s the best move I ever made. You have one life don’t spend it serving these cunts serve yourself.

  8. Best thing is to boycott any company who behaves like this. I’ve dumped so many these past two years including social media platforms and it’s the best thing I could have done.

  9. You’re right yet again. I put no value on material possessions other than basic comfort. Books, my garden, a bit of cash to fund my rug making business.
    Grow veg and meditate. Put off the TV and find like-minded friends. 💯

    • I can watch TV,such as Succession, the Good Fight, And Just Like that, Come Dine with Me and still grow my own food. I can see the Agendas and they ain’t gonna brainwash me. Sometimes it spoils the plot, other times we just laugh… What Agenda is there in Come Dine With Me? I hear you ask. Have you noticed the times then men dress up as women after checking out the hosts befdroom? Thats not normal!

  10. I didn’t know they were allowed to do such a thing. Where is the Unions? I will never use P&O Ferries again if this goes through.

    • They’re not allowed to do this. It’s illegal and they are going to get sued to buggery. Meanwhile this stupidity is causing chaos at British ports.

      • I heard that they are employed under maritime law so there’s loopholes???

  11. has Hugo or anyone got anymore info about child prostitution being practically legal in Ukraine? Also the worlds capital for human trafficking? I think that maybe one of the underlying agendas here; replace Us all with migrants who already live in a country that accepts all this sick stuff!!! Remember Harriet Harman chaired some pro-paedophile committee to look into making it more acceptable

  12. has Hugo or anyone got anymore info about child prostitution being practically legal in Ukraine? Also the worlds capital for human trafficking? I think that maybe one of the underlying agendas here; replace Us all with migrants who already live in a country that accepts all this sick stuff!!! Remember Harriet Harman chaired some pro-paedophile committee to look into making it more acceptable

  13. It sounds to me as though something is expected to happen to the jabbed and they have been replaced by unjabbed immigrants.

    • I remember seeing a video a year or so back by a lady in the US in recruitment for oil companies. She said they had told her and other recruiters to start finding them new employees now because, she claimed, they knew their current staff who were jabbed would be dropping like flies.

      Mind you, if most people have been jabbed anyway it’s hard to see who they’d replace them with.

  14. P & O clearly stands for “Piss Off”.

    To not even give notice to their staff when they knew well ahead of time that they were replacing them is just cruel.

    • Oh, and nice of them to use a Klaus Schwab lookalike to deliver the bad news!

    • According to Wikipedia P&O stands for ‘Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company’.

  15. P&O is owned by DP World, the multi-national ports and logistics company based in Dubai. It paid a £270m dividend to shareholders in 2020.
    27/12/21: Cunard and P&O have joined their rivals Virgin Voyages and Tui UK in requiring staff to be fully vaccinated to work on their cruise ships as operators try to prevent new outbreaks onboard and give travellers the confidence to book. “no jab, no job” regime by Cunard and P&O

    • its not really giving travellers the confidence to book if someone on the cruise tests positive (which happened a couple of weeks ago jabbed regardless) and then everyone on the cruise has to return home is it??

    • I came across this book summary the other day. You might find it interesting. I’ve tried to find the book (in English) to no avail. I can get it in French so I might have to give it a go. The book was written by an Italian Freemason and published in 2015 (I think).

      There are 36 ‘Super/Ur’ Lodges across the world. Every single ‘leader’ you’ve ever heard of belongs to at least one of them – from all sides of everywhere and everything. Although they frequently quarrel about, ‘the method’, they all agree about the ‘ends’.


      If you read this summary, I can reveal that Frater Kronos was later outed to be Zbigniew Brzezinski.

  16. Friend called me this evening, every year for the last 22 years (bar the last two years due to covid) they have gone on a one month to 6 weeks cruise with P&O, they had one booked for later in the year and are pulling out, say they will never go on another P&O cruise.

    • the entire cruise industry is dead and buried. No cruise line will be operating past 2022

  17. Ukraines just become the first to fall to the Great Reset, Universal Basic income all that crap, and unjabbed 65% are left with absolutely NOTHING from the look of it, let them starve.

    Used the fake war to force it in, all that they bombed that place and they’ve killed 1000s, turned out, nobody even hurt the shelter took the hit, yeah right.

    New Convid Pill, likely use the proof transmitter coming in hard aswell.

    Enjoy these few months off, world is about to turn to absolute shit.

  18. The boss (or whoever he is) of P & O is behaving underhandedly in making his staff redundant on a zoom call (it is not the way to do it) but more significantly he is acting illegally. You cannot make someone redundant and then employ a replacement (because they are cheaper. In the long run this will cost P & O and lot of money in the courts (much more than the amount he is hoping to save!)

    • I thought the same thing ?is what he’s just done legal ? . There are loads of agencie workers and most are from other countries. Now we have all these Ukraines coming in it will get worse of that there’s no doubt. They are cheap labour. It’s really bad. The local council takethem on to empty the bins in my area. There on building sites. My son has a trade but is self employed he says there hiring these agencies workers cause there cheap but they can’t do the work. All these new builds are not built properly. I wouldn’t won’t to leave in one of these new builds. They will have nothing but problems and if your thinking about buying one I’d think again taking out a life time mortgage for a flat or house that could be dangerous and u will be stuck the builders long gone. This is who lots of company’s and councils are taking on. These workers just life from day to day week to week. That ferry lot have made a rod for there own back. Also if this is who’s gonna be working on these ferry’s won’t it be dangerous? These agencie workers haven’t got a clue and don’t care. They just move on from job to job. What is going on I thought we voted Brexit in the uk?.

      • @cazcurwen “What is going on I thought we voted Brexit in the uk?”

        You have BRINO, not Brexit. Brexit was always a mirage!

    • You are right they have all been sacked. The pay off deal will suit some but the company could have hundreds of claims against them.

  19. Wealth transfer in my opinion. They know the end is coming and are preparing. One of the UNs sustainable goals to end shipping, guess that will include cruises. We will have to live in a more angry world, own nothing and be happy.

    • Don’t say that I’m just about to buy my flat

      • Sadler Council, I wish they were just my words but they belong to KS of the WEF. Your post did give me a much needed reminder though that I should be more positive in my outlook and enjoy now. So thank you and good luck with the flat.

      • Sadler Council I would think twice if you’re taking out a mortgage – interest rates are about to rise considerably.

  20. This kind of stuff has been going on for decades. Its nothing nre. It’s not right, and of course local MPs will come out saying they’ll do this and that for the poor employees etc but nothing will come of it.
    Fair play to that captain locking himself and the staff inside though.

  21. All of the UK fleet of six P&O vessels have been re-flagged in Cyprus. They also have five vessels flagged in the Bahamas , three in the Netherlands and one in Bermuda.

    I found a very interesting article from 2019 which gives their explanation for this. They say the move is to do with the UK leaving the EU and also because it enables their vessels to now come under what it known as the white list of the `Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding`. Which is basically a universal port agreement between certain countries that enable fast inspections , transit of goods and security arrangements. This could account for the fact that specially trained security staff with handcuffs have been allowed to operate in port on the sea side area of the passport zone ( as apposed to the land side ) and conduct themselves in the manner of which they have.

    What I also find interesting is that the article mentions the RMT unions concerns about their members t&cs and the possibility that the company may move to a low cost crewing model.

    • Territorial waters extend no more than 12 nautical miles from the shoreline. Then the ship comes under the law and jurisdiction of the port in which it is registered.

      • Make up your mind… are you for mariner laws or common laws?

      • Well technically yes. But it isn`t as simple as that. From my understanding it is similar to aircraft. Air side or sea side whilst the craft is landed or docked it comes under certain laws of that country , such as no drinking , smoking etc. Whilst in the air or at sea but still within 12 miles it can come under the laws of either that country or the country of which it is registered. Beyond 12 miles it comes under the country of which it is registered. But here is where it gets interesting. There are a number of conventions such as the Paris and Tokyo agreement that cover specific incidents inside the craft such as births , deaths and hijacking. Under maritime shipping law in terms of contractual for the movement of goods and passengers there are two categories `wet` and `dry`. Wet is to do with what incidents that happen during the voyage itself and Dry is to do with contracts pertaining to the actual voyage. This is why I mentioned the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding in my original post. I am wondering if there is something in that that allows P&O to use force to expel undesirables. It could also be a way for them to not have to pay redundancies.

      • @DC Senga is a Commie government spook troll – an agent for the BBC, who frequently posts links to their lying propaganda crap.

  22. If you were ever in any doubt what loyalty card/rewards/points are about this explains the ‘business model. Straight from the horses mouth. This abomination even has access to your bank account through ‘open banking’. An app for the completely brain-dead.

    ‘Encourage customers to spend more with your brand

    Encourage customers to spend more with your brand using our tier rewarding system online or offline. For example £10 voucher for spending more than £100 at once.’


    • It happened 50 years ago with ..’Green Shield’ stamps…..and of course Robinson’s Jam!…remember the Gollywog badges…..appologies if l have offended anyone…but THAT is what they were called…

  23. The hospitality industry/hotels run on staff i.e. chefs sent from agencies for a few weeks on unpaid ‘work trials’.

    • Twisted!!! Staff yes but not chefs!!!! Please do not further exacerbate a fakehood!!!!!

  24. There is conspiracy and there is paranoia… Sadly, too many on here are just paranoid sociopaths who want the world to end!

    Get a grip, lighten up and learn how to put a jigsaw together.

    Just like MSM, making news (shite) rather than collating events.

    • DC

      I guess I may fall into your idea of a Sociopath?

      ‘A sociopath is someone who has no empathy for others. They are unable to feel guilt or remorse. And this makes them take advantage of other people without having any concern about the consequences that their actions might have on those around them. The same goes for animals as well’

      Personally I believe people who have gone through their lives ignoring the evil things that have been going on under the surface to be far more Sociopathic than those wishing for God’s return to sort it out. God’s return will not mean ‘the end of the world’ but a new beginning without all the demonic evil that exists now.

      I guess most people can only ever understand and care about things that personally affect them and many would happily erase everything they learnt over the last few years if they could go back to what they had. The system of the Earth has been broken since Adam and Eve sinned and only God can fix it, and he will. Once you have researched and experienced the evil they are capable of you can never wish for it to be maintained in ignorance.

      So in point of fact those wishing for the speedy return of God are the only ones who have true empathy for others, and those who wish for the return of ‘the good old days’ are the Sociopaths.

  25. Many of these surly lazy P&O crew had it coming. 4 serving in a bar but 3 having a chat and ignoring customers. Compare that to hard working smiling Philipino crew.
    I am employed, I can give a week’s notice anytime and leave, why should my employer not be able to do the same? These P&O staff will all get many weeks redundancy payments. Plenty of hospitality jobs out there for the good ones and those that can change their attitude.

    • It isn’t just bar staff that have been given the push, it’s engine room staff and other skilled workers with decades of experience.

    • Hi Andy
      In my experince it’s usually the good, caring, hardworking staff managers get rid of to be replaced by staff who don’t give a toss. Whatever it’s still a crap way to make people redundant.

  26. 800 staff doesn’t seem much for P&O considering the staff:passenger ratio on a cruise liner is something like 4:1. Kind of like restaurants in say France, more waiters than diners.

  27. So basically, he’s talking about slave labour right there and I bet you, the 800 jobs are already filled and a done deal with the very people who, ironically, have been coming IN ILLEGALLY via those very same waters used by those ferries!!!
    We have been warning the public for years and years about the ‘plans’ they have for this country, but alas, no one listened….Now they’re complaining and out on their arses.
    Same as in supermarkets when you’re literally pushed by staff, but refuse to use a self checkout, telling them that you want a human cashier because those self service machines are doing them out of their jobs and they get all defensive over it and say it doesn’t effect them and they won’t lose their jobs…Ok, Where’s all the cashiers gone then???!!!!
    Reap what you sew.

  28. You are somewhat right Hugo. “Stand up for what is right.” Some People don’t really know what values, ethics and morals are. But lets hope they will open their eyes & see the truth, see what is really happening. These are the signs of the times…the end of this world as we know it. Call on the LORD, believe and you shall be saved. God bless and keep you all

  29. You are defo on to something there with the goat thing. How ridiculous do these satanists look, well a saying we have in the North East….daft as a goat defo means something here…..I cant wait for the day of reckoning when all these Satanists are struck down in the name of God…Helen Mirren ffs …never look at her in the same way again

  30. Apparently these agency workers are being paid a grand sum of £2 an hour, and they haven’t been cleared to sail the ships anyway!!! Oh dear P&O will definitely go bust, what with all the 800 law suits coming their way too! Serves them bloody well right after the utterly despicable way they have treated those poor now ex-employees. I have to say that I’m deeply worried about how they will cope, especially now with the cost of living going up so high, with inflation sky rocketing. These poor folk are completely broken, and they need people to rally round them. They clearly also need legal help. If I had been treated like they had, I would sue P&O for damages at a tribunal for unfair dismissal. P&O deserve to go completely bankrupt, and it would be perfect justice if they had 800 law suits against them. I also read in the paper today that apparently P&O sacked these 800 workers because they said that P&O was losing £100 million a year, but then they are now recruiting again, with salaries of up to £100K!!! You really couldn’t make it up! Utterly insane!!

  31. If you want to know more details about the music industry and satanism listen to John Todd he came out in the early 80s and was in the council of thirteen then turned Christian.

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