IRELAND 🇮🇪 100,000 REFUGEES / Hugo Talks

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  1. Same it’s happening in Poland and what’s funnier, Covid restrictions are still in place boy only for the own citizens, if you’re an Ukrainian you don’t need anything even a mask.

    • No mask for the foreigners should really wake up the sheep….but it wont! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪…’s gonna get worse!

      • Thetruth…. ALL the information is out there, it has been for centuries, but humans ( especially the Brits ) are too dam idle to use their grey-matter and are quite happy to be spoon-fed BS which, because it is easy to digest, suck it all in …… and we ALL pay the consequences, sadly.

      • @videoman1959 The satanic con called Demon-ocracy has always been the problem – my own parents were 100% conditioned by it, and through it – they didn’t have a clue – they always trusted The System – the whole nine yards – e.g. my dad got called up in the 1940s and off he went, without a whimper or a question.

  2. Nobody wanted the Afghans, Palestinians or Yemenis.
    Well they aren’t ‘white’ are they?

  3. Good points, Hugo. Local shops have gone crazy again! Instead of being accosted at the door to wear a mask, now they’re shoving begging buckets under your nose, and asking you to donate at the till! AND people also need to be very wary if they are thinking of allowing long-term, non-paying lodgers into their homes, with regard to mortgage lenders, leasehold conditions, insurance, council tax, housing benefits…do it wrong and you’ll end up the loser! Oh, hang on…!

    • Spot on. My advice don’t get involved it’s not ur problem. Go out the locks changed ur fucked and jack u can do about it. Come on now don’t lose ur home theyshould be fighting in Ukraine. Fucking running away . Running away from what exactly???? U worked hard all ur life’s for what u have . Don’t be suckers or get sucker punched. Just turn away from this shit . We never got asked if we wanted this shit. Have uheard of squatters rights ? These people hav emore rights then we do ffs.they come from a war torn PlayStation game. PLEASE DON’T BE A SUCKER.

      • And if you called the cops they would laugh and tell you it was ‘a civil matter’. Then when you ‘reached out’ to the council they would laugh and tell you that ‘you had made yourself ‘intentionally homeless’ and there was nothing they could do to help’.

    • I make u spot on hunny bunny. Its not worth the hassle let alone the grive once there plotted up in your home. DONT BE A SUCKER. The men are ready on dating sites in the uk . Asking women for nude pics and money. Please is this a fucking joke. They should be fighting in there own country no looking for women here in the uk . This shit will get worse. Trust me crimal gangs taking over. I can actually see civil war in the uk we have had enough. What happened to Brexit by the way ? Fuck convid after all of this surely u must realise u have been lied 2. X

    • Absolutely right H. I was thinking the same thing about the mortgage and insurance etc. As far as I know none of the insurance companies have said a word about it. Which is very suspicious indeed. I smell a huge bear trap just around the corner. And as for donations. Crikey me. I was out in town last week and they had one of those donation stalls. This particular one wasn`t pushing it. In fact to my surprise I had a very nice little chat with them for five minutes whilst I was trying to tap them for some info. I still don`t know who was managing the donations or how it was going to be spent. But I did find out that the day before they took about £1K. Yep , a grand in one day. In the few minutes I was there I saw people cramming tenners and fivers into the buckets.

  4. Ireland is currently undergoing their Census to see how many rooms are available. They are knocking at people s door and making them fill it in and intimidating the people. Go figure

  5. I will have the holiday home lol they can have this gaff. Ffs.

  6. I wonder if there’s a direct correlation between the amount or people they are sending to each country and the amount of people from that country who have been jabbed. Are they expecting something to happen to the jabbed?

  7. Heart strings not me. What’s up with these stupid people ? Adopt? Once they over urgaff u will be the ones on the street. Trust me. U don’t mess with some of these people. They will take over urhome u will have nothing.

    • My wife as always criticised me for being heartless and not having a conscience. Now I see it as a plus. I’m immune to all the propaganda 😄

      • Heartless u don’t no these people. U don’t owe them nothing .we have homeless people how comes that has been the situation for donkeys years?yet there’s a PlayStation war going on killing each other imight add. We areexpected to help. Its mad. They can’t even speak English. A lady was saying it was bad enough in the uk during2nd world war taking in people from ur own country. Drunks drug addiction women getting beaten. That was your own. No think I shall give it a miss. X

      • @Dave Chippendale, Charles Dickens called it: “Telescopic Philanthropy” when referring to his fellow Victorians doing their do-gooding abroad.

  8. As usual Ireland is at the forefront of everything.if any law or new regulation is mentioned the Irish will be the first to do it because they are braindead and easily controlled simple as that.

    • W.E.F said you will own nothing and you will happy. You certainly will own nothing.

    • Well put that down to religion. The church brainwashed most people years ago. That’s why it’s steady to carry on with the crap. No looking back for some I’m afraid.

      • The Irish Catholics were the bravest people out and had the sense to stay neutral in the second WW. THAT is why you’re being destroyed politically, economically by the ones that never forget.

    • No the government is . Get it right hunny. Just as they did with there jab agenda. X

  9. Honestly i quite near an airport and my god the planes are coming and going thick and fast. Please people don’t b suckers. Did u no around the world at this very moment 10 wars are going on. Kids are starving . Dieing and we haven’t seen any of this in Ukraine. I smell a very large rat. U will have nothing and b happy. What didn’t they kill enough old people of during covid and with the poison. It’s time to open ur fucking eyes now. This is your home ur whole life . Charity begins at home. Don’t get side swiped by these or another people with a hard luck storie. I’d like to no why things are moving so fast. 18th jabbed or un jabbed can go anywhere by plane ? Its great but its worrying at the same time. WHY all the laws the uk government put in place during lockdown are still.there. go on ur jollys come back to a fullhouse of Ukraine refugees 😂🤣😅🙄

    • I’m also deeply suspicious too cazcurwen…to have gone for the past 2 years of ..control..coersive..bully tactics…l will never just forget….

  10. Try telling this to the 100 thousand brainwashed saps that have already signed up on the gov website day one! I’m lost for words at the stupidity of some people

  11. As klaus the evil turtoise has said 2022 is the year of the great reset.” You will own nothing and you’ll be happy!”

  12. I assume that Balmoral and Sandringham will be classed as holiday homes to be seized for the benefit of the “refugees” ?

  13. What makes me laugh is if you are a UK resident you can only use your Holiday home around 9 Months of the year on a permanent Basis , which is why you don’t pay council tax or stamp Duty.
    Oh but of course this is ‘The Great Reset’ wher you will own NOTHING but be Happy . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Have you woken up to the Scam yet ??

    • Cornwall is predominantly holiday homes. There are plenty of holiday homes in the Highlands of Scotland too.

  14. Ireland along with Spain and Portugal remained neutral during the 2WW and the Jews never forget. That is the reason that Ireland has been singled out for racial, cultural and economic destruction.
    The Catholic Church denied the Faith at Vatican II and can no longer provide the spiritual support needed to defeat these people.

  15. Like Klaus Schwab himself said ‘we can expect many more refugees in the future’ and ‘we will have to learn to be a lot more accommodating and welcoming’.

    • I like all this “we” business, you can guarantee the likes of him won’t be leaving his front door open to strangers.

      • Politicians are always careful to say “we” – it is in the ‘manual’. When I was a kid I found an ‘Officer’s Training Manual’ in the loft. It gave advice on giving talks to the squad. The very first point it made was to always address the squad as “we”. Did you ever hear Churchill saying “You will fight in the hills…”?

      • Very true what you say …..all Psychology, smoke and mirrors. Anyway, where Convid suddenly disappeared to??? Will the Ukrainians be the cause of further Lockdowns this autumn. Will the sheep turn against them like they did turn against the Vaccine Free people?

  16. All to do with digital IDs they will say you need an id to show who you are and where your from it’s all a scam People are so retarded they believe the Bs

  17. Holiday homes should be a thing of the past and have been saying so for years. If you can afford one, you can afford to stop in the best hotel in town and support the economy.
    I don’t believe any Ukrainians should be here there is something nefarious afoot. Why come here with all those countries between them and us. They speak a different language and will be burden. I don’t like to see their suffering but how much of it is true, I don’t trust the MSM.
    Hugo is right about the hypocrasy of all this, nobody should ever volunteer to do anything for their Government.

    • We had a designated holiday home (not a mobile) in Wales for 15 years. Restrictions meant that no one could live in it permanently even locals. We made a decision to spend all our savings and a good part of our income on this. So let’s think about what you’ve said. Firstly we paid full council tax to Welsh Govt, no discounts for not being able to use it all year round. Secondly all our spare money went into the local economy for 15 years instead of us spending it abroad. My children collected litter from the lanes and learnt to speak basic Welsh language. We also supported local charities. We sourced everything locally. By using a hotel they wouldn’t have received a fraction of what we spent in real terms for their local economy. So really what I’m saying is it isn’t black and white and many people who haven’t got holiday homes will support this purely through jealousy. Never mind that they spend 10k for two weeks in Disneyland..

  18. WTF are they fucking nuts own nothing & be haooy huh bullshit these bastards will get treated better than the rest of us better everything while the rest of us suffer and struggle on universal credit poor council housing treated like shit but those buggers will get treated a hell of a lot better than the rest of us coz all they have to do is give ya a sob story n wallah they’re laughing while the rest of us face heating or eating or neither the way this shits going seriously fucking gov treating uk folk like shit but putting refugees first before us plus omg just had a thought what if they start a fucking war here ffs I wouldn’t put nothing past those bastards and you can’t prove that they won’t especially as anything goes is covi land you can’t disregard anything you’ve gotta have all areas covered better to be safe than sorry plus they hate nato and we’re part of it who’s to say these fucking refugees haven’t been secretly trained for this they’ve cone from Russia Ukraine you can’t trust them whatsoever plus they probably think they’re comming from war torn country to a life of luxury ha are they in for a bloody shock plus if nhs scum are so overwhelmed how the fuck are they gonna cope with thousands of refugees esp when takes forever to get a bloody drs appointment as it is and our drs surgery is 2 n 1 as it is and it’s a fucking nightmare

  19. ” Give your head a wobble” lol very funny Hugo.

  20. Donations fuckoff there’s my fucking donation like it or lump it charity begins at home plus how many of these fucking refugees are pedos you seriously think our kids will be safe anywhere near them huh they could be grinning gangs human – child traffickers you just don’t know they could even be spy’s fuck knows who these people really are behind the “ refugee label “ I’d be very wary & extremely worried right now and I’m not bien paranoid I’m bien cautious with good bloody reason bcoz you just don’t know who’s bien let into the country until the shit hits the fan and it’s too fucking late

  21. In other words, they’re not going to bring an army of sick people injected with a poison in to the country. There’s clearly a bigger picture beyond that of property rights. My guess is that these refugees – including the Afghans – are not your typical refugees. They’re most likely trained up in combat and will be offered jobs at some point.

  22. I will say though, I personally don’t think anybody in the world should be allowed to own more than 3 properties, I say this because the ultra wealthy of the world are simply hoarding all the wealth/ houses and charging the poor people rent so they can live their lavish lifestyles. We need a fairer society where we should fight back against this. The ultra rich get a free ride in this life.

  23. u watch these muckin fuppets will go along with it and u and i will be deemed anti refugee, a non compiant, even racist etc etc just as we were by not wearing masks.. etc. they take tolerant to a new level. when will they say ‘no’!? they have no pride in anything. these ppl will loose everything and be happy its their destiny.

  24. Why are they fleeing the country? Did any one flee GB in the WW2? Who are these people? drug dealers, thieves, sex offenders, fraudsters, or Nazis being planted here to further the push to totalitarian rule?

    • More likely to be a member of the many nazi battalions who the Russians are after in their de naztifying campaign. They’ll do what isis did in Syria, hide amongst the civilians leaving.

      • @uftonwood and akelly When are you numpties going to educate yourselves about German National Socialism and the NSPAD and stop parroting your mainstream media whore indoctrinations on these threads. Get it through your heads that the media whores didn’t start lying in March 2020!!! They have been at it forever

      • What you are suggesting is what is called a false equivalence, or comparing apples and oranges if you prefer. As if the media telling porkies over Convid some how magically wipes out all the historical records of Nazi atrocities just because the BBC showed a documentary on Nazi concentration camps. LOL

        False equivalence

        False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency. Colloquially, a false equivalence is often called “comparing apples and oranges.”

      • Senga What I am stating, not suggesting, is that leopards NEVER change their spots, and the only problem here is morons like you that blindly believe that they do, so you can shove your false equivalency bullshit right up your arse as far as it will go.

  25. So a nation that’s only a third vaccinated its ok for them to travel to 95% jabbed Ireland.
    Says all you need to know about the Covid BS and this sinister agenda

    • That comment just about sums-up the last 2 years of BS doesn’t it? How much of a ‘killer’ is/was the Con-or-a-virus? Nothing that they did then had anything to do with a flu virus and stuff they are doing now has nothing to do with keeping Ukrainians safe, either. Its all part of the ‘plan’. Make sure that YOu are ‘prepared’ for anything that comes into ‘force’ ( 😉 ).

  26. Here it comes … wasn’t the aim of The Fourth Industrial Revolution to displace large numbers of people, as they’ve done with flood and fire victims on the south east coast of Australia, and now war victims, then move them into more central areas so that high populations live in several relatively small geographical areas? … then we start to remove meat from the diet as we’re getting rid of farms and start us all on the diet of cockcroaches and the like … God forgive them … they know exactly what they do!!

    • The population in cities is set to quadruple by 2030. More and more people being crammed into smaller living spaces in densely packed areas.

  27. What about the second homes of the grabbing MP’s? What about the Smart Prison in Wellingborough? What about the 1400 rooms in the vatican? What about the many palaces belonging to the r0yals?

  28. As usual, people overlook the soft border that divides north and south of Ireland and how easy it is to cross from one side to the other into the UK. The population in the south may be only 4.9 million, but, the population in the north is only 1.9 million and I have no doubt it is only a matter of time before we are also swamped, by huge numbers of Ukrainians from the south seeking as easy way into the north and the UK. Where our cost of living is a lot cheaper than it is in the south.

  29. Now we are being told that this ‘Homes for Ukrainians’ scheme should be ‘expanded’ to include, for example, ‘Afghan refugees’. Those who have offered a home for Ukrainians may be asked to take in, say Afghans, instead.

  30. “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    ― The Nazi Hermann Goering

    • Goering’s comment was correct then as it is correct today. And if the BS BBC pump out ‘ you’re being attacked’ rhetoric, the sheep will go blindly into the abyss.. 😥

    • @Senga “and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

      And who were the peace makers in England/Britain during the 1930’s?

  31. The number put forward on Irish radio this morning is now 200,000! They were no longer talking about short term (6 months), they are saying that these people will be staying medium to long term. So from 6 months they moved the goal posts, with 10-15 years being mentioned. That is a big change in a matter of a week. Also, in the media they are saying, Ukrainian refugees may not be garda vetted before moving into homes of senior Cabinet ministers. With that being the case, you can be 100% certain they won’t be vetted before going into the home of Joe Public. People would need to be insane to sign up for this voluntarily.

    • The sheep took an experimental substance…… letting some unvetted person live in their home isn’t any different.

    • From the ‘Irish Examiner’:

      ‘Up to 200,000 displaced people from Ukraine could arrive in Ireland in the coming weeks, as frantic efforts are being made to house them all, the Cabinet will be told today.

      A “significant Ukraine memorandum” for ministers will say that hotels, vacant homes, B&Bs, community centres, religious orders as well as spare rooms in homes around the country are being sourced for those fleeing the Russian invasion.’

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